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What Size Harness For German Shepherd Puppy

Hurtta Padded Dog Harness

German Shepherd Puppy | Trying On His Harness

This dog harness may look casual and simple, but its great for active German Shepherds who love to explore. The padded neoprene design is comfortable and wont restrict your GSDs movement when they are running and playing. Does your dog like to get dirty in the mud or wet on the beach? This Hurtta dog harness is machine washable and convenient cleaning! 3M reflectors add a safety element for this harness, which any pet parent can appreciate. We suggest this dog harness for German Shepherds who enjoy extensive outdoor exercise.

Different German Shepherd Harness Materials

Harnesses for German Shepherds and most other dog breeds are typically made out of one or more of the following materials.

  • Nylon Due to its stretch, water resistance, and strength, nylon is a top choice for German Shepherd harnesses, and most harnesses incorporate at least some nylon material in the straps.
  • Polyester Polyester, like nylon, is an artificial fabric that is very strong, durable, and water-resistant, and holds up well to wear and tear, making it another top choice for use in German Shepherd harnesses.
  • Leather Leather is a good option for German Shepherd harnesses. High-quality leather is very strong and durable, and a leather harness can easily last for decades with proper care. In addition, the thick coat of a German Shepherd means it wont be affected by the rubbing of leather, unlike some short-haired dogs.
  • Cotton Cotton is organic and wont irritate the skin or fur, so its often incorporated into harness straps or padding, and there are some 100% cotton harnesses out there. However, its not quite as strong as nylon or polyester.
  • Mesh Mesh is usually made of a nylon or polyester blend. Mesh harnesses are very breathable and flexible, making them great if you have a German Shepherd and live in a warm climate, where a traditional, bulky harness could be too hot.

Read on to learn more about the key components of a harness for a German Shepherd, and then see our top 9 picks for the best German Shepherd harnesses!

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Why Choose A Harness Over A Collar

There are several things that make a harness superior to a collar, which is why so many dog owners opt for them. First of all, harnesses provide a much better level of security than a collar.

Some dogs can be very good at slipping out of a collar, but a harness doesnt let them out so easily. Secondly, a harness lets you pull hard and control the dog firmly without any risk of choking.

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Signature K9 Leather Tracking Harness

This harness is quality made with very sturdy leather and brass buckles.

The breastplate is fleece lined, making it very comfortable for all day use, and there is a low profile handle on the back of the harness to minimise catching on snags.

A very strong harness that is purpose built for tracking, and for larger dogs.

The leather can be a little stiff when you first get it, but it softens up after multiple uses.

The Expawlorer Big Dog Soft Reflective No Pull Harness

The Best Dog Harness for German Shepherd Puppy and Big Dog ...

The Expawlorer harness is specifically made for big dogs. Its made from a soft, durable material that dries fast if it gets wet.

The straps on this harness can tighten or loosen for a perfect fit. On the padded back it has a heavy-duty metal D-ring and a sturdy rubber handle, perfect for a quick grab if necessary.

The long reflective strap on the back will make your GSD visible and safe during nighttime walks.

The only problem some people have with this harness is the plastic clips on the straps because dogs seem to find them perfect for chewing. This can be prevented by putting on the harness only when its time for a walk.

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Mighty Paw Padded Sports Reflective No Pull Dog Harness

The Mighty Paw Padded Sports harness is an excellent choice for active dogs that will be outside hiking, swimming, or working in rough terrain. It deters pulling, is waterproof, and comes with reflective strips for easy visibility at night or off-leash. There is also a back clip for regular walking or attached to the car restraint belt. The back strap allows an easy place to grab onto for better control or, in the case of a service dog, a more convenient hold.

Not recommended for young dogs or puppies as a training harness as it does not come in a small enough size. The closure points are on the side straps with buckles for adjustment in various places.

Six More Highly Rated Dog Harnesses For German Shepherds

Next up are dog harnesses for different situations, such as training, car rides, and more.

Does your German Shepherd pull you along on your walk, no matter what you do? Then you should check out the Sporn No Pull harness.

This one-piece back-clip harness has a stretchy mesh chest piece that helps humanely control your dog with maximum comfort.

To deter pulling, the padded restraints that go under the dogs front legs tickle your dog when he or she pulls too much. Its a sensation most dogs do not like, but it is in no way harmful.

We also like that its incredibly durable and able to withstand the strength of German Shepherds.

Is your German Shepherd your faithful travel companion? Then you need the Kurgo Tru-Fit Smart Harness.

Not only is it an excellent overall harness for walking your pup, but it also comes with an extra clip for securing the harness to your cars seat belt system. The Kurgo Tru-Fit Smart harness uses the same engineering that rock-climbing and linesman harnesses do, providing peace of mind when traveling with your German Shepherd.

The Kurgo is also comfortable thanks to the chest pad, which transfers pressure equally across a dogs chest if they start to pull too hard. It also has a back-clip design with different places to attach the leash, with five adjustment points that allow you to customize the fit.

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What Size Harness For A German Shepherd

The average GSD usually takes a Large or Extra Large harness but measure chest width and girth and refer to the manufacturer harness sizing chart for a better idea of what youre dog will need.

For reference sake, a Large dog harness usually has similar dimensions to the following:

Chest Width: 16-21 Inches

What Is The Most Important Factor When Choosing A Dog Harness

No-pull harness for German shepherd puppy | Harness for dog training | Best quality harness

This one is highly debatable, but we think the answer is durability. Thats why we put the tactical harnesses in the top spot: They are the ones that offer the highest level of durability.

The primary purpose of a harness is to control the dog, and that means dealing with a lot of stress and pressure over a long period.

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Best Harnesses For A German Shepherd In 2021

The German Shepherd may be most well-known as a service dog and a faithful home protector. These dogs are very intelligent, are able to learn multiple skills, and do exceptionally well in agility competitions. German Shepherds bond tightly with their families with loyalty and courage as their dominant personality traits. They do best when living in close quarters with their people but do require a lot of exercise.

Standing just about 2 feet tall at the shoulder for both males and females, German Shepherds are not an exceptionally large breed though they can seem very imposing at the upper end of their averages. The average weight for a male is between 65 to 90 pounds and females around 50 to 70 pounds. They possess a lot of strength, so a strong, durable harness is necessary to make sure they dont get away while out on a leash. Fortunately, they learn very quickly, and with appropriate training and obedience classes, they will make a great walking or running companion.

Lifepul Dog Vest Harness

A D-ring in the back provides plenty of durability and control on the Lifepul, while high-quality nylon construction bolsters that durability. Nickel plated hardware keeps straps from snapping under pressure, soft padding makes this comfortable for your pet, and adjustable locks make this a simple fit.

Theres no chest piece, eliminating opposition reflex, which is replaced by a larger front strap with padding. A handle on the back of this vest gives you total control when you need it, as well.

We love this option because the hugging vest design is excellent for anxious dogs. The durable nylon protects your investment and the nickel plating handles even the toughest pullers who dont behave out on walks.

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Types Of Harnesses For A German Shepherd

Like dog collars, there is a multitude of different types of harnesses. Firstly let us begin with the materials used. Nylon harnesses, as well as Mesh and Leather, are all popular options. It is vital to judge which is best for your German Shepherd.

A German Shepherd leather harness, for example, for a dog in the middle of summer on a long trek would not be a great choice . Check the materials used are not only breathable but also comfortable for your dog.

Secondly, we should consider the harness type. Unfortunately, not all harnesses are equal. Although there are several harnesses available for a low cost, check the reviews.

Poorly made harnesses are prone to break possibly when the dog pulls, and you need it most. Always consider safety when buying anything for your pup.

Vest harnesses are excellent options and can be easily put on and taken off of your German Shepherd. Front Clip or Back Clip GSD harnesses offers more control of your dog and can help with training.

Some harnesses even include carrying handles to hold your dog in position or help to lift them. There are several examples of this in the collection below with explanations of each.

The last common harness type is tightening or control harnesses. We tend to steer clear of these and do not recommend them for anyone other than experienced dog handlers .

One other type popular with German Shepherd owners is a tactical dog harness vest.

Onetigris Tactical Dog Training Molle Vest Harness

*Brynn German Shepherd with Pinch Dog Collar of Black ...

A tactical vest with MOLLE on both sides for accessorising with attaching pouches, bottles, snacks and other items

The back contains a large patch of velcro, and the vest as a whole still allows for breathability and ventilation.

Two attachment points one on the front and one on the back.

There are Large and Extra Large sizes available aswell as black, brown and camouflage colors.

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Which Is Better A Harness Or Collar

If a harness is only a tool you use to walk a dog, why do they spark so much debate among dog owners? For the most part, in one corner there are dog owners whose primary interest lies in protecting their dog from neck and throat injuries. In the other corner are the proponents that believe that if a dog is properly trained to walk on a loose leash, there is no need to worry about throat injuries. Many trainers will advise that teaching a dog to walk on a harness teaches them to pull however, there are many harnesses on the market that prohibit dogs from doing just that. No matter which side of the debate you find yourself, the bottom line is, the use of a harness or collar boils down to personal preference of the dog owner.

Which is better for my dog a harness or collar?

Each side of the debate has its merits however there is no doubt that a dog trained to walk on a loose leash is an absolute pleasure. But, since dogs dont come in well trained packages, and each dog and owner are different, there is plenty of room in the debate to sing the praises of a well-fitting harness. Since dogs and owners each have their own training and walking style, perhaps rather than worrying about which is better to walk a dog with, a dog harness or a dog collar, a more appropriate question might be, which is better for you? The bottom line is, each owner needs to feel confident and be in control over their dog. When choosing a harness or collar, there are a few things to consider:

Wrapping Up: The Best Harness For A German Shepherd

Hopefully, weve given you some great suggestions to help you find the best harness for your German Shepherd. You may still need to try a few styles and return them before settling on the right one. However, the right harness can make all the difference in the world when it comes to walking your German Shepherd.

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Training Harness Or Anti

They are often Y-shaped harnesses. The fastener is fixed in front under the chest and not above the back. So when your German Shepherd Dog shoots, it will feel uncomfortable and therefore slow down on its own.

They are perfect to force your German Shepherd Dog to walk on a leash at your own pace. It helps to retain the most energetic German Shepherd Dog.

Rabbitgoo Dog Harness No-Pull Pet Harness

Why choose this harness for your German Shepherd Dog?

  • Comfortable: this harness surrounds the chest and back of the German Shepherd Dog, when you hold it, it does not strangle German Shepherd Dogs neck. It prevents the German Shepherd Dog from choking when he pulls on his leash
  • Practical: with two buckles, one on the back and the other on the chest, you can easily control the movement of your German Shepherd Dog: either by holding it if you attach the leash under the chest or by letting it pull by fixing the leash on the back
  • High Quality: Made of robust fabrics, its manufacture is meticulous
  • Easy to clean and dry
  • Secure at night: The reflective strips allow you to walk your German Shepherd Dog safely in the dark.

Users opinions

Very good comments on the Internet. Many people confirm that it is a good quality product.

Finally, the practicality of this harness is also highlighted in the notices. One person points out that it is very easy to use and that this harness finally allows him to attach his German Shepherd Dog to a rear seat belt buckle on the car.

Big Dog Soft Reflective No Pull Harness

Properly Fitting a Prong Pinch Collar on a German Shepherd

This harness is made for the big size dogs like the German shepherd. This is very soft so that it does not harm the dog skin. Binding this to the dog neck you cannot move your dog. The harness made by the company is so soft that all the dogs like this harness.

There are lots of harnesses which are so hard that the belt causes the scar on the neck of the dog. The skin beneath gets harmed due to the pressure of the belt. Thats why soft harness is most suitable for dogs. Those who do not need to move the dog pulling, they can try it out. This is a very good quality harness. Like the first, they have also produced several types of harness. You can take according to the convenient size.

On Amazon, you will get a lot of positive feedback about them. Negative feedback is not that much compared to the positive one. You can be able to control your dog easily using this harness. If you have a German shepherd then you try out this soft harness for your dog. Once you use it, you will fall in love with the features.

It has all the nice features that anyone will be fascinated by getting it in hand. So, I will present some more information about this harness in front of you. Take a look at some important information about this without any delay.

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Pawtitas Reflective Padded Dog Harness

This product from Pawtitas is another good option for an everyday walking harness and its padded with neoprene for additional comfort, making it a better option for German Shepherds who are older and may have spine or hip issues.

With a metal leash ring, durable clip buckle and reflective material, youll be able to walk your pup safely, and minimize pulling due to the tight fit and unique design. Its also easy to adjust and available in a huge variety of sizes, so you can always ensure a perfect fit for your dog.

Top 6 Best Harnesses For German Shepherds In 2021

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German Shepherds are one of the most popular dog breeds in the country. In fact, theyre second only to the Labrador Retriever in popularity according to the American Kennel Club .

At A Glance: Our Top Picks for Harnesses for German Shepherds:

However, their size, strength, and head shape mean that walking them on a collar may not be the best option.

There are a lot of different types of dog harnesses on the market, though. How can you pick the best harness for German Shepherds?

Weve got you covered with the different types of dog harnesses, features you should look for, and our picks for the best dog harness for a German Shepherd.

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