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Is A German Shepherd The Right Dog For Me

German Shepherd Vs Chihuahua

Is a German Shepherd the Right Dog Breed for Me? 19 Facts About German Shepherd Dogs!

Chihuahuas are tiny dogs that seem timid and nervous because they always seem to be shivering. They only weigh under six pounds, so one would expect them to act friendly and adorable.

But make no mistake these tiny canines have big dog personalities and are very moody and grumpy towards people they dont know. They also have quite an attitude, and they often get into fights with much larger dogs.

However, they are very loving and gentle with their human owners, and they get along with other small pets exceptionally well.

German Shepherds are very different from Chihuahuas, and the differences are not only physical. Theyre over 26 inches tall and tip the scales at 70 pounds.

These fur buddies can be intimidating to unfamiliar people because of their size and wolf-like appearance.

German Shepherds are very loyal, fearless, and protective of their human families. Theyre very smart and obedient, and their socialization training is swift. They are excellent watchdogs, suspicious of strangers, and they dont bark unnecessarily.

Chihuahuas are little companion pups, whereas GSDs are highly intelligent canines with an extensive range of working skills, ranging from guarding to being therapy dogs.

German Shepherds Can Be A Misunderstood Intimidating Breed

For those who have never been around German Shepherds, or dogs in general, Shepherds can come across as mean and intimidating.

There is no denying that they are visually intimidating and strong. A fully grown male German Shepherd on average is between 60 and 90 pounds, while females range between 50 and 70 pounds. Both genders measure an average of 2 feet tall from the ground to back.

Shepherds also have an incredibly intimidating, deep bark. As you get to know your German Shepherd, you will be able to quickly recognize and interpret different barks, from angry and protective to goofy and playing. However, if you do not know the dog who is barking at you, and the dog is large, and bark can be perceived as aggressive.

German Shepherds are often refused as accepted breeds in apartment complexes, and can in some cases increase Home Owners Insurance premiums, in fact, according to The Nest, SHepherds are number 4 on the list of dogs that Insurance will not cover.

The article also explains that Shepherds are often seen as aggressive because of a high percentage in the annual cases of dog bites being from German Shepherds.

German Shepherd Chihuahua Mix Size Height And Weight

Hybrid pups tend to display a random set of characteristics from both parents. The GSD Chihuahua mix will likely be bigger than a pure Chihuahua but smaller than a GSD.

Since the two dogs have a vast difference in size, you can get a German Shepherd Chihuahua Mix in any size. For example, a Teacup Chihuahua mixed with German Shepherd would give you a Miniature German Shepherd Chihuahua Mix.

In any case, heres what a German Shepherd Chihuahua Mix full-grown can look like in terms of size:

8-50 pounds

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Is A German Shepherd The Right Dog For Me

The question that a lot of people ask themselves before they go ahead and make a purchase toward a pet, in this case, a dog is Is this animal the right fit for me?

Well, I am here to answer your questions as to why a German Shepherd would be a great fit for you or why you might decide to try out another breed instead.

I am going to start by saying that German Shepherds are an incredibly intelligent breed. They are easy to train and always willing to learn new commands.

The downfall to their intelligence is that if not trained properly they are easy to disobey as well as become destructive.

The reason for bad behavior, in most cases, is that they are extremely active and energetic and without proper guidance and an appropriate outlet to release some of that energy, they become rambunctious and misbehave.

If you are a first time dog owner, a German Shepherd will probably not be suitable as a first choice.

German Shepherds generally need to be placed in a active home setting with an experienced dog owner who has lots of time and energy to provide the right care, exercise, social atmosphere and training skills.

Its also important to note that German Shepherds require a strong leadership and consistency. Its sometimes hard to find the right pair for these breeds due to the fact that they are bred from a long history of high level activity.

Now, heres a question you should definitely ask yourself before considering bringing in one of these beautiful breeds into your home.

German Shepherd Chihuahua Mix Lifespan

Is a German Shepherd the Right Dog for Me?  The German ...

A German Shepherd Chihuahua Mix may live for up to 10 to 14 years. Although hybrid pups have a healthier life than their parents, there are so many variables that affect how long a pooch will live.

Age, diet, genetics, health history, and lifestyle are just some of the factors that can impact your pets lifespan.

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Are You Able To Provide Enough Mental Stimulation For Your German Shepherd

German Shepherds are well known to be one of the most intelligent breeds of dog. They are tremendous problem solvers and can adapt to just about any situation that they are put in with one exception.

A German Shepherd will not adapt to a situation where it is not being provided with the mental stimulation that it needs to make full use of its mental faculties.

While there are many things that you can do to keep your GSD mentally stimulated, this will again come down to the time that you have available and are willing to devote to your dog.

Ask yourself if you are prepared to do the following things and be truthful with yourself:

  • Spend time teaching your GSD new tricks.
  • Interact with your GSD playing with puzzle toys or hiding treats around the place for your dog to find.
  • Taking your GSD with you wherever you go to keep it engaged and learning from its environment .
  • Taking the time to give your GSD a job like fetching a ball or catching a frisbee.

A mentally deprived German Shepherd can be an ill-behaved, destructive, and potentially dangerous dog.

You dont want a bored German Shepherds on your hands, so its important to consider whether you have both the time and inclination to do what it takes to keep your GSD mentally stimulated.

Training Standard Poodle Puppy

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Are German Shepherds Smart

According to the author of The Intelligence of Dogs,, Stanley Coren, Ph.D., ranks the German Shepherd as the third smartest dog breed. This study took a look at more than 100 dog breeds as they were judged by 200 dog obedience judges while learning new commands. Dogs were ranked based on their ability to perform commands 95% of the time or better based on less than five command repetitions.

The incredible level of intelligence in the German Shepherd, a level only bested by the Border Collie and the Poodle, makes this breed incredibly versatile. An ability to quickly pick up new commands and an intense desire to please its master means that this breed is the perfect candidate for any number of professional positions available to canines. This trait is perhaps why this is the breed of choice for both military and police work worldwide.

When theyre serving professionally, the German Shepherd can take part in police work, guard dog work, sheepdog work, service dog work, military work, and search and rescue work. German Shepherds also frequently participate in dog sports, including obedience, tracking, flyball, ring sport, and agility.

Training Beagle Hunting To Rabbit

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Top 10 Reasons Why A Gsd May Not Be The Dog Breed For You:

German Shepherds require a serious commitment. Many of the dogs that come to rescue organizations have no training. It is important that the new family puts time and effort into training their rescue dog.

These dogs have a high energy level. The very energy that allows these dogs to be police, search, guide and herding dogs is often the reason these dogs are surrendered. If you’re looking for a couch potato you may want to consider a different breed.

German Shepherds are highly intelligent. If they are not given a job to do they will often come up with their own.

Like any dog, the German Shepherd is a social animal and needs to be part of a family. The loyalty that endears this breed to many requires that it not be banished to the backyard.

German Shepherds are large dogs. The number one reason given by people surrendering German Shepherds is moving. Usually apartments do not welcome these dogs. If you don’t know where you will be a few years down the line it is not the right time to adopt.

German Shepherd Dogs are a double coated breed. They shed, and require diligent coat maintenance for their health and your sanity on cleaning day. They are often lovingly referred to as German Shedders.

They can be vocal, often whining and barking to communicate. If left alone for prolonged periods of time they may become problem barkers.

If you don’t like doggy smell, consider a different breed. Also, bathing can be challenging due to the dog’s water-resistant outer coat.

What Colors Do German Shepherds Come In

The most common colors are black and tan, black and red, black and cream, or black and silver. These colors cover the dog in one of these three patterns:

  • Saddleback the black overlays the dog’s back and sides . The rest of the dog is tan, red, cream, or silver. Usually there’s some black on the face, as well.
  • Blanketback the black extends further down the shoulders and hips.
  • Bicolor like a Doberman or Rottweiler, which is mostly black with small tan/red/cream markings specifically confined to the head, chest, and legs. Honestly I don’t know why this pattern is called bicolor, which simply means two colors. As we’ve just seen, the other two patterns also have just two colors.

Another common color is sable, which is an overall shade of gray, golden, or red, with black-tipped hairs that create a “dusted with black” effect.

A less common, but perfectly acceptable, color is solid black.

“Faulty” colors

Then there are two controversial colors: blue and liver:

  • Blue German Shepherds have inherited a color-modifying gene that changes their black pigment to smoky gray. Many blue dogs look as though they’ve been dusted with flour.
  • Liver German Shepherds have inherited a color-modifying gene that changes their black pigment to brown .

Blue and liver are considered serious faults by the official German Shepherd clubs and breeders who show their dogs in the conformation ring. But you can still register these dogs and compete with them in activities such as obedience and agility.

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German Shepherd Chihuahua Mix Price

The German Shepherd Chihuahua isnt a pup youll come across often at the rescue center, and due to their unpredictability and the complicated breeding procedure, very few breeders try to produce German Shepherd Chihuahua Mixes.

A GSD usually costs around $1,500 to $3,000, whereas a Chihuahua can cost about $500 to $1,500, depending on their coat, health, size, and breeder.

Their mix should cost less than both purebred parents.

However, their price usually depends on the breeder and how they market these pups. Even though the actual price of this pup should be less than that of the GSD and the Chihuahua, you may find a breeder selling them for a much higher price.

For those who want a canine pal without spending too much, theres always the adoption route. So, how can you find these furry pets up for adoption?

Is A German Shepherd Right For You Survey Results From German Shepherd Owners

Is a German Shepherd Right For Me?

The number three most registered dog breed in the United States according to the American Kennel Club is the German shepherd dog . We have a breed profile on the German shepherd but the breed profile can only tell you so much. Sowe really wanted to give possible German shepherd owners a better understanding of the German shepherd such as: are they good for families with kids? Are they aggressive? Do they shed a lot? Do they bark a lot? What are their good and bad traits?

We wrote a survey asking German shepherd owners just these questions. Read the real answers from over 250 German shepherd owners. We dont want to discourage anyone from getting a dog. But we want the right match.

Read the responses of hundreds of German shepherd owners and find out if a German shepherd is right for you!

Questions we asked in our survey included:

1.What type of pet or pets do you own? In our survey, 57% have dogs, 1.6% had cats, 38% had both dogs and cats and approximately 4% had a dog but recently lost him or her. As you can see 38 % of German shepherd owners have cats!

2.Do you have a German shepherd at home? Over 99.2% answered yes and the remaining answered that they had a German shepherd until recently.

3.How old is your German Shepherd? In our survey, 15.5% were less than 1 year old, 35% were 1 to 3 years old, 22% were 4 to 6 years old, 12% were 7 to 9 years old, 9% were 9 to 11 years old, 5% were 11 to 13 years, 1.2% were 13 to 15 years and approximately 1.2% were over 15 years old.

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Active And Need A High Level Of Exercise

Although this can fall into the pro column for families who are very active, it is important to remember that these dogs need to work. Every. Single. Day. This means even if youre feeling a rest day, chances are your pup is still in need of their workout. So, you need to make sure you have a plan to give your pup enough physical and mental exercise to keep them happy and healthy every single day. With a life expectancy anywhere from 7-11 years, this is a lifetime commitment. Even as these dogs age and start to slow down, they will still need some work to do that is appropriate for their level of fitness.

German Shepherd Chihuahua Mix Grooming And Cleaning

Chihuahuas can have short, medium, or long-length hair, whereas the German Shepherd has long, thick fur.

Both GSDs and chihuahuas shed their coats and need to be groomed and brushed to keep them clean and shiny.

If your German Shepherd Chihuahua Mix takes after the breed with the longer fur, expect to spend at least 30 minutes brushing it every week. Increase the frequency to twice a week during shedding months.

Cleaning their ears now and then and brushing their teeth twice a week will help keep ear infections and dental problems at bay.

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About The German Shepherd

German Shepherds are commonly used as working dogs, and for good reason. They are loyal, protective and agile dogs. The average German shepherd stands between 22 and 26 inches tall and weighs anywhere from 50 -90 pounds. Male dogs fall to the higher end of this range and females on the lower end.

As their name implies, the German shepherd originated in Germany. In the late 1800s a a German cavalry officer, Captain Max von Stephanitz began working to breed the ideal German herding dog. He bred herding dogs that at the time had some variety from district to district in the region until the breed began to resemble the German shepherd we see today. As there became less of a need for livestock herding, he promoted these dogs as working dogs – great for police and military work. Which is why they still hold many of these jobs today.

They Need A Lot Of Daily Exercise

German Shepherd Dog Breed Guide

German Shepherds are the perfect fit for anyone with an active lifestyle that wants to take their dog with them on their adventures! Adult German Shepherds require a ton of exercise, a minimum of two hours per day, to get rid of their pent-up energy and prevent behavioral problems.

This exercise should not only include walks but also running off-lead in a safe area. They also need playtime for mental stimulation and ongoing training.

Remember, puppies will need to gently build up to this amount of exercise to prevent harm to their fast-growing joints and bones. As a general rule, aim for exercising your puppy for five minutes per month of age, twice a day. .

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Is The German Shepherd The Right Breed For You

When choosing a breed for your next pet, you want to make sure the dog suits your preferences but also that you can meet the dogs needs. If you love going for runs or long walks, dont have dog allergies, and love teaching your dog new tricks, a German Shepherd may be the perfect breed for you.

If you want to do a little more research, check out The German Shepherd Handbook. If youre not sure about this breed, our article on the most popular dog breeds may help you narrow down a breed that would be more suitable to your and your future pups needs.

Why do you love German Shepherds?


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