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Where Are Black German Shepherds From

Black German Shepherd Temperament: Does The Color Affect Their Temperament

Black German Shepherd Puppy

Theres currently no evidence that a dogs coat color can affect its general disposition and temperament. However, colorism also exists even in the dog world, and there are studies to back up this claim.

Although the black German Shepherd is generally similar to regular German Shepherds in all ways except coat color, theres still a common misconception that the dogs will be more aggressive and this is due to the Black Dog Syndrom.

In essence, the Black Dog Syndrome is a phenomenon in pet adoption wherein people are less likely to choose black dogs over light-colored ones on the account that they look less favorable or friendly.

But once you learn to look past your own prejudice, youll see what a loyal and lovable companion a black German Shepherd is. As trusted guard dogs, these noble canines are alert, intelligent, and have a high prey drive.

They are easier to please and easily trained, making them ideal pets for a structured household. They are also active dogs, so youll surely have fun owning them.

How To Know If It Will Stay Black Or Become Sable

Sable German Shepherds will start out black but will start to show hints of grey around 8 weeks old.

If you are wanting a black German Shepherd for your family, you will want to wait for puppies to start showing alternate colors in their coat, before selecting your puppy.

Thiswill ensure that you will actually bring home a black puppy, and not a blackand tan or sable puppy instead.

Blackor white German Shepherd puppies will not change color. White German Shepherdsare born white and will remain that color throughout their life.

Black German Shepherd puppies will remain black, but remember, as we mentioned above, black parents can also have black and tan puppies, so it is important to watch closely to make sure that your black puppy will stay black.

Black German Shepherd Lifespan And Health Issues: Are Black German Shepherds Healthy Dogs

This herding dog has a lifespan of 12 to 14 years, given its active lifestyle and overall health. Black German Shepherds have great immune systems, strength, and endurance.

But of course, no dog breed not even our favorite police dogs is invincible.

A black German Shepherd Dog is prone to face the same health issues as a regular-colored GSD. These include:

  • Degenerative Myelopathy : Usually targeting GSDs that are eight years or older, degenerative myelopathy is a disease that causes the deterioration in the spinal cord of dogs. Over time, it could cause immobility.
  • Hip Dysplasia: This disease affects 15 to 20 percent of the entire German Shepherd Dog population. Hip dysplasia causes the hip joint to become too loose, eventually developing a dislocation of the ball and socket.
  • Perianal Fistula: Perianal fistula occurs when the skin around your Shepherds anus contracts blister-like openings that swell, leak, and drain. This is caused by infections within the anal sacs and poor air circulation within the poochs anal region.
  • Pancreatitis: Simply put, pancreatitis is the inflammation of the pancreas and other local organs. This is caused by obesity, eating problems, or blunt trauma in dogs.

While black German Shepherds are an overall healthy breed, awareness will help you detect the early signs of an impending disease. In the long run, this could make or break your dogs lifeline.

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Black German Shepherd: Breed Facts & Temperament

There is something truly special about the German Shepherd breed and we are not alone in thinking so. The German Shepherd Dog or GSD is actually the USs second most popular dog, and regularly comes high in the American Kennel Clubs annual top breed poll. Large, fluffy, with those big brown eyes and unmistakable black and tan coat, the GSD is a loyal, playful and fearless breed. But what many people dont know is that there is also such as thing as Black German Shepherd and, just like his black and tan brother, is a full breed. In fact, just 6.8% of German Shepherds are black, making them a pretty rare as well as beautiful dog to own. So, are black German Shepherds just GSDs with a different coat or are there any differences? We take a look at the black GSD, their personality, health and temperament to see if theres anything sets them apart.

Black German Shepherd Dogs Are Intelligent And Loyal

7 Things You Didnt Know About The Black German Shepherd ...

Black German Shepherds are athletic, loyal, and highly intelligent.

As a breed, German Shepherds are known to be intelligent, devoted and affectionate. These are some of the traits that make them such wonderful service dogs. In fact, German Shepherds are some of the top most employed dogs when it comes to police work, military work, and public service assistance.

That said, the intelligent and devoted black German Shepherd comes at a price. Highly intelligent dogs like the black GDS are more prone to suffering from anxiety, stress, depression, and behavioral issues like chewing, digging, barking and fear-based aggression if their needs are not met.

As such black German Shepherds will do best with experienced dog owners who understand intelligent working breeds.

The black German Shepherd is not a dog who is going to be happy just lounging around the house all day. This is a dog who will need lots of mental and physical stimulation including routine exercise and jobs to do around the house.

The good news is that the black German Shepherd can be an excellent helper. He can be trained to sort laundry, bring in the mail, clean up his toys and even load the dishwasher.

Its also important to note that the black German Shepherd is not an outside dog. Though he will enjoy spending time outside in the backyard each day, he is meant to live inside with his human family.

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Below Are Indicators Of Reputable Breeders

  • They will welcome you to their location
  • They will have one, if not both, parents on the premises
  • They will be open about their dogs and their business
  • They will interview you to ensure you are a good match to one of their puppies
  • They will provide a written contract that will include payment arrangements, vaccinations, health guarantees, and registered paperwork
  • They will have a business license and a website
  • They will have referrals or reviews
  • They will ask you to stay in touch because they want to know how their pups are doing
  • They will take their puppies back if the new owner cannot deal with or handle the puppy

If a breeder is unwilling to produce paperwork, wants to meet you at a public place, or the price seems too good to be true, alarms should be sounding off in your head or your gut.

An 8-week-old black German Shepherd Puppy without documentation could turn out to be a black lab German Shepherd puppy mix.

Another thing to remember is Black German Shepherd Puppies are born black and stay black. They do not change colors.

A Black German Shepherd puppy with brown, tan, gray, silver, red, or white markings is not an all-Black German Shepherd. An exception to this rule is a spot of white on the chest. This is considered undesirable by some Black German Shepherd enthusiasts.

Dont let cute puppy eyes and sweet puppy breath sway an emotional decision that you may regret. Stay firm on what you want and what you are willing to pay.

Adopting A Black German Shepherd

German Shepherds are pretty common throughout the United States. It is usually not too difficult to find a normal German Shepherd breeder somewhere near you. However, not all breeders produce black dogs. Often, youll need to find someone who specializes in black German Shepherds to adopt a puppy.

Because these dogs are much rarer than the usual coloration, you can expect that they wont be regularly available. Most will also be significantly more expensive than a black-and-tan German Shepherd due to their rarity. Many people want a black German Shepherd, which means that you often have to be prepared to pay a bit extra. The supply just cant meet the demand easily.

You can expect to pay anywhere from $800 to $2,000 for a high-quality, completely black puppy. This is significantly more expensive than the $500 to $1,500 you can expect to pay for a usual German Shepherd. However, this is still much cheaper than you might expect for a large dog. As a common breed, they are usually cheaper than most.

For comparison, a French Bulldog costs anywhere from $3,000 to $5,000.

It may be tempting to cut corners and purchase a cheaper puppy. However, this is not recommended, especially when it comes to German Shepherds. These puppies need socialized from the moment they are born. Often, breeders put in this time and effort.

We highly recommend only purchasing puppies form very experienced breeders. Otherwise, you may end up with an unsocialized puppy and a troublesome temperament.

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History Of The Black German Shepherd

The German shepherd breed was originally developed in 1899 by Captain Max von Stephanitz, who wanted to create the ultimate herding dog. These dogs were later used by the military as messengers, sentries, guards, supply carriers, and rescuers.

While black and tan is the quintessential German shepherd for most people, black GSDs have existed alongside them since the breedâs creation and are just a different color variation of the same breed.

What Do They Eat

All You Need To Know About Black German Shepherds.

Their diet changes through age. A puppy needs three to four small meals throughout the day. Missing out on these meals can cause bloating in its stomach. A growing pup generally has a higher calorie intake compared to a grown one. A nine-month-old German shepherd dog needs no more than two solid meals throughout the day. Black German shepherds can be fed adult food only after they are at least one year old. The right diet is important for the well-being of the dog. Mostly, it eats a mixture of dry and wet food and needs a lot of protein. 25% of their diet is made up of protein.

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Black German Shepherd Genetics

It is unknown when the first Black German Shepherd was bred, but it is believed to have been an accident.

The all-black coloring of a German Shepherd comes from recessive or dominant genes.

Two German Shepherds with black and tan coloring, for example, can produce one or more puppies in a litter that are all black.

These black puppies rarely occur because both the black and tan mother and father must carry the solid black recessive gene in their lines, somewhere. A black puppy from this breeding will carry the black recessive gene.

A Black German Shepherd Dog that has the dominant black gene can produce black puppies in any litter regardless of the genetics of the other dog.

A black puppy will inherit the dominant black gene from a black dominant canine parent.

If you bred a dominant black male with a black and tan female, lets pretend they have a litter of four black puppies and four black and tan puppies.

The four black puppies have the dominant black gene. The four black and tan puppies carry the black recessive gene.

Breeding a black male dominant to a female black dominant will produce a litter of dominant black puppies.

Belgian Malinois/ Black German Shepherd Puppies

We have seven beautiful and healthy puppies for sale. Mother is AKC Belgian Malinois and Father is Black German Shepherd. Both parents are on premises. Five males and two females. One female and one male are the traditional Belgian Malinois coloring …


Five males and two females. One female and one male are the traditional Belgian Malinois coloring and the rest are solid black.

Extremely smart, loyal and loving. Looking for their forever home.

We took two strong breeds and combined them into one perfect puppy for you.

  • Use a safe location to meet the seller
  • Pay on collection
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    All German Shepherds Have The Following Characteristics

    • A large athletic build
    • 23-26 inches tall at the withers
    • Weight between 66-88 lbs.

    *Withers the ridge between a dogs shoulder blades and the tallest point of their body.


    • 21-24 inches tall at the withers
    • Weight between 49-71 lbs.

    The standard calls for the above heights and weights to help keep the German Shepherd Dog built for work, health, longevity, and performance.

    Please remember that breed standards are guidelines.

    Some people argue that Black German Shepherds are larger and have straighter backs than other German Shepherds.

    This is because Black German Shepherds originated from working lines, and responsible breeders work to improve this trait rather than dilute it.

    The size of a puppy will be determined by genetics regardless of color. The same is true for the line of your German Shepherds back.

    American lines breed for a sloped back while working lines are proud of a straight back.

    What Other Colors Do German Shepherds Have

    The Black German Shepherd Dog

    The common and accepted German Shepherd coat colors by major kennel clubs and organizations include mixed tan, sable, liver, and blue.

    In case youre wondering why a kennel clubs approval matters, it is because these organizations ensure that all dog breeds and the succeeding dog events they enter are run fairly, honestly, and prioritize the welfare of the animals.

    Some rare, faulty German Shepherd colors include solid white, gray, fawn, spotted, and lilac. Sadly, forcing the production of such rare genetics leads to complications within the breed that could harm them in the long run.

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    How Much Does A Black German Shepherd Cost

    Some pet lovers say that Black German Shepherd is one of the costliest dog breeds all around the world.

    If you are planning to buy a Black German Shepherd, you must be careful to prevent disappointments in the end.

    Several breeders in the market may take advantage to you. So, it would be best if you were alert to avoid scams and forgery.

    The color of the German shepherd has nothing to do with its temperament. The cost of this dog breed can increase due to its silkier and longer hair.

    If you want to get the best transaction in availing your black German shepherd, you must go to a responsible and trustworthy breeder. They must be qualified and offer proper paperwork.

    Reliable breeders will present you about the history of the puppy and its parents.

    In addition to that, the breeder must show you the complete history of the dog including their health.

    Most of the reliable breeders will tell you to meet the parents of the puppy.

    So, the next time you are going to buy a black German shepherd, you must not hesitate to ask essential questions about your puppy. A legit breeder will offer you the needed information with your dog.

    The standard Black German can be availed around $300 up to $700 for a puppy. On the other hand, the black GSD is available in $700 to $2000 each puppy.

    The Black German Shepherd is one of the most expensive dogs in the world.

    However, it would be best if you were not discouraged because of their price reasonable for its lovely character.

    One Dog Different Jobs

    Black Shepherds have traits that would make them fit to do work for the police, military, and search & rescue teams. Today, they are ranked the second most popular dog in the US.

    In fact, you would often see German Shepherds being used by the army and the police as their K9 unit. These dogs are fearless, intelligent, and obedient, which makes them great candidates for these positions.

    Even if this canine fits in the guns and the criminal world, they can also be trained to become a service dog.

    The Black German Shepherd has a stable temperament, which means they can stand intense situations without panicking. It allows them to become a guardian, a blind leader, and a companion who assists people who have disabilities.

    With their wolf-like appearance and protective nature, this is a breed you can rely on to be amazing guard dogs. Their courage and alertness allow them to look after their loved ones while being an excellent family companion.

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    Routine Vaccines For Black German Shepherds

    Vaccines protect dogs from lethal and contagious diseases. For a long and healthy life, it is best for a dog to stick to a schedule of vaccines. Talk with your vet about a recommended vaccine schedule.

    Flea and tick treatment isnt technically a vaccine but it is something that keeps your dog safe from bug bites and Lymes Disease. You have the choice of pills, collars, or essential oils to prevent fleas and ticks from attaching to your shepherd.

    How To Spot A Black Shepherd

    10 Black German Shepherd Puppies with GSM

    If you ever came face to face with a Black Shepherd, your initial instinct might be to run away since they look like a wolf. Dont fret theres more to love than to fear from this canines majestic features.

    The Black German Shepherd has a chiseled face and long muzzle. Perched on their rounded forehead are their semi-pointed and erect ears.

    Some German Shepherds aged 16- to 20-weeks old have floppy ears. But once the cartilage hardens, their ear will become stiff and upright.

    These dogs have dark almond-shaped eyes which match their black nose.

    They have a muscular body with sturdy and thick legs. The Black German Shepherd has a straight back which ends with a bushy tail. Sometimes they tend to have a straighter back than the regular one.

    The Black Shepherd has a medium-length double coat a dense and straight outer layer with a soft undercoat.

    These dogs may get long hair, which is a bit wavy and fluffy. Usually, they have a longer or straighter coat than the standard German Shepherd.

    But no matter the length of their coat, this canine has one primary color, black.

    For a German Shepherd to become black, both of his parents must have a recessive gene for a black coat. A more sure way of producing this rare canine is breeding two Black Shepherds.

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