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How Many Puppies Can A German Shepherd Have First Litter

What Are The First Signs Of Pregnancy In A Dog

How Many Puppies Can A German Shepherd Have

Unfortunately, there arent many early signs that will indicate that your dog is pregnant. In most cases, youll have to wait about three to four weeks before the signs of pregnancy become apparent.

Some of the most common signs that indicate pregnancy include:

  • About one month after mating, your dog may produce a mucous-laden vaginal discharge.
  • A pregnant dogs teats will begin to swell and change color a bit about one month after mating.
  • Some dogs will begin exuding a semi-clear fluid from their nipples about one month after mating.
  • During the third or fourth week of pregnancy, many dogs experience morning sickness. This may include vomiting, changes in appetite, lethargy or behavioral changes.
  • Around week four, your dog will likely begin to gain weight. Most dogs end up weighing about 50% more than their original weight by the end of the pregnancy.
  • Around the 40th day of the pregnancy, your dogs belly will likely begin to bulge a bit. However, this is not always obvious, particularly for dogs carrying small litters.
  • Your dog will likely exhibit an increased appetite during the second half of the pregnancy.

Of course, if you suspect that your dog is pregnant, the best way to know for sure is to make a trip to the vet. Most breeders recommend visiting the vet about two to three weeks following mating anyway.

. It is also possible to start visualizing the puppies via ultrasound around this time .

Does A Large Litter Of Pups Mean That The Pups Will Be Smaller

This is a question that comes up quite often, but amazingly the answer is no. If your shepherd is carrying a large litter then the pups will usually be the average size.

A litter which has a very large number of pups, can put stress on the mothers body and can create problems.

This being a higher chance of a stillborn being among the healthy pups. If there is a runt in a large litter it may noticeably smaller than its siblings.

How Many Puppies Do German Shepherds Usually Have

We must bear in mind that the German Shepherd is a large breed, so the ovaries have the capacity to produce more eggs and the uterus has more space to store the puppies, which means that they usually have large litters.

A German Shepherd which does not have a pedigree lineage usually has between 7 and 9 puppies, while those with pedigree lineage often pop out between 4 and 6 puppies. It is essential to note that this is not a standard because many factors interfere with the formula. There may be bitches that have more or even fewer puppies than indicated here.

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How Long Does It Take For A Female German Shepherd To Give Birth

In general, it takes a few hours for female German Shepherds to give birth to their litter. However, if the time interval of the birth of the pups is delayed, we recommend you to contact your vet immediately. The delay can be because of the incorrect fetus position. In this case, your pet may need a cesarean section.

How Long Are German Shepherds In Heat

How Many Puppies Can a German Shepherd Have in One Litter

Generally, the heat cycle for a German Shepherd is about three weeks. However, the older your dog becomes the shorter her cycles. In some cases, the heat cycle may be longer as your German Shepherd grows old. A vet can even help you check her hormone levels to be sure that nothing dangerous is happening. Its important on your part as a dog owner to keep her comfortable, safe and properly cared for in this period. Regularly feed her a good diet, take her on a walk, and give her some good exercise.;

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Life History And Litter Size

Large litters may seem like a beneficial adaptation for any species, but in practice, things are rarely so simple.

In fact, litter size is a very important factor in the evolution of animals. Most of the time, evolutionary pressures result in the most appropriate litter size for a species life history and survival strategy.

For example, some animals humans, elephants, and hippopotami are a few of the best examples typically give birth to very small litters, consisting of one or two individuals. These animals live long lives, have high survival rates and typically invest a lot of resources and effort into each offspring.

At the other end of the spectrum, other mammals produce huge litters of tiny babies. For example, the tailless tenrec a bizarre insect-eating mammal from Madagascar usually gives birth to about 15 babies, but litters numbering more than 30 have been documented. These animals have high mortality rates, live relatively short lives, and invest relatively few resources in each individual offspring.

Dogs fall somewhere between these two ends of the spectrum, as the average litter size across all breeds is about five. They invest a moderate amount of resources in each offspring and live moderately long lives.

How Long Do German Shepherds Stay Pregnant

The standard length of a German Shepherds pregnancy is approximately 63 days. German Shepherds tend to be a larger breed because of which their pregnancy can be slightly longer than smaller breeds.

To accurately estimate your German Shepherds pregnancy, you will need to monitor your pets pregnancy very closely, ideally from the time of her first heat cycle to how many times she experiences the heat period. Make sure to record the time and date so that you can track the time your pet conceived a pup. You will note that your German Shepherds due date numbers up to around 63 days from their gestation period.

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Is Your Female Gsd Able To Get Pregnant

There are different cases where a German shepherd pregnancy is no longer possible, the first one being a man-made procedure.

The second one is of old age. With that said, a female German shepherd usually loses its ability to get pregnant once she becomes 3 years old.

Within these 3 years, you can only hope to know that your German shepherd is pregnant by finding the signs of gestation period.

How Many Litters Or Puppies Can A Dog Produce In Her Lifetime


Theoretically, a single female dog could produce quite a few litters in her lifetime. Assuming that a female produced two litters per year starting at 1 year of age and continued doing so until she was 8 years of age, shed produce 14 litters over her lifetime.

As previously mentioned, litter size varies based on a number of factors, but for arguments sake, well assume that she has about five puppies in each litter. That means that again, theoretically a single dog may be physically capable of producing upwards of 70 puppies over the course of her life.

However, this would be madness. Breeding a dog this many times would almost certainly compromise her health, and this type of pedal-to-the-metal breeding is more characteristic of puppy mills and unscrupulous breeders than conscientious breeders who value the well-being of their pups.

Additionally, some of the registration organizations will not allow you to register an unlimited number of litters. For example, the Kennel Club of the UK will only allow you to register up to six litters from a single mother.

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How Many Puppies Can A Dog Have In An Average Litter

A thorough and intense study of the average litter size was published in 2011. Over 10,000 litters were analyzed representing 224 breeds. The study found that the average litter size in that group was 5.4.

However, some breeds such as bull dogs, female and male dogs actually struggle to breed because of their small legs, so you will need to take them to the vet for artificial insemination.

How Many Times Can A German Shepherd Give Birth In Her Lifetime

A German Shepherd can have up to 11 litters in her lifetime. Each litter has at least 8 puppies. A German Shepherd can reproduce over 72-100 puppies in her lifespan. This might be good news for commercial breeders, however, as your German Shepherd grows, her eggs get more fragile, giving rise to more pregnancy complications for both the mother and the puppies. As your dog grows older, perhaps to 8 years of age, you might want to get her spayed to prevent health problems like mammary cancer, Pyometra, breast cancer, and some others that can force you to put her down.

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Does The Age Matter In Breeding A German Shepherd

Age plays a vital role in a german shepherd dogs breeding. A female German Shepherds fertility is at its peak when she is between 2 to 8 years old.

At this age, female German shepherds will be at their maximum chances of pregnancy.

However, after 8 years the female german shepherd can start getting weaker.;

Her eggs may not be fertile, and she will not be in optimal conditions for breeding.

An old dog may also struggle to feed its puppies. Due to old age, milk production can be reduced.

Find Out How Many Puppies In A Litter

How Many Puppies Can a German Shepherd Have?

The best thing you can do to prepare is to schedule an appointment with your vet. The perfect time for this is after the 45th day of her pregnancy. Your vet can take an x-ray of her belly and tell you how many puppies to look for during delivery.

During this appointment, your vet can also go over the birthing process. They can help prepare you for what to expect and how to help your dog. They will also tell you what not to do, as well as how to know if your dog may need professional help. Have a backup plan or know where your local emergency animal hospital is located. Know their phone number or have it saved in your phone.

They will also go over nutrition for your dog. At this stage in their pregnancy, they should be transitioned to a food high in calories and nutrients. A high performance food could work, but puppy food is perfectly fine as well! You will need it soon anyways, for when the puppies are weaned to dry food weeks later.

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The Size Of The Female Dog

The size of the dog has a big impact of how many puppies they can carry.; Although German Shepherds are considered to be a large dog breed some female German Shepherds are larger than others.

A female GSD that is larger will be able to carry more pups than a smaller one.; So, if your German Shepherd weighs 70 pounds, they wont be able to carry as many puppies as a 100-pound German Shepherd.

Do Australian Shepherds Bite A Lot

Australian Shepherds can bite people. Since they were originally herding dogs, this is part of their natural instinct. If you are already an Australian Shepherd owner, keep reading to get some tips about how to train him and change his bad behavior.

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How Many Babies Do German Shepherds Produce

Generally, German Shepherds can have up to 8 puppies. However, some larger females can produce about 15 litter. All in all, the number of GSD litter depends on the pets breed and health. A less healthy and small breed tends to have fewer than 8 babies.

Note that the overall health of the pregnant German Shepherd can have an impact on her puppies. For instance, a female German Shepherd tends to have a moderate or large litter if she is given a rich and nutritious diet combined with daily exercises and regular vet checkups. Other than that, the father of the litter also plays a key role in the overall health of his pups. For example, a male German Shepherd with a lower sperm count is less likely to produce more puppies.

How Many Times A Year Can A German Shepherd Have Puppies

German Shepherd Mom Has Her Paws Full With 3 Cheeky Pups | Too Cute!

A German Shepherd can have puppies twice a year. ;Large dogs like German Shepherds go into heat around every 6 months.; During their heat is when they are capable of becoming pregnant.;

A normal heat cycle lasts between two and four weeks long.; Thus, if you breeders or individuals who are looking to breed their GSD track their heat timing and plan to have them mate during their heat.

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What Age Is A German Shepherd Full Grown

about 18 months oldLike many large breeds, a German Shepherd dog is not considered fully grown until they are about 18 months old. Female German Shepherds continue to fill out until they are around two years old, while the male German Shepherd growth rate continues until they reach two and a half years of age.

How Long Will It Last

The normal German shepherd gestation period can last up to 63 days. However, to make sure you dont be caught by surprise, its worth noting that the earliest a pregnant German shepherd can give birth is 58 days. Some may even take as long as 68 days.

This is because the number of offspring also varies. In short, the more puppies, the longer it takes, and vice versa, which leads us to the next question.

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Watch The Temperature And Humidity

Bear in mind that newborn dogs are unable to adjust the warmth of their bodies. They may not grow properly, and they may even die if they are too cold for an extended period.

So, the temperature of the room and the nest is of the utmost importance.

  • During the puppies first week, the room should ideally register temperature between 30º and 32ºC, or 86° to 90° F.
  • In the second week, you can reduce temperature to 26º to 28ºC, or 78° to 82°F.
  • After the third week, the ideal temperature is around 22ºC, or 71°F.

Their mother is usually their primary heat source, but if, for any reason, she cannot be in the box, you should provide another source of heat like a heating pad or place a warm lamp nearby.

Always supply ample clean blankets and towels.

Additionally, keep the rooms humidity between 55% and 65% to avoid the puppies dehydration.

However, do not exceed 65% humidity to prevent any diseases caused by too much moisture.

The average room in a standard home has a humidity level between 30-50%, but there are effective ways to raise the humidity of a space.

You can install a humidifier in the room, keep the nest in your laundry room , or make sure your home is properly weatherstripped.

How Long Does A Gsd Stay In Heat

How many puppies do German shepherds have in their first ...

Heat usually lasts between 2-4 weeks. Early in the cycle, a female dog may not be receptive to male dogs, although some are receptive through the entire cycle. It can be shorter or longer and youll know the cycle is over when all her vulva returns to its normal size and theres no more bleeding or discharge.

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What Is The Number Of Puppies

For German shepherds, the number of puppies that can be born at once, or what we normally call litter size, is around 8 puppies.

Keep in mind, however, that some may give birth to only one, while very large litters can breed up to 15 puppies. Additionally, the first German shepherd pup to be born is usually a male.

What Determines How Many Puppies A Dog Will Have

The things that determine a dogs litter size are:;

  • Dogs body size itself
  • Human manipulation
  • Diet
  • And health

Normally, the bigger the breed, the more puppies they carry. It makes perfect sense biologically for dogs to not produce puppies more than they can handle as overly large litters can create an assortment of problems for the mothers ranging from delivery problems to the difficulty to feed the entire litter sufficiently.;

While the norm is that larger dog breeds have large litters, its not always true in reality. Take the example of the Pekingese. Despite their small body , they can give birth to as many as 10 puppies at a time.

Aside from the dogs size, humans can have control over how many puppies will be in a litter to a certain extent. It has been known that some breeders artificially inseminate the dams to produce more puppies if they have a line of people wanting them.;

When the dam gives birth also correlates highly with the number of puppies in her litter. According to the American Kennel Club, dams that deliver their puppies in the spring generally have larger litter compared to those that give birth at other times of the year.;

The other equally important and self-explanatory factors affecting a dogs litter size are age, diet, and health.

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How To Take Care Of A German Shepherd In Gestation Period

There are many ways to take care of pregnant German shepherd. Thats for sure. But it would do you best if you prepare a caretaking plan for each week during a German shepherd gestation period.

With that said, heres a look at a German shepherd pregnancy timeline and some tips on taking care of your dog during each week.

  • Week One and Two: Your veterinarian cant confirm your German shepherds pregnancy at this point. You dont need to do something at this period, too.
  • Week Three: At this point, you may notice a slight increase in appetite of the female German shepherd. She may also undergo some behavioral changes. Make sure you provide her with the necessary nutrients and play with her if she becomes restless.
  • Week Four: This is the optimal time for you to consult your vet for some tips on dietary supplements. You should also consider limiting your female GSDs physical activity.
  • Week Five: The female dog will start experiencing weight gain. You should start choosing a diet that promote growth and development, while making the portions smaller.
  • Week Six: Theres nothing significant in what you need to do at this point. Just make sure you keep the portion size small since the growing puppies will limit what their mother can eat at once.
  • Week Seven: Your female GSD will start producing milk, which introduces whelping. So make sure theres a quiet place designed for this task and make sure your female dog gets used to resting in this place.

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