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Short Hair Black German Shepherd

How Much Is A Black German Shepherd

Puppy’s German Shepherd Short Hair High Quality

Black German Shepherd puppies are quite rare, which also means their price will be much higher compared to an ordinary GSD.

The biggest issue with breeding such rare dogs lies in the fact that you can never be entirely certain just how many puppies will be in a litter. Most of the time, the puppies will be reserved even before they are born, especially if the litter is small.

The coat length also affects the puppy price, so the long-haired pups will typically cost more.

While the regular GSD puppy costs $900 or more, you can expect to pay up to $2,500 for a black German Shepherd.

If you see a GSD being offered for less than $1,000 be careful. Chances are you arent dealing with a reputable breeder.

Where Did The Short Haired German Shepherd Originate


  • 18 In A Nutshell
  • As their name suggests, Haired German Shepherds are native to Germany. This breed has become popular around the world since 1899, with its original purpose of raising livestock.

    Nowadays, they become humans faithful four-legged friends. Not only are they favored for housekeeping tasks, german shepherds are exceptional choices for military training because of their intelligence, agility, and sharp sense of smell.

    What Not To Do With Your Shepherd Dog

    Whether you adopt a month old German Shepherd or a year old one, there are specific behaviors on your part that can severely disrupt her learning. To ensure the best upbringing for your new German Shepherd , refrain from doing the following:

    • Do not scare your dog or do anything she can perceive as unpleasant.
    • Do not nag your dog if they dont pick up on a command right away.
    • Do not yell at your dog.
    • Do not expect her to know what no means.
    • Do not lock your dog up or put her outside because you have not trained her how to properly behave.
    • Do not isolate your dog.
    • Do not expect her to know commands you havent taught her yet.
    • Do not reward bad behaviors.
    • Do not neglect, shame, or blame your dog.
    • Do not give up on her.

    Properly training your shepherd will ensure a peaceful and fulfilling life with her new family.

    If you want to adopt a German Shepherd but do not feel confident in your training abilities, our experienced and talented trainers at CTBreeder are known for utilizing the best training practices that are breed specific. If you buy a puppy from our new litter, you will get lifetime dog training guaranteed to ensure a lasting bond with your new pup.

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    How Big Do Short

    Short-haired German Shepherds grow 24-26 inches tall for males and weigh 66-88 lbs, whereas short-haired females grow 22-24 inches and weigh 49-71 lbs. Their height and weight are similar to the medium and long-coated varieties.

    In this instance, fur length doesnt seem to interfere with overall weight because the total coat weight is similar between all types. While long-haired varieties have topcoats that are twice as long as the short-haired dogs, this type has double coats. The factor that actually affects the size, then, isnt hair but gender.

    Given that show line German Shepherds are short-haired or plush coated, it is also worth mentioning that theres a slight size difference between the working lines and the show lines.

    Short-haired German Shepherds belonging to the working line will be less bulky than show lines. This is primarily due to different genes, but you can exaggerate the size difference with the working lines being trimmed closer to the coat and show lines having their coats fluffed up for conformation events.

    How Rare Is A Black German Shepherd

    Black Short Haired German Shepherd Puppies

    Black German Shepherds arent rare, per se. Whats rare is a black German Shepherd with an even color coat and a good temperament. They are also calledlong-haired German Shepherds, or even Luxury German Shepherds.

    They require special care including better nutrition and more regular grooming to keep them healthy and to prevent matting of the coat which can lead to skin diseases.

    Black German Shepherds are a little more common than the traditional black and tan varieties. The black and tan German Shepherd is the most common type, with black and red versions being next in line. Black and white, liver, blue, panda, and sable are all rare varieties of the breed.

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    Coat Color And Grooming

    The German Shepherd was originally bred to herd flocks in harsh climates, and their medium-length double coat fits the job perfectly, acting as protection the dog from rain and snow and resistant to picking up burrs and dirt.

    The coat types of the German Shepherd are as varied as their color. Some German Shepherds are longhaired. However, the ideal German Shepherd has a double coat of medium length. The outer coat is dense with straight hair that lies close to the body, and is sometimes wavy and wiry.

    The coat comes in variety of colors and patterns including black black and cream black and red black and silver black and tan blue gray liver sable and white. The American Kennel Club doesnt recognize white as a color for this breed, however, and wont let white German Shepherds compete in conformation shows, although theyre allowed in other competitions.

    Sometimes jokingly called German shedders, the breed sheds year-round, and generally blowssheds a lot of hair at once, like a snowstormtwice a year. If you want a German Shepherd, be prepared for hair on your black pants, on your white couch, and pretty much all over the house.

    Theres no magic solution to shedding, and we just have to accept it. However, brushing two to three times a week will help more of the hair come out in a brush, rather than on your furnishings. And a sturdy vacuum cleaner doesnt hurt either.

    Where Do Black German Shepherds Come From

    German Shepherds, like many other breeds of dog, were founded to create a better working dog. The GSDs we know and love today are the result of breeding from a number of other breeds, most notably the classic herding dog, the Berger Picard.

    The first German Shepherds came about at the very tail end of the 19th century and quickly spread around the world. Theyve excelled in military careers, as service dogs, in search and rescue, and many more lines of work.

    Black German Shepherds are nothing new. As long as the breed has existed, these incredible dogs have shown their impressive form beneath a fine and shiny dark coat.

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    Short Haired German Shepherd Grooming And Cleaning

    If you have a Short Haired German Shepherd, this is how often youd need to groom them.

    • Coat brushing: twice a week or more.
    • Bathing: 3-4 baths a year are enough. Use a damp towel when they get dirty.
    • Earcleaning: check ears weekly and clean when it seems necessary.
    • Nailclipping: when their nails get too long.
    • Toothbrushing: every day or twice a week.

    Better For Upscale Suburbs: Long

    Short Haired German Shepherd vs Long Haired: 5 Differences You Need To Know!

    If you live in an upscale neighborhood and dont want your neighbors or the homeowners association having problems with your pet, a fluffier dog is likely to present as non-threatening and cuddly.

    Since upscale is a subjective term, heres a better indicator: if purse dogs are trendy in your neighborhood, your big dog better be a long-haired German Shepherd. The dog is also considered exotic because of its rareness and distinct looks. This has social currency not in dog show circles but in upscale suburbia.

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    Are Black German Shepherds Purebred

    Despite what many people are saying yes, black German Shepherds are purebred. In fact, while black and tan is the most popular color variation in GSDs, they can come in 15 colors, most of which are approved by the AKC. One of them is you guessed it the black color.

    Even non-full black GSDs still have black in their coat color. Most will have a black mask all over their face as well as some other black markings on their body.

    As you can see, the black color occurs naturally in the GSDs gene pool, and it isnt unusual by any means. Still, people still seem to be in awe when they see a black German Shepherd.

    Theyre A Relatively New Breed

    While the German Shepherd is one of the most recognizable breeds in the world, they are actually a fairly recent breed. German Shepherds as we know them today were first bred in the late 1890s by Max von Stephanitz, with a dog by the name of Horand becoming the first officially registered German Shepherd.

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    Black German Shepherd Coat Type

    Black German Shepherds are noticeable, thanks to their solid black coats. Their fur can be anywhere between short and long with the short being the more common one, but the longer coats are more sought-after.

    If they come with a long coat, you can expect them to have the appearance of flowing, skirting, or feathering.

    These dogs are solid black in color, which means they cannot have any other markings on them. Still, there are several other variations of black found on some other coat variations. Well go over most of them.

    Black German Shepherd Having Long Hair With An Undercoat

    Short Haired Black German Shepherd Puppies

    Many black German shepherds double coats also have long hair than other types of skin. They have more substantial, longer, and a cluster of hair around the tail, ears, and leg other than short and medium hair BGSD.

    This coat length is almost 2 inches. Due to the long coat, they have more stamina than different black German shepherd double coat types.

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    Popularity Of The Black German Shepherd

    These dogs are, unsurprisingly, in demand. German Shepherds are sought after animals they consistently hold the position of the AKCs second most popular dog, pipped only by the Labrador Retriever. And with long, black hair? They look incredible.

    Since all black German Shepherds, and unusual colors like black and red or black and white German Shepherd dogs are rare, be prepared to join a waiting list when you find a breeder. You might also find that these dogs command a premium price.

    Make sure your breeder has health-tested their puppies parents, and their fee is based on raising healthy, well socialised and cared for puppies, not just their unusual coat.

    Do Short Haired German Shepherd Dogs Shed Hairs Much

    Like long-haired German shepherds, short-haired German Shepherd Dogs shed a lot, especially when they blow their coat.

    However, compared to the long-haired German shepherd, the short-haired German Shepherd Dog tends to shed more because of loose hairs that are not likely to get caught in their thick outer coat. The Fall and the Spring are the highest shedding season for German Shepherd Dogs.

    In summer, German Shepherd Dogs shed and replace their thick fur with a thinner one, and allow this thicker fur to grow back in preparation for the winter.

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    Black German Shepherd Overview

    The black German Shepherd was a result of an accident. It isnt known when the first black Shepherd was bred, but it was determined that the gene was considered recessive until solid black shepherds made it dominate. The gene only becomes dominant if the parent is also black.

    All German Shepherds carry the black gene, but it isnt typical for their children to stay black after 8 months. A true black Shepherd will be born black and remain black throughout their life. If you have a litter full of brown or white puppies, theres a 0% chance of them turning black.

    Its easier to get two black German Shepherd parents to mate than to have one be black or none at all. The likelihood of getting a black Shepherd with two black parents is high. However, it is still possible to get a brown or white litter even with two dominant parents. Tan parents that have the recessive gene have a chance of producing black Shepherd puppies as well, though it is small.

    What Is A Short

    High quality short hair german shepherd

    The Short Haired German Shepherd dog is the GSD you see most often. Theyre the standard German Shepherd, accounting for 85% of all GSDs.

    The Short-Haired GSD can simply be called German Shepherds. The Short Hair prefix distinguishes them from the rarer long-coat variety.

    In reality, their hair is more of a medium length.

    The AKC and UKC prefer the Short Coat German Shepherd, and the long single coat is seen as a breed fault.

    GSD purists prefer things adhering to breed standards, which is why they prefer the straight back Short Haired German Shepherd over some popular breed varieties that have long coats or sloped backs.

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    What Is The Difference Between A Long Haired And Short Haired German Shepherd

    Short Haireds coat are only around an inch but the Long Haired German Shepherds coat can reach two inches or more in length. The Short Haired German Shepherd has a double coat that consists of an outer coat and an undercoat. Other long-haired GSDs only have a long, single-layer coat, with a missing undercoat.

    Black German Shepherd Personality

    Despite some rumors, black German Shepherds arent considered to be an aggressive breed. While they are protective and trained to become excellent guard dogs, most are simply loyal to the core and very courageous.

    If you train and socialize them from puppyhood, they can even become amazing nanny dogs. Theyll do well with children and theyll watch over them all the time. In the end, all German Shepherds consider taking care of their pack as their full-time job, and this is what theyll gladly do.

    Black GSDs will take some time getting used to strangers, and theyll gladly alert you if someone new is in the house.

    However, they wont be aggressive, and if they notice that the new person smells like you, then theyll probably be friendly right away. When a German Shepherd becomes your friend, hell stick with you to the end.

    Unfortunately, this family-friendly temperament has its downsides. They are prone to separation anxiety, and they hate being left alone, even for a short period of time. This can make them express some destructive behaviors.

    Because of this, they are not the best fit for people working long office hours.

    Black German Shepherds are smart dogs that might want to do things their own way. This can make them somewhat challenging for first-time dog owners.

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    Tan And Black German Shepherd

    The most common German Shepherd color is actually a variation of a black coat. They have a rich tan base color, with a black face and back. This is also the oldest GSD color out there as it has been around since the breed was first registered in Germany back in the 19th century.

    The black and tan German Shepherds carry recessive genes compared to the most dominant sable gene, but they are still dominant over solid black GSDs.

    Keep in mind that most black and tan German Shepherds will fade in color as they grow older. Some might even develop a gray strip down their back, which is known as a bitchs strip as its more common in females than in males.

    White and black German Shepherds are considered bicolor dogs. They are very rare and dont fit the breed standard.

    Because of their unique pattern, you might also find these pups under the name Panda German Shepherd.

    Most of these dogs have a rare genetic mutation caused by the piebald gene. This genetic mutation makes about 40% of the dogs body pure white.

    However, most white and black German Shepherds are crossbred either with a white Labrador Retriever or with a white Golden Retriever.

    Some white and black German Shepherds might have vitiligo a health issue that causes progressive and partial pigment loss.

    Black German Shepherd Exercise And Training

    15 Witty Pointers For Short Haired German Shepherd Owner

    As mentioned before, black German Shepherds are highly intelligent dogs. This can make them effortless to train, or it can make them nearly impossible to train.

    To make sure that you can train your GSD without too much hassle, make sure you start with training while they are still puppies.

    Positive reinforcement is the key to a well-trained black German Shepherd. Give them their favorite treats whenever they do as you say. If you worry about them getting obese, then give them some healthy alternatives from your kitchen such as peppers, fig newtons, or brussels sprouts.

    Praise your GSD for every little thing they do right, and pet them. Tell them how good they are and be happy for them. Black German Shepherds can feel when you are happy, and theyll know to appreciate that.

    Introduce them to many new things and people from an early age. If you keep them as house pets, take them to dog parks right after they get their vaccines, and call guests over so they can get used to new people. If your black GSD is a working dog, introduce him to loud machines, hats, farming animals, and other equipment.

    Dont forget to introduce kids to your black German Shepherd puppies. Dogs can find kids annoying, so they need to get used to them from an early age. Dont tolerate any bad behavior, especially around children.

    The same goes for crate training. Crates can be a dogs safe space, but they need to get used to them early on.

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