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Trained German Shepherd For Sale California

See What Our Bay Area Customers Have To Say

Trained Sable German Shepherd For Sale “Lumen” 22 Mo’s Obedience/Protection Dog

“I love Nadelhaus German Shepherds. They brought us our Phoebe and we couldnt be happier. We are so grateful for our stunningly beautiful and incredibly smart pup. She is amazing and turns heads wherever we go. I recommend Nadelhaus to anyone looking for a quality GSD! They deliver on their word!”

Corina Bonelli, Concord, CA,

“The most critical element when buying a GSD is temperament. My vet said in his 40 years of working with GSs hes never taken care of one who has such a great disposition. I wouldnt trust any other Breeder. I bought the most gorgeous German Shepherd from Nadelhaus. He just turned nine years old. Dont try another breeder . I actually put money down on a dog but when I went to their location and listened I knew I could only buy from them. BEST part. Hes so smart, I mean it looks like I trained him but he already knows what to do. He is also very gentle to other people and animals. I listened to Traci and she said you start training them when you bring them home. I did and it was so worth it. Ill have to post pics.”

Kimberly Patton, South Bay Area, CA,
Ron M., San Francisco, CA,
Jon Lee, Alameda, CA,
The Castro/Medina Family, San Francisco, CA,
Rashmi S., San Jose, CA,

“We got Bailey a year ago and couldnt be happier with her. Her temperament and size is perfect! We have had other German Shepherds in past but I honestly have to say she is a miracle!! Sweetest German Shepherd ever!!”

Jayne P, San Ramon, CA,
Betsy Freeman,

Personal Protection Dogs For Sale

We love his beautiful, dark mahogany red color, and very masculine substantial structure. Wesley is the perfect size for a family, true medium sized, weighing 84 pounds. Wesley was raised by the breeders family as one of their top German shepherd show/work prospects. Wesley has been socialized with other animals and children. He has an excellent protection work.

Wesley vom Osterberger-Tal

  • DOB May 27, 2018
  • German import from a top award-winning VA West German bloodline, Shepherd breeders and kennels in the world
  • Wesley formal titles WB, AD, BH & IGP1
  • Normal hips and elbows are equivalent to OFA excellent
  • German DNA tested proving his bloodlines
  • Sire: is VA Cyrus vom Osterberger-Land
  • Dam: is Quara vom Osterberger-LandA daughter of German world sieger Ballack von der Brucknerallee
  • Wesley has a formal Schutzhund title
  • Zank is a jet black/lacquer black pure German shepherd imported directly from Germany.
  • Zank has the highest level 3 title and level 3 personal protection training completed.

We are pleased to offer Zank as the truest, high-quality elite executive estate K9 available anywhere. He can be part of your family as your home protection dog. Serious inquiries only. Contact us for further information.

German Shepherd Show Lines For Sale

These beautiful dogs not only show what a German Shepherd should look like, they posses working ability as well. These dogs make great family companions as well as show and prospects. Their bloodlines are full of top placing conformation dogs that perform well in working events as well. Sacramento German Shepherd Puppies and Training is available for all breeds.

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Top Quality German Shepherd Dogs And Puppies

Lundborg-Land is a breeder of top quality Schutzhund German Shepherd Dogs. Our kennels are located in sunny Southern California. These spacious kennels provide a great environment for our dogs. When you purchase from us you can be assured of the highest quality and good temperament. Over 30 years of breeding experience has gone into the development and selection of your dog or puppy.

How Rare Are Long Haired German Shepherds

We Provide Fully

Genetically in German Shepherds, the short hair gene is dominant and the long hair gene is recessive. This means if two short haired German Shepherds are mated, but neither carries the recessive long hair gene, then no long haired puppies can be produced. However, if two short haired German Shepherds are mated and both carry the recessive gene, then long haired puppies can be produced.

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Trained Black/red Short Coat Male Available Now

Hi I’m Orick! I’m a deep red male that is looking forward to learning and good times with my new family, is that yours? I am 6 months old and I have a great temperament just like my imported parents. Current video of me is available if you’ll send a text message or email to my mom. I come with 30 days of free pet insurance with Trupanion and my AKC registration application. I am leash trained and crate trained. Please call my mom if you’d like to meet me! My parents are two amazing imports, V Becca vom Haus Gilice IPO1 and the stunning Ramsey vom Valenhaus, Ramsey’s owner and myself have kept both of the sisters from this litter for the future of our program so we are now looking for homes for their handsome brothers.

I was born April 7, 2022

All four puppy vaccines are completed. AKC Microchipped, Dewormed and Vet checked. Parents are Hip/Elbow Clear

Degenerative Myelopathy Clear ~ MDR1 Clear

Trained German Shepherds For Sale

German Shepherdtrained German Shepherd for saleadult German Shepherd for saletrained German ShepherdGerman Shepherd

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German ShepherdsGerman ShepherdGerman ShepherdGerman Shepherd dogtrained German Shepherd for saleGerman ShepherdGerman Shepherdtrained German Shepherds for sale

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Year Hip & Elbow Guarantee

You can click on the Puppies For Sale page to view our AKC Registered German Shepherd Puppies we have for sale and our upcoming litters. Also be sure to visit our Dogs For Sale page to see older puppies and dogs we currently have available. Check back often as we are always updating photos of our available puppies.

Our puppies come to you with a written 5 year Health Guarantee, a Veterinarian Health Examination, a AKC Reunite Microchip, Vaccinations, Dewormings and our ‘Forever Have a Home Promise’. Please visit our FAQ’s Page for More Information.

Located in Southern California, just north of Temecula and minutes off the 215 Fwy, we are an easy drive from Orange, Los Angeles, San Diego and San Bernardino Counties. Call or email for an appointment to visit us and to meet our dogs and puppies.

Please be sure to visit our past litters page to view photos of our previous puppies raised here at West Coast German Shepherds.

Do Long Haired German Shepherds Shed More Than Short Haired German Shepherds

German Shepherd Puppy “Vlad” Obedience Protection Trained For Sale

No, this is a common misconception. Long haired German Shepherds have a thicker topcoat than an undercoat, so there is less shedding because theres less undercoat. Although they shed less than short haired German Shepherds, their coats still require regular maintenance.

They will need regular brushing and grooming, especially if you enjoy hiking or outdoor activities with your GSD. You may notice the occasional leaves, twigs, or burrs getting caught in a long haired German Shepherds fur, but regular brushing is an easy fix for this.

It is also a common misconception that long haired German Shepherds dont have an undercoat like their short haired relatives. While it is a rare occurrence for a long haired GSD to not have an undercoat, most of them do have undercoats. And just like short haired GSDs, their undercoats will shed more or less throughout the year depending on the season.

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Welcome To Taylor Made Working Dogs

Taylor Made Working Dogs is a full service kennel, specializing in top quality dog training in the San Diego area. We include private lessons, group classes, service dog training, personal protection training, behavior modification, competition training, schutzhund and inboard training. We pride ourselves in using a well rounded, balanced program.

Along with our training program, we are 3rd generation breeders of Working Line German Shepherd Dogs. Following a strict breeding program within our kennel, all of our dogs are selected for top genetics, making us the only breeder in California offering a life time guarantee against all genetic health issues.

Protective Intelligent And Eager All

German Shepherds are known for their intelligence and activeness. They are characterized by an eagerness to find a purpose.

A German Shepherd makes a great guard dog because of its physique and agility. With immense muscular strength and stamina, he can prove to be your greatest protector. However, they have more to offer than protection. When trained properly, they can become comfortable in diverse situations and be an important part of your family. A well-trained German Shepherd will only bring joy to his owner. The fact that they can grasp commands quickly and master them in a short time makes them all the more attractive.

Our German Shepherd Protection Dogs Are Waiting To Meet You.

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Should I Trim My Long Haired German Shepherd’s Coat

The decision to trim a long haired German Shepherd comes down to personal preference, but it is not a necessity. Trimming can help make for more manageable living around the house. If you choose to trim, you can trim around the backs of the ears, on the back of the legs and then thin the bushy tail.

Shaving a German Shepherd on the other hand is never recommended. Their double coats help keep them warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Central Coast German Shepherds

German Shepherd Puppies For Sale

They are located in Paso Robles, Central Coast, California. These German shepherd breeders are small in scale, and therefore very selective with each breeding process. Over the years, they have developed relationships with some of the leading breeders in Europe, enabling them to breed dogs that match their championship working lines.

Central Coast German Shepherds feature some of the most exceptional West German bloodline dogs. They breed one or two litters of shepherds every year to maintain their waitlist of puppies. Their main aim is to provide the highest quality of dogs and puppies that can quickly adapt in a family setting. If you are interested in Schutzhund or IPO, then Central Coastlines are among the worlds best for German Shepherds. They have parents and grandparents with V and VA ratings socialized and raised in a family setting.

The Central Coast German Shepherds provides Early Neurological Stimulation and Early Scent Introduction to their puppies as early as three days after birth. This increases confidence and nose awareness. Those puppies that will be used in Diabetic alert or for seizure in the future start their scent training early to give them a head start of their services. These breeders have consistently produced healthy, physically, and mentally stable puppies with a strong genetic background.

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Select From Our Available German Shepherd Categories Below

We carry our beliefs into our practices there is an art and knowledge poured into each individual German shepherd we work with. The German Shepherd breed has a certain skill set and instincts and combined with our experience and expertise, we have a great responsibility to continue the best lineage of purebred German Shepherds that we bring to market in the US.

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How Do I Know I Can Trust You

In the digital age, there are a lot of scams out there, so it is good to question the companies you find online. Luckily Cali Puppies is all about long term relationships, and you only have to take a look at our stellar reviews to see we offer the best! We take pride in linking the best, most ethical breeders with loving homes across California!

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Schwarze Schnheit Von Bellevue

Jade is a solid black German Shepherd with an outstanding working pedigree. Jade is a nicely conformed female, with a beautiful, athletic, upright build true to the working GSD. She has a good head and a kind eye, she is very feminine in her facial expression. This female receives high remark on her lovely, balanced and purposeful forward gait. Jade is a medium drive female, she has a heavy food drive and very focused, trainable and reliable behavior. She is smaller in stature, but she is absolutely everything we strive for in the dogs that we produce here at Bellevue German Shepherds. Her lineage consists of Sch3’s, IPO3’s, National

champions, search and rescue k9’s, police k9, Czech and

DDR lines.

GOOD hips/ Normal elbows/ DM N/N

Family Protection Dogs For Sale

Obedience Trained German Shepherd For Sale “Iska” 10 Months Protection Trained

Family Protection dog trained in personal and property protection easily overcomes the Limitations of any inorganic alarm and surveillance setup. Not only can a canine intelligently and actively protect you and your property, he can also travel with you wherever you go, constantly offering reliable and trustworthy protection.

It goes without saying that the one thing more precious than anything else in the world is your family. Ensuring their safety and security can be brought to new Levels of confidence with the addition of a security dog that has unmatched skills in obedience, vigilance and dedication to your familys protection.

The German Dog Training Center offers trained Family Protection Dogs for sale that have set the bar in outstanding and reliable Family Protection for over 33 years.

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No Longer At Our Kennel

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Best German Shepherd Breeders In California Where To Buy Gsd Puppies

Do you live in California, and are you trying to find German Shepherd puppies for sale? Dont worry weve got you covered!

German Shepherd dogs are among the most popular working dogs and family companions in the US . They are brave, loyal, and intelligent dogs that will stay with their owners no matter what.

These pups are commonly used as service dogs and police dogs, as well, because of their perfect combination of brains and strength. Their working abilities and adorable personalities make them a dog breed impossible not to love.

When people want to buy a new puppy, theyll likely spend hours researching the breed. However, researching German Shepherd breeders in California or any other state isnt as fun, and many aspiring GSD owners dont think of it as an important task.

Still, finding reputable breeders is essential to getting a perfect German Shepherd that will be healthy and well-behaved. This is why weve made a list of top-quality German Shepherd breeders in California that you can check out.

Even if you dont live in California, many of these breeders and kennels will gladly help you transport your new dog anywhere in the US, especially if they consider you an appropriate new owner for their litter.

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We Take Pride In Continuing On To Do The Life Long Work That Max Von Stephanitz Did To Develop This Magnificent Working Dog That We Now Have To Enrich Each And Every One Of Our Lives Email: Centralcoastgermanshepherds@gmailcomwebsite: Wwwcentralcoastgermanshepherdscom

Click on the Kuranda Banner to learn more about the Kuranda Dog Beds or to order yours today. We use the Aluminum 44X27 wth Ballistic Fabric here at Central Coast German Shepherds. There are less expensive options available however, we like the durability and cleanability of the aluminum. Our beds take a lot of abuse. Our dogs & puppies love their Kuranda beds!

Basic & Advanced Obedience Training

German Shepherd Bloodline Puppies for Sale

Dogs make better family companions when they are obedient and Thomas has the experience to train all breeds of dogs. Basic, Advanced or a custom obedience program can be set to fulfill you and your dogs needs. Thomas has the experience to help with behavior problems as well. Call or email German Dog Training Center now, to decide what Sacramento dog training program you need.

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Should I Buy A Trained Puppy

The answer all depends.. From 8-12 weeks your puppy is in its first fear stage, which is critical for expose to scenarios they will encounter in their future adult life. During this stage, puppies should be exposed to new people and other healthy dogs, as well as differing terrain and environment. These experiences provide the foundation for the adult dog they will eventually become, but first its important for them to become a trained puppy. However It is vital to keep all activities and real-world exposure extremely positive, safe and monitored as you train your puppy. This time period is critical for their future temperament and personality. An overly negative event at this point in a puppys life can be traumatic, which leads to your questions answer . If you work a normal 9-5 job, putting the necessary hours into training your puppy during its first month at home may not be entirely possible. And leaving your young puppy alone in his or her crate for an entire day is sure to have detrimental affects down the road. Training a German Shepherd puppy is hard enough. When you leave the pup in their crate all day, this ball of energy becomes even harder to train and house-break.


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