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How To Bathe German Shepherd

Bathing Your German Shepherd Puppy

How Often to Bathe German Shepherd

Ideally, you should bathe your German Shepherd puppy two or three times a year to preserve the coats natural oils, which protect his skin and undercoat.

Young puppies in particular really dont need to be bathed often, says American Kennel Club Judge and German Shepherd Dog expert Dr. Carmen Battaglia. The puppy coat is soft and cottonlike. Little by little, as your German Shepherd puppy grows between 8 weeks to 6 months old an adult coat will replace his puppy coat. During that time, theres no advantage to bathing unless your puppy is really dirty.

If your German Shepherd puppy happens to get muddy, Battaglia suggests simply rinsing the dog down. Let him shake off the water, then back brush his coat and dry him off with a towel.

When its time to bathe your German Shepherd puppy, he will feel comfortable with being handled during bath time if he is used to getting groomed. Bathing your GSD puppy doesnt have to be a monumental challenge; its just a matter of following a few simple steps:

1.;Wet your German Shepherd with warm water , using a hose or shower attachment. Start at the back of your puppys neck, holding the hose close to his coat and dragging it all the way to his tail. Sweep the hose back and forth, letting the water saturate your dogs undercoat.

5.;Release your;German Shepherd;so he can shake out his coat.

6.;Back brush his coat using a soft dog brush.

7.;Towel him off.

Is Dog Teeth Cleaning Necessary

Dogs can get tarter, plaque, bad breath, and gum disease just like humans so it is important to keep your dogs teeth clean.; Your dogs teeth will need to be cleaned a lot more often than they will need to be bathed.

Its recommended that you brush your dogs teeth at least three times a week, but brushing your dogs teeth every day would be best. You may have to work with your dog to get them comfortable with getting their teeth cleaned.

Make sure you use toothpaste for dogs, not toothpaste for humans.; Dogs toothpaste can safely be swallowed by dogs so you dont have to worry about it harming them.

Try putting a tiny amount of toothpaste on each tooth before you start brushing just to relax your dog.; You may even want to let your dog sniff and/or taste the toothpaste.

Once your dog is relaxed, brush the teeth in a circular motion, making sure you brush near the gum lines. Try and be thorough but be gentle.

This is one of the things I wish I did more when Allie was a puppy.

I didnt start regularly brushing her teeth until she was older and now its a struggle.; Normally, her mouth is wide open, but when the toothbrush comes out her mouth closes up like a clam.

Imagine someone trying to pry open the mouth of a German Shepherd while also trying to brush teeth, Im sure its a comical sight.; Luckily, Ive been able to reach enough of her teeth that she hasnt had any dental issues.

Cleaning A German Shepherds Ears

Due to the way German Shepherds ears stand up, they can get a lot of dirt in them, which unfortunately makes them more prone to infections. To avoid this, a German Shepherds ears should be cleaned weekly.

Specially made dog ear-cleaning solution contains ingredients that helps to break down and remove wax, as well as anti-bacterial agents that soothes inflammation and prevents infection.

You should apply this solution to a damp cotton ball and gentle wipe the inside of the ear and check for any injuries, infection, inflammation or scrapes.

If you notice something unusual, apply antibiotic ointment and go to your vet in order to seek further advice.

Handy Hint: Around the same time you will also be potty training your GSD. Heres how to do it.

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The Bottom Line: Shedding Is A Way Of Life

At the end of the day, German Shepherds shed for their entire life no matter what you try to do about it. As a German Shepherd owner, you can only do your best to minimize it, but theres no stopping it. Hopefully, this article has provided you with a handful of tips for that matter.

If you have any other suggestions, feel free to share them with us in the comment below.

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  • Do: Make It A Fun Time

    How To Properly Bathe Your German Shepherd  Love My ...

    Your German Shepherd isnt just going to want to sit there while you scrub them. Theyre a puppy. They want to play. Make bath time fun by bringing in your puppys favorite toys that are water friendly, or even buy some special bath time toys!

    If none of your puppys toys can get wet, you can grab a KONG Wet Wubba Dog toy for less than $10! Its a fast drying toy that your puppy can play with in and out of the bathtub.

    Warning: too much fun in the bath may cause serious splashing!

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    Nutritional Requirements Of German Shepherd Dogs

    German Shepherd Dogs need the optimum diet to reach their best health and maximum potential. The ideal diet for GSD is balanced and varied, with a variety of fresh, lean protein sources, tasty carbohydrates, and plenty of good fats and minerals.

    German Shepherds are also incredibly demanding in terms of their nutritional needs. Even though they are not very active, this breed is very active in a nutritional sense. It is important to ensure that the necessary nutrients are provided regularly to ensure that they stay healthy and happy.

    German Shepherd behavior problems

    German Shepherds are wonderful dogs, and there is no denying that they are one of the best guard dogs in the world. However, this does not imply that there arent some German Shepherd problems, as we know the breed to have a few issues ranging from physical problems to behavioral problems to genetic problems.

    The German Shepherd is one of the most popular breeds of dogs. They are known for being loyal, intelligent, friendly, and strong.

    They are also known for being highly trainable and can be easily trained to do almost anything. However, there are some German Shepherd behaviors, such as chewing, digging, jumping up, and barking, that can be destructive to the security of your home.

    German Shepherd behavior problems are common and can sometimes be detrimental to your dogs health and well-being. These behaviors do not reflect the dogs character and do not make the dog a bad dog.

    Dont Leave Your Dog Wet Any Longer Than Necessary

    Leaving your dog wet for too long can increase skin irritations and fungal infections.

    Thinking of blow-drying your dog with your own hairdryer?

    The Kennel Club advises against using our own hairdryers on dogs because of the risk of burning them. Their skin also becomes irritated when dried on too hot of heat for too long.

    Instead, invest in a quality powerful dog grooming dryer. Not only will this reduce your drying time and inhibit fungal infections from ever starting, but it also reduces shedding!

    Yes, you heard it right: reduce shedding by blowing their dead fur off with a powerful motor. The high-velocity motor loosens fur that lodges in their undercoat which helps decrease shedding.

    Theres even an option to have warm air for the winter or outdoors during colder months.

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    Is There A Season When A German Shepherd Needs More Baths

    The GSD needs a bath more often in the summer because increased shedding and bathing are far more effective for preventing skin problems than in the winter. In winter, the GSD coat usually doesnt get so dirty, and the dog is less likely to soil itself and get into something nasty. Larger dogs and ones with long hair need more baths in the summer due to their size.

    The Dirt Repelling Coat


    German Shepherds havedouble coats; this means that there are two layers of hair over their bodies.The top layer, or the guard coat, is made of long straight hairs with aslightly abrasive texture. Beneath the guard coat lies the undercoat, which isthicker and softer with shorter hairs.

    While the undercoatsjob is to protect the dog from heat and cold, the guard hairs repel moistureand dirt and protect against sunburn. Whatever dirt the guard hairs dontrepel, they trap, so that it does not get to the undercoat or skin. Regularbrushing will handle any debris trapped in the hairs.

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    Include Omega Fatty Acids In Your Gsds Diet

    I already mentioned ways you can change your German Shepherds diet to reduce his shedding. Still, you can also add Omega fatty acids to your daily routine to reduce the amount of shedding that occurs year-round.

    You can do this by selecting specific foods with Omega 3 fatty acids. Still, you can also achieve it by providing your German Shepherd with a daily supplement that includes these nutrients. Take a look at Zesty Paws Omega Bites from Amazon. They come in bacon and chicken flavor and get thousands of positive reviews. Always consult your vet first before giving supplements.

    My German Shepherds cold-pressed dog food already contains fish oils and vegetable oil which keeps her skin and coat in tip-top condition, so I dont need to worry about this. You can find out what I feed her here.

    If your dog food choice doesnt contain sufficient oils, you can try adding a little olive oil to his food. Olive oil contains omega-3 fatty acids that help to improve the skin and coat. Check with your vet on how much to give your dog.

    Tip! I also often add a little tinned tuna or mackerel in oil to my German Shepherds food and she wont be far away whenever we have salmon for dinner!

    Including Omega fatty acids in your dogs diet will mean much less shedding in the long-term, and your German Shepherd will be healthier at the same time!

    What To Consider Before Grooming Your Dog

    • Be careful to choose products that are safe for your dog. Your dogs age is also a great determiner in deciding which product to use.; Make sure to use a product that is age-appropriate for your dog. It is important to remember that puppies and older dogs may need a different type of product than an adult dog.
    • Female dogs may need a different type of bathing routine when they are on heat, whereas a male dog who tends to spray a lot may need a stronger shampoo to help ease odors and remove excess urine from its body.
    • Working dogs and show dogs need different products. If you are not sure what to purchase, then it is always a good idea to ask your vet or to buy a book containing information on GSD care.
    • You or your dog may be allergic to a certain ingredient in a product. If you find that a product is causing an allergic reaction to you or your dog, then it may be best to consider an alternative option or opt for a non-allergenic product.

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    My Dogs Are Inside Dogs How Often Do They Need To Be Bathed

    We have a dog thats considered an inside dog, but we also have three outside dogs. They all get bathed about once a month and it keeps them looking nice and clean.

    They dont need baths more often than this because they come in the house, roll around on the carpet for a while and then lay on our couch. This takes care of any extra dirt that might be on their fur, so their baths can be less frequent than other dogs.

    One thing to keep in mind is to make sure your dog is not shedding badly before you give them a bath. You dont want to add extra dirt and soap to something that youre washing.

    Just keep this in mind when youre planning your bathing schedule so that your dog does not start shedding before he gets a good bath.

    I Have A German Shepherd And He Bathes Himself All The Time, How Often Do I Need To Wash Him?This is a common question, but it is not always the best answer.

    I know people who bathe their German Shepherds every time they take them for a walk. They get so dirty and wet while they are walking around outside that it doesnt matter if they get dirty again later on, or if they had to wait until their next bath time to clean them off.

    Remember, when you bathe your dog, you are taking away the oils that are naturally on their skin. If you bathe them too much, this can cause problems for their skin and fur.

    Metro Air Force Quick Draw Dryer

    How Often to Bathe German Shepherd
    • 18,000 feet / min.
    • Compact and lightweight.

    Includes 6 ft stretch hose, air concentrator nozzle, air flare tool, shoulder strap, and mounting hook.

    This dryer delivers warm air without an auxiliary heating source. Some users think that this is not as powerful as some of the more expensive models but that it works well.

    Some pooch parents noted that the noise level is high. But that goes for any high-velocity dryers.

    You cant have a high-velocity airflow without a strong motor, and a strong motor makes noise.

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    How Often Should You Wash A German Shepherd Puppy

    Many factors go into determining when to bathe your German Shepherd. One of the most critical factors is your dogs age. The younger the dog, the more frequently they need to cleanse because their coat is not yet fully developed to protect them, making it difficult for them to release oil.

    If you have a puppy, its good practice to give him or her a bath every week or two while he or she is still young. Once they reach adulthood and their coat becomes thicker and more oily, they will only need to be washed once every 8-12 weeks if they live in milder weather conditions. Dogs with short, smooth coats also require less frequent baths than those with long, thick fur.

    Be sure to use a puppy shampoo or just warm water since you are bathing and grooming them slightly more frequently.

    Do German Shepherds Need Grooming

    All dogs need grooming, including German Shepherds!

    Grooming is important to prevent the dogs coat from becoming matted. Grooming keeps your dogs skin healthy and allows you to check for any lumps and bumps, sore patches, or parasites.

    A thorough brush removes dead and loose hair from their coat, helping to keep the fur healthy and shiny.

    Grooming also massages your dogs skin, helping to improve his circulation.

    Best of all, regular grooming strengthens the bond between you and your dog and is a pleasurable experience for both of you.

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    German Shepherd Coat And Skin Care

    GSDs do shed, so one of the first things nearly every breeder will tell you is to invest in a good vacuum cleaner! But there are several ways to cut down on the shedding. AKC Breeder of Merit Wendy Wilson of St. Ledgers Shepherds recommends brushing every other day, and says that by doing so, you wont have balls of fur lying around your house.

    Wilson advises using a;Furminator; for this brushing routine, which she likes using for the GSDs double coat because it can reach the undercoat and remove loose hair easily and safely. She finds that a de-shedding brush alone is enough for routine brushing and de-shedding when used correctly. If used incorrectly, the tool can damage your dogs coat.

    AKC Breeder of Merit and professional dog trainer Lisa Walsh of Loyalville German Shepherds also recommends the Furminator, which she uses weekly most of the time, increasing in frequency to daily during heavy shedding periods. Like Wilson, she finds the de-shedding tool is enough for routine brushing, although, when she is showing a dog, she will use a slicker brush just before going into the ring.

    Wilson advises GSD owners to do the de-shedding outside, due to the amount of fur that will be released from your GSDs coat during a good brushing with this tool. Walsh echoes this sentiment, saying, Its amazing what you can get out in five to ten minutes with a de-shedding tool.

    How To Brush Your German Shepherd Teeth

    How to Bathe a Large Dog Who is Resistant During Bath Time? | German Shepherd Dog

    First, pick a toothbrush designed specifically for dogs. Then brush your dogs gums gently with toothpaste formulated for dogs, baking soda, or water.

    You just need to brush the outside surface; your dogs tongue will naturally clean the top and inside surfaces.

    You may also want to give your dog dental chew toys. In this way, they can satisfy their basic needs to chew and clean their teeth at the same time.

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    Gopets Professional Double Sided Pin & Bristle Brush

    Rounded ends on the pin brush penetrate your dogs coat to groom the undercoat and protect your dogs sensitive skin.

    Non-slip, silicone gel-filled handle conforms to your hand and is comfortable to hold.

    Unlike plastic-tipped pin brushes, the rounded ends are integral to the metal bristles. ;So there’s no chance of the tips falling off and grating your dog’s skin.

    There is also a ventilation hole in the brush head so that the metal bristles conform to the shape of your dog’s body.

    Other dog owners are happy with the comfortable handle. To clean the bristle side is easy with an old comb.

    I just use my de-shedding comb to clean out the soft-bristled side.


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