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When To Start Training German Shepherd Puppy

At What Age German Shepherd Puppies Like Going For Runs

How to start protection training with a German Shepherd puppy

German shepherd at the age of two years or less than two years has a different training pattern. This is the developing stage of bones and muscles of the young puppies. Puppies need plenty of rest and sleep. Till six months the puppies are ready to go for a walk. This makes the puppies physically active. After twelve months, the puppy will start to mature by growth. This makes the dog physically fit for running. German shepherd breed is strongly developed and well-built, so running is one of the talents in the breed. The character of this breed puppy includes loyalty, courage, and confidence ability to learn many tasks. If we train properly, the German shepherd breed will run for miles of distance. The puppies need training in social behavior and adapting to a new environment. Then it can be trained for running a long distance.

When To Start Training German Shepherd Puppy: The Basics

When I got my first German Shepherd, I was thrilled because of all the fun and exercise thatll happen! But with fun and exercise, it also means a lot of care and training to prevent aggression and misbehavior. Thats why I also had to learn how to train my German Shepherd properly.

But have you wondered about when to start training German Shepherd exactly? Sure, you dont have to train them once theyre born, but it should still be early enough for them to still follow and be conditioned.

So read on to learn more about training your German Shepherd puppy now.

  • Wrapping It Up
  • Without Losing Your Mind Potty Train Your Gsd Puppy

    Monica Curry

    German Shepherd Training

    As a German Shepherd owner, you can easily avoid house damage by potty training your GSD pup. If the dog is not being trained early on for good habits it will be more difficult to break them later in life when they are fully grown and capable of leaving large messes home with poop or pee. Many new owners make the mistake of ignoring their puppy after its first day because they think that all puppies need this time before getting started which leads to uncoached dogs who ruin furniture as well as carpeting with feces and urine at an older age.Potty training should start at a very young age so that problems come up during adulthood do not get too out-of-control such as ruining furniture or carpets due to bad

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    How Do You Eliminate Your Dog Pulling On His Leash

    When you begin leash training in earnest, you should get a leash that is short but does not pull your puppy too tightly. As your pups training progresses, his leash can get longer.

    Your puppy should always work from the left or right side for consistency.

    One of the most effective ways to train your dog not to pull on her leash is to abruptly stop walking when she tugs on you. You do not need to pull or yank your dog towards you. Your pup will soon notice that you have stopped moving and she cannot go anywhere.

    When your GSD puppy notices you have stopped and looks in your direction, reward her with a treat. Resuming the walk is also a reward.

    Halting every time your puppy pulls on you at the end of her leash requires consistency and patience. You can also introduce the heel command during your sessions.

    Many puppies get into the bad habit of switching sides during a walk, often crossing right in front of you. You can address random changes in direction by making an about-face and reversing your path.

    Every time your puppy heads in a direction counter to your chosen line of travel, abruptly head opposite to where she wants to go.

    Your ultimate goal is to reward your dog when she allows the lead to go slack and make her work harder when she applies tension by going against you.

    Another method of training your puppy to walk politely by your side during walks is to use a type of carrot and stick maneuver.

    Overview Of The Training Programme And Topics Well Cover

    The Only Proper Way to Potty Training German Shepherd Puppy

    Just to make sure were on the same page, you were looking for the ultimate guide on training a German Shepherd puppy, right?

    Good, then you wont be surprised by the long list of topics well be touching on:

    • Sitting
    • Coming when you call them
    • Walking nicely on a lead
    • Playing fetch
    • Coping with being left alone
    • Going to the toilet in the right place
    • Teaching your German Shepherd puppy to not bark

    Yep, youll most likely be using it all. But nothing to worry about weve made it nice and simple to follow!

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    Recall Outside Using A Lead

    Ooh, time to practice outside.

    Let us give you a disclaimer: The outside will bring huge distractions to your training especially for an inquisitive puppy!

    But its nothing you cant handle. Were sure youre even turning into a pro now.

    How to do it

  • Walk with your puppy to the new location. Make sure youre using plenty of treats so that your puppy isnt pulling you in all directions.
  • When youre at a quiet corner, practice 6 recalls while theyre on the lead.
  • Right before you give them the treat, pop your fingers inside the harness this helps later when youre putting the lead on and stops them running off after theyve collected their treat.
  • TIPS

    · Your puppy may find it very distracting with all of the smells, so try to make your voice sound extra cheerful and happy to get their attention.

    · Use your come cue when your puppy is actually looking at you. That way you can make sure theyre actually starting to learn what the word means.

    The Character Of German Shepherds

    German Shepherds are extremely smart and very active. This means that, just like children, they need to be trained on how to use their energy and intelligenceotherwise they will just go crazy. The majority of people who think that they have a ‘bad’ German Shepherd are actually just bad trainers who didnt give their dog an outlet for its energy!

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    How Long Does It Take To Train A German Shepherd

    It takes anywhere from 8 to 12 weeks to train a German Shepherd to learn basic obedience commands.

    Usually, most 20 week old German Shepherd puppies are house trained, crate trained, and understand a few basic commands if youve trained them correctly.

    Crate training will take about a week to introduce slowly and have your dog or puppy go into the crate on their own to relax. But if your dog has had a bad experience with the crate it could take months.

    Keep in mind that if you have an adult Shepherd who has already lived with another owner then you may have to undo improper training or behavior problems. This means that you have many months ahead of you of training.

    Some GSDs are aggressive or reactive and it may take years before they learn to relax around other dogs in a calm manner.

    While other German Shepherds have excellent dog social experiences from the start and can mix in with other dogs on a whim and quickly pick up their training basics.

    Make Commands Only Once

    German Shepherd Puppy Day 1 Training Tips – START TRAINING NOW!

    When it comes to training, what you give is what you get. If you train your German Shepherd puppy to listen to commands three times before obeying them, thats exactly what he will learn.

    Teach your pup to heed a command at its first mention. If a command is not executed the first time, show your puppy what you want them to do and make the command again. Repeat that until they can learn to obey the first time the command is made.

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    Areas Of German Shepherd Puppy Training

    Your GSD will need some form of training throughout his life. It might be training for a sport in their early adult years or training to cope with an age-related life change.

    But, as a puppy, there are five key areas in which your 8-week old German Shepherd must be appropriately trained. In the next section, I tell you what training entails for each of these areas. If you are looking for a step-by-step guide on how to train a German Shepherd puppy, I have just the article for you.

    Donts Of Dog Training

    • Make sure that you dont do anything that your dog might not enjoy when he comes to you, regardless of whether or not he was called. Dont yell, shout, or be aggressive.
    • Dont nag. If you repeat commands over and over then your dog might actually learn to ignore you.
    • Remember that your dog might be smart, but he doesnt speak fluent English. Dont get upset if he doesnt understand what youre trying to tell him, especially if its outside the range of a normal commend.
    • Dont expect that your dog will understand the word no unless you train him to, which can be difficult to do.
    • Dont yell. Dogs have fantastic hearing, and doing this will only scare them.
    • Avoid isolating your dog at all costs.
    • Dont punish your dog for not getting commands right or for misbehaving. Reward him for positive behaviors instead.
    • Dont be too serious or expectant in your training.
    • Dont give up.
    • Try not to share training with anyone else. Its best to do it alone so you can reinforce your own relationship.

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    What I Have Learned From My Own Experience

    I like to practice this exercise 2 or 3 times a day for 4 to 6 minutes at a time every day- when training young pups at this age. Puppies have a short attention span, we dont want to overtrain a young puppy. Sometimes we as humans expect too much too fast and can forget what we learn from owning our last dog.

    We forgot puppyhood. I know I have made this mistake before. I have learned after training multiple German Shepherd puppies, how to spend a good enough amount of time working them by training shot training sessions to get the best results.

    Leash Training Tips And Tricks For German Shepherds

    German Shepherd Training: How to Train German Shepherd ...

    Whenever you take your German Shepherd out of the house, you should put them on a leash. In many places, its illegal to have a dog off-leash when outside the home. This is because many dogs have trouble behaving themselves when left to their own devices.

    Harnesses are a safer alternative to collars. If your dog pulls on the leash, that constant pulling motion can wreak havoc on your dogs neck muscles and trachea. If you have to pull on your dog suddenly in an emergency, you could inadvertently injure your dogs neck if theyre wearing a collar.

    Picking the right size harness for your dog is a little trickier than finding a well-fitting collar. Many brands give recommendations and measurements to help you make the right decision, but your best bet is to bring your German Shepherd to the store and have them try on the harness before you buy it.

    The Rabbitgoo Dog Harness is padded and has reflective strips sewn into it for nighttime use. Its breathable fabric makes it perfect for long days spent out in the heat.

    For something a little more heavy-duty, theres the Convert Harness which is designed for hiking. Among other things, it allows you to add bags so your dog can carry their own food and water up the mountain.

    No matter what kind of harness your German Shepherd wears, the real success during daily walks is dependent on training. Its important to establish who is boss. You want to walk your German Shepherd, not the other way around.

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    German Shepherd Training: 10 Tips

    German Shepherds are among the smartest dog breeds in the world. They are also eager to work and especially eager to please. Because of this, it is relatively easy for them to pick up new commands.

    However, GSDs are also confident and headstrong dogs. Without proper training and leadership, they could develop some unwanted behaviors.

    This article will discuss German Shepherd training, why it is important, and provide some tips to help you along the journey.

    German Shepherd Training Books

    If youve decided to train your German Shepherd dog on your own, youll want a little bit of guidance. This is where training books come in. Dog training isnt always breed-specific, yet there are some things you may need to take into consideration when training your German Shepherd.

    Training books geared toward the specific needs of German Shepherds can be an invaluable tool when training your dog. Some good examples are the German Shepherd Owners Guide: From Pup to Pal and the German Shepherd Handbook.

    You can consult your breeder, local GSD club, or veterinarian for recommendations.

    However, there are also a few good books online that may prove helpful, such as:

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    Potty Training: Train Your German Shepherd Puppy Not To Make Stinky Messes Around The House

    Those tiny packages that your pup will leave around the house if you dont teach him where to do it are not a pleasant sight or odor to behold!

    Check out this 3-minute video from celebrity dog trainer Zak George on the 5 most common potty training mistakes:

    So, potty-training is crucial and should be done with the natural rhythm of your dog in mind. So, what does that mean?

    Usually, dogs will need to relieve themselves early in the morning, and once they have had their meal. Use that natural rhythm as reference for his daily pee or poop-walks. Heres a possible routine you could use to potty-train your 8-week-old German Shepherd puppy in 7 days:

    You might want to reward your puppy after theyve done their thing so that they associate short walks with time to do it out of the home and a little treat along with it.

    Give Your Dog Responsibilities

    how to start a puppy training | german shepherd puppy training | basic training for puppies |

    German Shepherds thrive best when theyre pre-occupied and able to use their unique physical and abilities. In fact, if you give your GSD some household chores, youll find that theyre happier and better behaved.

    Apart from having a happy helper at home, giving your dog a job also gives you plenty of opportunities to train and reward them for their positive behaviors.

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    When To Start German Shepherds Training

    What is the right age you can train your Pup? You can train your GSD puppy the moment you bring them home. They are born learners and can learn commands like, sit, down, and stay at the age of 5 to 6 months old.

    The formal training of GSD is delayed until they are 6 months old. This stage of their age is very poor to start the training. During the juvenile age, the dog is beginning to catch up the adult behavioral patterns.

    When the German Shepherd puppy reaches the age of 7 or 8 weeks, you will need to be more gentle and reinforce them with treats during their training sessions. Use food treats to attract the dogs attention.

    Principles Of German Shepherd Puppy Training

    The purpose of any dog training is to have behavioral skills picked and maintained. As in human training, a good dog trainer is one who bears in mind that the trainee learns better when treated right, with utmost patience, and with consistent regard to the dogs feelings. I explain these training requirements in 10 key principles of successful German Shepherd puppy training.

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    Tip #: Socialize Your German Shepherd Puppy

    The most important German Shepherd puppy training tip is socialization. Right after you take your puppy to the vet for his first set of shots, enroll him/her in a puppy training or puppy socialization class. Some vets will tell you to keep the pooch inside until the full set of vaccines is completed. Unfortunately, if you do keep your pooch safe inside until he is 4-6 months of age, his socialization period will have closed forever and your chance to raise a friendly and confident dog drops significantly!That said, it is ultimately your decision whether you want to take the risk to take him outside or not. Most large US cities do not have too many disease problems and taking your puppy to a class where the trainer checks that every puppy has had the first set of shots is mostly safe. However, if you leave in a rural area, make sure there is not an outbreak of a disease that can affect your pooch.

    Of all the German Shepherd puppy training tips, I suggest you really think this one through. As a dog trainer, I recommend you find a safe puppy socialization class because this developmental period is critical to prevent behavior problems in the future. Apart from that, you also need to socialize your puppy daily on your own, this link will explain the process and give you a list of things to check as you go!

    Tip : Act Neutral Until Theyve Done Their Business

    How To Find The Right GSD Puppy For You

    Verbal encouragement can be distracting for your pup and could even make them feel nervous or excited. When you take your dog out to potty, try to keep yourself relaxed and only talk when giving the potty command.

    If possible, take them to their potty right spot, give them the command and then act neutral until theyre done. This will also make your post-potty reward extra special.

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