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When Is My German Shepherd Full Grown

Do German Shepherds Like To Cuddle

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German Shepherds are intelligent but often mischievous dogs. They enjoy cuddling with their owner to the point where they sometimes get jealous of other people in the household, and will sometimes try to poorly guard you in your sleep.German Shepherds can be trained early on in life to be comfortable around children, cats, and other animals that may frighten them later when they become adult dogs. German Shepherds should always be socialized extensively because without it they may develop anxiety-based reactions when hearing certain sounds or confronting unfamiliar objects or situations. Since this is a question about GSHPs likes and dislikes I think there might not be enough information yet for me to answer this question well.

German Shepherd Rottweiler Mix

A mix with a variety of different names from Shottie to Shepweiler, Rottie Shepherd and more. This is a big dog, weighing upwards of 50lbs, with a big heart.

This is another mix between two guarding breeds. So, if you buy German Shepherd mix puppies with one Rottweiler parent youll need to be diligent about socialization.

Obedience training is also a must.

The Adult German Shepherd Dog

At around 3 years of age, you can begin to relax. As an adult, your German shepherd is finally the calm, dignified, courageous and respectful dog you always knew he would grow up to be. If you were patient and dedicated through those early, sometimes difficult, years, you now have a well-trained and disciplined companion for life. Congratulations.

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Do German Shepherds Shed A Lot

Yes, it is true. German shepherds tend to shed all year. Especially during spring when they shed their winter coat for about 2 to 3 weeks. Also, they can have either short coarse or long hair. Most long haired German Shepherds tend to shed less than the short haired ones. It is because long haired GSD does not have an undercoat while the short haired ones do.When it comes to their dental care, daily brushing is required all year round. You can brush GSDs teeth while bathing.

Tip: Bathe your GSD only once per month for their coat to keep clean and healthy. You may also look for different pet dental care products and other pet care supplies available in the market today.

What Happens If A Dog Holds His Pee Too Long

My fully grown sable german shepherd :]

Theres potential health risks associated with forcing your dog to hold its pee for too long. Although he physically might be able to do so, extended periods of holding it in can lead to urinary tract infections or urinary crystals and stones. The inability to urine can also lead to behavioral issues.

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How Much Does It Cost To Own German Shepherds

According to BrightStartGSD, the average cost of ownership for German Shepherds is $1,200 to $1,500 a year.

Meanwhile, referring to MoneyUnder30, the average first-year cost of medium dog ownership is around $1,270, factoring in several things: one-time dog expenses and an annual dog expenses.

The one-time dog expenses consist of spaying or neutering, initial medical exam, collar or leash, litter box, scratching post, carrying crate, and training dog.

The annual dog expenses include food, medical yearly exams, litter, toys and treats, license, dog health insurance, and other miscellaneous costs.

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Cranial Cruciate Ligament Tears

CCL tears are also more common in dogs with leg bones that are too long the ligaments are stretched beyond what the dogs body is genetically designed to accommodate.

So when that dog performs rigorous activity, they may endure CCL tears that then require physical therapy or even surgery to correct.

As well, the problem may occur multiple times throughout the dogs life.

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How Can You Tell How Big A German Shepherd Will Get

Not all German Shepherds are built alike because not all of them are bred alike. While most GSDs reach their full height by the third year, you cannot sit in suspense wondering what your dogs final size will be. Fortunately, you dont have to.

You can tell how big a German Shepherd will get by first considering the parents genetic makeup and looking at the parents size. You can also refer to a GSD growth chart and check for consistent lag or lead. Additionally, paw size can be an indication of future size, although this is unreliable.

If your dog has consistently been an inch shorter than the charts standard, then you can assume he will be an inch shorter than the charts projected final size.

This also applies to the weight category as well. If your dog is a few lbs over the standard weight, he might weigh as much more by the third year. Weight fluctuates even past the complete development, though.

And that brings us to the alternative scenario: what if your dog is not consistently smaller or bigger than the projected growth chart?

If you notice that your dog is an inch smaller at one stage and half an inch smaller at the next, chances are, your dog is experiencing regular growth spurts as any other German Shepherd except that he is shorter by a set percentage.

In that case, you should refer to the percentage of full weight or height in the German Shepherd growth chart. The chart says that a GSD is at his 50% height by 4 months, for example.

Here they are

German Shepherd Doberman Mix


The German Shepherd Doberman mix often has a distinctive black and tan coat.

The Doberman Pinscher has naturally floppy ears and this cute look is typical of the ear type when floppy eared dogs are crossed with prick eared dogs.

Intelligent and trainable, the German Shepherd Doberman mix is likely to have strong guarding instincts.

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What To Expect As Your German Shepherd Turns Six Months Old

German Shepherds are really smart, strong dogs, which can mean they are a handful to raise and train as they grow up and get bigger.

If you are caring for a German Shepherd puppy right now or have ever done so in the past, you already know this!

One of the biggest areas of anxiety for first-time German Shepherd owners is whether what they are experiencing with their dog is normal or not.

For example, is it normal for a six-month-old German Shepherd puppy to be biting everything in sight? How about if six-month-old GSD puppy whines and barks a lot?

What about appetite, portion size, and treats for a 6 month old German Shepherd? When should you transition to adult dog food and an adult dog portion size?

And what about that all-important question should you get your GSD spayed or neutered and, if so, when should you do it?

These are all intelligent questions that caring dog owners typically ask. So if you are wondering what the answers are, you are not alone and you are about to find out in the sections to follow here.

Do German Shepherd Lab Mixes Make Good Family Pets

This dog could be the perfect addition to your household if youve got plenty of space indoors and out for a big dog, and you spend lots of time doing activities your dog can join in with . German Shepherd cross Labradors demand lots of stimulation to stop them getting bored and destructive, so if you have family members willing to share in entertaining them thats even better.

Like both of their parent breeds theyre great with kids if socialized properly as puppies, but always supervise them with young children. In fact, Labs are one of the least aggressive breeds of dogs, so your pup will likely be the same. However, a big GSD Lab mix dog can easily knock over a small child in the excitement of a good game.

Likewise, make sure your children understand the importance of respecting dogs boundaries, and knowing when to give them space. If you dont think you have the time and effort to dedicate to this demanding crossbreed, consider some similar breeds instead.

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Are German Shepherds Bad With Kids

Well, it doesnt which is why German Shepherds dont make good family dogs. German Shepherds are the very last breed that you should consider as a family dog. They can be vicious, disobedient, and too rough to have around your children. If you were thinking of adopting a German Shepherd, you should reconsider.

Months And Onward: Adulthood In German Shepherds


Although some female German Shepherds can reach full adulthood by 16 months, most only reach it by 18 months to 2 years. Male German Shepherds only reach full adulthood around the ages of 2.5-3 years.

22 24 55 60

Here is a great video of just what you can expect from a German Shepherds growth in terms of size as well as personality from 7 weeks to 2 years old:

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Can A German Shepherd Dog Be Put Down

German Shepherds, like any large breed, are prone to canine hip dysplasia, a crippling and potentially fatal disease. (Although costly hip replacement surgeries have become more commonplace for dogs with severe CHD, the expense and possible complications lead many people to the decision of having the dog humanely put down.

What Is The Worlds Most Expensive Dog Breed

The worlds most expensive dog breed is the Tibetan Mastiff. They are bred in China, Mongolia, Nepal and Tibet.The Tibetan mastiff is an ancient breed of working dog that originated in Central Asia. Although it is said to be old even in ancient times the time scale varies from centuries to millennia. It weighs between 130-150 pounds about 60% heavier than what you might expect given its unusually small head and reaches heights of 27 inches or more at the shoulder . It has a thick wooly coat that needs daily heath care but it also has sharp claws for agility which grow continuously unlike other dogs meaning frequent haircuts are required too. The trade off for this tough body is floppy wrinkled skin on their.

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Other Juvenile Period Physical And Behavioral Developments

During the juvenile or ranking period, German Shepherd puppies start to understand and learn about dominance and submission within a pack.

They can begin proper obedience training towards the end of this period, but you need to bear in mind that your puppys attention span is still quite short.

At around 4 months, they also go through a chewing phase as they start to lose their baby teeth, and they can enter another fear phase.

German Shepherd Puppy Feeding Amount

My German Shepherd is grown up now !

How much you should feed a German Shepherd puppy really depends on a number of factors that you have control over. Your GSD pup should eat enough to maintain their growth and energy, while not carrying any extra fat.

Consider the following factors for how much to feed German Shepherd puppies:

  • number of calories in the kibble, which varies from manufacturer to manufacturer
  • the daily energy expenditure of your pup
  • how sedentary or active your GSD pup is

Refer to the following charts as a starting point. Adjust how much you feed your GSD based on your pups energy needs and growth.

These formulas are only recommendations and when in doubt check with your vet.

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Other Socialization Period Physical And Behavioral Developments

This is a crucial period for German Shepherd puppies. Their history as herders means that they are not naturally very sociable dogs and can develop behavioral issues if not taught how to interact with humans, other dogs, and other pets.

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During the socialization period, German Shepherd puppies should stay with their mothers and littermates to learn dog manners and social cues.

You can start to supplement their milk diet with soft foods, but dont change them over completely. This supplementation is also helpful for the mothers because the German Shepherd puppies now have all of their needle-sharp teeth!

You can start house-breaking a German Shepherd puppy at around 7 weeks of age, but dont expect them to master it immediately they are still very young. You can also start some basic training at 9-12 weeks.

In the middle of the socialization period, around 6-9 weeks of age, German Shepherd puppies go through a fearful stage. You should help them overcome this through positive reinforcement and encouragement. This stage is perfectly normal for dogs, so do not worry, but be patient with them.

Another great milestone towards the end of the socialization period is that your German Shepherds ears should start to stand up.

How Many Times A Day Should I Feed My 6 Month Old Dog

When your puppy is about six months old, you should change scheduled feedings to twice a day until your puppy is mature: once in the morning and once in the evening. Feeding your puppy scheduled meals can help you monitor how much hes eating, which is an important way to help keep your puppy at an ideal weight.

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How Big Is A 6

Puppies undergo massive growth spurts before five months. By the time they reach six months, their growth has slowed down considerably. The average male will weigh about 53 pounds, while females weigh 46 pounds. They have not reached their full adult weight yet, but they are very close. Because their growth has slowed down so much, though, they will continue to grow for a long time to come. It just wont be as fast as it has been.

At this point, your dogs body is mostly focusing on the looming sexual maturity, which can hit anywhere between 6 months to 16 months. Because they arent growing quite as quickly, you may find that they put on more muscle and fat in the coming months. This is normal. It is also normal if your dog retains their somewhat skinny appearance for a few more months to come.

How Do You Punish A German Shepherd


How to Discipline a German Shepherd Puppy

  • Learn How to Discipline a German Shepherd Puppy the Right Way.
  • Use reward-based training.
  • Ignore jumping when your pup wants attention.
  • Redirect bad German Shepherd puppy behavior.
  • Use time-outs appropriately.
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    Other Neonatal Physical And Behavioral Developments

    When your German Shepherd puppy is born, it is not as well developed as a human baby. Puppies are only in the womb for about nine weeks, and at birth, their brains are not fully developed, and their eyelids and ear canals are sealed to protect the still-developing structures of sight and hearing.

    German Shepherd puppies are extremely helpless in the neonatal stage. They are toothless and unable to regulate their body temperature. They even require help to urinate and excrete fecal matter.

    Puppies rely heavily on their sense of smell to locate their mother, who devotedly provides all they need: milk, warmth, and comfort.

    German Shepherd mothers even have to stimulate urination and excretion by licking their puppies bottoms.

    Over the first week, the puppies will begin to crawl, and 10-14 days after birth, German Shepherd puppies eyes and ears open.

    How Long Does A German Shepherd Puppy Last

    It can last anywhere from 5 to 6 months, but most of the time, German shepherds finish puppyhood by their 6th months. Within these 6 months, the puppy will experience six stages. Each of them will help these puppies learn various things. While not all of them are involved with weight or height, its still worth knowing.

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    Feeding Your 6 Month Old German Shepherd

    According to the American Kennel Club , your German Shepherd puppys adult size can range from 50 to 90 pounds and 22 to 26 inches tall .

    How tall and big your German Shepherd grows up to be will depend greatly on three factors:

    • Genetics .
    • Your puppys gender.
    • What and how much you feed.

    Over-feeding a German Shepherd puppy can cause a number of serious health issues, including hip and elbow dysplasia and bone problems.

    For this reason, the German Shepherd Dog Club of America explains that weight monitoring is an essential aspect of adjusting food portions during the age of three to six months old.

    Is My Puppy The Right Weight

    German shepherd from puppy to full Grown

    You can also refer to German Shepherd puppy growth charts to see if you puppy is gaining weight and within the normal range.

    However, keep in mind that some dogs will be unusually small or large but still be perfectly healthy.

    Do not try to maximize growth rates as this can lead to health problems later.

    But if you puppy is not showing a steady increase in size, or your puppy lacks appetite, consult with a veterinarian.

    Ensure that you are familiar with how to assess the body condition of your puppy. You can ask about your puppys condition at veterinary wellness examinations.

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    At What Age Will My German Shepherd Be Fully Grown

    about 18 months oldLike many large breeds, a German Shepherd dog is not considered fully grown until they are about 18 months old. Female German Shepherds continue to fill out until they are around two years old, while the male German Shepherd growth rate continues until they reach two and a half years of age.


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