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A Black German Shepherd Puppy

Breeder Where To Buy:

Black German Shepherd Puppy

Black German Shepherd Puppies are in great demand these days. Thats why breeders breed German Shepherds whenever they can. Dog mills also went into business.

Professional Buying Tip: It is not recommended to buy your dog from a puppy mill because dogs run many diseases in families after adoption due to poor hygiene conditions.

Also, if you need to see some customized breeds and purchase a hybrid, the German Shepherd Lab Mix would be best for you. Labs charge you a little more however, offer you the best puppy. With all this, you can consult any local breeder for purebred shepherd puppies.

Black German Shepherd Appearance

German Shepherds, regardless of coat color, share some rather unique characteristics with one another.

They are generally large dogs, standing around 20 to 25 inches tall.

GSDs are all longer than they are tall and can weigh in anywhere from 60 all the way up to 100 pounds.

They have long necks, large ears , fluffy bushy tails, domed heads, long muzzles, large brown eyes and black noses.

Black German Shepherds follow all of these physical characteristics and traits as well.

The Black German Shepherd

By Andrina Lima

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History & Origins Of The Black German Shepherd

German Shepherds, like many other breeds of dog, were founded to create a better working dog.

The GSDs we know and love today are the result of breeding from a number of other breeds, most notably the classic herding dog, the Berger Picard.

Find out what happens when a German Shepherd is crossed with:

The first German Shepherds came about at the very tail end of the 19th century and quickly spread around the world.

Theyve excelled in military careers, as service dogs, in search and rescue, and many more lines of work.

Black German Shepherds are nothing new.

As long as the breed has existed, these incredible dogs have shown their impressive form beneath a fine and shiny dark coat.

How Much Are Black German Shepherds Are They More Expensive Than Other Colors


Black German Shepherds will naturally be more pricey than your regular-colored GSDs due to their rarity.

A standard sable shepherd puppy is valued at $900 and up. On the other hand, black German Shepherd puppies from reputable breeders have a price tag of $1,000 to $2,000.

Furthermore, black GSDs sometimes come in long-haired variants. Unique coats of a rare breed will obviously cost you a few extra hundreds, so expect long-haired black German Shepherds to start out at $2,500.

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Sided Undercoat Rake By Pat Your Pet

The above undercoat rake by Pat Your Pet is a two sided rake designed to gently and meticulously rake through your dogs thick fur and get to the undercoat. This rake has a dual head that helps detangle fur on one side and then comb through the undercoat on the other.

This brush is also designed with rounded teeth so it will never harm or scratch your German Shepherd. This makes grooming pleasant as opposed to painful.

How Come German Shepherd Coats Change Color

German Shepherd puppies coats can change color because of pigments in their genes. The German Shepherd breed has two pigments in their fur called eumelanin and pheomelanin. How these pigments interact with other genes in the German Shepherd puppy determines how the coat will turn out!

For example, the pigment called eumelanin is responsible for the color black. This pigment will always default to black, but depending on the dogs other genes, the eumelanin can interact and result in a black-blue tint or yellows and off-white colors.

On the other hand, pheomelanin defaults to red, which can create Red Sable, or deep brown tones and pale gold colors. The dominant gene for German Shepherds is the black and tan color, however, depending on how each puppys genes interact with the pigments, their coats can look different shades of black, brown, sable, golden and yellow.

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Are German Shepherd Puppies Born Black

Yes, German Shepherd puppies are actually born black! They can also be born gray and white, as the coats will gradually change color as they grow older. From about eight weeks onwards, a German Shepherd puppy should have its final coat color, and it will stay that way!

However, many German Shepherds can be born black, and their coats may stay black. How the coat eventually turns out will depend on how the German Shepherd puppys genes interact with pigments such as eumelanin and pheomelanin. This will then determine the natural color of the puppys coat.

Some German Shepherds that are born black will never gain their color, and will remain with a black coat forever. However, this is incredibly rare, and it is said that only about 6.8% of German Shepherd puppies will maintain their black color after birth.

It may surprise you that German Shepherds can actually be born in three different colors. They are typically either born black, white or gray in color, and you will see the color change from the age of 8 weeks onwards, but it can take up to two years to see the final color.

Black and tan German Shepherds are the most common, and they will gradually get more tan as they age, with the browner colors appearing around the face, tail, ears, stomach and time passes.

Whilst German Shepherds can come in a few colors, their coats also vary in length and thickness. The most common German Shepherds will have very thick, long, fluffy hair, but some can be short-haired.

What Is The Czech German Shepherd

Solid black German Shepherd puppy for sale

The Czech German Shepherd Blood Lines emerged in 1899 as Communist Czechoslovakias border control arm of the Czech army government working dogs for the Pohranichi Strait. Czech breeding began in the kennel in 1955, when Max von Stefanitz saw Horand von Grafrat the first officially recorded German shepherd at a dog show and decided he had the best qualities to be a working dog.

Emerged in
Max von Stephanitz saw Horand von Grafrath
First Officially Recognized
Breed Working Line

The Border Control Division of the Czech army maintained dogs that bred Czech German shepherds to protect the countrys borders. Dogs are bred primarily from DDR German Shepherds with strong nerves, masculinity, work ability, obedience, intelligence and dark complexion.

Both Czechoslovakia and East Germany have very similar blood lines due to the DDR bringing both German Shepherds and Czech German Shepherds under the former Soviet bloc However, the two canines are not identical, although they do refer to each other.

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Wrapping Up: Is The Black German Shepherd For You

The black German shepherd is a rare and absolutely stunning color variation of a standard German shepherd dog.

Loyal and protective of their owners, these dogs make fantastic family companions and can also serve as vigilant guard dogs. If you want to bring a black shepherd pup home, be prepared to:

  • Exercise your pooch for at least one hour every day
  • Start training and socialization from a young age
  • Groom your dog at least three times a week

Do you own a black German shepherd dog? What do you like the most about your pooch?

The Black German Shepherd: A Guide To This Rare Dog

Have you ever seen a Black German Shepherd?

If not, they do exist! And this canine is brave, loyal, and smart. So what makes them unique?

Thats why we created this breed information for the Black Shepherd. Lets find out if their color is the only factor making them different from the regular one.

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Black German Shepherd Health

Many people are under the mistaken impression that solid black German Shepherds exhibit behavioral or health-related problems. This is simply not true.

These breeds are typically as friendly, smart and loving as their typically colored counterparts, and they dont exhibit any health issues that arent also characteristic of normally colored German Shepherds.

Nevertheless, it is important to understand the common health problems that afflict the German Shepherd dog breed, as they can also occur in Black Shepherds. This includes hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, and digestive problems such as bloat, food allergies, among others.

Additionally, to have the best chance of obtaining a healthy and happy Black German Shepherd puppy, youll want to work with a dedicated, conscientious breeder when picking out your pup.

Black German Shepherd Adoption

Powerful, pure black German Shepherd puppy. # ...

Black German Shepherd Adoption is part of what we do. We frequently save Black German Shepherds. In fact every month we meet people who are looking specially for a Black German Shepherd Dog.

To help someone adopt a Black German Shepherd we evaluate their temperament and then place them in a loving foster home. Its the same with all our dogs. Every month we meet a family that is looking for this most beautiful of dogs. You can learn more about us by clicking Learn More on the right side of this page.

If you would like to have a Black German Shepherd Adoption youll need to fill out an application form. It takes 5 minutes. We take over from there and help you through the entire process. In fact, it does not stop when you adopt your dog. Many adopters become friends and we are always available if you have any questions. You can learn all about our process by clicking How Do I Adopt on the right hand side of this page.

Probably the main reason we are involved in Black German Shepherd Adoption is that we love the breed. It was started in Germany in the late 1800s. Over one hundred years later the German Shepherd is one of the most popular dogs because of their intelligence, loyalty, trainability and strength. With the right owners they are magnificent family dogs. They are active dogs that need attention and a consistent owner. If you do right by your German Shepherd you will rewarded with the loyalty of one of the most amazing dogs.

See our dogs

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Black German Shepherd Color Genetics: What Makes A German Shepherd Black

Color genetics is a pretty complicated but fascinating topic. In essence, our dogs coats are made from two types of pigment: eumelanin and pheomelanin .

Getting these two mixed with other genes will result in new color combinations and dilutions, such as brown and grey. The blend is also responsible for the unique markings in a pooch.

Naturally, most black dogs obtain their color since they contain a dominant gene that produces eumelanin.

In the case of the black German Shepherd, however, a recessive gene is responsible for the unique coat since the default color of GSDs is sable.

As it turns out, the black German Shepherd was created by accident. The recessive gene should be acquired from both dame and sire in order for a dog to be born black.

Buying A Black German Shepherd Puppy

When buying a puppy, looking for a reputable breeder is really important. This means that you wont be supporting bad breeding practices or puppy mills.

They are a rare variation of the traditional Shepherd so dont be surprised if it is a little harder to find a breeder .

Once you are ready to go and see the puppies, there are a few things you should do:

  • Make sure you can meet the parents, or at least the mother, as this will help you judge what the temperament of the puppies may be like.
  • As they are a purebred dog, the parents will be Kennel Club registered. Dont be afraid to ask to see documentation.
  • Ask lots of questions the breeder will know their puppies best and is an excellent source of information.
  • Do not be surprised if they ask you questions as well. Good breeders love their dogs and dont want them going to an inappropriate home.

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    Its Important To Invest In The Right Products So Your Black German Shepherd Can Thrive

    Making sure youre prepared for your black German Shepherd will help you both start off on the right food.

    The black German Shepherd is a special dog with a few unique needs. In order to ensure your black German Shepherd is as happy and healthy as possible, its important to ensure he has everything he needs in order to thrive.

    And we would like to help.

    We have done some research and listed some of our favorite products for the black German Shepherd dog and their owners below. Take a look!

    Owners Of German Shepherds Have A Lot To Say

    10 Black German Shepherd Puppies with GSM

    Most owners characterize their German Shepherd Dog by saying they purchased it because the dog was vibrant, irrepressible, high-energy, and strong. Alertness and attentiveness are often offered as some of the most popular reasons to own one.

    Lets hear what GSD owners have to say:

    Early history of the breed also helped shape the image and desire to own one. It began with the German army in WWI when the country saw the need for a German military dog. Because the German Shepherd Dog showed no fear on the battlefield, it was used to carry medical supplies and bullets and serve as a sentry. This made it especially effective during day and night time battles.

    It wasnt long before the German army and others came to appreciate the value of this war dog. Other countries also noticed its value which successfully helped to promote the breed and its value worldwide. Unfortunately, sentiment about the Germans in the United States and elsewhere turned, and in 1918, the German Shepherd Dog was renamed the Shepherd Dog in the U.S. The British responded in kind, renaming the breed the Alsatian.

    Things changed again, and after the war, the breeds reputation as a war dog spread. The entertainment industry joined in and created canine film stars such as Rin-Tin-Tin and Strong Heart. The breed suddenly enjoyed skyrocketing popularity.

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    Black German Shepherds Are More Likely To Suffer Unfairly From Black Dog Syndrome

    Though there is no scientific basis to prove it, sometimes black dogs are more feared than other colors.

    Black dog syndrome? It sounds like something out of a horror movie, but its actually a real issue for shelters, dog lovers, trainers, veterinarians and enthusiasts.

    According to Doctor Stanley Coren, a highly regarded canine coroner, Black Dog Syndrome is a term used to describe the bias many people have towards black dogs. Because of their coat color, many people assume that black dogs are more aggressive or less loveable.

    Is there anything to this thought process?

    Perhaps there is. In fact, some studies have suggested that some people have a more difficult time reading a black dogs facial expressions, therefore struggling to understand what a dog is telling them. Other reasons for Black Dog Syndrome can be linked back to historical and mythical views about black animals in general.

    In some cultures, black dogs are associated with evil, while in others they are a sign of a bad omen or bad luck.

    However, scientifically speaking, there is no real reason anyone should fear black dogs and especially the black German Shepherd. They are just as loving, loyal, intelligent and amazing as their other colored counterparts.

    History Of Black German Shepherds

    The Black German Shepherd has its roots in Germany. At the time, they were known as working dogs. They used to be referred to as Alsatian in Britain. Black GSDs have often been misunderstood. This is due to a lack of knowledge and insight regarding their unique characteristics.

    The truth is, Black German Shepherds are not much different from the standard type breed. The difference lies in their color mainly. These dogs are the way they are due to a genetic mutation that turns their coats black. They may represent other minor physical differences, however, all German Shepherds are of the same breed regardless of color.

    Much unlike the common notion that people regard these canines as being a result of two completely different breeds being mixed. This just isnt true. German Shepherds actually come in 11 different color patterns. Black GSDs just happen to be solid black in color.

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