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When Do German Shepherds Stop Growing In Height

Overview: A Few Fun Facts About The German Shepherd

When do German Shepherds Stop Growing? Growth Stages You Must Know

Developed by Captain Max Von Stephanitz, German Shepherds were originally meant to be herding dogs before being appropriated as militants.

Their loyalty and trainability have ensured them a top spot on the American Kennel Clubs list of most popular breeds.

Despite their popularity, many dog lovers dont know that there are five different types of German Shepherds:

  • American Show Line German Shepherds: Possibly the most suitable as companion pets, these dogs are also known as Canadian Show Lines. As they are bred for conformation, they have the most pronounced slopes.
  • West Show Line German Shepherds: Considered the fairest of them all, these GSDs have large heads, and dense coats often found in Black and Red.
  • West Working Line German Shepherds: With a less pronounced slope-back, these dogs are more built for performance than beauty. These dogs are closest in conformation to what Captain Max Von Stephanitz had in mind.
  • East Working Line DDR German Shepherds: Probably the type with the least health problems due to extremely strict standards of breeding. They often have longer and darker coats.
  • Czech Working Line German Shepherds: A working dog through and through, this Alsatian type is usually black or sable with straight backs.
  • The Alsatian also comes in different shades, and the classic Black and Tan isnt the most common color! To find out what it is, head over to the full article on all German Shepherd colors.

    How Many Growth Spurts Does A German Shepherd Have

    There is no set number of growth spurts that your German Shepherd will go through. They will grow rapidly between 3 and 6 months and may undergo multiple growth spurts.

    This depends on how big your German Shepherd will get and how well they are developing. Female German Shepherds or smaller dogs may experience fewer growth spurts.

    Every dog is different and will grow and develop at its own pace. Frequent veterinary check-ups can help to ensure that your dog is on the right track.

    Quiet And Quickly Tired

    When a German Shepherd reaches its senior years, youll notice how theyll gradually lose their energy and even show disinterest in toys or walks they used to be so excited about. When your dogs life is nearing the end, youll often find it lying around in quiet places that would exclude itself from other pets or people. It wont also move as much as it would try to limit itself from feeling even more uncomfortably frail than it already is.

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    And Should You Mess With Their Growth

    Have you ever wonder when do german shepherds stop growing? Of them, all German Shepherds are considered as the best, the smartest, and the most desirable dogs of them all. This dog breed is well-known for intelligence and the fact they will do everything they can to protect their owners. They can grow fast and they can reach impressive numbers. When do German Shepherds stop growing? This is going to be the main answer for today and we will try to give you as much information as we can.

    When Does A Male German Shepherd Stop Growing Tall How Tall Are Male German Shepherds

    German Shepherd Growth Chart

    A male German Shepherd will stop growing tall when they are three years of age. Before this point, they will have attained certain milestones of height growth till they reach the adult height of between 24-26 inches. You can check their growth track and the milestones they should be accomplishing at each growth stage using the following height chart.

    Male German shepherd Height Chart


    Female German Shepherd Height Chart


    The figures above show an overview of the weight and height range guiding the development of your German Shepherd puppy, this does not mean that you go over and above to ensure that your puppy matches the figures exactly.The figures shared are based on averages and no German Shepherd matches them exactly.

    Sometimes they go above, sometimes they are under, but the key is to ensure that the disparity is not too low or too high indicating that the dog is under, overweight, or has height complications. If you notice such a disparity, consider seeking help from a certified vet.

    Again, as the owner of the pet, you are in the best position to determine whether your pup needs additional assistance or not, so make decisions wisely.

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    Juvenile Period: 3 Months 6 Months

    At this point, puppy development begins to slow down as they have done most of the developing they need and will now primarily just grow larger. Near the end of this stage is when youll want to start puppy classes and start training your puppy.

    Here are some important milestones that a German Shepherd puppy will go through at this stage:

    • Have all puppy teeth
    • Improved motor skills
    • Begin getting adult teeth

    Training Your German Shepherd Husky Mix

    Siberian Huskies and German Shepherds are both incredibly intelligent breeds, with strong working instincts.

    Bored or cooped-up Shepskies are more likely to show unwanted behaviors. Chewing, digging and trying to escape can all be a problem.

    The stimulation your German Shepherd x Husky needs will depend on their temperament. And on what motivates them.

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    How Many Times A Day Should You Feed Your Young German Shepherd Puppy

    The recommended frequency of feeding for a German Shepherd puppy is as follows:

    • From 8 weeks old to 12 weeks old4 times a day
    • From 12 weeks old to 6 months old3 times a day
    • From 6 months old to 12 months old3 times a day
    • 12 months old and above2 times a day

    You can also feed your German Shepherd puppy snacks and treats in between meals, but the frequency with which you do this should reduce as the pooch grows older.

    How Much Should German Shepherd Puppies Weigh

    When Do German Shepherd Dogs Stop Growing? Complete Growth Pattern of German Shepherds Explained

    With my experience of breathing multiple litters of German Shepherds over the years. I like to take this question a little bit further, so you can have a better understanding about puppy weight. The bigger question should be It depends on how the Breeder feeds the puppies. Most good breeders feed puppies 3 times a day with dry food and wet food mixed together and Im not talking about cheap dog food. Were talking about high-quality dog food. They will always keep a good eye on how the pups are developing so they keep them healthy.

    Here are a few pictures of puppies. These pictures are from my good friend Johns last litter. This was a great litter of puppies. Everyone puppy he sold the people were so happy with their puppy. All the pups had a super loving temperament and training comes easy when you breed good blood-line puppies.

    5 week old Black Female Pup.

    This is a black sable collar.

    Roughly weight would be,

    9-week old puppies weigh. 15- 20 pounds.

    4 month old puppy weight. 25- 32 pounds.

    6 month old puppy weight. 48- 56 pounds. I have had male puppies that weight up to 50 lbs.

    How long do German shepherds live?

    9 to 13 years.

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    When Do German Shepherds Stop Growing When Is Your Gsd Fully Grown

    Have you spent time looking at your German Shepherd Dog and wondering when theyre going to stop growing? Youre certainly not alone. When theyre puppies, it can certainly feel like theyre going to grow forever.

    The truth is that most German Shepherds have reached their full height around 18 months, but theyll continue to fill out past that. Females continue to fill out until about the 2-year mark, while males take a bit longer by putting on weight until the 2.5-year point.

    But can you tell how big a German Shepherd will get before then? What other developmental milestones should you keep an eye on with your pup? We answer both those questions and more here.

    German Shepherd Growth & Weight Chart

    These numbers are estimates to give you an idea of how much a German Shepherd weighs month by month. Dont worry if your puppy is slightly behind or ahead just be sure to take your pet to regular vet appointments to ensure they are healthy and happy!

    Pro Tip: Want to get reimbursed for up to 100% of veterinary bills any time your dog gets sick or injured? Compare German Shepherd health insurance options before its too late.

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    Juvenile Period 3 Months 6 Months

    Between months 3 and 6, the puppies go through the juvenile period. The baby phase will have come to an end. They should be able to eat easily, interact with others, and should be on the brink of being housebroken. They will continue to grow steadily and are ready to be trained.

    They will begin to lose their milk teeth during this period as well, so keep an eye out for the risk of chewing items that you might not approve of. Having dog-approved chew toys on hand can help both the puppies and the owners get through the teething phase without frustration.

    When Does A German Shepherds Head Stop Growing

    When do German Shepherds Stop Growing?

    The head should be wedge-shaped, large but proportionate to the body, and approximately 40% of the dogs height at the withers in length, without being clumsy or excessively long. It has a dry appearance in general and is moderately broad between the ears. The forehead is only slightly arched from the side and front, with no central furrow or only a faintly implied one. Backskull to foreface proportion is 50:50. Thus, the breadth of the backskull is approximately equal to its length. The top of the head is a relatively continuous wedge-shaped taper from the ears to the nose, with a slanting but not overly defined stop. Upper and lower jaws are unquestionably influential. The muzzle is straight, with no saddle or arch. Lips are firm, well-closed, and dark in color.

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    Just About German Shepherds:

    GSDs are very friendly and get attached to their home members very quickly. They are excellent watchdogs and always protect their vicinity. As compared to other dog breeds, German Shepherds are easy to train.

    They are strong, active, and energetic. German Shepherds love to play outdoor and are very social. They are stubborn sometimes but are not aggressive. Moreover, they are intelligent, obedient, and watchful.

    Interested In Training Your German Shepherd The Right Way

    If you havent trained your German Shepherd properly, then this is the perfect time to start. Whatever bad behavior your shepherd has, whether its barking at night or other bad behaviors, using the right training program is the key to having an obedient and happy pup.

    The training program I love and highly recommend is Brain Training For Dogs.

    With Brain Training For Dogs youll save yourself a ton of time and effort. Instead of banging your head against the wall trying to figure out why your dog wont listen, youll follow a path that has been tried, tested, and most importantly, thats given proven results. Not to mention the fact, youll be able to fit the course around your schedule, not fit your schedule around a trainer or obedience class.

    So instead of worrying about whether theyre going to be well-behaved or not, youll only have to worry about how much fun youll have with them!

    And in most cases its still going to be:

    • Cheaper than hiring a professional.
    • Cheaper than replacing everything they might break.
    • And definitely cheaper than a lawsuit against you, if they decide to bite someone.

    Just imagine how great it will feel to finally be able to trust your German Shepherd completely and never worry whether theyll be naughty or not. Instead, youll have the peace of mind that you have a well-behaved pup, and the boundaries you set for them, will always be there, EVEN IF YOURE NOT.

    The Adult Stage


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    How Quickly Do Puppies Grow

    You may want to get a sense of how quickly your German Shepherd puppy will grow. The following lists give estimates for male and female puppies weight over their first year these are the higher ends of the range.

    For a more in-depth correlation between height and weight, it is worth it to read the book: Your German Shepherd Puppy Month by Month, 2nd Edition: Everything You Need to Know at Each State to Ensure Your Cute and Playful Puppy by Liz Palika and Terry Albert.

    The exact weight will vary between different breed types and for each individual dog, but the general pattern will remain the sameGerman Shepherd puppies grow explosively over the first few months and then start to slow down between 6 and 8 months old. Stay in touch with your vet about monitoring this growth and adjusting their food accordingly. To go from pounds to kilogram: 1 pound is 0.453592 kilogram.

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    Best Age To Begin Obedience Training In German Shepherd

    German Shepherd Growing up from 8 weeks to 19 months

    At the age of seven weeks, your puppy is capable and prepared to learn various simple obedience commands. However, you should avoid pressuring a puppy this young to demonstrate perfect obedience. A one-minute session is sufficient for a young puppy. After a few weeks, your German Shepherd puppy should be able to sit, stay, and down, in addition to knowing its name. Although it typically takes about 6 to 8 weeks of proper dog training to develop a reliable off-leash come .

    When you quietly place the leash on your dog, use food rewards or play, and avoid jerking your dog around the house or neighborhood, leash training is relatively quick. A simple trick like spin took me less than a day, but more complicated tricks can take weeks or months. Something complex, such as staying put in the face of numerous distractions , may take you at least six months to master.

    Bear in mind that training a German Shepherd requires you to take small steps and build on their success. For example, you cannot simply allow your neighbors cat to walk directly in front of you while walking your German Shepherds and expect them not to lunge if your dog is not sufficiently worked up to ignore this high-value distraction.

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    German Shepherds The Right Size For You

    Your tiny, cute German Shepherd puppy will likely grow into a medium-sized or large dog. Females will probably weigh in on the medium side, while males can get pretty big.

    GSD puppies experience a phenomenal rate of growth, especially before six months, so be ready. Just remember that dogs as big as male German Shepherds are at risk for joint problems because they grow so quickly, and overfeeding them can exacerbate those problems as they get older.

    Eventually, German Shepherds will reach the 22-26 inch range in height, and will be between 50-90 lbs. when fully grown. Can you handle that?

    Do you love the size of German Shepherds? Just make sure you understand how to best take care of them and keep them healthy as they grow!

    Make sure to click here for even more German Shepherd facts!

    How Much Should A Young German Shepherd Puppy Eat

    How many cups of food you should feed a young German Shepherd puppy is dependent on factors such as the dogs weight, growth rate, age and recommendations from your vet.

    However, the generally accepted guidelines for feeding young German Shepherd puppies are:

    • From 8 weeks old to 12 weeks old 1 to 1½ cup of food per meal
    • From 12 weeks old to 6 months old 1½ to 2 cups of food per meal
    • From 6 months old to 12 months old 2 to 3 cups of food per meal
    • 12 months old and above 3 to 3½ cups of food per meal

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    When Do German Shepherds Stop Growing German Shepherd Growth Chart And Guide

    Before German Shepherds grow to become large dogs, they go through different stages of growth. In this article, well discuss those stages along with other aspects of their growth, such as expected heights, weights, and when German Shepherds eventually stop growing.

  • Why Is My German Shepherd So Fat?
  • German Shepherd Body Condition Score

    When do German Shepherds Stop Growing?

    Body Condition Score is the equivalent of Body Mass Index in humans. It is a subjective rating that standardizes the weight level of animals to help create an exercise plan and diet that suits your puppys activity level, body, and lifestyle.

    Body Condition Scale range from 1-9 or 1-5. The ideal BCS for your German Shepherd puppy should be 3/5 or 5/9. This is where the ribs, pelvic bones, and backbone have a very thin layer of fat and is easily palpable.

    The tummy tuck should be seen from the side and the waistline should also be visible behind the ribs when seen from above.

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    How Big Is An 11 Week Old German Shepherd

    Registered. 15 pounds at 11 weeks is light, generally for an 8 week old male you would want him around 13 to 19 pounds and a 12 week old male around 22 to 30 pounds. These are generalisations only and for showline GSDs, however a good guide to go by.4 Sept 2014

    How Heavy Are Male German Shepherds With A Weight Chart Guide

    Male German Shepherds typically grow faster and gain more weight than female German Shepherds. By the third year of their life, male German Shepherds will have attained all weight milestones gaining their full adult weight weighed between 75-95 pounds. In some instances, the dogs will even surpass the 95-pound mark. The Weight Chart below shows the average weight distribution in male German Shepherds from birth to adulthood.

    Male German Shepherd Weight Chart


    Female German Shepherd Weight Chart

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