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Best Dog Bones For German Shepherd Puppies

How Healthy Your Giving Treats Are

How To Choose The Best Dog Bones For German Shepherds

Your German shepherds require a balanced diet due to their strengths and different abilities. So, you need to find out the treats having high protein simultaneously low fat amount. This type of treats will make them more energetic. Nevertheless, your dog is possibly affected by Osteoarthritis and canine hip dysplasia so emphasize the treats containing glucosamine and calcium. Just like what you look for on the treats, the ingredients you should avoid herein are the artificial ingredients.

Buyers Guide: Selecting The Best Dog Bones For German Shepherds

The German Shepherd is a large dog breed that has a strong mouth and teeth that can chew through most items. They are known for being heavy chewers, and if you dont provide them with a toy or bone to chew on, they may find their own chewable items. Furniture and household items, plants, fences, and even trees, have been known to befall the fate of being chewed to pieces. Below we look at the pros and cons of giving your GSD a bone to chew on, and we look at the features you should look for when buying one for your dog.

Nylabone Galileo Chew Bone Dog Toy

Made for ultra-strong chewers, the Nylabone Galileo Chew Bone Dog Toy is built to withstand even the heaviest of jaws.

The chew bone is made of extra-tough nylon designed to stand up to the most POWERFUL CHEWER! The oddly shaped bone exercises your GSDs jaws in different directions as your dog mouths and chews the bone, trying to get a good grip.


  • Encourages appropriate chewing so your couch seems less interesting.

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Best Made Of Rubber: Nylabone Just For Puppies Double Action Bone

This teething puppy bone comes in two flavors: peanut butter and banana and bacon. This dog bone is designed to teach your puppy healthy chewing habits. It has a soft texture thats designed specifically for teething puppies. Its textured with dental knobs to help clean and prevent plaque and tartar. This is a non-edible bone thats made with softer rubber to keep your pup entertained and to discourage the development of destructive play and chewing habits. Because it has different textures, it keeps your dog engaged.

We sent this to a tester who has a Rottweiler and German shepherd mixed puppy. Anytime he would leave the room, his puppy would express his discontent with high-pitched barking. When he introduced this dog bone, his pup lost zero interest in his other toys, and he was able to leave the room without him screaming up to the high heavens. The dog bone entertained his puppy for about four hours, which allowed him the time he needed to get tasks done around the house. He recommends it to other puppy owners who need something durable to keep their puppys attention, so they can actually finish a task from start to finish!

How To Pick The Best Bones For German Shepherd Puppies:


When picking bones for your German Shepherd puppy we want them to clean our puppys teeth and stimulate their gums. Bonus points go to treats who also freshen puppy breath, have all natural ingredients, and are soft to chew. Soft chews are better at cleaning teeth, wont hurt your puppys teeth and are less likely to cause any cuts inside your dogs mouth or intestines.

So with all of this information what are the best bones for German Shepherd puppies?

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Treats Are Bad For The German Shepherd Dog

FDA warns to avoid some treats for German shepherd puppy due to 68 illness cases. In the following, we enlist some ingredients which are considered as bad for your GSD below.

  • Try to avoid the treats having processed or inorganic elements.
  • Try to avoid the meats which bypass the human inspection or the meat that is the potential to cause bacterial disease.
  • Treats with greasy fats where the concentration is higher.
  • The ingredients named Carrageenan from dairy foods, meats should avoid due to causing inflammation in the animals intestines.
  • Treats come with having gluten and grains where the concentration is higher.
  • Avoid some bones as your dog treats like Rib bones, pork femur bones, Hams bones, Smokey Knucklebones.
  • Avoid consuming more Gravy where one ingredient like salts may lead to high blood pressure in your German shepherd puppy.
  • Peanut butter having high fat or sugar-free peanut butter having artificial sugar should avoid maintaining good health.
  • One of the preservatives named Ethoxyquin should avoid due to creating the kidney and thyroid problem.
  • The last thing that should avoid is food coloring and artificial preservatives.

German Shepherd Health Issues

While German Shepherds have a long life expectancy for a large breed dog, they are prone to several health problems. A trustworthy breeder will screen both male and female dogs being bred for health conditions such as degenerative myelopathy and hip and elbow dysplasia. German Shepherds commonly also get gastric dilation and volvulus , commonly known as bloat, as well as cancer, allergies, heart disease, and a few other conditions.

Pet parents of German Shepherds should be highly educated on the symptoms to look for, as early detection is the key to a good prognosis for any serious condition.

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Royal Canin Specialized Dog Food

Royal Canin Specialized Dog Food is specially designed to meet the nutritional needs of purebred adult German Shepherds aged 15 months and older.

It offers a unique kibble shape which is particularly designed for a German Shepherds long, strong mouth and teeth to encourage chewing.

Moreover, it also includes highly digestible proteins and specific fibers that promote healthy digestive performance and optimal stool consistency, as this breed is inclined to have poor stool quality.

The healthy nutrients, such as EPA and DHA, from fish oil, reinforce the skin barrier and help to maintain skin and coat health. This adult German Shepherds dog food contains glucosamine and chondroitin to support big dogs healthy bones, joints, and cartilages.


  • Formulas are 100% satisfaction guaranteed.
  • Kibble is designed with a specific shape, size, and texture for the dogs facial and jaw structures.
  • Added glucosamine and chondroitin maintain bone and joint health and support large breed bodies


  • It promotes a healthy heart due to the addition of fish oil.
  • It is great in taste.


  • Not suitable for dogs with allergies

Our Verdict

This dog food for German Shepherd is applauded for its nutrient-rich formula that supports bone and joint health, maintains healthy skin and coat, and supports digestive health. However, few buyers criticized it for its inflated price.

Royal Canin Specialized Dog Food

How Many Treats Should You Give To Your German Shepherd

Best Dog Treats For German Shepherds

Generally, the manufacturers provide a proper guideline on the right portions of treats that you feed to your dog. Although you can get the appropriate quantity, better to consider a vet specialists suggestion.

There you find a renowned rule of feeding treats is only 10% depends on your dogs regular food intake. To make you clearer, when you go for feeding the 100lbs German Shepherd pooch then you give it foods like five cups and the treats amount will not exceed half cup.

But the cup will not give you appropriate measurement when you purchase dry dog food so, here you need to go through the feeding guideline.

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Blue Buffalo Wilderness Wild Bones

If you are looking for grain-free bones for your German Shepherd, the Blue Buffalo wilderness wild bones are a great option. They are made of 17% protein, 3% fat, 9% crude fiber, 20% moisture, and 1% calcium.

These bones are great for a German Shepherd with a sensitive stomach. They contain zero poultry by-products, and they are formulated to strengthen the canine. They leave your dogs mouth smelling nice because they clean up tartar as the dog chews. The high protein strengthens your dogs muscles and is good for bodybuilding


They have a high protein content

They give your dog fresh breath

Good for the dogs canine

The fiber promotes easy digestion


Do Puppies Need Dog Bones

Yes, but not the traditional hard bones that you might be thinking of. This is because your puppys teeth arent fully developed yet and if you provide him with a hard bone, that stiff texture could damage his teeth. Puppies love to chew on things, especially when theyre teething. This phase is all part of your puppys development process and instead of having to replace your shoes or other important items, you can provide your puppy with a dog bone to gnaw on.

Teething typically occurs between 12 and 16 weeks and this is a critical period when your dog will be experiencing the most discomfort. Chewing is a way for puppies to relieve that discomfort and if theyre not provided with a suitable chew toy, they will find something else to relieve that pain. Around eight months, your puppy has typically developed his adult teeth. This means that for several months, your puppy will need plenty of appropriate items to chew on. Along with providing your puppy with dog bones, you can also puppy-proof your home and give him plenty of love and affection as he grows through the puppy phase.

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Which Is The Best Bone For An Aggressive Chewer

If your dog is an aggressive chewer, the best bones for them should sustain aggressive chewing. It should be thick and long. Try to avoid soft bones if your dog is aggressive. Check out Devil Dog PetCo Antler Dog Chew if your German shepherds aggressive chewing tends to shred bones into smaller pieces.

Finding The Best Healthy Treats For German Shepherds


The wrong treat could hamper training your puppy or dog.

Or worse

Cause them serious medical problems. This is especially true for growing German Shepherd puppies.

No one wants their GSD to get sick from what they feed them!

When choosing the best training treats for German Shepherd dogs and puppies always:

  • Read the label to make sure your puppy is the right age and size for any treat
  • Ask your vet if in doubt!

These healthy options listed below are not only good treats for German Shepherd puppies that are full of nutrition

but they are some of the best training treats for German Shepherds.

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What Kind Of Chew Bones Are Safe For Dog

When you feed your dog bones, its best to select the dog chew options that dogs are going to love the best. There are special types of chew toys that are essentially disguised as a dog bone. In some cases, these dog bone substitutes are the best dog chew toy options on the market. However, just as with real bones, dog owners need to proceed with caution.

Chew bones are designed as synthetic bones that can be given as a dog treat. Its important to be aware of the components in synthetic bones. You want to supply them with treats that are made of natural ingredients that are grass fed. Bacon flavor dog chews are a good choice. Avoid any sort of dog bone chew or dog chew toy that contains nut butter unless you know that your dog can handle it.

Dogs naturally love to chew and will continue to do so even after their chewing has worn a dog bone down to the marrow. This is where you need to draw the line. Marrow contains fat that is bad for dogs to absorb. The dog bone also becomes very brittle at this point which can cause problems for their teeth and can even be a choking hazard . When it gets to this point, replace it with a new one.

Alternatives To Chewing On Bones

If you dont want to risk giving your dog raw bones, there are still many alternatives that are fantastic for your German Shepherd to have a bit of fun and a good chew.

Heres a handful of recommended chew toys from Amazon that are ideal for German Shepherds:

  • The Pet Qwerks Dinosaur BarkBone Chew Toy is a heavy-duty synthetic bone that your German Shepherd can gnaw on. Its designed for aggressive chewers and comes in bacon and steak flavor. You can also choose from multiple sizes depending on your GSDs weight, but I recommend the XXXL one.
  • My favorite is the KONG Goodie Bone Dog Toy, as you can stuff it with treats or organic peanut butter. Its made from the best tough rubber that not even your German Shepherds teeth can get through, even if he is a power chewer!
  • The Benebone Real Flavor Wishbone is a hot choice for thousands of pet owners. The wishbone shape is ideal for dogs to grip and hold. It lasts seemingly forever, and the flavor stays around, unlike some chew toys. You can choose from chicken, bacon, or peanut.

Tip:Dont give antlers to your dogas they are just too hard, even for GSDs! They can cause cracked teeth and other dental injuries.

Tip:Dont feed rawhide bones as they are a bigger choking risk than natural raw bones and are unsuitable for German Shepherds. When the rawhide becomes soft it becomes easy for your GSD to break chunks off and swallow them. The rawhide can easily get stuck in the dogs esophagus or causes a blockage further down.

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Greenies Original Teenie Natural Dental Dog Treats

One of the best natural alternatives to industrial dog feed is the Greenies Original with genuine croquettes. This one is suitable for all dogs, from Labrador to German Shepard, with a good value for money.

A tasty snack specially designed to perform mechanical tooth cleaning, helping to reduce tartar, dental plaque and bad breath. It is an excellent solution to avoid unpleasant dental cleanings or dental treatments at the vet. Its soft texture allows for the deep cleaning of the teeth. Its distinctive shape and structure help your dog support the snack with his front legs while cleaning his rear teeth.

The natural plant extracts contained in this snack can reduce bad mouth odor and provide fresh breath. The strong menthol smell that they give off could cause rejection in some dogs, but for the most part, it is well accepted by the majority of dogs and effectively solves bad breath problems. Besides, Greenies treat contains important vitamins and minerals that can complement your dogs regular diet and have no added sugar.

The Greenies snack is available in various sizes to adapt optimally to our dogs needs and is suitable for animals between 2 and 7 kg in weight.


  • They are a little too large in size for small dogs.

Orka Alternative Dog Chew Toy Bone

Best Dog Chew Toys For German Shepherds

The Petstages Orka Mini Bone dog chew toy provides your pup with an appropriate option for instinctual satisfaction, while helping to reduce boredom and destructive behavior. The unique Orka TPE rubber material keeps these toys lasting through tough chewing while keeping dogs interested. The flat shape of the Orka Mini Bone helps exercise jaw muscles while rope pieces support good dental hygiene by

This is a great chew toy for your GSD. It is soft and durable, and it has multiple textures to satisfy your dogs urge to chew. It has a rope running down the middle with knots at each end. This works well to clean your dogs teeth. You can use it as a tug toy, toss it for a fun game of fetch, or just let your pooch enjoy chewing it. It comes in different sizes, so you can get one for your puppy or adult dog. Its one of the all-around best dog toys available.

Naturals Jute Puzzle Rope Dog Toy

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Benebone Pawplexer Bacon Flavored Dog Chew Toy Large

The interactive Benebone Pawplexer inspires your companions important sense of smell while giving them an outlet for their natural urge to chew.

Its saturated with the flavor of 100% real, American-sourced bacon.

Designed for interactive recreation and mental stimulation, the design and texture help preserve dental health by scraping away tartar and plaque as your pet delightfully bites away.


  • Super-strong, tough nylon chew infused with 100% genuine, American-sourced bacon.
  • This toy contains no chemicals or preservatives.
  • Two toys in one! A satisfying chew by itself or an interactive toy that can also hold a tasty treat in its center.
  • Unique ridges and contours help maintain good dental health while your companion chews and chomps.
  • Designed and manufactured in the U.S.A. using only American-sourced materials.

The Farmers Dog Fresh Dog Food Best Overall

The Farmers Dog chicken recipe comes in at the top spot for our best overall pick for German Shepherd puppies. This fresh food is formulated by a team of veterinary nutritionists and comes personalized for your pup. All food from The Farmers Dog meets the standard set by AAFCO for safety and quality.

The chicken recipe has the highest amount of protein compared to the others, making it a great choice for your active German Shepherd baby. In addition to chicken, it also contains chicken liver and some nutrient-rich vegetables like brussels sprout, bok choy, and broccoli. There is a chance the vegetable may cause a bit of gas or loose stool at first. To top off the benefits, the added fish oil is great for skin and coat health.

Not only is this food great for puppies, but it is also ideal for all life stages. The Farmers Dog can stick with you throughout your dogs lifetime and is delivered right to your door. Like with any fresh food, it comes at a higher price and you will need to make room in the fridge or freezer.

All in all, however, we think this is the best dog food for German Shepherd puppies on the market today.

When it comes to the quality of ingredients and balanced nutrient array for a German Shepherd puppy, Wellness CORE is the one of the best foods available.

Furthermore, the packaging does not accost you with historical factoids and platitudes. Instead, Wellness just gets down to the business of telling you how awesome this food is.

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