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Long Haired German Shepherd Puppies For Sale In Ohio

German Shepherd Breeders In Columbus Ohio

Long haired German Shepherd Dog Puppy for sale

1. Golden Haus K9

Just like many of the best dog breeders in North America, Golden Haus K9 is situated on a farm surrounded by beautiful scenery. This particular 7-acre site borders Big Walnut Creek, providing plenty of space for exercise and exploration.

This breeder produces AKC registered working dogs that make excellent family companions.

They come from a farming background that involves a big family and many different species of animal. This has reinforced the need for safe, even-tempered dogs with excellent working ability. These dogs must be safe around children, and its essential that they can be trusted to interact well with livestock of all sizes.

In short, they have to be great with kids and show self-control around animals.

Some of Golden Haus K9s pups have become therapy dogs and service dogs or have been trained for search and rescue work. They all excel at agility, obedience training, and schutzhund .

Trainability is at the heart of this breeders program, but they also pay close attention to temperament and character. They dont breed for the show ring, although their dogs are bred to standard and would fare well in any conformation show.

Be sure to check out the testimonials from some of these happy customers on their website. You can also contact Roger and Mary for details about future litters and pricing information.

The Health Of Our Dogs

The German Shepherd Dog breed has a few known genetic health issues within the breed. Some are confined only to a few bloodlines out there that we will not allow in our breeding program. All of our dogs and puppies have physical examinations done by our veterinarians. We OFA or PennHip our sires and dams to make sure we are not breeding dogs who have hip or elbow dysplasia and every dog we own has now been DNA-DM tested. We have never experienced any debilitating genetic diseases with our sires and dams and will not breed dogs with any known, expressed genetic health problems. According to the OFA, approximately 80% of German Shepherd Dogs have normal hips, the GSD ranks #40 out of 172 breed for hip dysplasia Read more under the “Health” section of our website to learn more about German Shepherd health.

German Shepherd Puppies Ohio: Rescue

Weve looked at some of the best German Shepherd breeders in Ohio, but now we need to mention rescues and animal shelters.

The German Shepherd dog is an amazing creature, currently standing at number two in the list of the worlds most popular dogs. Even so, these beautiful animals can be found in shelters across America, along with thousands of other dogs.

Instead of buying from a breeder, why not consider giving one of these dogs a forever home? Adoption fees are generally much lower than buying a puppy from a breeder, and although you wont necessarily get a young puppy, youll have a loyal friend for life.

Around half of all animal shelters in Ohio have a no-kill policy, meaning that they save at least 90% of all animals brought in. The remaining 10% are usually too sick or too old to save, and it is considered kinder to euthanize them.

If you think you could provide a loving home to a dog in need, take a look at the following site:

1. Dogs Hope German Shepherd and All Breed Rescue

Deb and Jan are keen to point out from the start that they are not your usual shelter or rescue. They are simply two devoted dog-lovers who spend much of their time helping homeless dogs. All donations are invested in medical treatment, spaying/neutering rescued dogs, and the general expense of caring for the animals. They dont have premises, relying instead on foster homes for any dogs they cant house themselves.

Photo from: @golobovagsd

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The Noble German Shepherd Dog

We do not breed for the show ring, however we do utilize some showlines in our breeding program and we pay close attention to the appearance and structure of our dogs as well as the show ratings and judges’ comments of titled dogs in their pedigrees. In Germany and other European countries, even the working line dogs have to earn good show ratings before being allowed to breed. The GSD is undeniably one of the most ruggedly beautiful and majestic breeds in the world. We love to watch the alert expressions and powerful, graceful movement of our dogs when they are in motion and they recapture our affections every time we look at our handsome dogs. The structure we desire most in our dogs is best captured by the illustration of the standard done by Ernest H. Hart. Our pups have also been popular with youths who compete in 4H and junior handler classes with their dogs.The German Shepherd Dog is also commonly known as the GSD, German police dog, Alsatian and Deutscher Schaferhund. Common misspellings of the breed name are German Sheppard, German Shepard, German Shephard, German Sheperd and German Shepperd. East German working line, DDR, angulation, straight back, Czech Republic border patrol working lines, all are different ways to describe some of the different types and characteristics of these dogs.Colors and Coats of Our Dogs

More Information About German Shepherd Puppies

German Shepherd Puppies For Sale

The German Shepherd is a large-sized dog breed. Males stand at 24 to 26 inches, while females are 22 to 24 inches at the shoulder. Max von Stephanitz founded this breed for its confidence, loyalty, intelligence, and courage and called it Deutsche Schäferhunde. These dogs are strong, agile, graceful, and fast. Additionally, they have mound foreheads and strong jaws. Their long black snouts and their large upright ears are their distinguishing characteristics, as are their luxuriously bushy tails that reach their hocks. Without a doubt, they can be called the royalty of the canine world.

GSD puppies in Ohio are usually bicolor, with black being standard with tan, cream, red, silver, and other combinations. German Shepherd puppies have double coats with thick undercoats as well as thick outer skin. Despite looking like wolves and being fiercely protective guard dogs, this dog breed has a kind and gentle heart and can be loving guardians to their familys children. One must remember that they do not warm up to people they do not know.

Apart from Rin Tin Tin proving the German Shepherd skills as an on-screen actor, these dogs can perform several tasks because they are versatile. That accounts for them being one of the most popular breeds in the police and armed forces globally. Their services are also employed to detect drugs, and they also make perfect rescue and guide dogs.

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Von Shap Haus State Of The Art Breeding Facilities

In our effort to insure that are dogs get only the best we have installed the best breeding facilities anywhere!

Puppy Nursery

Our Puppies are born in the Puppy Nursery which is a climate controlled building with 24 hour video surveillance. Puppies are handled daily and exposed to many sights and smells including vacuum cleaners, radio, television, and socialization visits from friends and family and our own loving pack members as they grow.

Beautiful Quarters For Our Beautiful GSD

In our effort to insure that are dogs get only the best we have installed the best breeding facilities anywhere!

Choosing The Right Breeder Is Key

We invite you to the winners circle and encourage everyone to learn more about what it takes to make the podium, what it means not only to us but to the families and individuals who truly want the best, and choose to embark life with a companion of sound substance, quality exceeding standards and beauty beyond measure.

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I Have 5 Breeders I Work With Right Here In Iowa If Your A Breeder In Iowa Let Me Know I Am Happy To Mentour People Or Get People Started In Breeding Responsibly

As with any breeder check the certificates for proof of OFA or Pen hip, if it is not thereit is doughtful they actually did it! I have been fooled OVER and OVER, even by people I thought I knew well… just because it says they certify hips on the websight does not mean they do.. I would say nearly 50% who say they so, actually do not always ask to see the certificate or get the number!Why buy from a breeder who starts with a lie?.

We are in a transition right now to saving some really nice pups back all my older females have retired and we are just starting with the young ones..

Royalair’s Skylark.. Calm and sweet temper full sister to Cooper...

AKA” SKY” deep, very RED color.


Royalair’s Great Eclipse of Saber click on her link for more

These pages and information are reserved for Royalair Shepherds only copyright 2003


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Iowa German Shepherd Puppies German Shepherd Puppies for sale

Iowa German Shepherd Breeders German Shepherd Puppies

puppies for sale

family pets

German Shepherd Puppies Ohio: Craigslist

Urgent Sale | #longhairedgermanshepherd ||#long haired german shepherd puppies by Dogsbreedofficial

The internet is great, isnt it? We can connect with our laptops or smartphones and buy things online instantly from the comfort of our own homes.

However, while that might work well with groceries or a new sofa, its a different story when it comes to buying pets, for two reasons.

First, the vast majority of adverts selling puppies online are fake. Theyre scams that will cost you a lot of money if you fall for them. In most cases, the dogs never existed, and buyers are duped out of hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Also, you wont have any guarantees about the dogs health. Many of the puppies for sale on Craigslist have come from puppy mills. These places are run purely for profit and will cut corners to boost their income. They keep their dogs in basic accommodation , which are often filthy. The dogs dont receive any love or attention and will be fed cheap poor-quality food. Health testing is expensive, so the parent dogs wont be checked for any genetic conditions before breeding. The puppies are often weak and sickly, and many die pretty early on.

There have also been hundreds of cases where people have bought purebred pups, but these turn out to be mutts. Now, theres nothing wrong with mongrel dogs as long as they are happy and healthy. But theres no way of knowing if they have inherited any health conditions from the parents, and you possibly wont know which breeds were involved. This might have a bearing on the dogs temperament, which could be unpredictable.

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German Shepherd Breeders: Fredericktown Ohio

1. Reginhard German Shepherds

At Reginhard , theres a real sense of serious business mixed with fun. This small family breeder uses sires and dams from the best German working lines in its breeding program to produce healthy, top-quality pups.

However, its not all about hard work. The whole family helps to socialize and raise the pups on the 80-acre grounds, taking turns to provide all the love and attention the dogs and puppies need in a relaxed and happy environment.

The breeder emphasizes temperament over all other aspects to ensure that their pups are happy and well-adjusted, suitable for all family homes.

Reginhard puppies cost around $2,000, and you can contact them for any news of upcoming litters.

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How Rare Are Long Haired German Shepherds

Genetically in German Shepherds, the short hair gene is dominant and the long hair gene is recessive. This means if two short haired German Shepherds are mated, but neither carries the recessive long hair gene, then no long haired puppies can be produced. However, if two short haired German Shepherds are mated and both carry the recessive gene, then long haired puppies can be produced.

German Shepherd Breeders: Cincinnati Ohio

All Black German Shepherd Puppies For Sale In Ohio

1. Wisecup Shepherds

Although not always the case, it does seem that the majority of trustworthy and reputable dog breeders are family-run and oriented, usually on a small scale.

This is certainly the case with Wisecup Shepherds, where you are invited to join the Wisecup family and enjoy many years of advice and support when you buy one of their pups.

Situated roughly halfway between Cincinnati and Columbus, Wisecup Shepherds is conveniently located for any dog lovers in the southwest corner of Ohio.

Wisecup Shepherds stress the importance of researching any breed before welcoming a dog into your home, and this is excellent advice. Its also a sign of a good breeder. Puppy mills and puppy brokers dont care who buys their dogs, and it wont matter to them if you make the wrong choice. They are simply after your cash.

Its clear from Wisecup Shepherds website that they are trustworthy and take great care of their pups and breeding dogs, which is why they deserve a place on our list of 6 top German Shepherd breeders in Ohio. You can find further evidence to back this up in the testimonials on their Facebook page. For all other inquiries, there is a contact form on their website.

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German Shepherd Puppies For Sale In Ohio

There are several good German Shepherd Breeders in Ohio. We specifically looked for GSD breeders in Ohio who health and genetic tested their dogs. Additionally, we looked for breeders who socialized their puppies from an early age and started early training. Hopefully, our list helps you narrow down your research and save you time finding a puppy.

Best German Shepherd Breeders In Ohio

March 4, 2021 by Garrett

When Charles M. Schulz, the famous comic strip, Peanuts creator, said, Happiness is a warm puppy. Before scrolling down the list of German Shepherd breeders in Ohio, heres what you should know about this extraordinary dog breed.

German Shepherds are a selfless dog breed and they love their humans unconditionally. Rin Tin Tin, the German Shepherd, showed that in the countless films he acted in. Also known as GSD or the Alsatian Wolf Dog , German Shepherds are recognized globally. According to the AKC, German Shepherd puppies are the #2 most liked in the United States. Its not surprising you find tons of German Shepherd puppies for sale in Ohio.

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German Shepherd Puppies: Medina Ohio

1. Peters Elite Shepherds

Zoriana Peters is clearly dedicated to the German Shepherd and has spent many years getting to know them very well. Theres an excellent section all about socialization on her website that stresses the importance of developing the GSDs social skills from an early age.

All of Zorianas dogs are family pets, sharing the home and 4-acre site in Medina that boasts a 1-acre pond where they swim regularly for exercise .

Zoriana invests most of her time caring for her dogs, as well as training them for performance trials, including schutzhund, agility courses, and herding. Her dogs are also adept at therapy work.

One thing that makes Peters Elite Shepherds different from some other breeders is that Zoriana makes no distinction between show-quality or pet-quality dogs. She believes that they can be both at the same time. A show dog should be the perfect family companion, and a pet should be good enough to enter a show!

Having said this, there is a slight difference in the price, as Peters Elite Shepherd puppies cost between $1,800 and $2,500. The lower price is for companion dogs with limited AKC registration, while the higher price is for show dogs and breeding quality dogs with full AKC registration.

Peters Elite Shepherds is also an AKC Breeder of Merit, a program that honors and recognizes breeders who consistently meet the high standards set by the AKC in producing purebred dogs.

Similar Dog Breeds For German Shepherd Dog

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Browse thru German Shepherd Dog Puppies for Sale near Bellevue, Ohio, USA area listings on to find your perfect puppy. If you are unable to find your German Shepherd Dog puppy in our Puppy for Sale or Dog for Sale sections, please consider looking thru thousands of German Shepherd Dog Dogs for Adoption. Also, be sure to check the German Shepherd Dog Dog Breeder listings in our Dog Breeder Directory, which feature upcoming dog litter announcements and current puppies for sale for that dog breeder. And don’t forget the PuppySpin tool, which is another fun and fast way to search for German Shepherd Dog Puppies for Sale near Bellevue, Ohio, USA area and German Shepherd Dog Dogs for Adoption near Bellevue, Ohio, USA area. – also known as: German Shepherd, Alsatian, Alsatian Wolf Dog, Berger Allemand, Deutscher Schäferhund

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