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German Shepherd Rescue San Antonio

Austin German Shepherd Dog Rescue

Woman saves German Shepherd with help from Bexar County sheriff

Founded in 1998, Austin German Shepherd Dog Rescue draws its inspiration from an abandoned pup known as Mutt. Mutt, a German Shepherd dog, was left with his litters on a country road. The organizations founder rescued the Mutt and lived with him until the dog passed on. The rescue stresses match quality between the adopter and dog over placement quantities.

For this reason, you may find they place many German Shepherds in one month and very few in the next month. Occasionally, a German Shepherd will live out its days in a private foster home if its not adopted. The rescue provides veterinary care, heartworm treatment, training, grooming, and meets other individual dog needs. AGSDR directors approve all placement decisions.

Foster parents play a heavy role in these decisions. After being rescue-approved, they will assess your interaction with your chosen dog and interview you before adoption. If youre approved for placement, the foster parents will be at hand to assist you. The adoption fee for German Shepherd puppies under 12 months is $300, and GSDs above one year are $350+.

Best German Shepherd Rescues In Texas

July 3, 2022 by Andy Lam

In this guide, youll find the best German Shepherd rescues in Texas. Dont proceed just yet heres what you need to know. Adopting a German Shepherd is not for the faint-hearted. Similar to purchased German Shepherds, these dogs need a lot of time and training. You will need to bond, train, and control this strong-willed breed, or it will do it for you.

When we say control, we mean calm, confident, and firm leadership, not abuse. Earning the German Shepherds respect, loyalty, and trust requires being a fair and confident leader. The dog will not yield or thrive in an unsupportive environment. This athletic breed will excel in obedience, agility, retrieving, herding, companionship, or service work. If youre ready to bring this breed into your home, here are the top 7 German Shepherd Rescues in Texas that you can reach out to.

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Similar Dog Breeds For German Shepherd Dog


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Browse thru thousands German Shepherd Dog Dogs for Adoption near San Antonio, Texas, USA area listings on to find your perfect match. If you are unable to find your companion in our Dogs for Adoption sections, please consider looking thru the directory of Rescue Organizations, to see if they have any current dogs for adoption listings. And don’t forget the PuppySpin tool, which is another fun and fast way to search for German Shepherd Dog Dogs for Adoption near San Antonio, Texas, USA area. – also known as: German Shepherd, Alsatian, Alsatian Wolf Dog, Berger Allemand, Deutscher Schäferhund

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What Is A Black German Shepherd Called

Usually, German Shepherds have a black and tan coat. A black German Shepherd is rare, and purebred German Shepherds carry the gene for purebred black German Shepherds.

The black German Shepherd is sought after and can cost more than the black and tan German Shepherd. Black German Shepherds have the same traits as other German Shepherds. Theres also the Czech Shepherd, primarily black and tan, all black or sable in color.

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German Shepherd Puppies San Antonio is proud to be a part of the online adoption community. Browse thru thousands of German Shepherd Dog Dogs for Adoption near San Antonio, Texas, USA area, listed by Dog Rescue Organizations and individuals, to find your match.

Exotic AKC German Shepherd Puppies

Date listed: 08/18/2022

  • Distance:

    Aprox. 1.8 mi from San Antonio

Here at L& amp amp amp B Kennels we have Exotic full breed AKC Registered German Shepherd Litter of 8 white and black males and females. Ideal for family dog and guard dog….

Date listed: 08/18/2022

Tags: Exotic AKC Registered German Shepherd Puppies

Max the German Shepherd Puppy Needs a Forever Home

Date listed: 10/01/2022

  • Distance:

    Aprox. 107.1 mi from San Antonio

Have you been looking for an absolutely stunning German Shepherd puppy to add love and loyalty to your home. Max is waiting to steal your heart. This 4 month old purebred GSD…

Date listed: 10/01/2022

Tags: German Shepherd Puppy Orange Grove TX

A643061 – German Shepherd Dog Dog For Adoption

Date listed: 07/14/2022

  • Aprox. 1.8 mi from San Antonio

Posted Breed: German Shepherd Dog .

Date listed: 07/14/2022

Tags: German Shepherd Dog Dogs for adoption in San Antonio, TX, USA

BOBA TEA – German Shepherd Dog Dog For Adoption

Date listed: 07/14/2022

  • Aprox. 1.8 mi from San Antonio

Posted Breed: German Shepherd Dog .

Date listed: 07/14/2022

Tags: German Shepherd Dog Dogs for adoption in San Antonio, TX, USA

A643308 – German Shepherd Dog Dog For Adoption

Date listed: 07/14/2022

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Greater Houston German Shepherd Dog Rescue

Greater Houston German Shepherd Dog Rescue is a breed-specific volunteer organization. The rescue only accepts purebred German Shepherds from public shelters or surrenders by owners. The German Shepherd rescues receive health care inclusive of spaying/neutering and micro-chipping. The rescue places the German Shepherds in foster homes until adoption placement.

Throughout the dogs lifetime, the rescue offers a permanent sanctuary if things are wrong. The rescue only adopts families and individuals in the greater Houston area. If youre within this area, you can expect application processing to take up to 4 weeks after submission. Once youre approved, a coordinator will discuss and suggest available German Shepherds that would be the best fit.

The rescues foster families, similar to AGSDR, weigh heavily on whether you can adopt a particular GSD rescue. Depending on the German Shepherd, the rescue may require you to enroll the dog in additional obedience training. The adoption donation fees for puppies under six months are $375, adult dogs go for $350, and senior dogs above 6 go for $250.

Good Shepherd Rescue Of Texas

Good Shepherd Rescue of Texas is a volunteer group in Dallas and Fort Worth area. The rescue, founded in 1999, provides a haven for German Shepherds across Texas. They place the rescued dogs in private foster care where they are family. Before being placed in their rescue program, GSRT tests the rescued German Shepherds for heartworm, updates them on vaccinations, spay, and neuters them. Through donation support, the rescue tries to meet each dogs needs. The application process is simple and takes 10 to 15 minutes to complete.

The approval process, however, takes longer. Once approved, you will meet your chosen dog, and if its a match, youll go home with it. German Shepherd purebred puppies cost $400, purebred adults cost $350, and purebred seniors above seven years cost $250. German Shepherd mixed puppies cost $350, and mixed breed adults cost $250. The rescue gives priority to families and individuals with prior German Shepherd experience. Aside from German Shepherds, you can also find Belgian Malinois and Dutch Shepherd from this rescue.

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Dedicated To The Rescue & Rehabilitation Of Homeless German Shepherds Across North Texas

Most of the GSDs brought into our rescue program come from area shelters, though we also take in strays and owner surrendered GSDs. Over 40% of the dogs coming into our program are underweight, malnourished, and needing months of rehabilitation.

All of the dogs brought into our program are fully evaluated by our veterinarian and are fully vetted before being placed up for adoption.

German Shepherd Rescue San Antonio Texas

Dog trainer rescues 35 German Shepherds from Ukraine

There are many different German Shepherd rescues in San Antonio Texas. However, most of the dogs have very little time to enjoy their lives as they are just waiting for someone to come along and take them to a new home. There are many areas in San Antonio where one can adopt a German Shepherd. They adopted German Shepherd will get all the medical attention that he or she needs and will get the best of care from the people who work with the rescue.

The cost for adopting a German Shepherd is typically around $300. You do not have to pay this high-cost upfront. Most rescue organizations require you to donate money to get the dog and the cost of the care for the dog is usually covered by the donations. If you cannot afford to give money to the rescue you can search for dogs on the Internet.

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Blue Angel German Shepherd Dog Rescue

Last on the list of the best German Shepherd rescues in Texas is Blue Angel German Shepherd Dog Rescue. Blue Angel German Shepherd Dog Rescues mission is to save unwanted GSDs from high-kill shelters in San Antonio and adopt them to wonderful, responsible families. The rescue operates under Rescuers United for Furry Friends, popularly known as RUFF.

Their dogs mainly come from active duty military personnel who surrender their GSDs because of duty station transfers. Their adoption process is straightforward. The rescue requires an adoption fee of $450 for puppies under one year and $350 for dogs above one year. BAGSDR usually restricts adoption to San Antonio. However, they do make exceptions if its in the dogs interest.

Any Amount Helps Go Towards Saving German Shepherds

Here at GSRTX we work hard to make sure every dollar that you donate is used as efficiently as possible to help the dogs in need. There are no paid positions within the rescue and we keep meticulous records of how each dollar is used. Because of this commitment we can proudly say we have earned the Platinum Level Seal of Transparency from GuideStar

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Dfw German Shepherd Rescue

DFW German Shepherd Rescue is a volunteer organization in North Texas rescuing and caring for homeless German Shepherds from Texas. Most of the German Shepherds in their care come from owner surrendered, area shelters, and strays. The rescue estimates over 40% of German Shepherds that come into their rescue program are severely malnourished and need several months of rehabilitation.

Rescues veterinarian tests the dogs and vets them before adoption placement. The application process is similar to GSDRCT and takes 15 to 30 minutes. German Shepherd purebred puppies under one year cost $400, 1 to 6-year-olds cost $350, and seniors about seven years cost $250. It mixes range between $250 and $300 depending on age.

Why Should You Adopt

Pin on Texas TX Dogs

Dog adoption and cat adoption saves lives. Adopt a dog or adopt a cat and you’ll have a friend for life.

What is the difference between adopting a dog, adopting a cat, adopting a kitten or adopting a puppy versus getting dogs for sale, cats for sale, puppies for sale or kittens for sale from a dog breeder or a cat breeder?

When someone is breeding puppies or breeding kittens, they are creating new dogs and cats who need homes. Some people are interested in a very specific breed of dog, cat, puppy or kitten and they think the only way to find that specific breed is to buy a dog for sale or buy a cat for sale from a puppy breeder or a kitten breeder. Yet animal shelters are filled with dogs and cats who must find homes.

So rather than buying a dog or puppy for sale from a dog breeder or buying a cat or kitten for sale from a cat breeder, we encourage people to adopt a dog, adopt a cat, adopt a puppy or adopt a kitten at their local animal shelter, SPCA, humane society or pet rescue group.

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Welcome To Greater Houston German Shepherd Dog Rescue

Greater Houston German Shepherd Dog Rescue is a 5013 non-profit organization. We are a breed-specific group dedicated to the rescue of German Shepherd Dogs and do not knowingly accept mixed-breed dogs into our program. Our GSDs are obtained from public shelters where they are scheduled to be euthanized or they are given to us directly by their owners. All dogs receive the necessary health care, including spaying/neutering and are micro-chipped and then are placed in a foster home until they are adopted. Our dogs are guaranteed a place in our organization throughout their life. We provide information and education to the community with emphasis on the importance of spaying/neutering and heart-worm prevention, and we work with transporters, animal shelters and other rescue organizations to develop a better life for all GSDs.

GHGSDR is guided by three core values: dedication, integrity and compassion.

Where Can I Find A Good German Shepherd Puppy

You can adopt a German Shepherd from a shelter. Today, with such a significant pet population problem worldwide, breed rescues are an excellent way to go.

Many rescue organizations are breed-specific that cater to specific breeds like the German Shepherd. Adopted dogs are permanently altered before they leave a rescue and will provide lots of information about the pet being adopted.

To find a good German Shepherd rescue, talk to your vet, friends, or local animal shelter, or reach out to your breed club. You can also find a reputable German Shepherd breeder.

Visit dog shows and other dog events, talk to other German Shepherd owners and ask them to recommend a few breeders.

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You Can Look Online And See If There Are Any German Shepherd Rescues In Your Area

If there are some, then you can contact the rescue and let them know what type of dog you want. Then you can set up an appointment to come and look at the dogs. Many of these rescue groups have a vet doctor who will come to meet you so you can decide which dog you would like to adopt.

You should never be afraid to adopt a German Shepherd. These dogs can be very loyal and will stay with their owners forever. They can be trained to do many different jobs. You should check out the list of the dogs that are in the rescue and get to know what kind of training they have already had.

When you go to the rescue you need to bring all the paperwork including the passport if it is a foreign dog. Bring the puppies and the adult dogs as well. Bring all the photos of the animals you want to adopt. This can cost a small fee, but many organizations are willing to help you out with the cost of the photos. If you can afford this, then you may want to consider this option.

What Is The Lifespan Of A German Shepherd

Police investigating after someone shoots German Shepherd in front of home

German Shepherds have a lifespan of 9-13 years. The German Shepherd has a few possible health concerns that need to be addressed early in life. This includes monitoring for the following:

  • Exocrine pancreatic insufficiency

Several factors will affect how long your German Shepherd lives. First, regular veterinary care with a high-quality diet and good exercise will allow optimal health, happiness, and longevity.

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Shop Our Amazon Wishlist

GSRTX strives to provide our foster families with all the supplies they need. By placing an order from our Wishlist, you will support our foster families’ around-the-clock efforts, and help us continue to save German Shepherd lives

Shop GSRTX’s “Foster Wishlist” to support our foster dogs, foster parents & anything else they might need.

Grace Mercy Love German Shepherd Rescue

With over 40 years of rescue experience, Grace Mercy Love, German Shepherd Rescue , helps dogs from being needlessly euthanized. The rescue works with other Texas rescues and shelters to place these treasured dogs with affectionate families. The adoption process is lengthy and requires a lot of patience. GMLGSRs adoption policies are strict, and they will require you to meet several conditions before you successfully adopt a GSD. The rescue allows for non-local and out-of-state adoptions.

If youre not local to the Houston or Katy area, the rescue will require you to travel and spend at least one night in the area. You might need to drive or fly in several times to ensure the dog is a great fit. The adoption fee depends on GSDs age. On average, puppies will cost over $350, adults will go for $300+, and seniors for $250+. Aside from rescuing GSDs, the rescue is information-forward. They work tirelessly to educate people on responsible pet ownership, caring for pets, and meeting their needs to reduce the number of homeless, abandoned, and injured GSDs on American soil.

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German Shepherd Rescue Of Central Texas

First on the list of the best German Shepherd rescues in Texas is German Shepherd Rescue of Central Texas. German Shepherd Rescue of Central Texas is a volunteer organization that gives German Shepherds a second chance. They rely on private foster homes where families welcome German Shepherds and their mixes as family.

The dogs receive medical care, ongoing preventative care, and nutritious food. GSDRCT spays and neuters the dogs, update them on vaccinations, immunizations, and microchips them before adoption placement. The 501 non-profits dogs come from all backgrounds. The rescue selects the German Shepherds based on their temperament and adaptability. They check the temperament and learn the dogs history as much as possible before including them into their program.

The application process is straightforward and similar to many rescues on this list. You will need to complete an adoption application, have your references checked out, have a home check conducted, and meet the dog in foster care before adoption. To adopt a German Shepherd, the rescue requires a $250 adoption fee. The rescue serves the Central Texas region, including Austin, Waco, San Antonio, Houston, and Dallas.

To Find A German Shepherd Rescue You Need To Make A Lot Of Contacts

Dog for adoption

The Internet is a great way to find this information because many websites allow you to look for German Shepherds. These websites can often provide you with a list of the shelters where these dogs live in the state of Texas. Some of these shelters will only accept dogs that have been neutered or spayed, while others will accept any dog.

Once you find a German Shepherd rescue in your area, you may have to pay a nominal fee. This will depend on how far away you want to take the dog. You may also be asked to pay an administrative fee if the rescue is larger than one town. Some larger shelters will not accept dogs unless they are ready to be adopted. The cost of adoption fees can vary from shelter to shelter so shop around and compare costs.

Before adopting a German Shepherd from a rescue, make sure that the person or persons who are running the dog have had some training regarding how to take care of the pet. Also, check and see how the dog is behaving. Be sure that you feel comfortable around the dog and that it will be a good fit in your household.

Check to see if the agency accepts dogs of varying ages, both male and female, and what type of shots the animal must-have. If possible, try to visit the actual rescue and see if the environment looks safe and healthy for the dog.

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