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What Are Good Names For German Shepherds

German Shepherd Names: 300 Best Names For Gsds

Female German Shepherd Names – 43 Great Ideas!!! | Names

By David WoodsDogs

Is your new canine companion a German Shepherd?

German Shepherd dogs are truly a loyal and strong breed, with the first-ever trained guide dog being a puppy GSD.

We have got 350 different ideas and German Shepherd names to help the naming process go smoothly, and to provide some inspiration to help you choose the right one!

From sweet and adorable to inspirational and powerful monikers, we believe we have the best ones in our list, just waiting for you to find them.

Make sure you get to know your dog inside and out before choosing a moniker, as their size, color, temperament, and personality will help inform your decision.

Enjoy exploring all of our suggestions below!

Unique German Dog Names

The GSD is the most popular and versatile breed dog that is a preferential police dog, service dog, guard dog, or household pet.

These German shepherd dogs are easy to train and very trustworthy friend.

We generally have seen black German shepherd dogs but along with black GSD, they also come in white, sable, liver, gray, and blue.

It is a very difficult task to choose a good German shepherd dog name for our beautiful puppy but many go with the popularity of dog names.

The most popular German dog names right now are:

  • Max

Badass German Shepherd Dog Names

Is your pup a rebel at heart?

Then perhaps it would be a great idea to give them a brilliantly badass name! Calling one of these names in the dog-park is bound to have other hounds giving your pup a high-paw, because it will be clear that they are the top dog around here.

Our favorite name is Bandit, what is yours?

Badass German Shepherd Dog Names
Wednesday The Adams Family Great if your German Shepherd is as sassy as Wednesday Adam.

Still struggling to find the paw-fect German Shepherd name?

We think that sometimes, the best way to pick a name for your German Shepherd is to pick a name that you think is awesome. We suggest looking for inspiration from your favorite characters or celebrities.

Why not name your hound after a character from your favorite TV show? Or, maybe you want to pick a name based on the color of your German Shepherds coat?

Either way, we have compiled a list of some of the best names for your GSD.

Best German Shepherd Names
Snow Great for a white German Shepherd.
Solo Starwars.
Sansa A strong female character from Game of Thrones.
Zeus Another Greek God.
Tolkien For all of you Lord of the Rings fans, why not name your GSD after the author of the epic books?
Eleven After the Stranger Things character.
Buffy The infamous vampire slayer.

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Whats A Good Name For A German Shepherd Dog

There are no rules to picking out a name, but you generally want something easy to remember and pronounce, like one to two syllabic names.

You might also want something that can live up to the GSDs striking personality or appearance.

A White German Shepherd might be called Ghost like that iconic wolf-dog on Game of Thrones.

Black German Shepherds could be named after your favorite dessert, like Brownie!

Once you have a name for your doggo, help him learn his name by using it frequently while petting him. Then, give him loads of praise if he acknowledges you when you say it.

Never use your German Shepherds name to reprimand him. Only associate his name with positive reinforcement as this will help with his recall in the future.

Place Names For German Shepherd Dogs

Black German Shepherd Names

Place names can make awesome original dog names. We are going to use mainly cities in our place name themed collection. But you could use states or even geographical areas or entire countries countries instead. Think Sahara or Africa.

You could brainstorm a collection of places you have visited and that may have happy memories for you. Or simply names that sound nice and have an interesting meaning. Many city names are very pretty. And some sound more masculine while others sound more feminine. In general, names ending with the letter A tend to have a softer more feminine feel to them.

City Names For Boy German Shepherds

  • Boston
  • Sitka

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Let Your Shepherd Pick Their Own Name

Still having trouble? Maybe the answer doesn’t lie in your hands. Consider letting your dog decide! It may sound silly, but it could generate some good results.

Here are a few fun and entertaining ways to make this happen:

Letting the dog choose his own her own name is a lot of fun for the family if you just cant pick one on your own. Once your canine has picked the name, give him or her a nice treat. Picking a name is a lot of work!

Choosing a name for your dog should be a fun process. Just make sure you really like the name, because it is one that you will be saying for many years to come. Remember to keep your dog’s personality traits in mind. Are they shy? Playful? Frisky? These qualities may help guide you to the perfect name.

The Best And Most Complete Guide To German Shepherd Names

The German Shepherd needs no introduction. Imposing, powerful, majestic this dog breed is also known for its wolfish appearance, loyalty, and obedience. Its no wonder that theyre such popular police dogs.

GSDs are versatile canines and are Americas top #2 breed. Theyre excellent in canine jobs and as hunting companions, family dogs, and hiking buddies.

If youre having trouble finding the best German Shepherd name, fret not, because thats what this guide is for.

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Best Names For German Shepherds

Germans Shepherds are strong, confident guard dogs. They are extremely intelligent and highly protective of their family and loved ones. Because of this, they are commonly crossed with other breeds.

They are loyal, curious and obedient and so most owners want a name to reflect this.

Some dog parents have a name in mind long before they set eye on their first dog, whereas others prefer to get there German Shepherd home, spend a few days with him and then decide on a name based on their personality.

Most German Shepherds follow the standard breed temperament and require a very strong and noble name, whereas others turn out to be a little cheeky and perhaps need a more fun name.

Whatever name you do decide on, make sure its one youre happy to shout out across as playing field if you need to recall them quickly.

Whilst a fun name might be lots of fun at home it can quickly become embarrassing having to yell Justin Bieber across a busy park.

One last thing to keep in mind is if you plan on registering your pup with a certain club such as the Kennel Club, youll need to read their rules and guidance on choosing names.

They can be quite strict with the amount of characters youre allowed, and wont allow a repeat name if another registered dog already has that name.

There are some names which are unisex and suitable for either a male or a female, and others which are much more suited to one of the sexes.

German Shepherd Dog Names Inspired By Famous Characters

The Coolest 50 Biblical Names for a German Shepherd Male

The first alternative we have for you is Zorro. The name of the masked, sword-wielding vigilante from many famous productions, will be perfect for your German Shepherd since they both have amazing skills, and keep their beloved ones safe.

Elektra is the name of a Marvel superheroine. It will be perfect if your female dog is powerful, easy to train and athletic.

Next, we have Jackie, the dimnituve for one of the most beloved first ladies of the United States because of her intelligence, beauty, and grace. Therefore, since German Shepherds are also smart and charming , this is a good name to give it.

Another name idea for your female dog is Cleo, the diminutive for Cleopatra. This name can match perfectly the attractive qualities that German Shepherds have, along with their intelligence and strength.

Then, we have Thor, the name of the famous Marvel character. This one can fit very well the characteristics of your male German Shepherd because they are courageous and strong.

Then we have, Rocky. Who doesnt remember this iconic character? We all do, so it will be a good name to give it to your male dog since German Shepherds are being self-confident and fearless.

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How Do You Pick The Right Name

After years of helping people pick the right pet name, here are some tips weve picked up when it comes to selecting the perfect name for you pup:

  • Does it roll off the tongue? Some names are awesome in theory but tough to pronounce in everyday life.
  • Say it out loud. Can you imagine loudly calling for your dog with this name? If not, then keep on moving.
  • Does it fit your dog? As we mentioned above, you might have the perfect name picked out but it doesnt fit with your dogs personality or appearance, thats a miss.
  • Trust your gut. When you find the right name, youll know it!
  • Perfect German Shepherd Names

    There is no dog breed quite like the German Shepherd dog breed. These incredible, versatile, intelligent dogs are super special, and if youre here reading this article, then chances are you already know that.

    In fact, we are willing to bet you are looking to introduce a German Shepherd dog or puppy into your home in the near future! If thats the case, congratulations!

    And also, youre in for a treat.

    Preparing for a new puppy means dog proofing your home and picking out lots of puppy essentials as well as picking out the perfect puppy name!

    Well, lucky for you we just adore them and have compiled a list of 250 perfect names for this beautiful breed!

    But before we begin, lets talk about naming and go over any rules or guidelines there may be when it comes to naming a dog in general.

    Keep reading!

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    German Dog Naming Advice

    If youre having trouble deciding on a name, keep in mind that a great dog name can come from many different sources of inspiration, such as your favorite foods, books, celebrities, your heritage, or even dog breed history. For example, a chocolate Lab puppy might sport a water-inspired name like Lily, while a Latin dog breed could carry a cute name like Canela .

    Another consideration when choosing your dogs name? Dog training. This is of particular importance for puppies. When youre teaching your new dog to respond to commands like sit, stay, or come, youll want to be sure their name isnt a source of confusion. In other words, avoid puppy names that sound like a common dog training cue, such as Bit, which could easily be misheard as sit.

    Of course, what matters most is that the dog name you choose rolls off your tongue. The best names will make you happy. Were fans of the backdoor test for dog name selection. Its pretty much what it sounds like: stand at the back door and call out your new dogs potential name. Saying Zelda, its time for dinner! or Skye, leave it! helps take the name out of your imagination and into reality.

    How To Teach Your German Shepherd His New Name

    The Best Dog Names for German Shepherds

    Just as picking the perfect name for your German Shepherd is a part of bonding, so is teaching your German Shepherd his new name.

    Teaching your dog his new name will likely be one of the first training experiences the two of you go through together, and it will help build a tight, trusting bond between the two of you if the training is done correctly.

    So, how do you go about teaching your German Shepherd his new name?

    Experts suggest using positive reinforcement methods like treats and praise as opposed to aversive training methods like punishments and scolding.

    German Shepherds are intelligent, sensitive dogs who are very work oriented. However, they can be independent thinkers, and while they are eager to please, they also have a mind of their own.

    Use high-value training treats during name training and say your dogs name. When he looks at you, give him a treat.

    Repeat this as often as you need until he gets the hang of it. You can do this as much as you like, but be careful during name training not to scold your dog using his name when he is still getting to know it.

    You want him to know that his name is something good and associate it with positive things like treats and praise. This way, when he hears his name in the future he will want to look to you or come to you when called.

    So, which names on our compilation of great German Shepherd names did you like best? Do you have any more suggestions for us?

    Let us know in the comment section below.

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    Top German Shepherd Dog Names

    Theres a name that resonates with every breed. Jake sounds like a dependable Golden Retriever. For the German Shepherd, the name Max fits like a glove.

    Have you seen the 2015 movie titled Max? Just watch this video to see how strong and tough this breed is. You might even get convinced to give your pup the same name:

    Need more options? Here are more than one hundred names for the powerful Alsatian.

    Skeletal Health And Supplementation

    Musculoskeletal disorders are debilitating conditions that are often associated with genetic makeup, malnutrition, and stress-related events. Some breeds like the German shepherd, are predisposed to a variety of different skeletal disorders, including but not limited to: canine hip dysplasia, Cauda equina syndrome, and osteoarthritis. These conditions can be a result of poor breeding or induced by intense exercise and poor diet.

    Canine hip dysplasia is an orthopedic condition resulting from abnormal development of the hip joint and surrounding tissue causing the instability and partial dislocation of the hip joint, resulting in pain, inflammation, lameness, and potentially osteoarthritis of the joint. German shepherds are genetically predisposed to CHD and the University of Veterinary Medicine in Germany found its prevalence estimated to be approximately 35% of veterinary cases associated with the disorder.

    Osteoarthritis is one of the main contributors of musculoskeletal pain and disabilities that commonly affect German shepherds. Mechanical stress, oxidative damage and inflammatory mediators combine to induce the gradual degeneration of the articular cartilage in the joint, resulting in reduced muscle mass, pain, and locomotion.

    Vitamins such as A and D also have crucial roles in bone development and maintenance by regulating bone and calcium metabolism. Adequate levels should be incorporated into a German shepherd diet to promote a healthy musculoskeletal system.

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    German Shepherd Dog Names Inspired By Friendship

    German Shepherds are loyal and friendly dogs, so if you have created a strong bond with your male dog, you can give it the name Buddy to say that its more than just an animal to you.

    On the contrary, if you have a female dog, then you can pick Dakota since it also means friend.

    If you also want to emphasize its bravery, Baldwin is a good option, since it means courageous friend. But know this name is only for male dogs.

    And last but not least, we have the name Alvin. This name will be useful to highlight how precious and noble your male dog is because it means honorable friend.

    Strong German Shepherd Names

    21 Awesome Male German Shepherd Names

    German Shepherds were bred especially for their strength, agility and work ethic making them one of the strongest breeds of all time!

    Your German Shepherd has inherited some of these traits from their working ancestors, so they deserve a name as strong as their dutiful and strong personality.

    Howl about taking a look at some of our names below?

    • Tzar Russian for King, a really strong name for a GSD.
    • Erma This means warrior.
    • Panzer A German tank, perfect for a German Shepherd.
    • Kaiser German for King.

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    Male German Shepherd Names From Film And Literature

    Your favorite character from a book or a movie can be a great choice for a unique dog name. That way, your dog will be associated with a trait and story you already love.

    • Arthurafter King Arthur from centuries of legendary stories
    • Aragornfrom The Lord of the Rings
    • Baltofrom the movie Balto about an Alaskan sled dog, based on a real story
    • Dodgernamed after the Artful Dodger in Charles Dickenss Oliver Twist, also popularized as Dodger the stray dog in the Disney movie Oliver and Company
    • Gromitfrom Wallace & Gromit
    • Harryfrom the Harry Potter series
    • Kirkbased on Captain Kirk from the Star Trek series
    • Lancelotthe best knight from Arthurian legend
    • Lukethe Jedi in the original Star Wars trilogy
    • Nedfrom A Game of Thrones
    • Neofrom Keanu Reevess character in The Matrix trilogy or Morpheus if he likes to sleep, what most dogs do.
    • Robinbased on the legendary thief Robin Hood or Batmans sidekick, take your pick!
    • Samwiseafter Samwise Gamgee from The Lord of the Rings
    • Rick or Mortywhy not?


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