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What Is A German Shepherd A Mix Of

Golden Shepherd: German Shepherd & Golden Retriever Mix

Maltese German Shepherd Mix: Is It Possible to Cross-Breed

The Golden Shepherd features another popular purebred- the benevolent Golden Retriever. This is also an intelligent breed with hunting roots.

It has a penchant for swimming and retrieving . This is a favorite family dog because it has a heart of gold. Add the protectiveness and loyalty of the German Shepherd and it makes for a magnificent mix.

Both breeds have heavy coats of fur and shed more than average. So, if you suffer from allergies, this is something to consider when seeking out breeders.

The Golden Shepherd can grow up to 20 to 26 inches tall and can weigh between 60 to 85 pounds .

Dutch Shepherd German Shepherd Mix: Coat Care Shedding & Grooming

Another all-too-common question aspiring dog owners often have about their new pup is in the area of coat care.

Some people are quite allergic to protein dander found on the skin and in the saliva and urine of dogs, which can make learning about shedding even more important.

In this section, we take a look at whether, how much, and how often a Dutch Shepherd German Shepherd dog might shed.

Black And Red German Shepherd

Unlike most of the colors in the list, this color is most suited to show bloodlines, as opposed to working GSD bloodlines.

The black and red German Shepherd strongly resembles the black and tan variation.

One difference is that the tan-colored areas are replaced with reddish-brown areas. This red pigment is much stronger than the tan pigment.

These red areas sometimes appear to be lighter in color .

The black color on their fur is still the same as the other variations with a black saddle-like marking and a black mask marking.

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How Big Will A German Shepherd Hound Mix Get

15 Most Popular German Shepherd Mix and Hybrid Dogs

The German Shepherd Hound Basset Mix Dog is small to medium in height, measuring about 12 to 20 inches.

Males are relatively large and females are usually small. Some hound alloys, such as the Golden Retriever German Shepherd Mix, are larger than 20 inches in height.

The Basset Hound German Shepherd Mix, similar to the German Shepherd mixed with the lab, weighs from 50 to 70 pounds as they are small to medium in size.

Furthermore, their value depends on the food and training you provide to your dog.

In the color coat, they are a mix of hunters like the Basset Hound and the German Shepherd, so they have a double-layered coat similar to the German Shepherd, a thin undercoat, and a fluffy, hairy overcoat.

Because of their double coat, they can survive the extreme cold that keeps these dogs active. But yes, you have to tame these dogs accordingly.

The coat of their color varies from basic black and beige to white, blue, red, brown, light, and a combination of all these colors. Some dogs have beautiful patterns with color combinations.

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Cocker Spaniel German Shepherd Mix = Spaniel Shepherd

  • Another unique mixed breed is the Spaniel Shepherd. Also called the German Spaniel, its the offspring of a Cocker Spaniel and German Shepherd.
  • This is not a common hybrid so information about them is rare. Learning more about the parent breeds will provide you with insight on how to manage this dog.
  • With such attractive parents, the Cocker Spaniel German Shepherd mix will likely be handsome as well and have a lush, wavy fur.
  • The German Shepherd Cocker Spaniel mix will thrive with an attentive owner who can provide the dog with the right physical and mental stimulation.
  • Finding this specific German Shepherd mixed breed puppy will be difficult. You can look for reliable hybrid breeders near you. Shelters and rescue centers might also have crossbreed puppies for adoption.
  • Mini Shepadoodle / Miniature Shepadoodle

    A miniature or mini Shepadoodle is a medium sized German Shepherd and Poodle mix that typically ranges from 35 pounds to 45 pounds.; The name sounds a little bit off since these are supposed to be mini dogs, but for the Shepadoodle breed this is actually quite mini.; Consider that German Shepherds can reach over 100 pounds and a Poodle can reach to be around 90 pounds, this is considered a mini Shepadoodle.

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    German Shepherd Lab Mix Temperament

    Labradors are friendly, active and outgoing. They love to interact with people, show their affection, and get on well with children. Also, the German Shepherd is confident, courageous and smart. They are loyal and full of life. Furthermore, Labradors and German Shepherds are both fast learners and eager to please. German Shepherds in particular need productive ways to channel their intelligence, or they will get into mischief to stave off boredom.

    A German Shepherd Lab mix could inherit any combination of the traits of their parents, which is why meeting both parents before committing to bringing home a puppy is so important. Either way, its important to properly socialize your new pup from an early age.

    Is A Shepadoodle The Right Dog For Me

    Bullmastiff German Shepherd Mix: A Powerful and Intelligent Mixed Breed Dog with Precise Needs

    Shepadoodles make outstanding companions and give the best traits between a German Shepherd and Poodle.; They are fairly easy to take care of as long as you have time to adequately exercise them. Ideally, you should be exercising your Poodle and German Shepherd mix at least 1 hour per day and provide some sort of mental stimulation indoors such as horns to chew on.;

    The downsides of a Shepadoodle is that they will require regular grooming such as brushing and dog haircuts since they grow hair instead of fur.; The upside of this is that a Shepadoodle will shed significantly less fur than a German Shepherd.; In addition, German Shepherd and Poodle mixes are significantly better with people that have any types of animal allergies as the Shedadoodle tends to be more hypoallergenic.

    Shepadoodles are also not a purebred dog so if youre fine with a dog that will have mixed traits and characteristics then they are outstanding dogs.; Just remember that the personality and temperament may differ between dogs, but are a loving ball of energy. If youre looking for a dog that is loyal, obedient, intelligent, and loving then the Shepadoodle is the right dog for you.

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    Is This Breed Easy To Train

    Early socialization and training for your German Shepherd Labrador mix help in fostering good behavior.

    Whether or not your dog turns out to be aggressive largely depends on the time you spend training your pet.

    For the Sheprador, Im happy to report that this crossbreed gets top marks in obedience.

    Highly intelligent, eager to please, and quick to learn, the Sheprador will take whatever commands you throw her way and make short work of it. This makes her an excellent candidate for dog shows and service work.

    An important training tip specific to this breed is to keep it light on dominance-based methodologies, as the Sheprador does not respond well to this type of training.

    How Do You Begin Puppy Training

    It will take time, patience, with positive reinforcement, using praise and small treats as a reward for success.

    So, if you are not going to use a professional dog trainer Here are some tips to begin:

    1)Develop your basic command words: Find the keywords you think you will use most like Sit, Stop, and Fetch etc. and be consistent each time you use them.

    2) Crate Get a crate and get puppy used to going into it. It will become its nest and it will feel safe and sleep there. Lock the cage in the early days so it knows it has to sleep there, plus its useful experience if transporting your pet.

    3) Potty training May be hit and miss for a new puppy who gets easily excited and lacks control, however products are available, such as mats and odour sprays to attract puppy go to the same spot each time.

    4) Walking on a leash -Voice commands and road awareness is very important for your puppys safety.

    Any mix from purebred dogs, could have congenital health problems.

    A German Shepherd and an American Pitbull Terrier cross breed could develop:

    Hip Dysplasia

    Hip dysplasia is a mal-formation of the hip joint, where the ball at the top of the leg does not fit properly into the socket and the ligaments attaching it are weak. This allows excess movement of the fitting which can eventually lead to stiffness and pain for the dog.

    This active dog could have hip problems, causing pain when moving.

    Skin problems


    In each case it is important to seek medical help!

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    Sheprador German Shepherd Labrador Mix

    The Sheprador is a mix of a German Shepherd with a Labrador Retriever. Labrador Retrievers are the most popular dog breed, according to the AKC. German Shepherds are a close second. This makes the Sheprador quite the popular mixed breed. The main purpose of this mix is a companion or working dog. Both breeds are energetic yet gentle, loyal, and obedient. Theyre easy to train in basic commands or specialized work.

    The Shepradors exact appearance can be tough to predict as a puppy. Some show more black and tan, like the GSD. Some have floppier ears than others. Generally, the appearance is cute, due to some degree of a flop in the ears.

    Typically, Shepradors are considered the large breed and weigh between 50 and 90 pounds when full-grown. They have a thick double coat that requires daily brushing and occasional shampooing.

    A Sheprador would be an awesome mix for a family with small children. The German Shepherd trains would protect the kids from stranger danger while the Labrador trains would love playing in the back yard all day long.

    What Does A German Shepherd Lab Mix Eat

    German Shepherd Mix Breed Photos

    Although dog food is preferable for a German Shepherd mix Labrador, dog food has the right amount of nutrients that a dog needs, yet you can also feed your dog with the regular nutritious food you eat.

    Dogs have a major crush for cheese. You can give them some, but an excess of cheese is harmful to their health. Thus, limit the amount of cheese you are giving them.

    Also, they love to eat chicken, beef, pork, and other meats. Again, not just will they make him obese, but it will also affect their stomach. Thus, give them meat in a limited quantity.

    Apart from this, you can give them healthy food like green leafy vegetables, carrot, tomato, fruits, grains, pulses, and even pizza base.;

    Avoid excess of spice and sugar in their food, as they will not digest it.;

    Keep them far away from oily snacks as well as snacks can make them obese. Avoid giving him extra hot and extra cold food, as it might also affect their health.

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    Everything You Need To Know About German Shepherd Lab Mix Dogs

    This post may contain affiliate links. We may earn money or products from the companies mentioned in this post.

    German Shepherds and Labradors are both intelligent and lovable dogs, and two of the most popular breeds in the United States.

    It is, therefore, no surprise that some breeders are starting to mix the two. Considering whether a German Shepherd Lab Mix is right for you? Read on for everything you need to know about this amazing mixed-breed dog.

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    Mastiff Shepherd German Shepherd Mastiff Mix

    We have already mentioned a few wonderful guard dogs on this list, but the Mastiff Shepherd is certainly a standout from these other similar mixed breeds. Thats because the Mastiff Shepherd is known for being one of the most low-maintenance large dogs you can own. Yet, he still comes with all of the qualities you want and need.

    The Mastiff Shepherd certainly isnt a little guy. The combination leaves him between 2 and 3 feet tall with a weight of between 80 and 200 pounds. The size varies so vastly because each Mastiff Shepherd will be different. However, typically all will share a common appearance of a large abdomen and large paws. They will also have a robust muzzle with folded ears.

    Despite his large size, the Mastiff Shepherd is known for being a gentle giant. He is docile and does not need too much training. He also has relatively low exercise needs, making him a good option for homes with a smaller backyard. Although calmer than other breeds, he is still a natural protector and wont mind alerting his loved ones to an intruder.

    The Mastiff Shepherd has some of the least concerning health issues including bloat, cherry eye, and possible joint issues. These should always be looked at and treated professionally. Expect to pay anywhere between $350 and $1,100 for this breed.

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    How Old Will German Shepherd Chow Mix Get On Average

    The average life span of German Shepherd Chow mixes lies between 10 to 12 years, which is the average life span of most dog breeds.;

    But with proper care and feeding, the span of 12 years can be extended as well. If your dog is not suffering from health issues, and you are taking complete care of its diet, then it can live much longer than its average life span.;

    Make sure to feed them with healthy food from their puppyhood and organize training and exercise sessions regularly to keep them fit. Obesity can be a reason for its early death.

    Apart from this visit to a veteran, as soon as you find something suspicious going on with your companion. Take him to the veteran regularly to keep track of his health and health problems as well.

    Alaskan Shepherd Alaskan Malamute German Shepherd Mix

    German Shepherd Chihuahua Mix: What Breed Do We Get from

    When looking for a loyal guard dog to add to the home, the Alaskan Shepherd is a great choice. His loyal personality combined with his large, muscular stature instantly runs off danger and leaves the home feeling secured. The Alaskan Shepherd looks like the perfect combo of both breeds and can weigh up to an incredible 130 pounds. He can also be as tall as 28 inches.

    This big brute of a dog gets his guarding personality from both parents. Its important to have him socialized and trained at a young age, though. This is because the Alaskan Shepherd can be overly aggressive with strangers. Its a natural instinct that occurs without proper training.

    He is not just a guard dog, though. The Alaskan Shepherd is also incredibly loving to his family. He is great with children of all ages, although younger children should be supervised considering the Alaskan Shepherds large size. Train him, love him, keep him well-exercised, and mentally stimulating and he is a great pet to own.

    The Alaskan Shepherd doesnt struggle with too many health concerns, although they are severe. These health conditions include hip dysplasia, chondrodysplasia, degenerative myelopathy, and a congenital heart defect. The breed is also one of the most expensive ones, with a price tag ranging between $300 and $1,000.

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    Dutch Shepherd German Shepherd Mix: Longevity & Health Issues

    Once you make the commitment to share your life with a companion canine, you just want your dog to be with you for as long as possible.

    Unfortunately, as you will notice in this section, the German Shepherd has an all-too-short life expectancy. However, this may be moderated somewhat by the Dutch Shepherd genetic influence.

    Since both dogs are prone to similar joint issues, it is important to take your time and do your research to pick the healthiest, sturdiest puppy.

    Cane Corso German Shepherd Mix = German Corso

  • A German Corso is the hybrid offspring of a German Shepherd and a Cane Corso.
  • This is an unusual and rare combination so theres scant information to be found about this dog. But you can infer a lot about this crossbreed by studying the parent breeds.
  • A Cane Corso German Shepherd mix breed is likely to be a massive dog.
  • When it comes to German Shepherd Cane Corso health issues, the dog will probably be healthier than the parent breed. But owners should still be careful of problems like hip dysplasia and bloat.
  • With both parents bred as guard dogs, a German Shepherd Cane Corso mix will also exhibit loyal and protective traits. This dog will require early training and socialization to ensure theyre a safe pet once they grow up.
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    Grooming Requirements Of The Hybrid

    There are times when the hybrid sheds a lot and other times when it doesnt, shed much.;

    During the seasons it does a lot of shedding, the crossbreed should be brushed daily with a firm bristle brush in order to stay ahead of the hairs and Allow the coat to look healthy and shining.;

    When not shedding much, at least brush it once or twice a week. Bathing the dog daily should be avoided because it may trip the coat if its natural oils, so make sure you bath it only when bits necessary, thats when it gets really dirty and starts to Smell bad.

    ;Its teeth should be brushed three times a week and nails should be clipped when they have grown too long.;

    The ears should be checked often and when durty they should be cleaned, this will help avoid ear infections.

    Health Issues With German Shepherd

    German Shepherd Chihuahua Mix

    German Shepherd is even prone to more disease as compared to Labrador retriever. They can suffer from Gastric Dilation Volvulus , Von Willebrands Disease, chronic degenerative Radiculomyopathy, panosteitis, Anal infection, and eye problems, cataract, ear infection, hip, and elbow dysplasia.

    German Shepherd mix lab although is prone to a larger number of diseases, yet it suffers from fewer of them.

    With newer techniques, one can determine the condition of joints and eye of the dog before their birth. Thus, if someone finds any chances 0f having poor eyesight or joint dysplasia can be removed. The owner is responsible for the control of the obesity of their pet.;

    German Shepherd lab puppy has a good medical history, and there is no record of any harmful illness.;

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