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What Color Are German Shepherds Eyes

How Much Does A German Shepherd With Blue Eyes Cost

Layering Colours for a German Shepherd Eyes

A German Shepherd with blue eyes costs $1,500 and up, depending on the breeder, their ancestors, the location, and many other factors. Blue eyes typically dont increase the price since theyre not always prized by the breeders, sadly. However, this presents an opportunity to bring a gorgeous pup into your home.

You may be able to find rescue dogs for as little as $100. Its up to you to decide if you want a puppy from a breeder or a dog whos in desperate need of a home.

Price Of Blue German Shepherd

The Blue German Shepherd is not a mixed breed and is a variant of the standard GSD. Therefore, these dogs have the same characteristics and temperament. However, they are very rare and therefore very expensive.

For a standard GSD, you can find it anywhere between $ 400 and $ 900 for a puppy.

You can expect to pay between $ 1,200 to $ 1,500 and it may go up to $2000 depending upon the availability of a Blue German Shepherd puppy, but the price may vary depending on the breeder. You should always make sure you are buying from reputable breeders.

Blue German Shepherd puppies are usually born in litter sizes between 1 and 15 puppies.

Health In Relation Of Black German Shepherd Dogs

A passive quality brings about the shading variety in eyes and hair in blue GSDs. A similar sort of condition is happening in people, causing diverse hair hues and eye hues.

A few canines, such as Doberman, can experience the ill effects of skin conditions because of similar latent quality.

Yet to the extent known, there are no medical issues or imperfections related to the passive quality that causes blue eyes in German Shepherds.

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Can A German Shepherd Have Blue Eyes

Blue eyes are considered a fault in German Shepherds. They can occur thanks to a genetic variant in purebred dogs. However, they are not part of the breeds standard and are not considered normal.

Dogs with blue eyes cant be shown in competitions, for instance. This fact automatically makes them less valuable to breeders than dogs that can be shown in competitions.

Because they are considered a fault, blue eyes are becoming rarer and rarer. Breeders purposefully dont breed German Shepherds with this trait. Instead, most of them are neutered and sold as pet dogs. A breeder may continue to use a blue-eyed dog for breeding in rare cases, but only if they have exceptional features otherwise.

The rarity is increased even more due to the recessive nature of this trait. Both parents have to be carriers of this gene for their puppies to have blue eyes. Brown eyes are dominant, which means that they will cover up the blue eyes trait.

A dog may technically have blue eyes but still, end up with brown due to a dominant brown-eyed gene.

It is essential to realize that breeders arent always focused on producing a healthy dog. Instead, many of them focus on matching the breed standard which means not using dogs with blue eyes in breeding programs.

Black German Shepherd Overview

German shepherd with different

The black German Shepherd was a result of an accident. It isnt known when the first black Shepherd was bred, but it was determined that the gene was considered recessive until solid black shepherds made it dominate. The gene only becomes dominant if the parent is also black.

All German Shepherds carry the black gene, but it isnt typical for their children to stay black after 8 months. A true black Shepherd will be born black and remain black throughout its life. If you have a litter full of brown or white puppies, theres a 0% chance of them turning black.

Its easier to get two black German Shepherd parents to mate than to have one be black, or none at all. The likelihood of getting a black Shepherd with two black parents is high. However, it is still possible to get a brown or white litter even with two dominant parents. Tan parents that have the recessive gene have a chance of producing black Shepherd puppies as well, though it is small.

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What Are The Breed

Anyone who wishes to show their GSD should know that there are 11 AKC-approved colors for the Shepherd dog breed, but NOT all of them can partake in dog shows.

The ones that are favored are black and red, black and tan, or black.

The bi-color, black and cream, black and silver, and gray Shepherds are accepted in the show ring but often do poorly when compared to the deeper shades above.

Liver or blue can also be shown, but its near impossible for these hues to win at a conformation show, while white is entirely off the table.

Blue Eyed German Shepherd Personality And Attributes

A blue-eyed German Shepherd usually tends to be very loyal, just like a brown-eyed German Shepherd.

They tend to be bold, strong, compact, reliable, energetic, intelligent, and friendly.

Dont think of German Shepherd with Blue Eyes any less loyal, courageous or friendly than another dog breed.

Their eye colour does not impact their personality. Their primary and essential characteristics will remain the same and changed.

Just like other dog breeds or German Shepherd, a blue-eyed German Shepherd will also guard your house.

Their dietary need, training requirement, grooming needs, and temperament remain the same.

In a word, you can say that the blue-eyed German Shepherd has all the attributes that a typical German Shepherd with brown eyes carries.

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History Of German Shepherd Colors

The first GSDs werent intended to be show dogs. They were strong and muscular and made great guard and work dogs. This means that the main focus was on the physical traits and intelligence of the dog and not its coat color. This is why the original coat colors ranged from very dark to almost white color.

Nevertheless, some dog breeders wrongfully associated a lighter or softer color with a weaker dog. As a result, an all-white German Shepherd was considered less suitable for the working environment as it was considered to be unhealthy.

Modern scientific research proved that this theory is wrong. Still, all-white breeds are disqualified from being considered as purebreds by the American Kennel Club or AKC. However, the United Kennel Club in the UK or UKC allows pale coated and white German Shepherds to take part in shows.

The original German Shepherd has genes for dark as well as light coat colors. Nevertheless, sable is currently the most common color. The interesting thing about German Shepherds is that each hair has multiple colors and this means that no two dogs will ever look identical even if they have the same coat color.

The American White Shepherd

German Shepherd With Blue Eyes: How Rare Are?

In the GSDs native Germany, the white version of this amazing dog was banned from the bloodline, and was regarded as a serious fault.

This probably added strength to the notion that they are somehow unhealthy or deficient in some way.

Some kennel clubs have reinforced this belief by refusing to recognize White GSDs. Although the American Kennel Club allows it to be registered and lists the color white in its breed standards, it is still seen as undesirable and is disqualified from conformation shows.

This stemmed from a belief that the white color would cause fading in other colors, but this is now known to be false.

Even so, the myths persist, and white dogs of all breeds are frequently pushed aside in favor of their more colorful counterparts.

However, some enthusiasts of white-coated dogs have hit back against this trend, forming societies in America and Canada to promote and encourage the breeding of White German Shepherds. Some people even regard it as a separate breed, including several kennel clubs.

This has led to the development of the American White Shepherd, which is, to all intents and purposes, a White German Shepherd. It has effectively evolved separately from the standard German Shepherd as most breeders exclude White GSDs from breeding programs.

This fact led the United Kennel Club to list it as a separate breed, even though most other clubs and societies still regard it as a White German Shepherd.

In the end, it all comes down to your own opinion!

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Which Colors Are Considered Rare Or Fault Colors In The German Shepherd

The German Shepherd can also be bred in so-called rarer colors, which include any shade of blue, liver, cream, or white.

Here you might be wondering how a dogs coat could be blue? Is that even possible?

Or how about the color liver or sable? What colors are these?

To understand where the references to these less-common colors coat come from, it helps to know a little bit more about canine coat color genetics.

The same holds true for coat colors and color patterns that are disallowed, so we will talk much more about canine coat color genetics here shortly.

White German Shepherd With Blue Eyes

Many different white dog breeds often have blue eyes, and it usually has little to do with albinism, although, as we said earlier, some albino German Shepherds may have blue eyes.

Blue-eyed dogs with white coats are sometimes referred to as leucistic.

Heres an interesting fact: all puppies are born with blue eyes! Actually, thats not entirely true. The eyes just appear to be blue, but they are clear, with no pigment in the iris. The pigments that create eye color start to develop a few weeks after birth.

However, certain genes sometimes cause a lack of pigment in the eyes, resulting in a beautiful blue color that you sometimes see in White German Shepherds.

Needless to say, this is also seen as a fault, and blue-eyed dogs of all breeds are usually banned from dog shows.

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Health Problem Of German Shepherds With Blue Eyes

The color of the coat does not affect their health. German Shepherds with blue eyes are very healthy, as are those with dark brown eyes. The behavior, their temperament is similar to other German Shepherds.

But as in all races, certain exceptions can be found. some experts describe the Merle gene as the cause of the dog having spots on the face and body, and for this reason, they can have blue eyes. Although it sounds attractive and is benign, dogs that inherit this gene from both parents can have congenital disabilities.

When a dog has the Merlo gene, they are called a double blackbird and can be born deaf, blind, or both. A mix of these German Shepherds can carry the Merlo gene, and it can be the Australian Shepherd, the Sheltie, the Great Dane, and the Collie.

The Blue German Shepherd is similar to the other German Shepherds, and their care is almost the same. These blue-eyed German Shepherds have the same energy and need the same amount of exercise. They need about 30 minutes of walking a day, they can play, and they need ample space to exercise.

Blue German Shepherds also need to burn fat to keep them calm because if they dont, they will be restless. When these dogs are restless, they will begin to chew on any object they see in their paths, such as shoes or furniture.

You can buy him dog toys so they can help you with that Blue German Shepherd fuss.

Genes Are Behind The Colors And Patterns Of Dogs

German Shepherd

Genes play a role in the colors and patterns that all dogs sport. With dominant genes, youll get the most prevalent color of black and tan followed by others listed here that arent as common.

Meanwhile, German Shepherds that have rare colors get them as the result of recessive genes. Many rare-colored varieties are produced by specialty-designed breeding programs, but they do sometimes show up in litters of regular breeding programs. Since these types of dogs are so hard to come by, you will unlikely find one at a rescue center or shelter.

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Is It Normal For Your German Shepherd Dog To Change His/her Eye Color Over Time

Yes, it is completely normal for your German shepherd dog to change his/her eye color over time.

Melanin is the cause behind the eye color change, and it takes time to be produced. Other factors contributing to blue-eyed colored dogs consist of eye conditions such as cataracts, glaucoma, or entropion.

Do German Shepherds Have Blue Eyes Or Green Eyes

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Having a German Shepherd in our home creates a stimulating and fun environment. German Shepherd tends to be a very loyal and protective dog breed, which is why they have been popular among service work as the police. Almost all of us have come across a German Shepherd once in our lifetime.

We all want a German Shepherd that is better than our neighbours or relatives. So, some may ask Do German Shepherds have blue eyes or not.

Here, I will talk about the different German Shepherd eye colours and their body colour combination.

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What Is The German Shepherd Breed Standard

If you are new to dog ownership or dog breeding, you may not be that familiar with the concept of a dog breed standard.

Dog breed standards exist for every purebred dog breed that is recognized and registered through the American Kennel Club in the United States. There are many other dog clubs around the world that have similar practices as well.

For our purposes here, we will focus on the breed standard as outlined by the main American purebred registry, the AKC.

The official AKC-registered German Shepherd breed standard governs the traits that are considered desirable or ideal in a purebred German Shepherd dog.

These traits include aspects such as personality and temperament, conformation and size, height and weight, coat type, eye and nose color, dew claws and paw pads, tail, gait, and the topic of our discussion here coat color and pattern.

So in this article, you are going to learn about which German Shepherd coat colors and color patterns are permissible and desirable for the purposes of competitively showing your dog or for dog breeding.

You will also learn about unusual or so-called rare German Shepherd coat colors that are disallowed or disqualified for competitive show purposes and the reasoning behind that.

Other German Shepherd Eye Colors

Blue Eyes German Shepherd| Rare puppy | Champion line | #GermanShepherd #short #shorts

German Shepherds eyes can also be unique and come in shades of blue and variations of this color. While the eye color of this breed is determined by melanin or eumelanin, their eye color also comes from their genes.

Eumelanin comes in light and dark brown. When the dogs parents pass on this gene and dont have a recessive one or another pigmentation, the eumelanin can result in light-colored eyes.

Depending on how much melanin a dog produces, it will also make the German Shepherds eyes darker or lighter shades of brown or blue.

Other German Shepherd eye colors include:

  • Pale blue
  • Light gray or liver
  • Green in rare cases but more specifically, if the dog is a mixed breed.

While most dog breeds eyes are brown, some can have blue eyes. This is the case with the German Shepherds eyes. Their eye color is typically brown but can also be blue and different shades of this color.

If German Shepherds produce a lot of melanin, this will impact their eye color, whether brown or blue.

Blue eyes depend on the dogs melanin production and appear to be anything from a deep blue to pale blue or various shades of gray.

German Shepherds with blue eyes can also trick their owners into believing their eyes are green in a different light. Even though dogs can have green eyes, this color is extremely rare to unlikely.

Albino German Shepherds also typically have pale blue eyes, surrounded by prominent pink skin, common with this condition.

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White German Shepherd Breeders

There are good breeders and bad ones. Its usually not too difficult to see the difference.

Bad ones will be regarded as puppy mills because they rapidly produce litters in order to make cash as quickly as possible. Many pet stores get their stock from places like this, so its best to steer clear of these, too.

Backyard or hobby breeders are also best avoided. They either lack experience, knowledge, or ethics mostly all three.

Although established, reputable breeders sometimes have their faults, but they do at least care about the welfare of their dogs. Some will be traditionalists, sticking to the breed standards of the kennel clubs they register with. This means that they may not be keen on producing or selling white dogs.

However, whether by accident or by design, White German Shepherds will appear, so dont give up hope if you want one for yourself!

Take your time and do your homework first, and only use a breeder that you are completely happy with.

Unscrupulous breeders will sometimes try to pass off a German Shepherd mix as a purebred White German Shepherd. One of the most popular is the German Shepherd Husky mix.

Where To Buy Blue German Shepherd

Unfortunately, it is a tough task to find a breeder as we know that many breeders choose to increase the more authentic and more popular black and tan GSD which is considered as a standard color.

You can find a reputable breeder online through social media channels and also forums that speak a lot about these blue GSDs.

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How Rare Is A German Shepherd With Blue Eyes

A German Shepherd with blue eyes is extremely rare because both parents must carry the recessive D locus gene, home to the dilution gene. When a dog is homozygous for dilute, a black dog will become blue. So it is highly uncommon to get two mutated copies of the gene that causes blue eyes.

While many dog breeds can also lose pigmentation in their eyes to make them look blue, a German Shepherd can have truly blue eyes, albeit unique.

Theres not an exact percentage or number of how many GSDs have blue eyes, but the trait is exceedingly uncommon. Nonetheless, this genetic rarity doesnt come with health side effects outside of the norm.



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