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Why Does My German Shepherd Shed So Much Hair

Keep Your Dog As Healthy As Possible

Our German Shepherds shed SO MUCH!!! *5 GALLONS* of hair using the BEST UNDERCOAT DESHEDDING TOOL!!!

While there is little you can do to reduce the amount of fur that sheds during the seasonal blowout, there are some things you can do to reduce how much your German Shepherd sheds the rest of the year. One of the things you can do is to keep your dog as healthy as possible.

A top suggestion is to spend a little extra money feeding your dog a higher-quality diet. Why?

Cheap dog food is the equivalent of junk food for humans. It includes poor-quality ingredients and lots of filler that may keep your dog full but dont have much nutritional value.

If you arent already aware of the health problems that people who eat too much junk food can face, check out the documentary Super Size Me. Dogs can suffer many of the same health problems, and shedding is one more side effect of eating a low-quality diet.

Another way to reduce how much your dog sheds is to keep them on a flea and tick preventative, such as Seresto or Frontline Plus. Flea infestations can cause intense itching, and the more your GSD scratches themselves, the more loose hair theyll kick out of their fur and into the air of your home.

One overlooked cause of itching in dogs is food allergies. If your vet has ruled out fleas or skin problems, food allergies may be causing your dog to be itchier than usual. Some ingredients that are more likely to cause allergies in dogs include grains, corn, beef, and chicken.

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What Is A German Shepherds Coat Like

German Shepherds have thick, luxurious, double-layer coats. The fur you see at first glance is the coarse outer coat, which is often the signature black and tan colors.

However, the AKC outlines that German Shepherds can also be white, black, gray, blue, liver, sable, or a variety of bi-color options. These colored outer guard hairs protect your dog from cuts, sunburn, and so on.

Less obvious is their fluffy white inner coat, which is only visible when you part your German Shepherds fur with your hands or a brush. This coat serves as an insulator, growing in thick in the winter to keep your German Shepherd warm and then being replaced by a thinner coat in the summer to provide a natural cooling mechanism.

Historically this was critical since German Shepherds were outside much of the time herding livestock.

Their outer coat is medium to long, and can either be straight or a bit wavy. Most German Shepherds have medium length coats, but theres actually a recessive gene that can cause longer, fluffier hair. In some cases , long-haired German Shepherds have only a single layer coat.

Although the AKC accepts the long-haired variation, its considered a defect but shh, dont tell your extra-floofy German Shepherds that. Hes perfect just the way he is!

Why Does My German Shepherd Shed So Much Hair

Why do German Shepherds Shed? The simple fact is this breed sheds heavily. While a certain amount of shedding is natural, there are other factors such as stress, poor diet, skin allergies, and dehydration that can make it even worse.

Why do German Shepherds shed so much? One of the main reasons a German Shepherd will shed so much is because usually, they have two coats. The top coat is the long, wiry, and wavy hair that lies close to the body of the dog. The top coat protects the dog from dirt and moisture, keeping it away from their skin.

Why does my German Shepherd losing hair? German shepherds are known for shedding a lot, and some individuals shed more than others. They shed year-round and blow their coats, a massive hair-dropping event, seasonally. Several things can worsen shedding, including stress, poor diet, dehydration, skin irritation from fleas or household products and certain medical problems.

Is German Shepherd shedding bad for your dog? Certainly not! However, German Shepherd shedding need not wreck your nerves nor the house interior. See here what the elite GSD owners do about the most severe dog shedding. And: with their dogs shed hair! But first, the weather. The sky was cloudy today, wasnt it? Or so we might think! But no! Its just the bottom half of this pic.

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Can You Shave Your German Shepherds Coat

Thats a big NO! No matter how annoying a German Shepherds shedding can be, you should not be shaving their coats! In fact, we strongly advise against shaving any dog that has a double coat.

It might seem like an easy way to get around spending time caring for your dogs coat. But, it is quite the opposite.

Shaving a dog with a double coat can lead to a range of problems. Theres no guarantee that the coat will grow back the same. Not only do these put your German Shepherd at risk, but they will defeat the purpose of shaving your dog in the first place.

Contrary to popular belief, shaving a German Shepherd does not make him cooler. The coat of a GSD protects the dog from environmental elements, such as heat or UV rays. So by shaving a dog with a double coat, youre exposing him to these elements.

Overall, it is not beneficial to even trim or cut your German Shepherds coat at all. Instead, let their fur grow at its natural rate. Its far more beneficial to simply have a good coat maintenance routine no matter how troublesome it may be.

Owning a German Shepherd is no easy task. And there are no shortcuts around it. The only thing to do is to embrace the shedding by providing them with the proper fur care. Otherwise, we suggest you pick a hypoallergenic or hairless breed.

Q My German Shepherd Mix Sheds Like Crazy Is There Anything I Can Feed Him To Stop It

Why Do German Shepherds Shed So Much Hair

A. Some breeds and their mixes shed constantly. The German Shedder I mean Shepherd is among the worst. But shedding is normal, and you cant stop it with a simple food addition. You can, however, reduce the flying fur by what I estimate is around 90 percent by using the three Cs: cut, collect and contain.

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Shedding As A Natural Function

You may wish to start by refreshing yourself on the characteristics of your dogs breed and the extent to which they traditionally shed. In healthy dogs, shedding is typically a natural way for your dog to rid itself of the old, unneeded and/or damaged hair that makes up its undercoat. Many breeds grow thicker coats as winter progresses, then lose them in the spring to better regulate their body temps. What surprises many pet owners is that sudden hot or cold spells at any time of the year can also kick that process into gear.

As a rule of thumb, your dogs shedding is likely natural and healthy if it occurs uniformly all over the body and doesnt create missing patches of fur. The most common times of the year for dogs to shed? In the spring, as he rids himself of excess insulation for the warmer weather, and in the fall as his new undercoat grows in to protect him from the cold.

Surprisingly, long-haired breeds are not necessarily the biggest shedders. Dogs that do shed most include Akitas, Siberian huskies, Bernese mountain dogs, Boston terriers, chow chows, corgis, Labrador retrievers, Pekingese, German shepherds and Newfoundlands.

German Shepherd Coat Maintenance

Youve accepted that your German Shepherd will shed like crazy no matter what. Great! But, now what? How do you deal with the insane amount of shedding?

All there is to it is to get started on maintaining that coat. Its no small task, but it does come with several benefits. Your home will be cleaner, for one. And your German Shepherd will be healthier.

Heres our guide to keeping your German Shepherds coat healthy and under control.

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Give Your Dog An Omega

Omega-3 is a fatty acid that helps improve your dogs skin and coat. While most dog foods claim to include omega-3, its often damaged during the cooking process. Its also important for your dog to get the right ratio of omega-6 to omega-3, and most dog foods are proportionately too high in omega-6.

Want to learn more about omega-3 and fish oil supplements? Check out our guide to the best fish oils supplements for dogs here.

Hair Hair Everywhere: Why Is My Dog Shedding So Much

How Much Does A German Shepherd Shed – Vacuuming Routine

Most pet owners enjoy the tactile sensation of running their hands over their pets soft, cuddly fur. In fact, studies show petting a cuddly animal can actively reduce stress.

That said, were generally not as enthusiastic about encountering their abundant fur once its fallen out, turned into a gazillion individual hairs and become attached to our furniture, our cars, our clothing or even our food.

Shedding is a normal and healthy part of a dogs life, and its very common in a recent health survey by animal research site, nearly half of the respondents said their dogs shed at least a moderate amount. Nevertheless, your dogs shedding could be causing you headaches ranging from household messiness to clogged vacuums to heightened allergic reactions among family members.

Heres a brief guide that may help you deal with the problem.

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What Can I Feed My German Shepherd To Gain Weight

High quality lean protein will help pack on the pounds for shepherds having difficulty gaining weight. Steer clear of lamb, duck and other naturally high fat meats. Lean meats with no higher than 8% fat are ideal. Suggestion: 3Ps lean meat options: turkey with bone, goat, venison, rabbit and kangaroo are the leanest.

Can I Just Shave My German Shepherd

Some owners mistakenly believe that shaving their dog will not only help them feel more comfortable in heat, but will also help with shedding and human allergies.

The truth is shaving a German Shepherd can be detrimental to their health and overall comfort.

Double-coated breeds use their coat to regulate their body temperature as it keeps them warm in the winter, but also cool in the summer. It also protects your dogs skin from moisture, abrasions, and harmful UV rays. By removing their natural barrier you’re exposing them to many potential health problems.

Also, some allergy sufferers believe shaving your dog will reduce allergic reactions. Also not true. Allergies are triggered from pet dander, which are particles of skin that shed all year. In fact, shaving them will make it worse, as you expose their skin even further.

And as a final warning, once you shave a double-coated dog, their hair never grows back the same. So that beautiful, silky coat will be gone forever.

If this all sounds like a lot of work, there’s a great selection of non shedding dogs out there as well!

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Why Is My German Shepherd Shedding A Lot

If your German Shepherd has been shedding a lot then you might be wondering why and what you can do about it.

This post will show you a number of reasons why your German Shepherd might be shedding a lot and a number of possible solutions.

So, why is my German Shepherd shedding a lot? German Shepherds naturally shed a lot all year round. They shed more when its getting hotter by shedding their undercoat and they shed more when its getting colder by shedding their overcoat and having denser undercoats.

There are actually a number of reasons why your German Shepherd might be shedding a lot especially if the shedding seems to be very sudden. There are also a number of things that you can do about it.

Dog Food To Prevent A German Shepherd From Losing Hair

Your German Shepherd could be shedding a lot for a number ...

Do not use dog food whose first ingredient says meat by-product.

  • Look for dog food that lists meat as the main ingredient, as meats are easier to digest and absorb.
  • Quality ingredients reduce shedding and help with dry skin as the nutrients are more readily available.
  • For excessive hair fall and shedding, feed Purina Pro Plan Sensitive Skin and Stomach dog food to help nourish their skin and coat while limiting irritations.

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When Is The Shedding Season For German Shepherds

Although German Shepherds will shed all year, there is a time when you can expect even more shedding. And thats, obviously, the shedding season.

You can expect your dog to shed the heaviest in the summertime, when coat dump reaches its peak in order to regulate your dogs body temperature. Following the same logic, the shedding will also decrease as winter approaches.

Your German Shepherd will however continue to shed before and after the shedding season, but it will occur in a much more controlled way.

Can You Stop Your German Shepherd From Shedding

In short, no. In fact, shedding is part of a German Shepherds natural biology. There are only very few dogs that dont shed . Not only is it unstoppable, but its very important to their overall health.

Perhaps one day, there may be a genetically altered German Shepherd that does not need to shed. I know owners would rejoice at this. But that day is far in the future, if ever.

For now, shedding plays an important part in your German Shepherds health. Thanks to shedding they can:

  • Better sense their environment
  • Give their skin better protection from illness and injury
  • Better regular their body temperature

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Allow Your Gsd More Access To Fresh Water

You might not even realize it, but allowing your German Shepherd to drink more water daily can greatly reduce the amount of shedding! Thats because dogs tend to shed a little bit more when theyre dehydrated.

If youre having trouble keeping up with your dogs water regimen, I recommend using an automatic dog water dispenser. This device allows you to fill up a big tub of water all at once, so you wont have to keep remembering to add more water to the bowl throughout the day.

Ive never had to use one of these however, Ive heard good things about them, and I think they can really do the trick. If I were choosing one from Amazon, I like the look of the Petsafe Drinkwell as its ideal for German Shepherds with its two-tiered design.

Tip! You can give your German Shepherd ice-cubes in the summer to keep him hydrated. You can also try frozen fruits such as raspberries or strawberries as an alternative healthy treat to help quench his thirst.

Every Day Is A Brushing Day

My German Shepherd sheds SO MUCH! The best shed Brush for dogs | Tyler Nolan

Brush your German Shepherd for at least 5-10 minutes daily if possible.

Grooming your German Shepherds coat removes excess fur and redistributes your German Shepherds skin oils into its fur. This can prevent excessive shedding by moisturizing their hair and skin.

This can be achieved easily by using a Furminator that can reach the undercoat to remove loose hair easily.

Check out this video to see the real result for yourself:

Instead of letting the hair find its way around your house, this will directly minimize the amount of furball you have to pick up everywhere.

Furminator De-Shedding Tool for Large Dogs

Check out more suggestions from existing GSD owners in our: Shopping List for Shedding Dogs.

Brushing your dog could also be a way to bond with him. The touching, petting and cuddling involved can be the best way to show your love and care to your pet pal. Every owner should enjoy doing it.

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How Can I Cope With The Blowing Of The Coat

First, you should know exactly when to expect Coat Blow. Typically, you will see this happen at the end of winter and just before winter begins.

Coat Blow actually involves not only shedding the topcoat, but also the undercoat of a dog. Owners with double-coated dogs claim this is the worst part of Coat Blow, as the undercoat often comes out in clumps. In fact, they state that one might fill trash bags with the shed hair!

When you begin to notice clumps of hair coming out of the dogs coat, then you CAN take some steps to at least minimize the amount of hair that is freely shed.

You can purchase a slicker brush or a dog rake to help remove loose hair from both the top and undercoat of the German Shepherd Dog.

Keep in mind, dogs that are kept primarily indoors may have varying patterns of Coat Blow as the controlled climate of the indoors can lessen the phenomenon. Dogs that have been spayed or neutered also have differences in the typical Coat Blow.

Remember, this wont completely eliminate the shedding from Coat Blow, it will help you to keep it more manageable.

How Do I Get My German Shepherd To Stop Shedding

There is no way of stopping your German Shepherd from shedding because it’s the natural cycle of renewing their coat to keep it healthy. However, regular brushing, deshedding, and bathing your German Shepherd during their shedding seasons will help. Also, providing your German Shepherd with nutritious food will help prevent excessive shedding.

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What Are K9 Dog Dryers

K9 Dog Dryers are the largest-selling dog dryer brand in the USA. They offer a wide range of high-performance, high-velocity dryers that are essential in dog grooming. Their models range from small single-motor dryer to twin-motor dryer which is perfect for drying your dog and controlling its shedding.


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