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When Do German Shepherds Shed Their Winter Coat

German Shepherd Ear Care And Dental Care

How Often do German Shepherds Shed Hair?

GSDs have tall, alert ears that stand up by the time they reach about four months of age. These ears are a signature feature of the breed and can be prone to infections if you dont keep a watchful eye on their care. Walsh uses hypoallergenic baby wipes to clean her dogs ears, noting that the wipes are easy and gentle to use.

Wilson also recommends cleaning your dogs ears and checking regularly for ear infections. Go to the vet if you notice one, she says, as such infections can be serious and require the care of a veterinary professional.

For dental care, a wide variety of oral care products are available now for dogs. Dental care you can do at home includes the use of disposable dental wipes or dog-friendly flavored toothpaste . The best course of action, though, is to consult with your veterinarian about which dental hygiene routine will be best for your dog.

Yasmine S. Ali, MD, is a cardiologist and writer based in Tennessee, where she lives with three Canine Good Citizens, including an AKC-registered German Shepherd Dog.

Understanding The German Shepherd Coat

As their name implies, the German Shepherd is a shepherding dog from Germany. Herding sheep and cattle was no small task, especially during cold winter months. And yes, they had to stay out in the blistering cold!

So German Shepherds developed a thick double coat that continually shed. This constant shedding of thick fur came with some advantages though.

By constantly shedding, they were less prone to fur matting or getting objects trapped in their coat. And the thick fur obviously was quite the literal life-saver during sub-freezing winter temperatures. Herding would be near-impossible without it!

German Shepherd are legendary for shedding. Get used to grooming. Even then when coats are blown out, you will still have hair in and on everything in the house.


A double coat also provides a second layer of protection. While running through the fields, a lot of debris could potentially strike the dog. While the inner coat keeps the German Shepherd warm, their outer coat protects their skin!

Now, most shepherd dog breeds shed significantly. But German Shepherds take it the extra mile. So potential and current owners, be prepared with a sturdy brush for your GSDs coat.

Additionally, a German Shepherd will have excessive shedding during spring and fall. This is called blowing their coat. This means they rapidly lose their undercoat twice a year. It would truly be an understatement to say that things get hairy during this time.

What It Means If Your German Shepherd Is Shedding Too Much

A healthy German Shepherd should shed at a more regular rate. Sure, they will cover your home in fur anytime they are indoors, but it will be a predictable amount. And after a few rounds, you should be well aware of coat blowing season.

But what if they suddenly start shedding more quickly? And what if this shedding occurs at a time when it shouldnt be? Unfortunately, this is rarely a good sign.

Typically, sudden increases in shedding can point to health problems. These can include:

  • Increases in stress levels
  • Changes in hormone levels and their balance
  • Fleas or ticks in their coat
  • Intestinal parasites
  • Or other health problems

There is some good news. Fortunately, most of these are not excessively dangerous. However, this does not mean you should ignore the situation and hope it goes away. They can be treated relatively easily only if you catch them early on.

If you notice any sudden changes in how your German Shepherd is shedding, we recommend taking them to your local vet. No online resource in the world can replace the act of an actual vet examining your dog.

Some solutions may be as simple as a change in diet. While others might involve some medication. Remember, always listen to your vets expert advise and you will be on the right track in no time.

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What Is An Undercoat

While all dogs have outer, guard hairs, not all breeds have an undercoat. The German Shepherd is one of the breeds with a double coat to keep them better protected from the elements.

The undercoat of the German Shepherd is fluffier and softer than the guard hairs of the outer coat. This coat offers dogs the insulation they need to adhere to the different types of weather theyll face. In the winter, this coat helps keep your German Shepherd warm and comfortable. In the summer, although you wouldnt expect it, this coat helps regulate your dogs body temperature and keep them cooler.

When people refer to dogs with a double coat as blowing their coat they are referring to this inner layer. When this undercoat sheds, it normally appears in thick clumps of this soft hair. While German Shepherds shed constantly, blowing their coats only happens at certain times throughout the year.

Do German Shepherds Shed Too Much

Are German Shepherds Hypoallergenic? Do They Shed A Lot ...

How much shedding is too much?

Only you can decide.

Some German Shepherds will shed more than others, but all will shed.

They will shed profusely about twice a year when the seasons change and their undercoat blows.

The rest of the time, their outer hairs will shed on and off.

If youre fastidious about your clothes and home, or dont have time for regular dog grooming, the amount the German Shepherd sheds might be overwhelming for you.

However, keep in mind that all breeds shed somewhat.

For dog lovers, dealing with shedding fur is just a part of being a dog owner you must accept.

Have you found a way to help control your German Shepherds shedding?

Let us know in the comments below.

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Do German Shepherds Shed Hair

The short answer is yes. German Shepherds shed a lot of hair. In fact, German shepherds are considered heavy shedders. They are even jokingly referred to as German Shedders because of how much hair they shed. Their shedding happens throughout the year.

So, if youre considering adopting one to live with you, you need to know what you will be dealing with . Of course, the rate of shedding varies among the same breed, but you should be prepared.

Minimize Anxiety And Stress

Unfortunately, German Shepherds, like many other very affectionate and loyal breeds, are prone to separation anxiety which can impact the health of their coats. The ASPCA provides some excellent advice on how to deal with separation anxiety and help your German Shepherd remain calm even when you have to leave him home alone.

As we outlined above, other stressors for your German Shepherd can include routine changes, moving house, adding a new family member , and so forth. While these changes are largely unavoidable, there are many ways to help your dog cope and thereby keep his mental health and his coat shipshape.

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When Should I Worry About Reverse Sneezing

When To Be Concerned Excessive, repetitive reverse sneezing should be examined, especially if there is discharge from the mouth or nose, appetite changes, and shifts in behavior patterns. Possible explanation for unresolved reverse sneezing can include infections, masses, anatomy, allergies or nasal mites.

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Treat Your Dog With Human Food Occasionally

German Shepherd Shedding – My Dog is Blowing her Coat Here’s What I Recommend

Bananas, cucumbers, sliced apples , and lean meats like chicken breast are all moisture-rich foods that help your German Shepherd keep hydrated.

If that wasnt good enough, they also contain lots of healthy nutrients that help your German Shepherds coat stay shiny and smooth and reduce shedding.

However, only 5-10% of your German Shepherds daily food intake should be treats of any kind the rest should be the before-mentioned meat-rich dog food.

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Top Best Answers To The Question When Do German Shepherds Shed Their Winter Coat

German Shepherds shed heavily year-round, but especially heavily twice per year, typically during spring and fall, as they blow their coat. This can result in large amounts of fur loss over a 2-4 week period and is his way of preparing for the change of season.

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How To Stop Your German Shepherd From Shedding So Much is reader-supported. We may earn a small commission through products purchased using links on this page.

German Shepherds are easily recognizable with their majestic demeanors, sloped body profiles, and graceful gaits. They dont just look good, though they are also known for their stellar character traits, including courage, loyalty, and trainability.

However, as all German Shepherd owners know, these regal dogs sheda lot. Like, a lot, a lot.

Fortunately, weve put together this guide to help you manage your German Shepherds shedding in order to keep your dog healthy and comfortable, plus maintain your sanity no one wants to vacuum three times a day!

So, how can you stop your German Shepherd from shedding so much?

Well, German Shepherds are going to shed moderately year-round and heavily twice a year, no matter what. However, you can manage the shedding with regular brushing, a healthy diet, proper hydration, and occasional baths. Reducing stress for your German Shepherd can help minimize shedding, as well as having your dog spayed or neutered.

Well cover how to implement all of these shedding management techniques in just a bit, but lets first look at the specifics of German Shepherds coats and why they shed so much to begin with.

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Routine Brushing Is A Must

Due to the daily shedding and seasonal coat blowing your German Shepherd experiences, routine brushing is a must. This not only helps rid your dog of loose hair but also helps avoid matting. For German Shepherds or any dog with a double coat, matting can be a real issue. To stay on top of your dogs grooming needs, brushing at least twice a week is recommended. When your pet is blowing their coat, you may realize brushing needs to take place more often.

When brushing your German Shepherd, remember to go with the hair growth. You may be tempted to go against the growth in hopes of removing more hair but this is dangerous for your dogs skin and can cause more matting which can be painful to remove. An undercoat rake should be used after brushing to help remove unwanted hair from the undercoat that brushing simply cant reach.

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How Do I Get My German Shepherd To Stop Shedding

Do German Shepherds Shed? Yes, and Here

There is no way of stopping your German Shepherd from shedding because it’s the natural cycle of renewing their coat to keep it healthy. However, regular brushing, deshedding, and bathing your German Shepherd during their shedding seasons will help. Also, providing your German Shepherd with nutritious food will help prevent excessive shedding.

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German Shepherd Shedding Solution

A good diet keeps your German Shepherds skin and coat healthy. We recommend that German Shepherds eat only biologically appropriate raw food , since it is a fact proven in hundreds of dogs of my breed and in dogs of my owner friends, that with this diet the shedding of hair is faster and less dramatic. We always get our supplies from Raw Wild, who specializes in raw dog food. They have one-time 25% off on a trial order, so we highly recommend you grab the chance.

Provide fresh water at all times, as dehydration affects their skin. Consult your veterinarian for recommendations on quality foods and supplements for your dogs skin and coat.

Grooming is your first line of defense against all hair shedders. The right tools help. A shedding comb helps remove loose hair. Brush them often Use a brush with firm, long, roomy bristles, or a pin brush and polishing brush at least once a week.

Bathe the dog every few weeks with dog shampoo. Dont use personal shampoos or other household products. Visits to a groomer are an option to speed up shedding, especially if grooming is scheduled when the coat is blowing. A vacuum designed for pet hair will simplify cleaning the hair around the house.

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Reduce Shedding Through Proper Diet

Another way to reduce excessive amounts of shedding is to ensure your dog is eating a healthy, balanced diet. Dog foods made from high quality ingredients, that are rich in vitamins and minerals, and that contain things like Omega-3, may help promote a healthier coat.

Its not that you need to buy some fancy, expensive dog food to stop shedding. You dont. But a quality dog food can make a difference to the condition of his coat and therefore how much it sheds. And like most things in life, you get what you pay for.

In addition to a healthy, balanced diet, there are also some great shedding supplements out there. And I dont just mean the ones that are marketed as dog shedding remedies. Some people with high shedding dogs even find that simple things, like adding a small amount of oil to their dogs food occasionally, helps. Whether it be virgin olive oil, fish oil, or coconut oil.

Of course, these arent guaranteed to work, and you should never alter your dogs diet without first consulting a qualified veterinarian. But some find these are helpful in addition to a healthy, balanced diet.

Does Olive Oil Reduce Dog Shedding?

At the end of the day, if you live with a German Shepherd, you are going to notice some hair around the home. Theres no way to avoid this completely. But with proper grooming and making sure hes as healthy as possible, you can keep it to a minimum.

Check out this guide to reducing shedding if you want to learn more.

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German Shepherd Double Coat

A double coat is the preferred type among German Shepherds as per the American Kennel Club standards for the breed. It is also closer to the dogs wolf ancestors. Over 90% of the breed has two coats, both of which undergo high shedding.

The only German Shepherds with a missing undercoat are the long-haired ones. In some rare instances, a short-haired German Shepherd might have a very thin undercoat and might be disqualified from the show ring for the same reason. Such a dog isnt a standard double coat.

Whether youre getting a German Shepherd for work or show, you should check with the breeder if the dog has a double coat, especially if you are raising it to stay outside regularly.

You can afford to have a single-coated pet if you live in a warmer climate. With the absence of an undercoat, they are more vulnerable to extreme temperatures.

Should You Hire A Groomer

German Shepherd Shedding: How much do they Shed and How to control it?

Getting your German Shepherds shedding under control can feel like an overwhelming task, particularly when they begin to shed more than usual. If you have trouble staying on top of it, you can get a dog groomer to assist you.

Dog grooming professionals will have more sophisticated equipment, making it easier for them to get rid of excess fur. At the same time, they will be able to do a more thorough job as well.

You can take your dog to the groomer every six or so weeks to reduce the amount of grooming you have to do. If this is too much of an expense, only take them in when the shedding season sets in.

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How To Deal With A German Shepherds Shedding

German Shepherds hold the distinction of being a breed that sheds an incredible amount of hair. As any GSD owner can attest, there is a lot of truth to this assertion.

GSDs not only shed they shed a lot! If you are planning on acquiring a GSD, then you should very realistically plan on having dog hair just about everywhere and on just about everything.

This is not an exaggeration! No matter how much you brush your German Shepherd and clean up after him, you will not be able to catch all of the hair that your GSD sheds.

We mention this so emphatically because we do not want you to fall into the unfortunate situation that all too many first-time GSD owners find themselves in.

Many times people will acquire a GSD because they have heard all about the breeds esteemed reputation, and overlook the reality of owning one.

The reality is that there is a lot of cleaning that is involved due to the amount that GSDs shed. There is a very good reason why they are aptly nicknamed German Shedders!

Realistically speaking, you can likely expect your cleaning schedule around your home to double.

This means that if you clean up on your own, you will spend much more time doing so. If you hire outside help to clean, then you can expect your cleaning bills to sharply increase.

Sticky hair rollers are great to have around, especially in your car. It is also useful to have a reusable roller for daily maintenance around the home.


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