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Are German Shepherds Allowed In Apartments

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Living with a German Shepherd in an apartment | living in an apartment with a dog

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Be Aware Of Noise Concerns

And adult German Shepherd makes noise. Even if theyre not barking, they are as heavy as a 10-year-old child and run around twice as much. So its important to consider how well your apartment absorbs noise.

If you live in a building that has thin floors, you can be sure that neighbors living below you will hear your German Shepherd just being itself running around and jumping, and even just walking can get very loud.

Its understandable that a neighbor living below thin flooring and a German Shepherd may feel intruded upon by all of the noise created.

So out of respect for your fellow person, and to save yourself the hassle of dealing with noise complaints against your dog, its important that you have an accurate picture of how well noise insulated a potential apartment is.

Select An Apartment On The Ground Floor

Even if a building is not well insulated against noise and has thin floors, you can always remedy this problem by seeking an apartment on the ground floor. A ground floor apartment will also be a convenience to you in terms of bringing home 30 lb bags of dog food.

But if you do take this route, just hope that your upstairs neighbors dont have a German Shepherd!

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What Can I Do If My Dog Is Banned

Ifyou already have a dog on the aggressive breed list, then there are a few otherthings you can try when trying to rent an apartment. While these arentguaranteed to work, its worth a shot!

  • Request a pet interview.
  • Provide references to vouch for your pooch.
  • Offer to pay pet rent.
  • Secure extra renters insurance.
  • Use DNA testing if your dog looks like an aggressive breed.
  • Make sure your dog has proper training.
  • Check into additional coverage through homeowners orrenters insurance.

Another important note: Breed restrictions arent the only laws you should be aware of if you own a German Shepherd.

Check with your apartment community or landlord in case there are size restrictions for pets. Additionally, if you have a dog who loves to bark, you could get in trouble if there are noise ordinances in your city.

Learn From An Experienced Owner About Gsds In Apartments

Can German Shepherds Live in Small Apartments? An Ultimate ...

Sometimes the best way to learn more about what it might be like to live with a German Shepherd in a small space like an apartment is to hear it from someone who is already doing it!

In this YouTube video, one couple shares their experience of living with, training, and exercising their German Shepherd in a tiny house, which is smaller than most standard apartments today.

This video also gives you helpful tips about how to set up your space and your day to make sure your GSD stays happy and healthy.

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Examples Of Breed Specific Legislation:

  • Louisiana has 32 cities with breed bans. In fact, the Cityof Crowley includes German Shepherds on its restricted breed list.
  • Iowa has the most cities with breed specific legislation 72 cities in this state outlaw at least one breed. While the majority of thesecities go after pit bulls in their legislation, Fairfieldincludes German Shepherds on its list, as well as any dog who weighs over 100pounds.
  • In Denver, Colorado, no one is allowed to own a pit bull orany dog displaying the same physical traits as a pit bull.
  • In North Little Rock, Arkansas, the ownership ofrottweilers, pit bulls, or bull terriers is restricted, owners of these breedsmust pay a licensure fee of $500.

There are some states that have more tolerable laws in place that do not restrict specific breeds instead, these laws focus on the dogs actual conduct with dangerous dog laws. This is the case in several states, such as Nevada, Arizona, Virginia, and Pennsylvania.

Can A German Shepherd Live In An Apartment

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Can a German Shepherd live in an apartment? It can be done, but you have to follow up the following tips and tricks. read on to find out.

Apartment living with a German Shepherd isnt as hard as many people believe. In fact, they really are one of the best apartment dogs if you make sure their basic needs are met. The fact is, size rarely makes a difference in how well a breed can thrive in an apartment. Its more about how well the owner manages their breeds physical needs that determine their success. This is especially true of the German Shepherd. Lets take a look at how to make German Shepherd apartment life a lot easier on both of you.

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Physical Activity Is A Must

There are some breeds of dogs that are perfectly fine lazing around the house or apartment and hardly going out. German Shepherds are not this breed.

German Shepherds are extremely energetic and athletic dogs, as they used to run through fields herding flocks. They are used as police and fire dogs nowadays because of this energy as well.

If you want to live in an apartment with your German Shepherd, make sure you have time to take them out to exercise. On average, German Shepherds require about 2 hours of exercise a day. Its good for some of this to be off of a leash as well so that its movement is not limited and it can run a bit more free ly.

A good idea is to live in an apartment near a park. That way you can take it there for a few hours and allow it to play and have fun in a nice open field.

Some people choose to run with their dog, so if there are running trails near the complex, that may be a good option as well. Just make sure theres soft ground for your dog to run on so that its paws dont hurt. And keep it leashed especially for the first few months it starts running with you.

If these arent options, it may be able to make do with several longer walks around the complex.

Problems With Gsd In Apartments

Can German Shepherd Dogs live in an Apartment?

If you dont provide your German Shepherd with these 5 basic needs while living at an apartment, you may be in for a rollercoaster ride. And, Im not talking about the fun kind.

A lack of mental and physical stimulation means that your German Shepherd will take it into their own hands to receive these basic needs. Destructive behavior may occur without these key necessities.

This means that your favorite pair of shoe may be torn apart by the time you come home. Or, it could mean that your couch will be ripped open after a long exhausting day of work.

None of these scenarios is something youd want, but it happens a lot with many neglectful apartment dwellers.

Apartment living with German Shepherds is no easy task. However, theyre highly capable of thriving in such a living environment. Its really up to you to provide them with a way to make the best out of the situation.

Some owners even say theyre some of the best apartment dogs despite their energetic temperaments and size.

However, not all German Shepherds are the same. Some will take a little more work while others fit right in. Its up to you to create the best space and life for them.

Are there other tips you have to making apartment life work with a German Shepherd? Leave a tip in the comment section below to let us know! Also, if you have any questions, feel free to ask away.

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Make Sure That The Apartment Has An Extra Room

While a smaller breed of dog can thrive in the smallest of apartments, a German Shepherd needs room. Literally.

This is not to suggest that you must have an extra bedroom for your German Shepherd. But it is to suggest that it is to both you and your dogs benefit if there is a small room or a den that is devoted primarily to your dog.

Within this room is a great place for your dogs crate, its toys, and a dog bed. Your dog should never be isolated in this room, and the door should always be open. Your German Shepherd will appreciate the space of its own, and will likely spend the majority of its time in this room while you are away.

Can A German Shepherd Be Left Alone During The Day

Like any other dog, a German Shepherd canbe left alone during the day, but you need to be extra attentive to your dogwhen you return home for the day. They are highly intelligent dogs that thriveon interaction and feeling purposeful. Being home alone all day can be fine if they have the interaction andexercise to look forward to upon your return.

When leaving your German Shepherd alonefor the day, you need to make sure it has access to enough water. Although the dog will not berunning around and exercising, it will still need to drink water. Leaving food is up to personal preference anddepends on their feeding schedule. It is not recommended that you leave thedog for longer than 8 hours at a time.

Before leaving a German Shepherd alone, youneed to make sure they can stay safe in the home while you are gone, whether itbe in a crate or room. To ensure theyare safe, you should make sure they dont have access to any objects they couldchew and accidentally choke on. German Shepherds love to chew and can decimateeven the sturdiest of toys in a short time.

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Which Breed Is Right For You

Whether the Rottweiler or German Shepherd is right for you comes down to a few factors where you live and how much space there is, how much time you must dedicate to a pet, and whether you are able to train your pup . Other than that, both the Rottweiler and German Shepherd can make for good, loyal pets who are also willing to guard and protect the family if needed.

Image Credit: Top: Rottweiler Edoma, Shutterstock, Bottom German Shepherd dendoktoor, Pixabay

Two Small Dogs Killed By Neighbors German Shepherd In Cedar Rapids

Pin on Nevada SPCA rescued animals

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa -A family is devastated after their two small dogs were attacked and killed by a German Shepherd while out on a walk. It happened around sunset Monday near Huntsboro Lane and 18th Street Southwest in Cedar Rapids.

Holly Brown and her family owned the dogs. Everywhere you look around their home, there are reminders. A box of toys their 5-year-old Maltese Scooter and their Yorkshire Terrier Scout played with sits in the living room. Ramps that helped the dogs on and off the furniture can be seen throughout the home.

You know you dont think about it but its a long way when youre only this tall, Brown explained.

Theres even a custom built addition to the deck, which allowed the six pound dogs to easily enjoy their fenced in yard.

Theres a ramp outside from the deck down to the grass, Brown pointed out.

Now, the dogs the family considered their babies are gone. Its a reality thats difficult for them to believe. Brown says her sister Heather took the dogs on their normal afternoon walk Monday, when tragedy struck.

It was just like this dog came out of nowhere and it came from behind the house so there was no warning, she explained.

Brown told us a neighbors German Shepherd ran across the street and attacked and killed both dogs in an instant.

My sister did everything she could to stop it but you know when youre one person trying to save two little dogs against a German Shepherd theres not much you can do, Brown said.

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A List Of Aggressive Dog Breeds

Each apartment community will probably maintain its own list of breed restrictions, but here’s a look at the most common aggressive dog breeds:

  • Akitas
  • Terriers
  • Wolf Hybrids

Mixes of these breeds may also be restricted in some communities. Check with the property manager or leasing agent if you have any questions.

How To Counter Dog Breed Restrictions

Visit the landlord and see if you can get them to change their mind. Ask them to meet your dog and see for themselves how well-mannered your pet is. Bring along any dog behavioral training certificates your pet has won and, if possible, letters of recommendations from your veterinarian, your previous landlord, and your previous neighbors.

Get to know your new neighbors and introduce your pet. They will be less likely to complain about a friendly animal that they know does not cause any disturbances.

There are exceptions made for service animals. If you have a disability and require a service dog, you are legally allowed to keep your dog in your apartment, regardless of any dog breed restrictions. Service animals are not to be confused with emotional support animals, though the latter is also able to override many restrictions.

Emotional support animals are animals who are prescribed to someone facing mental health issues. They get to override limitations put out by housing providers. Unlike service animals, emotional support animals are not specially trained to be support animals they are just a companion animal. Emotional support animal rules are not regulated by one governing body, so it is hard to say at this time whether tenants are able to bypass breed bans as they are able to override a pet policy. If you have a support animal that is subject to breed-specific laws, look for fair housing agreements and pet-friendly housing.

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Get Insurance For Your Dog

Since German Shepherd is considered an aggressive breed, getting pet insurance can further boost up your landlords confidence in your GSD.

Note that dog bites are one of the most commonly reported animal bite injuries in the US, so you want to make your insurance company covers dog bites and other damages your German Shepherd might cause.

People With Disabilities Are Exempt From Fees And Restrictions

Can I have a German Shepherd in apartment

Under the Fair Housing Act, if youre disabled, you have a right to bring a service or emotional support dog, regardless of the buildings pet policy. If your German Shepherd acts as a service dog for you, you can take advantage of this law.

Moreover, service and emotional support dogs are exempt from additional pet fees.

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Bringing A German Shepherd To Japan

I could not find this no where! That is why i am asking here, anyways i am living in Japan next year again and i do not know how long but it could be for long term. I was wondering if anyone had a experience bringing their big dog to Japan and what is was like. I want to bring my dog because i don’t want my dog to be miserable, i am at a decision, that i have to make it of what i want to do since im going back next year. I will have an apartment i dont know if it is pet negotiable but if it is not then i will look for another one that is but i was wondering the hardships that i would have by doing it. I really do not know what to do and i would like to bring her over here but i know the quarantine process is going to take a while as well.

As for bringing the dog…that’s a large dog. You mention “living in Japan again” so presumably you understand Japan, and you understand that you don’t see a lot of German Shepherd dogs in cities due to a variety of reasons including their size. I can see problems finding an apartment with a dog like that in Tokyo or any large city, but perhaps you will be in the countryside?

In any case, this sounds more like a “live in Japan” query rather that a tourist to Japan question which is what this forum is for.

Consider gaijinpot or simliar expat websites.

-:- Message from Tripadvisor staff -:-

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What To Know About German Shepherds Living In Apartments

As this popular German Shepherd owner forum highlights, there are lots of GSDs living with their human carers all over the world in apartment spaces.

Just as not all German Shepherds are the same, so too not all apartments are the same.

Some apartments are very dog-friendly while others are not. Some apartments even offer enclosed dog park areas where dog owners can take their pups for potty time and play. Others offer no such amenities.

Some apartments may be conveniently located next to large open spaces or large dog parks, and this can make playtime and exercise so easy and convenient. But other apartments may be located in densely populated areas where green space is hard to find.

As you are probably starting to suspect, the key to successfully living with a German Shepherd in a small space like an apartment is making sure your dog gets their activity needs to be met no matter what.

As long as you have the time and interest to take your dog for walks, have play sessions, and thoroughly tire your German Shepherd out each day, it really doesnt matter if the place you both come home to is enormous or tiny.

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