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How Big Do Female German Shepherds Get

What Is The Best Dog Food For A German Shepherd

How Big Can Your German Shepherd Get? Breed History, Types, & Standards

German Shepherds require a low-protein diet of around 18% protein and 1,740 to 2,100 calories per day. Giving your pup high-quality dog food should eliminate the need for supplemental vitamins and nutrients. Some dogs require specific dietary requirements, so be sure to check with your vet about the right food for your dog. If you want to simplify feeding in your home, our experts review fresh dog food, raw food, and food delivery options.

Should I Get A Male German Shepherd Or Female

Research shows that males German Shepherds are more aggressive than female German Shepherds. This means that a family should consider choosing a female for a companion over a male. Males tend to perform better for roles in protection and guarding and could do well in a home without children and the proper training.

German Shepherd Growth Chart By Weight & Age

Again, these are approximations and your own puppy growth chart may not absolutely reflect these numbers. If you have any doubt that your puppy is not changing according to the above German Shepherd growth chart, the best thing to do would be to contact your trusted vet.

If you are providing adequate exercise and quality dog food, your German Shepherdâs dog growth should be normal and she will have no trouble reaching her full potential.

Not sure if youâre feeding your GSD enough? Check out this breed specific dog food calculator to make sure.

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Possessiveness In Male And Female German Shepherds

Both sexes of the breed can become possessive, but males tend to show this behavior more easily.

Possessiveness can be seen with:

  • Food guarding
  • Guarding an area/home/property
  • People guarding

Since females tend to become less possessive than the male counterparts they are more suitable for homes with children.

Having different family members train your dog can cut down on overall possessiveness.

German Shepherd Husky Mix Breeders


There are adverts for puppies on specialist online breeder forums.

German Shepherd Husky mix puppies also often crop up on Craigslist and other selling sites.

But beware.

Some of these will be genuine sellers from loving homes. Others will be less concerned about animal welfare and more preoccupied with making money.

Our guide to finding your perfect puppy will help you start your search.

It shows you how to find responsible breeders. And how to avoid dodgy dealers and puppy mills.

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German Shepherd Size Predictions By Age

Confident, courageous, and smart, German Shepherds, as their name suggests, were traditionally herders, but they make great general working dogs. They are the preferred breed for police and military dogs, as well as being invaluable in search and rescue and for disability assistance.

These wolf-like canines also make great pets and have consistently ranked second place in the American Kennel Clubs list of most popular breeds, just behind the beloved Labrador Retriever.

However, the German Shepherd size is large and can be quite demanding. Newbie owners who take on these dogs need to be aware of how to properly care for them. Having an idea of their potential adult size can help with this.

As the breed dates back to around 1899, experts have had plenty of time to gather information about them. As such, we know a fair bit about how they grow and have quite precise size details for these dogs across their entire growth-span period.

Yet, its important to remember that these figures are just averages and dont account for every individual dog.

20 24 inches 22 26 inches

*When looking at these measurements, keep in mind that a dogs height is not measured from the top of its head but from its withers. This is the point between their shoulder blades.

German Shepherd Growth Chart: How Big Will My Gsd Get

The German Shepherd Dog is one of Americas most popular dog breeds. They are intelligent, hard-working, and make great companions too. These dogs are devoted to their owners and are very courageous. German shepherds can be trained to carry out a variety of roles such as police and military work, guiding and assisting the disabled, herding, drug detection, and many more. These dogs are not small dogs by any means, but just how big to they get?

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Working Vs Show German Shepherds Size Comparison

When adopting a German Shepherd puppy, you will need to consider whether you are looking for a working dog or a show dog.

While you might just be looking for a nice addition to your family, GS puppies have been bred for specific purposes for many years, resulting in dogs that are made to work and dogs that are not.

Working dogs need to have a lot more stamina and energy because they need to do a job. They do not have the same cosmetic attributes that you will find with show dogs, instead making up for it with incredibly athletic bodies that can move all day long.

Meanwhile, show GS are bigger and bulkier and a lot less energetic. They have thicker coats, more color uniformity, and are bulkier in size. These make for better family pets, because they do not require the same level of work to keep them happy.

Average Adult German Shepherd Height

Should I get a male or female German Shepherd?

The height of a German Shepherd is always measured at what is known as the withers, which is the part of their back right above their shoulders at the base of the neck. This is the tallest point on the dogs body when theyre standing.

The head is never included in animal measurements because its too hard to get them to stay still with their head in a fully-upright position. For this reason, horses, dogs, and other animals are always measured to the shoulder.

Like with weight, males will typically be bigger than females, but its not always the case. Here are the average ranges of German Shepherds by gender as mentioned above:

  • Males: 24 26 inches
  • Females: 22 24 inches

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German Shepherd Height Charts

You can use this chart to check to see if your German Shepherds growth is on track. As with weight, there will be some dogs that fall outside of the ranges listed here, but thats normal as long as your dog is otherwise healthy.

Male German Shepherd Growth/Height Chart

22 24 / 55 60 cm 100%

When Do You Know Your German Shepherd Is Fully Grown

Most German Shepherds will tend to reach their full physical maturity at about the age of 18 to 24 months. At this time, they will reach their full height, girth, weight, and neck size.

However, it should be pointed out that there are some exceptions to this rule. There are some variants of the breed that hail from Eastern Europe. These dogs will mature considerably more slow. A dog that comes from this bloodline may not reach their full maturity until about 36 months of age.

For reasons that remain largely unexplained, the growth rate of this particular variant seem so to suddenly slow down at about the age of 6 months. Their rate of growth will then pick up, albeit at a somewhat minimal level, after they reach the age of about 12 months.

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Do German Shepherd Husky Mixes Make Good Family Pets

The high training and exercise requirement of Husky Shepherd mix dogs makes them an ambitious choice of dog.

If you dont have experience of keeping dogs before they could prove an overwhelming place to start.

Likewise, the amount of time they demand could be hard to fit around the demands of a young family.

But not right now doesnt have to mean not ever!

The Pros And Cons Of Crating Your German Shepherd

Black &  Red Female: German Shepherd puppy for sale near ...

If youre thinking of buying a crate for your German Shepherd, the question of size is now answered. But there are other things you must know that go beyond the crate size. Check out my detailed pros and cons analysis that will help answer questions that most people forget to ask before deciding whether to crate or not.

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Are Black German Shepherds A Healthy Breed

Black German Shepherds are generally healthy, but having a solid black color doesnt exempt them from their breeds common health problems. This canine is susceptible to the following illnesses:

  • Spinal cord diseases such as Degenerative Spinal Stenosis and Chronic Degenerative Radiculomyelopathy
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Cancer
  • Eye problems

With proper care and lots of love, the Black Shepherd can maximize his lifespan of 10 to 13 years.

Why Do German Shepherds Look Like They Do

The GSD is one of the descendants of the relatively non-descript Continental Shepherd Dogs that were widespread throughout Europe in the early 1800s. This was a name given to different regional types of dogs found all throughout the continent. It didnt matter what they looked like particularly.

Breeding enthusiasts, around the middle of that century, formed groups to define and refine these dogs into distinct and separate breeds through selective breeding, organizing them by their distinct features.

Breeder Max Von Stephanitz used a Thuringian dog, Swabian Service Dog and Wurtemberg Sheep Dog to refine and create a new, improved shepherding breed.

The shaggy coat, erect pointed ears, and general wolf-like appearance of the GSD can be traced back to the initial use of the Thuringian dog.

The GSDs size, however, came from the mixing of Swabian Service Dogs and the Wurtemberg Sheep Dog. These dogs were large, solidly structured and strong enough to stand up to a large predator while defending their flocks.

The GSD, since its official recognition in 1899, has been used to re-define, enhance and create new breeds pretty much since then. Many of its look-alikes are actually descendants of the breed and carry GSD lineage in their genetic make-up.

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German Shepherd Husky Mix Size

Compared to some of the more mismatched doggy parents these days, German Shepherds and Huskies have quite complementary appearances.

They both have erect ears and dignified expressions. They look well built and athletic.

Both breeds have double coat, which looks deep and cuddly.

Overall, Huskies are medium sized dogs. They weigh 35-60lb. More males are at the top end of the range, and more females at the bottom.

From the ground to the shoulders they stand at 20-23 inches tall.

German Shepherds are larger. They weigh 49-88lb, and stand 22-26 inches from floor to shoulder. Again, males are usually larger than females.

When a Husky German Shepherd mix puppy grows up it will be anywhere between the smallest Husky, and the biggest German Shepherd.

A German Shepherds Size Often Varies According To Type

Male vs Female German Shepherd – Which One Should You buy?

There are five basic types of German Shepherds. Purposely-produced pet Shepherds, bred for less aggression, lower exercise requirements, and decreased work and prey drive, are similar in size to the show or working dogs from whence they originate. Many pet German Shepherds are from casual or backyard operations and can vary widely in size, most on the large end of the scale near 100 pounds.

American show lines are taller and correspondingly longer than their West German counterparts. West German show lines tend to have denser bone than the American dogs but weigh less. There are no AKC formal weight restrictions, so some American show dogs are over 100 pounds.

East German, West German, and Czech working lines of the German Shepherds tend to be smaller and lighter than show lines. Czech working dogs are generally the smallest of all, often only ranging from 20 to 25 inches tall at the shoulders.

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Top Best Answers To The Question How Big Do Female German Shepherds Get

German Shepherds are medium to large-sized dogs.

The breed standard height at the withers is 6065 cm for males, and 5560 cm for females.

German Shepherds are longer than tall, with an ideal proportion of 10 to 8 1/2.

The AKC official breed standard does not set a standard weight range.

Those who are looking for an answer to the question «How big do female german shepherds get?» often ask the followingquestions:

How Much Do German Shepherds Weigh

If youre a German Shepherd owner or are thinking of adopting one, you want to know how much this breed should weigh. Although many people think of German Shepherds as large dogs, theyre actually of a medium build. Its important to their health that they arent overfed and that they stay trim.

In this article, we’ll look at:

  • The Height and Weight of Male German Shepherds
  • The Height and Weight of Female German Shepherds
  • How Quickly Puppies of This Breed Can Grow
  • How to Tell If Your Dog Is Overweight
  • How to Get Your Dog to a Healthy Weight
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    How Much Should A German Shepherd Weigh

    Since each dog is going to be different, you need to look at their overall body condition rather than a weight range. Fortunately, there are body conditioning charts that you can use to figure out if your German Shepherd is at their ideal weight.

    As you can see, its easy to determine if your German Shepherd is at the proper weight. Just look at them from the side and from above, feeling for ribs and pelvic bones when necessary.

    While German Shepherds are generally thinner compared to other dogs of their size, you still shouldnt be able to see or easily feel their ribs. Younger dogs will also typically be on the thin side before they fully fill out as adults.

    Average Adult German Shepherd Weight

    Stud Dog

    While the vast majority of German Shepherds will fall in this range, there are exceptions. Your veterinarian or else an experienced Shepherd breeder can tell you if your dog is the right weight for their age and height.

    The average weight of adult German Shepherds by gender as mentioned in the first paragraph:

    • Males: 66 88 pounds
    • Females: 48 70 pounds

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    Would Two Male German Shepherds Get Along Better Than Two Females What Is The Best Combination To Have

    If you are looking to have two of the same sex of German Shepherds, then consider having two males over two females. Although male German Shepherds can also show aggression towards one another, it tends to be less severe than female aggression.

    When there are two males together, they often fight over dominance in the household. They will typically try to prove their dominance by making noise, showing off, etc. Often, an older male German Shepherd will express dominance, and the younger one will submit and accept that dominance. If this is the case, there tends to be little aggression.

    Females, on the other hand, fight over breathing rights. Female fights are much more severe and tense than male dog fights and can often end up with one of the dogs badly hurt or even killed. Female on female aggression tends to be more dangerous than male on male.

    The best thing to do if you want to have two German Shepherds get along is to have one male and one female.

    With a dog of each gender, you are less likely to run into aggression and behavioral issues caused by dominance or territorial issues.

    You May Initially Feel Bad

    Even though you know that crating is good for your German Shepherd and he doesnt even feel bad, youll still find this information cerebral. It takes a while to set in, and you may initially feel guilty as if youre imprisoning your dog. This drawback is significant enough for many people that they would rather risk raising a German Shepherd with little discipline and self-control than put one in a crate.

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    Is It Time To Bring Home A Black German Shepherd

    Before getting a dog, you have to make sure its the right breed for you and if youre ready to take on the responsibility.

    The Black Shepherd is easy-to-train and a low-maintenance pet, great for first-time dog owners. If you decided on this beautiful and rare canine youd be getting a combination of courageous, intelligent, and loyal.

    But this breed is not only all about the cunning looks they can take on different types of jobs. They can be a fearless police dog or a reliable service dog.

    They will also be happy as a family pet. But youll need to make time for them since this breed doesnt like being alone and will require an hour of daily exercise.

    Getting a German Shepherd with a rare black color may be pricey, but its worth it.

    Do you already own a Black German Shepherd? We would love to hear about your experience with this amazing creature. Share them with everyone in the comment section below.

    Socialization Period: 3 Weeks 12 Weeks

    How can you tell how big a German Shepherd will get?

    Now that puppies can interact with the world and creatures around them, they begin to do so. Its vital to begin socializing puppies at this point to become accustomed to humans.

    Puppies should remain with their mother during this entire period even if theyre already weaned. There are dog social skills that the mother teaches her puppies during this stage. If they are taken from their mother too early, they may have trouble interacting with other dogs later in life.

    Here are some of the milestones of this period:

    • Walking well
    • Begin playing with littermates and humans
    • Have most if not all of their teeth
    • Demonstrate adult behaviors including mounting and greeting by sniffing tails
    • Fear response
    • Can begin housebreaking
    • Ears begin to stand upright

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