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Do German Shepherds Need Haircuts

Dealing With Tough Mats

German Shepherd Mix Haircut

Some mats can be tough, and using other ordinary tools to curb them will not bring the intended results. Such tough mats can happen to stray dogs or those dogs who have been neglected.

Such dogs will need a haircut to break out any tough mats. At such a point, cutting this GSDs hair will be the only advantageous option.

As you can see from the above points, a haircut will be much more important and the best alternative for such German shepherds.

Exercising Your German Shepherds

German Shepherds are high-energy dogs and need at least one hour of intense exercise each day .

In addition to this, they need a large yard in which to run around.

Even if you have a large yard, you will have to dedicate time and energy to exercising with your German Shepherd.

Remember, they are your shadow. If you dont go into the yard, they are not likely to go alone. If they do go alone, they will soon return or come and check on your regularly.

This will prevent them from self-exercising sufficiently to satisfy their needs.

Canine sports training is an excellent way to burn off some of this energy, but it still involves you.

What All Does At Home Grooming Involve

Though grooming is often categorized as brushing and cleaning of the coat only, there is much more that you can do to maintain your German Shepherds outward appearance.

A well-rounded grooming of a GSD includes maintaining their coat, trimming their nails, cleaning their ears, keeping up with their dental health, and a few other tips that we will discuss in this article.

Though this may sound tedious, it is all made easier if you follow a simple routine. By setting aside days and times for grooming, it can all begin to flow naturally throughout your day.;

If you want to make sure you are taking care of all of your dogs grooming needs, then take a look at some of the tips below.;

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How To Brush Your German Shepherd Teeth

First, pick a toothbrush designed specifically for dogs. Then brush your dogs gums gently with toothpaste formulated for dogs, baking soda, or water.

You just need to brush the outside surface; your dogs tongue will naturally clean the top and inside surfaces.

You may also want to give your dog dental chew toys. In this way, they can satisfy their basic needs to chew and clean their teeth at the same time.

How To Train A German Shepherd Puppy

Can You Shave a German Shepherd?

When it comes to training tips for training any breed of puppy, whether a German shepherd puppy or a mixed breed or nonspecific breed, we recommend following the advice of our team in the puppy training guide. In short we have these tips for training German shepherd puppies :

  • German shepherd puppy training should start around 6 months of age.
  • Prior to 6 months, your puppy training should consist of socializing your German shepherd and simple commands like sit and no bites.
  • Avoid yelling at, scolding and punishing your German shepherd puppy; instead, use positive reinforcement training plus a lot of patience.

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Why Is It Important To Groom Your German Shepherd

We know it can be tough to find the time to groom your dog, but there are several reasons why grooming your dog is so important. Some of these reasons include:

It functions as an overall health check: Your time spent grooming your dog can be one of the only times that you get a complete feel of their entire body. Its during this time that you may be able to note any new lumps, weight loss, scabs, skin issues, or any other concerning symptoms that you may not have noticed otherwise. This is your chance to really look over your dog.;

It could save your dog: Though you may not care how your dog looks, its important to keep it looking its best for the other people who may happen upon your dog in the event that it gets loose or runs away.

When a person sees a well-kept dog on the loose, its immediately on their mind that the dog must have run away from its home. An unkempt dog, however, may appear to people as a stray. And typically speaking, people are much less likely to help a stray over a dog that they know has just lost its way from good home.

It keeps your house clean: A clean home is a happy home. If your dog is shedding all over your furniture, staining your carpet, or bringing with them an unpleasant odor; you and visitors alike wont feel your best in your home.;

Dogs are more enjoyable when they are clean: We are more likely to cuddle and spend time with our beloved dogs when they are clean and fresh. Nobody wants to let a dirty dog on the couch!

How To Bathe Your German Shepherds

Choosing The Best Shampoo for German Shepherds

When bathing your GSDs, you need to choose a shampoo made specifically for dog hairs. You cannot use human shampoo for bathing your dog because dogs skin has different pH from human skin. Using human shampoos can make your dogs skin dry or cause an allergic reaction.

For healthy German Shepherds, use a mild and gentle hypoallergenic shampoo for washing all parts of the body and tear-free shampoo for the head area. If your German Shepherd has skin issues, you may want to ask your local vet for advice.

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Where to Bathe Your Dog?

For a medium to large-sized dogs like German Shepherds, you might find it easier to bathe your dog outside in the backyard.

Some dog owners prefer to bathe their German Shepherds using a garden hose set on low pressure.

Setting The Water Temperature

In summer, you may want to let the water cool down first before bathing your dog. In the colder days, you may want to prepare buckets filled with comfortable, warm water as opposed to cold hose water.

Always test the water temperature first before washing your dogs to ensure its not too hot or cold.

If it is not possible to bathe your dog outside as in the case when youre living in an apartment, you can use a bathtub or dog tub.

If youre using a bathtub or dog tub, you will want to put a non-slip mat in the bottom of the tub and around your bathroom to prevent any slipping.

Getting Started

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Not Effective Against Shedding

If you are thinking that shaving is the only solution to avoid shedding in German Shepherd, let me mention, you are wrong. There is no specific month for German Shepherd to shed, and you canât keep them shaved all year.

Letâs say if you are shaving the outer coat of your dog, then what to do with undercoat shedding, which is their genetic makeup. Shaving them to delay or avoid the shedding process is the worst thing to do with a pet dog.

But as a dog parent, you can manage their shedding by using different ways so that you will not have to pick fur from the corners.

Is German Shepherd A Double

Things to know as a new German Shepherd owner | Mistakes made by new owners

Yes, GSD has double coats. A double-coated dog means they have two layers of fur. These two coats are called top coat and undercoat.

The top coat is also known as guard hairs, which you can only see when you play with your dog. The undercoat is the coat that helps your dog to stay warm during the winter.

The outer part of the coat is harsher feeling and tough while the undercoat is thick. The coat is around the front legs and the face is tight and short.

Dogs with this coat will shed often, and if the hair is not clear it can mat tangle, and clumps can form.

The hair type also produces the oil, which may make the dog smell bad if you dont groom your GSD periodically.

If you are a beginner or just recently got a German Shepherd dog breed, here are a few tips about the basic grooming you can follow and include in your dogs grooming routine:

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How Much Attention Does A German Shepherd Puppy Need

Puppies need a great deal of attention, far more than adults. They need to be toilet trained, watched, played with, socialized, cared for, talked to, and cuddled. They also, of course, need exercise, but this is somewhere to approach with a bit of care.

Its important not to over-exercise a puppy, as this can have a detrimental effect on their growth and muscular skeleton. If your puppy seems worn out and wants to stop, pay attention and let them; they should not be pushed beyond their limits.

As a rough rule of thumb, give your German Shepherd five minutes of continuous exercise for every month of their age. That means a month-old puppy should only be exercising for about five minutes per go, whereas a six-month-old one can do about thirty minutes of constant exercise.

Less continuous exercise can be better for them, so play lots of games to let them exercise and socialize thoroughly without overdoing their workout. Its good to take heavy panting or an inclination to lie down as a clear sign to stop playing.

Maintaining The German Shepherd Coats

Each dog has specific grooming requirements that must be followed and making it a weekly routine works miracles. Unfortunately, many German shepherd owners use the incorrect methods of keeping their furry friends hygienic.

Did you know that the level of activeness and exercise determines your German shepherds hygiene routine? Yes, it does! Active GSDs that do plenty of exercises need daily grooming while the vice versa needs twice-weekly grooming.

Maintaining a German shepherds coat needs special attention due to heavy shedding and, as we know, it is a double coat. If groomed correctly, this reduces the level of shedding.

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Facts About German Shepherds

Ranked number two on the AKC breed popularity list, German shepherds are smart, confident and courageous dogs. The bond between a German shepherd and his owner is unsurpassed by other breeds and as such make a great choice as a family pet. This breed is deeply loyal and protective of their family and is well-known for their work in the military, search and rescue, drug detection, and as guide and assistance dogs. German shepherds are active dogs that require plenty of daily exercise, otherwise they can get into mischief.

Here are German shepherd facts:

  • Size: The average height of German shepherds is 22-26 inches and the weight range is 50-90 pounds.
  • Life expectancy: The average lifespan for a healthy German shepherd is 7-10 years.
  • Coat: The German shepherd has a medium-length double coat with a dense and harsh outer coat and softer undercoat.
  • AKC group: German shepherds belong to the AKC herding group.

How To Stop German Shepherd From Barking

Does a German Shepherd Need a Haircut?

To ensure your dog training is successful, you need to exercise your German shepherd regularly. This is a high-energy breed that needs more exercise and play than most breeds. A regular routine of both physical exercise and mental stimulation will leave him less likely to react to triggers that make them bark.

Training any dog to do anything requires patience, time, and consistency.

Need help with your German shepherd puppys barking? This article will help you understand how to curtail puppy barking at night. And this post, will help you discover ways to control puppy barking without using a bark collar.

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Easy German Shepherd Hair Care Hints And Techniques

Picture: Grooming a German Shepherd

Since German Shepherds should not receive haircuts, something must be done to ensure that their hair remains in fine fettle. While it might involve a lot of work, think of it as a bonding moment between you and your canine buddy.

Here are some hair care hints and techniques:

  • Routine bathing Make sure you give your German shepherd routine bathing as they love exploring the world by moving around. This makes their hair dirty which makes daily washing, if possible, a necessary thing. You should also ensure that you dry them completely after a bath.
  • Routine brushing This should be done after a bath. A routine brushing prevents your German shepherds coat from matting which causes discomfort and pain. This is especially critical for long-haired German shepherds. As such, make it a quick daily routine or weekly at the very least.
  • Regular conditioning This is where most pet owners fail by using any type of conditioner. If you did not know, not all conditioners are crafted with a dogs skin pH balance in mind. As such, look for high-quality conditioners, especially those made for dogs.
  • Always remember to be gentle on your German shepherd when brushing and grooming. Another important factor to consider is using the right tools for this work. Also, make sure that your GSD does not play with the tools because they are not toys.

    Are German Shepherd Dogs Good Pets

    German shepherds are very good pets, especially for active families and homes that have yards where your German shepherd can get exercise every day. German shepherds tend to have high prey drive, though, so they might tend to bolt if they see cats, small dogs and other small animals. If you adopt a German shepherd puppy, we recommend that you socialize it early, to get it used to being around your other pets.

    Because they tend to have high prey drive, we recommend leash training your German shepherd.

    This breed of dog is highly intelligent and highly trainable . They do tend to shed a lot so be ware if you have someone in your household who has pet allergies.

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    No Protection From Sunlight

    The German Shepherdâs undercoat is short and pleated. This makes it ideal for catching air and protecting them.

    The more drawn-out topcoat helps by shielding them from the warmth. So regardless of whether theyâre blowing their jacket, the topcoat is there to protect the skin from the sun.

    Yet, you mess this up when you shave your German Shepherd. The shaved watchman hairs are pointless. Also, the shaved undercoat is sufficiently short to permit the sunâs beams to get past.

    Alert: Many twofold-covered canines have pale pink skin. That and sun openness make them defenseless against burn from the sun and overheating.

    Brush Your German Shepherd

    German Shepherd does not want to share the couch with the Bernese Mountain Dog #Shorts

    One of the best ways to help with your dogs natural process of shedding dead and loose hairs is to adopt a good habit for brushing their hair. Use a combination of a dematting comb with a deshedding tool and slicker brush to achieve the best results. Do this immediately after a bath and a few other times throughout the course of a week and youll notice a vast improvement in how your dog looks.

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    Are Belgian Malinois Related To German Shepherds

    Both the Malinois and German Shepherd are members of the Herding Group and can trace their origins to livestock herding dogs. As their names imply, the Belgian Malinois was developed in Belgium and the German Shepherd in Germany. The Malinois was one of four varieties of Belgian Shepherd Dog in use in the late 1800s.

    Tip Five: Talk To Your Dog

    Learning your dogs language and helping it to learn yours is another key part of giving your German Shepherd attention. If you look for the signals of your dogs mood, you will be better able to provide the attention that suits what it needs right then.

    Look at the position of your dogs ears and tail, and see how it responds to the sound of your voice, as well as how it stands, sits, or lies, for a good idea of how your dog is feeling. Dogs talk with their bodies more than their voices .

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    Veterinary Formula Clinical Care Antiparasitic & Anti

    Is your shepherd dog struggling from stubborn seborrhea that is always itchy? Then this medicated shampoo is the real deal.

    This shampoo contains salicylic acid and micronized sulfur that treats the scaling and itching that comes with mange and parasitic infestations.

    Say bye to the flaking skin as, within time, most consumers that have used this product can attest that they have seen results soon than they expected.

    Additionally, its one of the best grooming tools for German shepherds as it has a balanced pH; hence you are sure that no irritation or discomfort will occur.

    After using this veterinary formula clinical care antiparasitic & antiseborrheic medicated shampoo, your lovely shepherd will be happy and comfortable.

    Worth to note: avoid using;human shampoo;as it causes disruption of the natural oils and still causes flaking and irritation.

    Another note: Even if your dog appears to have healthy skin, you may still need to use a good shampoo if its skin is sensitive.


    • Can be stubborn to wash off

    Why Does My Gsd Smell

    Long Haired German Shepherd Haircut

    A smelly german shepherd is a common problem, however, it is treatable. German shepherds may smell because its their natural odor, they may have rolled in something, theyre wet, theyre perspiring, they have dental problems, skin problems, gas, an ear infection, or a problem with their organs or anal sac.25 Sept 2019

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    Professional Grooming For Your German Shepherd

    If you are feeling overwhelmed with the options you have for at-home grooming, you can always put your Shepherds grooming in the hands of a professional.;

    There are plenty of professional grooming options for dog bathing, nail trims, ear cleanings, and brushing. Groomers can provide a high-quality spa experience for your dog!;


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