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What Age Do Female German Shepherds Go Into Heat

Do Female Dogs Cry When They Are In Heat

Heat cycle of a female German Shepherd with Ivanka The Elegant and German Shepherd Man

As our female dogs hit the estrus phase of their period, vocalizing increases even more, especially if you have an active male dog in the household.

Male dogs in the neighborhood respond to moaning, whining, weeping, and even screams as a sort of call to come and mate.

We may struggle at times watching them in pain but be reminded that it is a normal process. If you cant bear it, find ways to keep them active and distracted, which has been proven to help and recommended by all pet experts.

Exercise Your German Shepherd If Very Active

Some dogs, when in heat, can become very active and difficult to contain.

It can become difficult to calm them down because they are extra excited.

In this case, you should give them some exercise. Exercising will burn their extra energy and help to calm them down.

If you are exercising Your German Shepherd outside, it is essential to keep her on a leash.

Never exercise your dog off-leash for the reasons I already told you.

Mental stimulation can be a good exercise if you think you cant get your dog enough exercise while on a leash.

You can play some mental stimulation games with your dog. Stimulating the mind of a dog is also very good for its body and health.

You can take her around in the car. In this way, she can see a lot of people and things while you are traveling in the car.

What Are The Signs Of A German Shepherd Heat Cycle

One of the problems that many female German Shepherd owners will deal with is preventing unwanted puppies. If you have an intact male , along with a female that has not been spayed you must be very careful or prepare to find a surprise of puppies hiding under their moms coat. The main responsibility to prevent unwanted pregnancy lies with owners of all German Shepherds. However, the majority of the effort is on the part of the bitchs owners.

In order to prevent or prepare for pregnancy, it is important to know when your German Shepherd can become pregnant. Your Shepherd can get pregnant during her heat cycle . German Shepherds DO NOT go through menopause the way people do. As German Shepherds grow older they become less fertile, however, it is possible for your older German Shepherd to become pregnant.

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When Can A German Shepherd Be Pregnant

Fertilization can only happen during the second stage of the heat cycle. At that point, a German shepherd can be impregnated.

With that said, the gestation period can be considered as the third stage of a German shepherds heat cycle. This usually occurs after 6 months.

If you want to know more about the heat cycle, check out our German shepherd heat cycle article.

Dog Diapers For German Shepherds To Prevent Pregnancy

What ages does a German shepherd go into heat? GSD Dog ...

There are several types of dog diapers and pants available for larger dogs such as the German Shepherd. Using dog diapers can help in the preventing of stained carpet and furniture during her heat cycle. Dog Diapers may be a great way to protect your Shepherd from unwanted pregnancies as well. Dog diapers also can mean a lot less cleanup for you. There are several types of dog diapers to choose from. There are the disposable and reusable dog diapers. Each one has benefits of its own.

Some pet owners prefer to use disposable just for their convenience. The reusable dog diapers can be washed and reused. Reusable dog diapers come in assorted fabrics, colors and patterns. Pet Parents makes a washable dog diaper available at Amazon that comes in a 3 pack. It has 3 different sizes . This product works very well for the intended purpose and is even listed as Useful for female dogs in heat.

If you prefer a disposable dog diaper for controlling your German Shepherd heat cycle, then try the Simple Solution Disposable Diapers for Dogs. These disposable dog diapers come in 5 sizes from x-small to x-large.

Other products that are well worth considering are dog wipes, that deodorize and clean. Our favorite is the Natures Miracle Deodorizing Spring Water Wipes for German Shepherds There are products to use in the yard that may help deodorize the yard.

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When My German Shepherd Is In Heat How Do I Console Her

When a female German shepherd is in heat, she is likely to change her personality. As a result, we should always be aware of our pets movements.

For your girl, while in the heat for the very first instance can be a frightening experience. Shell need more time and support.

Set down some additional space for loads of snuggles because puppies appear to get very cuddly throughout that period.

  • Try getting a lap desk because then you can function and cuddle at the same time.
  • Provide a healthy, chew-resistant toy for her to nudge. This, too, will give you a sense of safety.
  • When your dog makes a bloody mess, never scold her; instead, gently comfort her as you clean this up.
  • Make sure shes getting more than enough food and water.
  • Prepare yourself for more potty trips because a bunch is happening down there now, and she will need to release herself very often.

If shes agitated, you can get her calm by playing with her, brushing her hair, or the fun things she usually enjoys that involve movement.

How Often Does A German Shepherd Go Into Heat

So once your German Shepherd has their first heat cycle, how often should you expect them to go into heat?

While this can vary from breed to breed, most German Shepherds will go into heat twice a year .

Heat cycles can be irregular in young dogs, and may take a couple of years for their cycles to regulate. Additionally, German Shepherds like all canines do not have a strict time of the year in which they must breed, so this only adds to the irregularity in the beginning stages.

As long as you are prepared for at least 2 heat cycles a year, you are well equipped!

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Provide A Special Room

If doggie diapers arent your idea of fun, your house can still stay relatively clean. This involves keeping your in-heat GSD in a room with a tile or linoleum floor.

Shell leave a bit of a mess that youll want to clean frequently, but at least you wont have to change diapers for three weeks.

Keep in mind that estrus discharge can smell quite strongly. If you have a sensitive nose, must leave your dog alone for eight or more hours, or get queasy at the sight of blood, you wont want to skip the diapers.

Trust us on this one. Most dogs will clean up after themselves, but only their own bodies.

Theyll leave the floor, bedding, toys, and furniture to you.

What Are The Signs Of Heat In Gsd

Female German Shepherd heat cycle explained by GSM

I saw blood spots and got panic if my dog is hurt the first time she came into heat.

At that time, I was not aware of the signs of heat in dogs.

Funnily, I rushed to the vet clinic where the vet delightfully told me about the real thing happening to my beautiful shepherd while smiling on my anxious face. Dont be panic if you see similar signs.

Along with blood mixed discharge, frequent urination is also an obvious sign during estrous. You may also notice a swollen vulva and the dog licking and cleaning this area. If you observe so, dont try to disturb her.

The female German shepherds become nervous and distracted due to the surge of hormones during the heat cycle. This nervousness is due to the confusion about what is going on with her, which she feels during the first heat cycle. This is not necessary for all dogs; some take it very simply.

The female dog presents her vulva to the male dogs in the vicinity, known as the act of flagging. Flagging indicates the receptiveness of females for breeding.

Helpful fact: Be careful in choosing the mate for her during the heat cycle. The sire must be vaccinated and checked by a veterinarian to have the best progeny.

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German Shepherd Sizing And Physical Characteristics

The German Shepherd is considered a large breed. According to the American Kennel Club, GSDs should be 22 to 26 inches tall and weigh 50 to 90 pounds when fully grown . Theyre larger and heavier than the common Labrador Retriever which, when fully grown, are 21.5 to 24.5 inches tall and weigh 55 to 80 pounds.

While dogs dont all grow at the same rate, the table below describes heightand weight milestones by age that is typical of the breed.

66 70 22 24

Note: The height is measured from the pads of their foot to theirwithers while standing.

The German Shepherd is a breed that has been maintained through very specific standards. ;Based on these standards, meeting a specific length-to-height ratio is more important than meeting the typical height and weight milestones. Generally, GSDs are expected to have a length-to-height ratio of 10:8.5 where length is measured from the chest to the base of the tail and height is measured from the withers to the pad of the foot.

Is My Female Gsd In Heat How Can I Tell

Is my female GSD in heat? How will I know? What do I do? Intact female dogs , and that are sexually mature are said to be in estrus, “in heat”, or “in season”, during their occasional “cycle” in preparation to breed and reproduce.

On average, the complete canine reproductive heat cycle takes about 6 months in length which results in about 2 heat cycles each year for most female Alsatian dogs. Be aware of all aspects of your dogs health and behavioral life, prepare accordingly and you should both have a long and healthy life together.

Female German Shepherds, also called bitches, generally have their first heat cycle at around 6 to 12 months of age. Sometimes, a female GSD in heat may not have their first seasonal estrus cycle until they are 12 months of age or older, depending on that particular dog. Remember, however, that this information is very general and not all female dogs will follow these exact patterns.

Overall, each individual female dogs heat cycle pattern tends to be relatively close to the basic average, length wise, however lengths of heat cycles may differ from female to female when the female German Shepherd goes into heat.

Remember these important points concerning your female GSD in heat and her yearly heat cycles and prepare accordingly.

First, assume your dog to be “in season” for at least 21 days, possibly longer, which will vary due to your own individual females heat cycle.

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When Is A German Shepherds First Heat

For large breeds such as the standard German shepherd, the first heat occurs from nine to twelve months. However, depending on how large the species is, the first heat may occur at varying times.

Since weve mentioned smaller breeds German shepherds, it is important to note that the heat phase can be experienced by them from even at six months of age.

Yes, thats a bit difficult to embrace, but its the reality that we have to brace ourselves mentally in order to help our pets get through it unscathed.

The only way to prevent this from happening is to take them to the vet for neutering, which is a usually safe procedure, preventing both heat and pregnancy as a whole.

How Early Will A Female German Shepherd Come Into Heat

When Does A German Shepherd Go Into Heat? Easy To Spot Signs

A female GSD can begin her heat cycle as young as 6 months old. This may vary anywhere between 6 months to 1 year, depending on their individual genetics.

If a female German Shepherd hasnt entered etrus around 1 year old its best to seek a vets professional advice to rule out any underlying health issues.

On average, she will come into her heat cycle every 6 months, though this could be as early as every 4 months for some females. Being in estrus, or in season can make a female dog moody and temporarily change its behavior and personality.;

This is normal, but owners should be aware of this difference in their female dogs.

Owners must secure and contain their females to avoid any unnecessary mating and unwanted litters. All males within a short and long distance can smell a female in heat, so due caution must be taken.

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Are Male Or Female Gsds Less Aggressive

Research shows that males German Shepherds are more aggressive than female German Shepherds.;

This means that a family should consider choosing a female for a companion over a male. Males tend to perform better for roles in protection and guarding and could do well in a home without children and the proper training.

What Do I Do When My Dog Is Bleeding In Heat

Be Prepared with Diapers and Pads: Heat can also be a messy time, as your female dog will bleed. This blood, which can range from light pink to dark red, can stain bedding, carpeting, and furniture. Fortunately, owners can prevent any leaking or messes by using a diaper until the bleeding has stopped.

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Some Behaviors Of German Shepherd After Neutering

Spaying German Shepherds can cause behavioral changes in your dog. German Shepherds after being spayed can become violent and aggressive towards people and other dogs. As a spayed German Shepherd ages, he is more likely to have brain disease similar to dementia. Its termed geriatric cognitive impairment. The implication is that he wont be able to recognize people such as your family and places like home. Hed also forget many things including all the training you have given him, like potty training. Spaying also modifies the sexual-based behaviors of dogs. As a result, they will no longer have strong sexual urges.

Why Wait To Breed A New Gsd

German Shepherd female’s first heat with GSM and Layla The Lovely

The reason breeders are given certain guidelines for breeding their GSD stems from a need to protect the dogs health in every way. Breeding too early can cause confusion in some dogs, as well as affect the puppies because a parent is not quite sexually mature enough to be bred.

For Female German Shepherds

Female German Shepherds are a bit more complicated than Males as it is with a majority of dogs.

Your female GSD may start experiencing what is referred to as her Heat Cycle at as early as six months old. Although, this in no way implies that she is ready to be bred .

For the safest results, one should begin to breed their female GSD at about two years of age and stop once she reaches eight years of age.

Breeding as early as a dogs first or even second heat cycle may cause confusion for the mother, and cause serious mental drawbacks as she could neglect her pups.

However, breeding her for too long or without ceasing for even one season can cause serious damage to your GSD and her pups.

When she begins to age, the quality of your female German Shepherds eggs will begin to deteriorate, making it harder for her to carry out her pregnancies to full term or even causing stillborn puppies.

Failure to follow these rules could bring serious harm to her and her pups if one is not careful.

For Male German Shepherds

Male German Shepherds are much less complicated than their female counterparts but this in no way implies that their health is less important.

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How Do You Know When A Female Dog Is Coming Into Heat

Your dogs vulva will look swollen or larger than normal. This is usually accompanied by a bloody vaginal discharge and she may urinate more often. Your dog may display changes in behavior such as being jumpy or on edge. In this stage, she may hold her tail close to her body and shows no signs of wanting to breed.

When Should I Spay Or Neuter

When is the Best Time to Spay or Neuter My German Shepherd?……

as a Breeder…….

I generally make it a rule to tell everyone NOT to spay or neuter their German Shepherd until they reach at least a year of age, preferrably at 14 months of age. We know that the hormones that regulate sexual activity also interact with the growth hormones and promote the closure of the growth plates ON TIME. We know that males or females that are spayed or neutered at an early age will grow SIGNIFICANTLY taller than those that are spayed later in life. Dogs that have been spayed or neutered early are typically longer limbed, lighter boned, have narrower chests and smaller skulls.

The arguments that you will hear in favor of early spay or neuter include:

The previous information was provided by Sheryle Thompson, DVM, Sequoyah Shepherds


Von Rothhaus German Shepherds 2013 | Contract

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How Do You Control A Male German Shepherd When A Female Is In Heat

Controlling a Male German Shepherd when a female is in heat can be a hard job to do especially if you have both of them in your house.

If you have both male and female German Shepherds, then your male dog will lose his mind when the female goes into heat.

The easiest way is to keep them separated. For example, keep your Female German Shepherd inside the house and the Male Outside. Or you can separate them with high fences or keep them on different floors.

Exercise Your Male German Shepherd until he is exhausted. If he is tired, then he will not be concerned about the female German Shepherd.

You should not walk your German Shepherd on the same route of the female German Shepherd.

The female dog can leave her hormones in the route which can get your German Shepherd excited.


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