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What Size Harness For German Shepherd

Using A Head Halter To Prevent Pulling

The BEST tactical Harness for German Shepherds | K9 Tactical Gear Reviewed

The head halter is helpful for strong, powerful dogs that require more control.

It does, however, take longer for your dog to get used to wearing it, unlike a body harness that is more readily accepted by most German Shepherds.

Its also easier than you think to injure your dog if you use harsh leash corrections with this head collar. Despite being powerful dogs, with improper leash corrections, the head halter can do more damage than a regular collar.

How to Use the Head Halter Correctly

  • Dont jerk the leash or pull your dog along with the head halter. This isnt the correct use of the tool.
  • A slight, gentle pull is all it should take to lead your dog in the right direction or to gently pull their head toward you if they walk ahead.
  • Dont tug the leash on the halter up too high since this stretches their neck in an improper way.

Halters themselves are not cruel or painful, but like any training tool, they can cause irritation when they dont fit appropriately and are uncomfortable for your GSD to wear.

This learning curve can be too much for some owners and too uncomfortable for some Shepherds. Many GSDs wont readily accept the head collar and some owners will quit too early out of frustration.

Getting a good fit thats comfortable to your dog makes all the difference in the ease of use and training.

If you use a head halter, then use the Gentle Leader to start with. The way its constructed prevents excessive pressure on your dogs face and the bridge of the nose.

Key Components Of A Harness For A German Shepherd

So, what should you be looking for when youre shopping for a harness for your dogs Here are 6 key features and components you should look for in the best German Shepherd harnesses.

Depending on your dog and your needs, it may be best to purchase several harnesses for different situations, based on the criteria listed above. You should take the age of your dog, its tendency to pull on its leash or try to escape, and other such factors into account when making your buying decision.

Top Harnesses For German Shepherds

After careful consideration and research, we feel that these are the best harnesses for German Shepherds you can find. Each listing explains the pros and cons behind every product while highlighting their benefit to the breed.

Keep in mind that this is by no means an exhaustive list.; Depending on what your plans are for your GSD, your needs may vary.; If your dog is a trained service dog, the need for a vest is going to be higher than just a basic no pull dog harness. Lets take a deeper look at our favorite models.

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What Is A No

A no-pull harness is a harness that is specifically designed for dogs that pull on a leash. ;They are a great tool because they softly discourage pulling without the strain on your GSDs neck like a regular collar.

Of course, no tool is a substitute for proper training and no leash or harness can teach your dog how to walk properly.

Teaching your dog not to pull on walks is the best solution, but a no pull harnesses can help you keep your sanity while your dog is still learning.

How To Measure Your German Shepherd Puppy For A Harness

German Shepherd

Consider taking your dogs measurements of the neck and chest before deciding which harness to purchase.

First, measure the neck area. Often, you should use a tape measure and take the measurements of where the collar lies.

Afterwards, ensure the tape is not tight or loose. You should be able to put your two fingers in between. Write down the measurements you have found.

Next, measure the chest area. Consider measuring the broadest part of your puppys chest. Often, its the area slight being the armpits.

You can repeat the measurements to get an average.

You can also get someone to help you do these measurements.

With these measurements, you can visit any offline or online pet shop, and you will get a piece of advice on the best size harness for a German shepherd puppy.

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Petsafe Easy Walk Dog Harness

Key Features:

  • Has one color for the straps that go over the back and sides and a different color on the strap that goes underneath
  • Deters pulling with a martingale loop in the front
  • Adjustable at four points for a good fit
  • Corrects pulling and jumping by applying gentle pressure to the shoulders

Best Front Clip The PetSafe Easy Walk harness helps to curb pulling by using a martingale loop and leash clip in the front of the harness. A martingale allows for gentle correction while preventing the harness from twisting around the body. This is an excellent option for a strong working breed like the German Shepherd that has a lot of strength in the front shoulders.

Larger sizes have proven durable; however, the small sizes have had issues with the clips breaking. This is a good option for active hikers and swimmers as it is waterproof and made from a durable material.


  • Easy to adjust for a good fit
  • Has an extra-strength V-ring on the back for the leash attachment point
  • Can attach bags and pouches for carrying supplies
  • Heavy-duty nylon, lightweight, and water-resistant

Best Tactical Harness The OneTigris Tactical Vest is a great option for the working dog who needs extra supplies, space for identification badges and is comfortable to wear for long periods of time. The durable yet lightweight material and heavy-duty V-ring make it a very strong option for those who are active for hours at a time.



Lifepul Dog Vest Harness

A D-ring in the back provides plenty of durability and control on the Lifepul, while high-quality nylon construction bolsters that durability. Nickel plated hardware keeps straps from snapping under pressure, soft padding makes this comfortable for your pet, and adjustable locks make this a simple fit.

Theres no chest piece, eliminating opposition reflex, which is replaced by a larger front strap with padding. A handle on the back of this vest gives you total control when you need it, as well.

We love this option because the hugging vest design is excellent for anxious dogs.; The durable nylon protects your investment and the nickel plating handles even the toughest pullers who dont behave out on walks.

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The Expawlorer Big Dog Soft Reflective No Pull Harness

The Expawlorer harness is specifically made for big dogs. ;Its made from a soft, durable material that dries fast if it gets wet.

The straps on this harness can tighten or loosen for a perfect fit. On the padded back it has a heavy-duty metal D-ring and a sturdy rubber handle, perfect for a quick grab if necessary.

The long reflective strap on the back will make your GSD visible and safe during nighttime walks.

The only problem some people have with this harness is the plastic clips on the straps because dogs seem to find them perfect for chewing. ;This can be prevented by putting on the harness only when its time for a walk.

No Pull Harness For German Shepherds

INTRO TO PRONG COLLAR- 3yr old German Shepherd (ZOE)

No pull harnesses have a ring at the front and one at the back.

Connecting your leash to the ring at the front helps with pulling as you get more control over your dog.

Its important to note though that this wont stop pulling, but can help control it.

The only way to fully stop pulling altogether is to do some training with your dog. When they pull, you stop walking and stand on the spot.

You only continue walking again when your dog sits still.

You stop again as soon as your dog starts pulling again.

You can use treats to reward sitting and a slack leash.

Repetition and patience is the key to this.

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How Do I Ensure The Best Fit For My German Shepherd

First, dont go by weight alone. Some dogs weigh the same but have very different builds, right?

To get a proper fit, youll want to measure your dogs chest at the widest point, which is usually about a few inches behind the dogs front legs. Then, add two inches to accommodate for weight gain or fur growth.

Next, measure your dogs neck. Although some harnesses dont require this measurement, its good to have on hand if you find youre want to buy an over-the-head harness.

And finally, you do need an idea of your dogs weight. Given German Shepherds may be too heavy for you to weigh yourself by holding them and stepping on a scale, you should call your vet to get a ballpark figure if you cant remember.

German Shepherd Harness Comparison Table

Ruffwear Front Range All

This harness is designed to minimise pulling by having a leash attachment on the front and on the back of the harness.

Attaching your dogs leash to the attachment at the front gives you greater control against pulling.

This harness comes in a range of sizes for small to large dogs, and also comes in a range of colors.

You can use it for;walks, runs, and hikes.

It has side release buckles, four points to adjust the harness for your dogs body size, reflective trim and a padded chest area.

Theres a sizing chart included so its easy for you to pick the right size harness for your dog.

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Advantages Or Benefits Of Harnesses

The harness has its advantages which have made most people fall in love with it. Here are the key highlights of why most dog parents prefer a harness.

A Great Training Tool for German shepherd Puppies

Harnesses are great training tools for puppies learning how to walk on a leash.

A Harness Discourages Pulling

Harness with the front clip attachment help in controlling the behavior of leash pulling. This harness redirects your dog without harming his neck or causing discomfort. Such is one of the essential features that the harness wins over a collar.

Stops Your Dog from Escaping

Some German shepherds are great escape artists who will wriggle out easily of a collar. However, you will have outwitted your dog when you opt to use a harness. With the harness comfortable on your dogs body, it becomes difficult for him to wriggle out with ease.

Help Stop Your Dog from Lunging or Jumping

Some dogs are fond of jumping or lunging at people. And the collar is never that effective in controlling such behavior. However, with the harness model and leash clip attachment point, it often becomes easier to control a dog who loves lunging at people without tiring your muscles. With most dog harnesses having a control handle on the top, you get additional control of your dog.

No-Risk of Choking Your Dog

Should A Harness Be Used In Combination With A Collar

Romantic Breeze FDT Artisan Black Leather German Shepherd ...

In most cases, the answer is no. Most harnesses have a neck strap, which would make a collar redundant. Those with a chest strap would be compatible with a collar, but theres just no real need for it to be there.

That being said, you might want to keep the collar in place to ensure that the dog doesnt lose their tags and license. You can attach the collar and license to a harness, or leave it on their collar.

The only real rule is this: Harnesses with a neck strap should never be used in combination with a collar. This rule is meant to avoid the risk of choking your dog.

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Types Of Dog Harnesses

A No-Pull Walking Harnessis engineered for the dog who pulls hard on the leash while walking. The leash attaches to the front of the harness, on a strap that runs across the chest. When the dog pulls on the leash, he is automatically turned sideways towards the handler. This reduces his pulling strength.

A Padded Harness cushions the dogs joints and muscles for more comfort while walking. This feature is excellent for older German Shepherds. Often, the leash will attach on the back of the harness so it may not be the best choice for German Shepherds who pull hard. Why? Because a pulling point on their back enables all their pulling strength, versus the pulling point on the front of the harness that steers them backwards. Besides the heavy pullers, a padded harness is a great choice for German Shepherds who excel at heeling.

A Car Harnesswith a Seatbelt acts as a safety measure for car rides with your German Shepherd. The seatbelt clips into the seatbelt buckle in your vehicle. The other end of the seatbelt clips onto the dogs harness. The harness is padded and comfortable for your German Shepherd to wear.

In an accident, the harness and seatbelt combination prevents your dog from becoming airborne and ejected from the vehicle. The padding in the harness protects your dogs bones and muscles from being injured in the accident. Additionally, the seatbelt prevents your dog from jumping between seats and potentially causing an accident due to his distracting the driver.

Icefang Tactical Dog Harness

The ICEFANG;Dog Harness is a true military-grade piece of equipment and we love this harness for tactical work. The alloy metal buckles are tested and proven to hold 1,000 pounds of pressure. The stitching is an X in a box pattern on each joint and heavy load point. Your German Shepherd can pull extremely hard on this vest and he will not slip away.

Adjustable points give a custom fit so your dog does not slip out of the harness. The 2 leash connection points give you the choice of redirecting your dogs pulling power or giving him an easy walk if he doesnt pull . If needed, the handle on the back gives you full control. It is double-stitched and highly durable.

Two 1 strips of Molle sewn into each side allow your dog to carry gear in pouches. You can also use carabiners to attach toys, water bowls, and other gadgets to your dogs harness.

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The Best Size Harness For A German Shepherd Puppy

The best size of a harness should lie on your pups back without putting pressure on the neck or the backbone.

Additionally, the harness should never be loose.

Overall, there is no perfect size harness for a German shepherd puppy.

You ought to take the measurements of your dog before considering purchasing one from a pet store.

And that leads us to the next question.

Hurtta Padded Dog Harness

No-pull harness for German shepherd puppy | Harness for dog training | Best quality harness

This dog harness may look casual and simple, but its great for active German Shepherds who love to explore. The padded neoprene design is comfortable and wont restrict your GSDs movement when they are running and playing. Does your dog like to get dirty in the mud or wet on the beach? This Hurtta dog harness is machine washable and convenient cleaning! 3M reflectors add a safety element for this harness, which any pet parent can appreciate. We suggest this dog harness for German Shepherds who enjoy extensive outdoor exercise.

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What Is The Best Dog Harness For A German Shepherd

Here are our top seven recommendations:

A harness can help, but you shouldnt buy the first harness you see. There are some things to consider before purchasing a harness, such as the type of harness it is, what its best used for, comfort, and cost.

And when you combine the proper harness with training or obedience classes, walking them will be a pleasant experience for you. And your dog will be happy to get outside and get the exercise it needs.

Different German Shepherd Harness Materials

Harnesses for German Shepherds and most other dog breeds are typically made out of one or more of the following materials.

  • Nylon Due to its stretch, water resistance, and strength, nylon is a top choice for German Shepherd harnesses, and most harnesses incorporate at least some nylon material in the straps.
  • Polyester Polyester, like nylon, is an artificial fabric that is very strong, durable, and water-resistant, and holds up well to wear and tear, making it another top choice for use in German Shepherd harnesses.
  • Leather Leather is a good option for German Shepherd harnesses. High-quality leather is very strong and durable, and a leather harness can easily last for decades with proper care. In addition, the thick coat of a German Shepherd means it wont be affected by the rubbing of leather, unlike some short-haired dogs.
  • Cotton Cotton is organic and wont irritate the skin or fur, so its often incorporated into harness straps or padding, and there are some 100% cotton harnesses out there. However, its not quite as strong as nylon or polyester.
  • Mesh Mesh is usually made of a nylon or polyester blend. Mesh harnesses are very breathable and flexible, making them great if you have a German Shepherd and live in a warm climate, where a traditional, bulky harness could be too hot.

Read on to learn more about the key components of a harness for a German Shepherd, and then see our top 9 picks for the best German Shepherd harnesses!

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Dog Harness Size Chart By Breed

  • person Tamsin de la Harpe
  • calendar_todayDecember 2, 2020

Have you ever bought your Lab a flashy new large dog harness only to have them Houdini their way out of it while youre about to cross a busy intersection? Or have you ever arrived home with a correctly sized small dog harness for your pug, only to find the clips wont even touch?;

Using the dog harness size chart by breed can help you select the right puppy harness for your pup. While the size and weight charts can differ between companies that design harnesses for dogs, there may also be variation within a breed, so always be sure to correctly measure your dogs girth and weight and check the companys chart before ordering.


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