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How A German Shepherd And A Kitten Become Best Friends

Are German Shepherds Good With Cats

How a German Shepherd and a Kitten Became Best Friends (Part 3)

The too long, didnt read answer is that yes they can be, but several factors will influence the relationship between a GSD and a cat. Upbringing, timing, training, and socialization will all be a part of the equation.

Maybe most importantly, each pets individual personality will also influence the connection. But this will more so impact how long it takes until they tolerate each other and how well they get along, rather than if they can get along at all.

But rest assured that there are easy processes that can be followed to ensure these two animals become the best of friends that are even fiercely protective of one another.

How A Orbn Buks German Shepherd And A Kitten Became Best

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· csillagos ég Our one year old German Shepherd dog, Beck, was very npubg pc ingyen ervous when wesün hangja first brovideó chat program ught home our ginger kitteérd riadalom k& h pénzfelvétel n, Bleu. It took about a week before Beck figured out all Bleu wanted to do was play, and theyve been best friennyugati front ds

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It’s All About The Kitty

This training method is from your kitty’s perspective.

This is one situation where I think the solution should be looked at from your cat’s point of view.

Here’s why

Firstly, cats are more strung than most dogs.

They also have thresholds that they reach faster. And they can stay peeved for much longer sometimes even days.

Secondly, they experience negative situations, like being faced with a bouncing 4-month-old puppy, much more intensely than dogs do.

Lastly, cats move like 50 caliber bullets, even when they’re not trying to. And your German Shepherd is a herding dog.

So their instinct is to chase and pin down anything that moves at pace. And your kitty cat fits the bill there.

See how this can get messy very quickly? Even if your puppy is on a leash?

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Introducing A German Shepherd Puppy To A Kitten

The first step is to feed the two animals in close proximity to each other. However, put your puppy on one side of a closed door and your kitten on the other. It is unlikely that the two animals will be comfortable seeing each other at this point but they will start to pick up each others scent.

Dont introduce the two animals until your puppy is able to follow commands to sit, stay and leave it. Once your puppy is at this stage try a 5-minute meeting while your puppy is in its kennel. Keep this up for a couple of weeks and each time gradually increase the amount of time that the animals are together until you reach 30 minutes.

The next stage is to do the same with your dog out of the kennel but on a leash. Continue the same process as before until reaching 30 minutes. Then follow the same process with your dog off the leash.

If your dog becomes aggressive at any point in this process, remove the cat and yourself from the situation so that your dog learns that type of behaviour means it is left on its own.

Tiny Kitten Steals Big German Shepherd Dogs Favourite Spot Watch What He Does

Cat Video: How a German Shepherd and a Kitten Became Best ...

Dogs and cats often dont get along – least of all when one of the two tries to challenge the other. This video highlights a similar relationship between a big dog and a tiny kitten. The clip shows what happened when the tiny kitten sat on the big German Shepherd dogs favourite spot.

The video has been posted on a page called german_shepherd_training on Instagram. It opens to show the dog, that is way bigger in size compared to the tiny kitten, looking at it sitting on a sofa. The captions on the video detail that the kitten was kitten had taken the doggos spot.

Our little foster kitten has made himself right at home. He loves to explore and see what we are all up to! Boston is still a bit unsure about his intentions, especially when he steals her favourite spot on the couch! says the caption shared along with the video.

Watch the hilarious video below:

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Can A German Shepherd Puppy Learn To Live With A Kitten

Of course, this is the best time to introduce the two pets together. When they are both little, they are open to learning new things, and this is the chance you should take advantage of. They adjust quickly to the new environment and the atmosphere it has. Once they get used to it, they will become good friends.

German Shepherds Are Members Of The Herding Group

So, if you own this breed, youre no stranger to a nose nudging you. Whether its a nose in the back, a nose on your leg, or even a nose in your face, your dog is just doing what comes naturally. Although this breed isnt often used to herd anymore, that herding heritage remains. So, along with the herding traits of independent thinking and intelligence, its perfectly normal for your GSD to herd human family members. Your dog might also show following ahead behavior walking in front of you while looking back to ensure youre walking in the right direction.

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German Shepherd Training: The 7 Golden Rules & Basic Commands

· Your German Shepherd will respond to many different stimuli. Your body language and tone of voice being the two most important. In time, your dog will understand certain commands such as sit, stay and come, drop etc. But, dogs only understand single direct commands. Use language your dog will understand.Rehoming a Dog or CatBest Friends, other animal rescue groups, and many concerned individuals have used the process described here to re-home thousands of dogs and cats. So, when youre feeling discouraged, just remember: It can be done. People find new homes for pets every single day. With some effort, creativity and perseverance, you can do it, too.Colors of a German Shepherd · Unlike some breeds, there are a variety of German Shepherd colors and markings to choose from within this breed. German Shepherd Colors The breed standard calls for nice dark pigment and rich colors. Colors that are considered disqualifying or undesirable according to the German Shepherd Dog standard are white, blue, and liver. All others are

Why Do German Shepherds Chase Cats

How a German Shepherd and a Kitten Became Best Friends (Part 2)

Dogs like to chase things. Many dogs run after squirrels, rabbits, and other forms of domestic wildlife. Dogs also like to fetch tennis balls and chase lures to exercise this natural instinct.

All dogs have a prey drive. According to Jean Marie Bauhaus of Hills, this prey drive can take several different forms depending on the way the dog was bred.

German shepherds are herding dogs. German Shepherd Rescue Elite notes that the breed was formally created in the late 1800s German Shepherds are all descended from a particularly noble sheepherding dog named Hektor.

Herding dogs have been bred to give chase as a response to their prey drive. This behavior is useful for rounding up sheep, chickens, and any other farm animal that might need to be wrangled.

When a German Shepherd meets a cat, his initial reaction will be that of any dog: curiosity, excitement, or confusion. However, most cats are extremely skittish, and they dont tend to react well to excited dogs. When a cat meets a German Shepherd, shes likely to run away.

If a cat runs, a German Shepherds natural instincts will encourage him to give chase. Whether the German Shepherd gives into these instincts depends on the dogs training and temperament.

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The Final Meeting Unleashed

The next step is to let your dog off the leash. ONLY do this if you are confident that your GSD will remain calm and doesnt pose a threat to the cat.

Its also important here that you get an accurate gauge on how your cat is feeling. If you have any doubt that your cat is ready for this introduction, do not let your dog off of its leash.

Remember that cats are not as animated in their expressions as dogs are. Their emotional cues are more subtle.

To check that your cat is feeling calm and relaxed, make sure that its ears are facing forward and that its pupils are not too small or too enlarged.

German Shepherds And Cats

A tale as old as time itself that possibly outweighs all hatred felt in the past: cats vs. dogs. If there were to be one dog that could rise above this battle, it would be the German Shepherd. Sure they may be big, but German Shepherds are intelligent enough to know the difference between playtime and protecting their owners. But does this gentle behavior mean German Shepherds can rise above this war that has appeared to be unstoppable for so many millennia?

The answer to this question depends on how you raise your German Shepherd and whether they are correctly socialized. The term socialization is thrown around a lot in the world of dogs. It essentially just means exposing your pup to different people and animals from a young age. However, check out the next paragraph to figure out in more detail how to properly socialize your German Shepherd and some other relevant factors that contribute towards their social awareness and ability to deal with cats.

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Physical Face To Face Meeting

Now its time for more facetime, but this time with no barrier between your dog and cat. Except now make sure that your GSD is leashed. This gives your cat the freedom to leave the situation if it feels uncomfortable.

As you continue to do this, you can allow your dog more leash little by little. This will allow it more freedom to interact with the cat while still maintaining control over it.

When your GSD does positively interact with your cat, reward it. Each time this happens, give your dog a treat and gentle verbal praise.

How To Train A German Shepherd To Live With Cats Comfortably

OG Nervous German shepherd becomes best friends with ...

You can start by choosing an appropriate first time meeting place. This should most probably be inside your home. It is the most recommended. Secondly, you should separate the animals and allow each some freedom time while the other is confined. This will allow the two animals to investigate and get used to each others scent. Do this until they are all calm and go back to their health behaviors. The third step is to try leashed introductions. Do this also until they get used to each other. This step should be done while they are in the same room. When they start ignoring each other, you can move on to the next step, which is to allow unsupervised interactions. Before doing this, you should have supervised them and become confident that they will not hurt each other.

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Helping Your Cat Annemzeti Fldalapkezel Szervezet D German Shgyermek Laptop Rak Epherd Bdmsz Szeged Ecome Tenyr

· Watch a German Shepherd Become Frihasznált autok eladása ends with a Cat This video of an adult german shepherd and a new kitten showcases perfect nico technika pet intrgarázsajtó árak oduction garam f1 paprika tactics. In this case, a kitten is being introdunád virága ced to a germanegy éves állampapír hozama shephea testr pesti színház rds home. How a German Shepherd and a

Start By Introducing Scents

Keep your two pets separate from each other for the first day or two. If theyve already had a bad introduction, give them a few days or even weeks to cool off and forget about the incident.

Remember to spend time with each pet individually they shouldnt feel like you love the other animal more.

Next, introduce your cat to the German Shepherds scent. Take a towel or a blanket that the dog has interacted with, and bring it into the cats space.

Your cat will slowly become comfortable with the dogs presence in their home. You may also want to bring the cats scent into the dogs environment.

Rosemary recommends feeding both pets while theyre on other sides of the same door. This lets them feel comfortable in each others presence without exposing them to direct interaction.

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German Shepherds And Barking

As with any dog, German Shepherds are likely to bark. Their main purpose was for herding and guarding so they can be quite vocal when people walk past or enter or exit the house, but how much noise they make will vary from dog to dog. If youre having problems with excessive noise or barking, we recommend seeking the advice of an accredited behaviourist.

Are German Shepherds Good With Cats More About German Shepherd Dogs

Ferret and German shepherd have become best friends | SWNS

Different breeds of cats and dogs have different temperaments or tendencies. However, the reality is that any pets ability to get along with others will depend on their training particularly for dogs. Individual temperaments will play a role as well but are more likely to effect how long it takes the two to get on or how well they get on rather than whether they can get on at all.

As this is a cat blog, lets start with understanding a bit more about the personality of German Shepherd dogs and how socialisation works for them and why it is important.

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Face Time Through Glass

The next step in the progression of introducing your GSD to your cat is to give them some face time together. You can do this by keeping your cat inside of your house and your dog outside using a patio door as the barrier.

This gives both your cat and your dog a choice of whether or not to approach each other. This is very important, as you do not want to force an interaction because that may cause uneasiness and apprehension in one or both of them.

If possible, have both people be either household members or people with who the animals recognize and are very familiar. Do this repeatedly for a few days, about 5 or so minutes each time.

Watch A German Shepherd Become Friends With A Cat

This video of an adult German Shepherd and a new kitten showcases perfect pet introduction tactics. In this case, a kitten is being introduced to a German Shepherds home.

Because this is the dogs environment, he is allowed to roam free while the cat remains in a carrier. Once the dog relaxes, he is carefully supervised as he introduces himself to the kitten.

These pet owners use treats to reward appropriate reactions, and the dog is continually praised for his good behavior. This leads to positive feelings and a sense of confidence around the new kitten.

Eventually, the dog and the cat start playing with each other. The young kitten doesnt have a reason to be afraid of the dog, and the dog realizes that the cat is not a threat.

At some point, they even engage in play chasing this behavior is not dangerous, but it should still be supervised. Trust your instincts you will know if a situation is tense instead of playful.

Remember to show respect to the animal who currently lives in your home. The older pet will always have a harder time acclimating to the situation puppies and kittens arent usually afraid of new animals unless theyve had a bad experience.

Above all, be patient with your furry friends. Be willing to wait months for tensions to truly dissipate. If you maintain a positive attitude and handle the introductions well, your pets will learn to tolerate each other. They might even become best friends.

In this guide, we go over:

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Traits Of A German Shepherd

There is a reason why the German Shepherd is one of Americas most popular dog breeds, and its because of their intelligence and ability to work. The devotion and courage of a German Shepherd is unmatched, and their fantastic versatility makes them exceptional at almost anything they are trained to do

The German Shepherd might just embody all the best traits found in a dog, but theyre not for everyone. German Shepherds are renowned for being one of the highest-energy dogs out there, which comes with a lot of work for the owner. You must have a pretty big garden for them to exercise in, and daily walks are a necessity. If you dont do this, they will express their boredom in annoying ways, such as barking or chewing on things, which turns into a lousy situation for dogs and owners alike.

The personality of a German Shepherd is usually aloof but not aggressive. They are extremely reserved dogs, and although they dont make friends immediately, they are one of the most loyal dog breeds out there. A well-socialized German Shepherd is a guaranteed best friend and will leave you as a happy dog-owner.

There Are Cats And Dogs Who End Up Becoming The Best Of Friends

How a German Shepherd and a Kitten Became Best Friends ...

Some hit it off instantly. Cats adopted from animal shelters are given warm welcomes by pups who see them as new playmates. Some are wary at first. After all, theres no telling what the other is capable of doing, given the differences in temperament and overall character. Eventually though, it all ends up going smoothly, just like this funny pair.

Beck the German Shepherd didnt know how to react when his family brought home Bleu, a kitten. Beck wasnt hostile but he sure was hesitant to get to know the new addition to their already happy family. Hed watch from a distance as the kitten pounced about, and sit still beside his pet parents while the kitten slept in its carrier.

Bleu didnt get the warmest welcome from the German Shepherd but at least Beck was nice enough not to provoke the little kitten or make it feel that it wasnt welcome.

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