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A Rottweiler Mixed With A German Shepherd

The German Shepherd Rottweiler Mix Is This Crossbreed Right For You

Rottweiler German Shepherd Mix, 10 Month, Bear | Best Rottweiler Trainers | Off Leash K9 Training

The German Shepherd Rottweiler Mix might be the perfect fit for anyone looking for a large, protective, intelligent dog, but this certainly isnt the crossbreed for everyone.

Work-oriented, energetic, and very brainy, the German Shepherd Rottweiler Mix is going to do best with a more experienced dog owner who is ready to take on all this amazing canine has to offer.

Is that owner you?

Join us today as we learn more about the German Shepherd Rottweiler Mix and find out!


Rottweiler German Shepherd Cross Food Requirements

It is vital that your Rottweiler German Shepherd cross is fed the right diet to maintain its glorious health and physique. You must also keep in mind that this breed is prone to obesity, so exercise and proper diet is important to avoid health complications. Given that the German Shepherd Rottweiler mix is a big dog, going for best dry dog food for small dogs wont meet their nutritional needs. Producers have different recipes for big dogs, so make sure you check the label when buying the best large breed dry dog food.

On the other hand, its parent breeds, German Shepherd and Rottweiler, have similar dietary needs to there is not much complication as to what to feed your puppy. Opt for one of the best puppy food brands and youll rest assured your pooch is getting all the nutrients they need. Older dogs will be better off with the best senior dry dog food brands.

Both breeds are fond of dog food that is high in protein and good meat sources, so make sure you dont feed them these awful, worst dry dog food brands. As similar with other dogs, there better the source or main ingredient is in dog food, the healthier your pet becomes. Check out our guide to best dry dog food and learn more about the nutritional requirements of canines.

The main concern with dog food recipes, however, is the presence of grains. Many owners opt for a grain-free option, which is what to go for to avoid allergies in your dogs.

Why You Shouldnt Get A Shepweiler

They require a large home with plenty of room to grow.

Large dogs, in general, are not suitable for apartments or small homes because they require a lot of space to grow.

They will require a yard in which they can freely move.

If you dont have one, the hybrid can become destructive by developing a variety of behavioral issues when confined to a small space.

One of these is destructive chewing.

When left alone for the entire day, both parent breeds have been observed to become destructive chewers.

If you know youll be leaving your dog alone for extended periods of time, its best to start training them when theyre young.

You have the option of purchasing a large dog cage and including a chew toy.

This breed also has a tendency to bark excessively, which can be stressful for you or your neighbors.

If you are short on time, you can hire a walker or enroll your pet in a daycare where it will be engaged in exciting activities while you are away.

You should clean your house on a regular basis.

Despite inheriting the Rottweilers short coat, they would still require brushing once or twice a week.

If your dog resembles its German Shepherd parent, it will require daily brushing routines because its coat sheds all year, which will be worse during the shedding season.

It is difficult to predict the coats of hybrid dogs, so you must be prepared for it.

You can keep a vacuum cleaner on hand to deal with whatever type of shedding and coat your dog has.

They make great guard dogs.

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German Shepherd Rottweiler Mix The Complete Guide

Want to learn more about the German Shepherd Rottweiler mix? Youve come to the right place. We have your complete guide to this strong, smart and protective designer dog.

The German Shepherd and Rottweiler are both confident canines that were bred to be guard dogs. Key differences exist, however, that we will explore below.

With all cross mixes, there is no way to tell the exact proportions and traits theyll pick up from their parents. But we have a solid idea of what you can expect with the German Shepherd Rottweiler mix.

How Long Does A German Shepherd Rottweiler Mix Live

The German Shepherd: German Shepherd Rottweiler Mix

The German Shepherd Rottweiler mix tends to live for between nine and 13 years. A balanced diet with regular exercise can help to increase your pet’s life expectancy. Also, ensure that any health conditions are properly addressed and keep a record of the parent breeds’ health histories for a better approach to your pet’s health.

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What Is A German Shepherd Rottweiler’s Habitat

The German Shepherd Rottweiler, being a pet dog, lives predominantly in human homes. They love being outdoors, so spacious yards, farms, and homes in the countryside suit them best, but they can adapt to various living situations. This powerfully built dog adjusts to any climatic condition, be it snow, grassland, or a hot and humid climate.

Getting Your Own German Shepherd Rottweiler Mix

The Rottie Shepherd possesses a high level of intelligence, and thus they are quick and easy learners. It is important to plan your schedule for training it, and spend a reasonable amount of time learning basic behavioral commands, the best way to do this is by positive reinforcement.

As this is a mixed breed dog with high energy levels and temperaments, it is advisable to socialize them as soon as possible. Owners should start early when they are still little pups.

As pet owners, most of us love to groom our pets and enjoy seeing our gorgeous dogs moving around neat and clean. You will spend a decent amount of time grooming any large pet, and these German Shepherd and Rottweiler mixes do shed a lot. These designer breeds require a good 10 minutes of brushing three or four times a week. As well as making them look fabulous, regular grooming improves blood flow and helps to get rid of any dead skin or excess hair. A daily brushing of their teeth and weekly clipping of their nails is equally important.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of interesting family-friendly animal facts for everyone to discover! Learn more about some other mammals including the Golden Retriever Husky mix, or Cheagle.

You can even occupy yourself at home by drawing one on our German Shepherd Rottweiler coloring pages.

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Training & Exercise Needs

You will find that because both breeds are intelligent dogs, the German Shepherd Rottweiler mix will usually be easy to train.

Avoid using any kind of negative reinforcement when training as this can lead to aggressive behavior. Try to use as much positive reinforcement as possible.

Obedience classes are an option to consider as well if you dont have the time that it takes to train your dog. If you know that you want to introduce this mixed dog into your home, try to get one that is a puppy so that its easier to train in the direction that you want instead of trying to change the habits of an older dog.

If you want your dog to be good with people, then you should socialize your dog at a steady pace instead of taking it around a lot of people at one time as this can be overwhelming.

You want to ensure that your dog has plenty of exercise instead of being immobile during the day. This will not only help to maintain a healthy weight, but it will also help with keeping the bones and joints active and lubricated.

Both breeds have a high level of energy, so the German Shepherd Rottweiler mix will usually let you know when it wants to go outside and play.

They do tend to become destructive if they dont get the proper amount of exercise simply because they are looking for something to keep them busy.

German Shepherd Rottweiler Mix Appearance

10 month old German Shepherd Rottweiler mix “Maxx”/ Dog Trainer/ Orlando Dog Trainer

There are no breed standards for this dog but you can expect this mix to look athletic.

Because of this, they have strong hindquarters to propel them in play and deep chests for running long distances.

While most German Shepherd Rottweiler mixes have dense fur, some have the smooth coat from a Rottweiler. In addition whilst most have floppy ears some can have pointed ears.

These dogs often have the wolf-like snout of their German Shepherd parent.

Expect your Shepweiler to look as unique as their personality!

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How To Train A Rottweiler German Shepherd Mix

Due to the German Shepherds intelligence training should be a breeze for this mix.

As with any dog positive reinforcement works best, but the best treat to give them is not food, but play.

Rewarding with play can help you control your dogs caloric intake and also helps them burn off energy.

Attending obedience classes is also a great way for your dog to socialize and develop good doggy manners.

While German Shepherd mixes are naturally aloof , socializing your dog can prevent aggressive or fearful behavior.

This dog needs a lot of mental stimulation.

A great way to utilize their busy mind is through rallies.

Having your dog work towards improving in a sport is the best way to give it the stimulation it needs, making rally perfect for German Shepherd Rottweiler mixes.

Remember as they are large dog, make sure proper introductions are made with smaller animals.

What Does A German Shepherd Rottweiler Mix Look Like

These canines have a muscular physique and powerful jaws. They also have long legs and large feet.

German Shepherd-Rottweiler pups usually grow into their features by their 18th month.

Most of these hybrids have floppy ears. Some puppies may have pointy ears with one ear popping up before the other one as they mature.

Rottweiler German Shepherd mixes also have dense coats of varying lengths.

German Shepherds have medium-length fur on their bodies while Rottweilers have a short coat, so the Shepweiler usually has a coat that is somewhere in between.

This crossbreeds coat comes in colors that range from black, cream, red, silver, and tan to blue, gray, sable, white, brown, blue and fawn.

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Meet The German Shepherd Rottweiler Mix

With the proper training and a lot of love, a German Shepherd Rottweiler mix is a dog that has lots of energy for running and playing and also enjoys being a part of a family, with all the love and affection that goes along with it.

The mix is often considered a designer breed because of the background of each dog and their popularity. The German Shepherd is the second most popular dog breed according to the American Kennel Club while the Rottweiler is the eighth.

Combined, the German Shepherd Rottweiler mix is a smart, strong dog that will serve as your loyal protector.

The German Shepherd Dog: A Confident And Courageous Companion

German Shepherd Rottweiler Mix

Youll find that most German shepherds and GSD mixes are beloved for their 24-karat gold hearts, and tendency to cling close to your side in just about any situation. These dogs are all-purpose pooches who excel in service work due to their intelligence and strong work ethic. This is likely derived from the breeds history as alert livestock guardians.

German shepherds are medium to large dogs, who usually weigh between 65 and 90 pounds. While these pups are incredibly playful and loving towards their family members, they can be aloof around strangers, so early socialization and training is paramount.

These dogs are also quite active and energetic, so theyll need a family that can meet their intense exercise needs.

Youll find that these popular pups are devoted, highly trainable companions, who are eager to please their family members. Just note that like most popular types of shepherds these dogs need plenty of exercise and playtime to prevent them from developing destructive habits.

Do note that German shepherds are susceptible to genetic conditions like hip dysplasia, bloat, and arthritis, so you may incur pretty substantial vet bills over time.

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Dental Health Check Up

Dog Dental Health Check up is an important to your pets dental health plays a major role in his or her overall health.

Proper dental health care is as important for every dog similarly it is very important for the German Shepherd Rottweiler Mix dog. Brush your dogs teeth at least 3 or 4 times a week.You get a special toothbrush for dogs and your vet can advisor you on how to use them.

The Rottweiler: A Fearless And Devoted Family Member

Rottweilers and most Rottie mixes are known for their loving and loyal natures, which come packed into an adorable black and tan coat.

Rottweilers were originally cattle-driving dogs, which speaks to their hardworking and highly trainable nature. While these pups serve primarily as companions today, they still need to be kept fairly engaged with training exercises and activities throughout the day to keep their tails wagging. Ideally, they should have a job to perform, as this will help keep them from growing bored.

These dogs are some of the most loving furry friends you can find, but Rotties can be aloof around strangers and protective of their families, so youll want to make sure you invest plenty of time into socialization. The breed is fairly large, typically weighing between 80 and 135 pounds. Unfortunately, this combined with their frames makes Rotties more susceptible to conditions like hip or elbow dysplasia and osteoarthritis.

Rottweilers are confident guardians, who are happy to play with anyone in the family, and they like many other working dog breeds bond very closely with their humans. Despite their large frame, these sizable sweethearts are known to act like lap dogs at home.

These sensitive family dogs make amazing four-legged friends to anyone who can meet their exercise and companionship needs, though theyre definitely not a good choice for first-time owners.

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The Proper Diet For The German Shepherd Rottweiler Mix

This dog should be fed high-quality food that supplements his daily nutritional needs.

A Shepherd-Rottweiler pups diet should contain 22% animal protein and 8% fat. Meanwhile, the best food for this adult crossbreed has a protein content of 18% and a fat content of 5%.

Read pet food labels to find out if the kibble has the proper amount of nutrients. Sufficient protein ensures that your dogs joints are strong, while enough fat helps maintain his energy levels.

Why Raw Food Is The Best Diet For My German Shepherd Rottweiler Mix

Kona (Rottweiler / German Shepherd Mix) Puppy Camp Dog Training Video Demonstration

When deciding on what is the best German Shepherd Rottweiler Mix food, it’s important to consider the canine anatomy and digestive system. Dogs’ digestive tracts have not significantly evolved from when they were undomesticated wolves, and are best suited to fresh, high-protein prey-based diets. We call this ‘species-appropriate nutrition‘ and is what a natural, raw diet seeks to replicate.

A dogs stomach is not anatomically designed to digest and ferment carbohydrates . Even grain-free kibble often contains high levels of starchy carbs, including legumes, peas & lentils. Feeding this to a dog puts their system under pressure, creating metabolically stressful insulin, glucagon and cortisol spikes throughout the day as well as causing inflammation and putting strain on vital organs, leading, in some cases, to a host of serious health conditions.

There’s no doubt the canine species is resilient, and despite eating a diet which isn’t providing the natural components they may need, they will adapt and survive for some time. Still, there’s a world of difference between surviving and thriving.

Whether you choose Prodog Raw’s no fuss, no-nonsense raw dog food or you decide to create your own DIY raw food recipes at home, you can be sure the move to a natural species-specific diet will fuel well-being for your dog regardless of breed.

Read on to find out more of why raw food is the best food for your German Shepherd Rottweiler Mix

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Rottweiler Mixed With German Shepherd: Interesting Facts

Dogs are some of the most popular pets in the world, and there are dozens of different breeds to choose from. Each breed has its own unique set of characteristics that make it special.

In this blog post, well take a look at one particular mix breed the rottweiler mixed with a German shepherd. They are also known as Shepweiler, Rottie Shepherd, and Rottweiler Shepherd.

This dog is a cross between two incredibly popular breeds, and as a result, boasts many amazing qualities.

From their history, temperament, and how much exercise they need, to how they are around children, we cover it all.

If youre thinking about adding a Rottweiler German Shepherd Mix to your family, heres everything you need to know!

At What Age Is A German Shepherd Fully Grown

On average, German Shepherds grow to their full size by the time theyre 18-24 months old. This means by the time theyre 1 1/2 to 2 years old, they have grown out of puppy size and are the biggest they will be.

With certain breed lines, they will grow slower. In Eastern Europe, there are some lines of German Shepherds that dont become fully grown until about 36 months, or 3 years, old. They will then stand at about 20-25 inches tall.

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German Shepherd Rottweiler Mix Personality And Temperament

Their main personality trait is loyalty this comes from their German Shepherd parent.

While equally loyal to its pack, expect your German Shepherd Rottweiler mix to be more devoted to their main caretaker.

Their attentiveness is mostly thanks to the Rottweiler, so your dog may have a very strong guarding instinct.

Both parent breeds are known for being calm and aloof but are not aggressive if socialized properly.

Despite their aloofness, this mix is not all business. This hybrid has the playful, goofy personality Rottweiler is known for and is surprisingly cuddly. Despite their large size, they act more like lapdogs when they are around the people they love best.

As both of its parents are working dogs this breed can be very energetic and destructive if not properly exercised.

Fortunately, both parent breeds are not known for being vocal, but the German Shepherd Rottweiler mix may bark if there is a reason to.

As previously mentioned they can have a strong guarding instinct, so make sure it knows what to guard and what to share. This can be helped through early training and socialization in order to prevent resource guarding .


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