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How To Calm An Anxious German Shepherd

Distinction Between Aggression And Dominance


I have personally heard many people pass off their GSDs aggression as the dog being dominant. This is simply not true.

It is unfortunate that people do not know any better than to explain their dogs aggressive behavior in this way, because what that unintentionally does is create an excuse for the dog to continue behaving in this manner, while also giving the owner an excuse to continue allowing the behavior.

How Anxiety Can Affect Your German Shepherds Spraying

Your German Shepherd could be spraying because of anxiety. This is a more difficult problem to diagnose. Still, you can monitor your dogs behavior when they are not spraying to see if they act skittish in other situations, such as thunderstorms or fireworks.

German Shepherds are known to suffer from . They dont like to be left alone for long periods.

If you suspect your dog has anxiety, you can also try these helpful products from Amazon:

Try to figure out what the root of the anxiety could be and try to eliminate it. Things like a beeping smoke alarm or major changes in your routine or the family environment can stress your dog out, so experiment and see if you can naturally alleviate your German Shepherds stress levels.

Managing Your German Shepherds Pain With Cbd Oil: A Beginners Guide

Our canine companions are known for stoically hiding their pain, and it isnt always obvious theyre suffering. But when a dog owner knows their pup is in pain, they look for ways to offer relief. It doesnt matter whether the pain stems from an illness or injury, conventional ways to make them feel better usually involve synthetic medications.

Dog owners who are looking for an all-natural way of treating their pets pain without the risk of side effects, however, are turning toward CBD oil from hemp. Heres what you need to know.

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Cbd Offers Significant Brain Health Benefits And Boosts Cognition In Aging German Shepherds

Studies on CBD have shown the ability to support normal cellular function and promote healthy aging through mitochondrial support. In addition, CBD is currently being studied for its apparent antipsychotic, anti-nausea, and anticonvulsant, and anti-inflammatory benefits. The anti-inflammatory benefits, in particular, may offer the most benefit to the brain and aging. Many german shepherd owners notice an immediate boost in their dogs alertness and cognitive abilities.

Causes & Triggers Of Noise Anxiety In Dogs

6 Proven Ways To Stop A German Shepherd Jumping

Determining what caused your dogs noise anxiety may be difficult to pinpoint. However, you may be able to trace the start of your dogs anxiety to a traumatic incident such as being too close to a fireworks show or too close to a lightning strike and its subsequent thunder clap.

Here are a few common noise anxiety triggers in dogs:

  • Thunderstorms
  • Warning sirens, such as tornado sirens
  • Ambulances, police cars, or firetrucks
  • Car traffic or airplanes
  • Other dogs barking

Your dog may also have a genetic predisposition for noise anxiety. Studies have shown that noise anxiety appears in some breeds, such as Collies, Golden Retrievers, and German Shepherds, more than others.

For some dogs, noise anxiety gradually appears and worsens as they age for no apparent reason. For other dogs, it appears in puppyhood and stays with them.

One thing that most experts agree on when it comes to noise anxiety is that petting, coddling, or otherwise consoling the dog when theyre exhibiting symptoms may worsen the problem. Your dog will most likely interpret your behavior as, You see, I do have something to be worried about!

Its important for the people around the dog to behave normally during events that trigger the dogs anxiety. In fact, a possible cause for noise anxiety in the first place is a dogs humans displaying nervousness or fear of some kind of noise.

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Calming Care Probiotic Dog Supplement By Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets

This Calming Probiotic Supplement differs from others here in its main ingredient. It utilizes a strain of the beneficial bacteria known as BL999, which promotes calm behavior in dogs. This probiotic formula is based on scientific evidence, which shows that controlling gut bacteria can have a positive influence on anxiety.

Specially formulated by researchers, nutritionists, and veterinarians, these tasty packets not only help pups cope with many different kinds of external stressors, but they also help to maintain positive cardiac activity when your pet is stressed. They even support the immune system, a valuable added advantage.

Give Your Anxious Dog A Job To Keep Them Busy

Some dogs are blessed with an abundance of energy and exceptional mental agility. These gifted dogs can make their owners slightly crazed as they try to keep their beloved pets entertained. These exhausted owners are usually found on German Shepherd and Border Collie forums their posts generally start with some version of:

Weve been to the park three times today and gone for a four-hour run. My dog came home and slept for 20 minutes and now wants to go again

These are good owners who are trying their best but are being run ragged by their dogs. Often these types of extreme dogs benefit from a job that is physically AND mentally demanding. They often excel in activities like herding, search and rescue, and agility.

Suppose you are that hair-standing-on-end wild-eyed owner of a high-energy savant-like dog. In that case, it may be worthwhile considering a dog sport that engages both the dogs body and mind. A google search for trainers in your area will usually produce a plethora of local trainers who can help you get started in one of these sports.

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Tool #9 Professional Behaviorist

If you’ve exhausted all your other options and your dog’s separation-related behaviors are not improving, it might be time to enlist the help of a trained professional.

Get in touch with a Board Certified Veterinary Behaviorist or a Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer . Or speak with your dog’s vet for more guidance.

Why Is My German Shepherd So Anxious

How To Deal With A GERMAN SHEPHERD With Separation Anxiety

If your German Shepherd gets anxious then you are probably wondering why and what you can do about it.

This post will show you a number of reasons why your German Shepherd might be getting anxious and a number of things that you can do to stop it.

So, why is my German Shepherd so anxious? Common causes are that it knows that you will be gone for a long time when you leave, someone left home or another dog passed away, it is still young, a lack of exercise or you being too emotional around it.

There are actually a number of reasons why your German Shepherd might get anxious and, depending on the cause, there are a number of things that you can do about it as well.

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Managing An Aggressive German Shepherd

As weve discussed, a number of factors can incite a dog to be aggressive.

Much of it has to do with the environment that the dog was raised in as a puppy and how well socialized it was.

But there are so many factors that come into play, that its often difficult to point to a specific one.

With training, aggression can be lessened or eliminated. And with proper socialization, it can be avoided altogether.

However, sometimes a dog is just too old or poorly bred to be trained out of its aggressive patterns. If this is the case, you will always have to be on your guard.

The best thing you can do in this scenario is to get to know your dog well.

It is possible to manage an aggressive dog. If there are situations where you feel that you know the dog will become aggressive, like around a certain type of person, or in a certain circumstance, then you just need to avoid those situations.

What Are Some Of The Indicators Of Stress In Dogs

Pacing or shaking. You have seen your dog shake after a bath or a roll in the grass. That whole body shake can be amusing and is quite normalunless it is occurring as the result of a stressful situation. For example, dogs are commonly stressed when visiting the veterinarian. Many dogs shake it off when they descend from the exam table and touch down on the ground. Dogs, like people, also pace when agitated. Some dogs walk a repeated path around the exam room while waiting for the veterinarian to come in.

Whining or barking. Vocalization is normal self-expression in dogs but may be intensified when they are under stress. Dogs that are afraid or tense may whine or bark to get your attention, or to self soothe.

Yawning, drooling, and licking. Dogs yawn when they are tired or bored, they also yawn when stressed. A stressful yawn is more prolonged and intense than a sleepy yawn. Dogs may also drool and lick excessively when nervous.

Changes in eyes and ears. Stressed dogs, like stressed people, may have dilated pupils and blink rapidly. They may open their eyes really wide and show more sclera than usual, giving them a startled appearance. Ears that are usually relaxed or alert are pinned back against the head.

Changes in body posture. Dogs normally bear even weight on all four legs. If a healthy dog with no orthopedic problems shifts his weight to his rear legs or cowers, he may be exhibiting stress. When scared, dogs may also tuck their tails or become quite rigid.

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An Increased Amount Of Exercise

Increasing your dog’s amount of exercise can be a superb way to remove the nervous energy they may have had at bedtime.

No one can deny that a physically tired dog is definitely more likely to fall asleep more easily.

In addition, the exercise contributes to a good chemical balance in the brain as serotonin is produced.

My Personal Experience With German Shepherds

How to Deal with German Shepherd Separation Anxiety  The ...

As with any breed, theres the whole range of different personalities and characters and temperaments that you can come across. But today, I want to share what my general experiences with German shepherds has been like.

I can confidently say that the breed description given to German shepherds is pretty accurate. I have encountered many German shepherds who are physically and mentally strong, courageous, and often have a hard time backing down.

Of course, not all German shepherds fit this description. Ive come across many who are very fearful and nervous. But mostly, Ive seen the confident, strong-willed shepherds.

Whats fascinating to me with German shepherds is that, despite a strong personality, they do seem to want to work alongside you. They all seem to have a deep desire to connect with you, work for you, and do a great job.

Its almost like they want to be your partner rather than work independently. However, this means, if youre not sure what youre doing, they will very quickly step into the driving seat, which is a problem. You really dont want your German shepherd in charge of making the decisions!

Thats where theyre not a dog for everyone, because German shepherds play this game of Whos in charge, me or you? at a very high level. I call it the dog code.

Since then, Ive fallen in love with German shepherds. I could certainly see myself ending up with one in the future. And yes, I would fully trust this breed around my kids, my wife, and my other dogs.

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How To Socialize An Older German Shepherd

An older German Shepherd will have already accumulated negative experiences and developed their own ways to cope with fear and anxiety. They may already have dislikes and preferences that would be challenging to change.

Nevertheless, socializing an adult GSD is not at all impossible.

The most crucial step of socializing an older German Shepherd is to gain their trust. They need to respect you and understand that they can look to you for leadership.

The only way to accomplish this is to spend some time with them, develop a relationship, and enable them to associate you with positive experiences.

Once youve gained your GSDs trust, you can proceed with socialization just as if they were still a puppy.

You just have to ensure you have better control and have the patience to progress slowly so as not to overwhelm them with experiences they were previously wary of.

How To Calm An Aggressive German Shepherd Dog

Originated from Germany, German shepherds are one of the most popular medium-large sized dogs. They can be overly cute and protective, as well. This dog breed is mostly used for guarding, as they are very active and cautious. There have been many incidents in the past where german shepherds have turned out to be lifesavers. One may assume German shepherds to be dangerous and aggressive because of their bold personalities, but they actually are very soft and loyal to their owners. This dog breed is a perfect companion for guarding babies as well.

However, not training them in the right way and doing things to irritate them can lead to problems. If you are planning on getting a German shepherd, then you undoubtedly have made a good choice. However, there are some things you must know about their aggression before bringing them home. These factors are stated further in this article.

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How To Prevent Separation Anxiety In Gsds

You will eliminate the most destructive behaviors by solving separation anxiety if that is the cause of destructive behavior. Remember that destructive behavior can be caused by other factors like lack of exercise or a stressful home environment.

Three solutions can be highly effective in stopping separation anxiety in your German Shepherd.

Dont leave your dog alone for too long

You should never leave your German Shepherd alone for longer than 4 hours, even less for young puppies. More than that becomes too much for your furry friend to bear.

Therefore, youll need to consider other solutions to break and reduce the time that your GSD spends alone at home. Suggestions include finding someone to keep them busy and staying connected with them while you are away.

Find a way of keeping your dog occupied while you are away

Keeping your dog mentally and physically engaged can be achieved by employing a professional trainer or a dog walker. An hours walk and some playtime when you are not around will go a long way to reducing the amount of time that your dog has to stare at the door in expectation of your arrival. There are also doggy daycare facilities where you can take your GSD.

Find a way of staying connected with your dog while you are away

Ways To Calm An Anxious Dog

How to Train a Barking Anxious German Shepherd Dog with a Prong Collar

May 12, 2020

Anxiety in dogs can be a serious problem. While fear and anxiety is an emotion crucial for the survival of an animal in nature, chronic canine anxiety in pets can be disruptive to their quality of life and even be dangerous to their health and well being.

Anxiety in pets is not uncommon. If your pet is suffering, you are not alone. According to the Journal of Veterinary Behavior, 28% of canines suffer from some form of anxiety. This disruptive disorder can be caused by many factors. The most common causes of anxiety include:

  • Fear
  • Noise sensitivity
  • Genetics
  • Personality

In a study of 3284 dogs of 192 different breeds, the prevalence estimate for noise anxiety was 39.2 %, 26.2% for general fearfulness, and 17.2% for separation anxiety.

Less common forms of anxiety included:

  • Meeting new pets
  • Noise sensitivity
  • Aging

Fear is typically different than anxiety because it is an emotion that is usually triggered by something and then it passes when the cause leaves. Anxiety is a frequent emotion that the pet suffers with chronically. For example, walking on a new shiny floor, a loud thunderstorm, or fireworks may trigger fear in a pet but the dog gets over it and moves on once the storm passes or they get used to the new floor. However, dogs can also suffer from anxiety triggers, meaning they only have anxiety during a thunderstorm because they are scared.

Symptoms of anxiety include:

  • Bites

Anxiety Prevention

Help for Anxiety

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Can A Dog’s Place Of Origin Cause Separation Anxiety

This study found a significant connection between anxious dogs and their place of origin. 35% of the anxious dogs in this study came from shelters or were found abandoned. Compared to 0% in the control group.

To take things further, this study on 690 dogs in Australia found that dogs acquired from family or friends displayed lower scores for separation-related issues than dogs from pet shops.

And this study found no significant difference between pure or mixed-breed dogs. Or whether the dogs were bought from a breeder.

Of course, these findings shouldn’t discourage you from opening your heart to a doggo from a rescue shelter. But it should discourage you from buying a dog from any pet shop.

How Do I Achieve A Relaxed State

Once the desired response is achieved, the goal of settle and relax training is to shape gradually more settled and relaxed responses. This can be accomplished by saving favored rewards exclusively for training and immediately reinforcing the pet for the desired response. With each subsequent training session, responses of gradually longer duration and of gradually increasing relaxation should be reinforced. You will need to focus on your dogs facial expressions, body postures and breathing in order to determine the pets level of relaxation , before giving rewards and proceeding to gradually more successful outcomes. Clicker training can be particularly effective for marking and reinforcing gradually more desirable increments of behavior. A leash and head halter can be used to ensure success before release and reward. In order to achieve and maintain a calm response, the person doing the training must remain calm, relaxed and soft-spoken, and environment must be free of distractions. Remember, while you might be teaching the pet to sit/stay or down/stay, what you really want to emphasize is a relaxed emotional state.

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