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How To Teach Your German Shepherd To Sit

Tips For When Walking With Dog On The Leash

How to Train German Shepherd to sit and stay
  • Put an ID tag on the collar and make sure it fits correctly your dog because you do not want that it slips and your German Shepherd Dog runs away.
  • If your dog is very active and full of energy and it is difficult for you to keep him on a leash because he pushes too much. I will advise you to exercise a lot your German Shepherd Before you start training so he will burn most of his energy in the exercise.
  • You have to focus a lot so make sure you are not distracted by phones or anything else around you.
  • Rewards every time your dog, Does not matter if you spent a lot of time to teach him things.

Teach Obedience To Your German Shepherd

Obedience is essential if you want to teach your GSD To be a guard dog.

Come sit and stay are the three most important words you should teach your Dog.

These three basic commands will keep your dog safe in many circumstances. For example, if there is a danger approaching your dog, you can call come, so your dog can step back and come back to you.

Teaching Basic commands will establish your leadership over your German Shepherd. If your dog understands that you are the leader, they will become your happy followers.

Know The Proper Sit Position

When your dog is in the correct sitting position, its hocks and bottom are firmly planted on the ground. Some dogs will cheat and “hover” above the ground a little, so be sure not to reward until its rear end is on the ground. Ideally, your dog will remain sitting until you release it , but sometimes this behavior doesn’t come until the dog has learned “stay.” Plan to set aside 5 to 10 minutes a few times a week to work on this training.

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Teach Your German Shepherd Puppy To Stand

To teach your puppy to stand, start in the sitting position and hold a treat out in front of your puppys nose.; Take a step back, enticing him to stand up. While you step back and he stands up, say Stand!.; Then praise him and give him the treat when he does so.

After he seems to master it with the treat, try moving the treat to your other hand.; But still use the same hand to command Stand. When he stands to the hand with no treat, reward him with the treat from the other hand.

Training Your Dog To Respond To The Command Stay

Want to teach your dog how to sit? Follow these tips! #gsd ...

This command will help you to stop your dog from chasing after your neighbors cats or squirrels.

Step 1 : Before you start teaching this command, make sure he understands the command down. Step 2 : Now, teach him to stay in the down position with his palm over his head, when you say stay! Step 3 : Maintain eye contact when you deliver this command during the time you want him to stay put. Repeat the command if he tries to get up or lift his head. If he obeys, give him a treat and praise him to let him know that you are happy he is following your command. Step 4 : Repeat this exercise, while gradually increasing the time of the stay.

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Make Them Work For It

The next thing you need your dog to do is to realize that they need to do something if they want a treat. Start with something simple, like sitting or coming when called. As soon as they do it correctly, press the button then give them a treat.

Eventually, theyll learn that you expect them to work for their treats. Theyll start to look to you for direction and wait for your command so they can get their reward.

Letting Your German Shepherd Puppy Explore The Garden

Besides the gnomes and questionable garden furniture you may have, letting your puppy explore your own garden is a great and safe way to start showing them the sounds, lights and wonders of the outside world.

When theyre outdoors, theyll be able to experience what wind, and rain and sunshine feels like, as well as get familiar with walking on different surfaces.;

PRO TIP: Gardens are the perfect toilet areas for puppies. Teach your puppy where the toilet area is in your garden, by rewarding them when they go for a pee or a poo, and also by rewarding them simply for being outside just so they get fully on board that its a fun place to be.;

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Final Takeaways On German Shepherd Puppy Training

Here is a recap of the main points of the article:

  • Dogs notice first the intonation of your voice. So, always use a calm and friendly voice tone when training or talking to your German Shepherd puppy.
  • Using a command with a gesture helps your pup learn faster. Body language is a canines primary mode of communication.
  • Your German Shepherd will always stick to the good behavior you have taught them because dogs naturally stick to what they have learned and do not follow the crowd.
  • 4-10 weeks of age is the best time to socialize and train your German Shepherd puppy in good behavior. This should be done by positive reinforcement and never aversive reinforcement.;
  • Be consistent in giving a command only once; otherwise, youll confuse your puppy.
  • When teaching a command, find a quiet location, and then seek your puppys attention. Teach the command and recap before ending the session with something your German Shepherd puppy enjoys.;

I hope you have found this article informative and helpful. Good luck with your German Shepherd puppy obedience training! Remember to stick at it and youll get there!

How To Quickly Teach Voice Commands To Your German Shepherd

how to teach a german shepherd puppy to sit
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Bought a German Shepherd puppy? Start training it now.

German Shepherds are extremely intelligent and will pick on to tricks and commands in no time. However, it is also true that GSDs are made to protect herds and live in packs.

These dogs are guards and dominant by nature, and will become the alpha and rule over everyone else. So, by wasting time and thinking that your pup is too little to train, you are increasing the chances of it to get hold of you too.


  • 4 Common GSD Commands
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    Why Teach Your German Shepherd To Stay

    Teaching your;German Shepherd to stay when you tell it to will help you in a number of ways. Below I will mention some of the benefits that it can provide.

    Makes socializing easier
    Youll have an easier time walking it
    It will be easier to handle at the vets

    Youll be able to get your;German Shepherd to stay when at the vets are with it. This will help the experience to go much more smoothly and will help it to be a less stressful;experience for you and the dog.

    Keep it responsive to your command

    The stay command is a good one to teach your German Shepherd because its one that you can do regularly without too much difficulty. For example, you can get it to stay before giving it food in the mornings. By doing this youll be able to keep it used to listening to your command and youll be able to maintain your status as the one in charge more easily. This can help to reduce bad behavior.

    Youll stop it from misbehaving more easily

    Create A Real Life Scenario:

    Next step, create a scenario. This will take your dogs training to the next level. Try doing this exercise in the evening when it is starting to get dark out. Inside your house go to the front door and bring your dog. Begin knocking a few times on the door and say the command. Once they bark a few times reward them and repeat a few more times. You can try to do this every evening, but dont repeat it too much in one day, it can make the dog bored of it.

    To make it more challenging you can get a friend or family member to go outside and knock on the door. Then you can say the command to get them to bark. After a while they should just bark on their own. Now they know to alert you when someone comes to the door during the evening, or even the day.

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    An Attack Dog By Nature

    Some dog breeds are more prone to aggression than others, and German Shepherds are one of them. They are, by nature, attack dogs and often used by law enforcement for this reason.

    Since they already exhibit this trait, you must learn to control your dogs tendencies to ensure they only attack when you command. It will keep both you and your dog safe.

    Principles And Facts Of German Shepherd Dog Training And Learning

    how to train your dog to sit in 2020

    Every good and well-behaved German Shepherd Dog you see around should immediately tell you of a dog well trained. While some people assume that dogs can guess what is in their mind and execute it, this is never the case.;

    Your German Shepherd puppy relies on your communication to become a well-behaved companion. But you need to train him to decipher the communication codes first. Also, training is more effective if rewarded positively and if commenced early during puppyhood.

    The below five facts and principles explain the importance of the dog-owner communication dynamic in training and the need to use a positive approach and start early when training your German Shepherd puppy.

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    How To Teach Your German Shepherd Dog To Stay

    While German Shepherd Dogs are known for being intelligent and very willing, this does not mean that training them is a breeze. For any dog, stay is a difficult behavior to do. Would you want to sit still without moving your limbs for long periods of time? Neither does your Shepherd. They can have a particularly hard time with it if they want to chase things that move staying in a sit while a bike or a cat goes by, for example, takes a lot of self-control. Luckily, the following training method breaks stay up into three parts, making it easier on both you and your Shepherd. The end result is a more reliable bahavior.

    Use Treats To Obtain A Sitting Movement

    When you start training your German Shepherd to sit, youll want to use treats to motivate and guide him. Instead of pushing down on your dogs back, which can feel like a punishment, you can use a treat to guide his movement. With the treat in a fist, hold your hand in front of your dogs nose, just out of reach. Then move your hand up, over your dogs head.

    Your dog should naturally move into a sitting position to raise his head up towards your hand. Dont worry if he spins around or jumps up a few times. Just re-center and try again.

    Once he does sit, immediately say sit in a calm voice and give him the treat. Over time, hell learn to associate both the command and the reward with sitting.

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    Commands To Teach Your German Shepherd Puppy Now

    If you are reading this post, then you are either planning on getting a German Shepherd puppy or you already have one and are wondering how and when to start training it. Good news! There are 15 basic commands that you can teach your German Shepherd puppy right away. And this post will help you get started.

    But first, congratulations on your new puppy!

    I have discovered that bringing home a new puppy is just like bringing home a brand new baby, only slightly less intense.;; They need constant supervision, care, and affection.

    And they need to start learning how to behave immediately.

    Most families bring home their German Shepherd puppy around 8 weeks old.; Puppies seem very much like a baby at this age, but I would say that they are more comparable to toddlers because:

    • They are busy exploring their environment
    • Everything goes in their mouth
    • They are ready to learn

    You cant teach an infant and you cant teach a brand new puppy.; All they do is lie around all day, eating, sleeping, and pooping.; But you can teach a German Shepherd puppy when you bring it home, just as you can start teaching a toddler.;

    So, if you have children, then you are already one step ahead of the rest because you know what to expect and how to handle it.;

    The German Shepherd Training Commands List

    Teaching a German Shepherd to come and sit beside you with GSM

    You dont have to use the German Shepherd training commands list in order.

    But, its best to begin with the basics and work your way through to the advanced commands.

    Remember that all GSDs learn at different rates, so dont get frustrated if your dog doesnt understand you right away.

    Keep practicing and stay patient.

    This list covers 3 types of German Shepherd training commands:

    • Basic Obedience
    Dog bites an object that you want

    Now that you have a list of training and obedience commands for your German Shepherd, you need to understand how to use them.

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    Teach Your German Shepherd To Walk On The Leash

    Learning to walk on a leash outside is an important element of dog training. Use it to control;your German Shepherd and then test his;ability to follow commands off-leash. A harness is a smart idea at first, so its utilized for outdoor training and walks as well.

    Many dog owners will opt for a rear attached harness. However, I prefer one that leads from the front, such as the;Walk Your Dog With Love;harness. Its the harness my German Shepherd wears, and its awesome for less pull and greater control. Its reasonably priced, and theres a variety of colors and styles to choose from.

    Related:;The 5 Best No Pull Harnesses for German Shepherds.

    Your Dog Is Not A Person Your Dog Is A Reflection Of You

    Your Dog is a Reflection of You!

    As humans, we personify everything we love including our beloved dogs. ;And in my opinion, there’s nothing wrong with that.

    As long as we remember that our dogs operate on instincts. ;And our emotions affect those instincts.

    For example

    There’s this Staffie names Apollo that has hydrotherapy on the same day as Charley.

    Now, Apollo and Charley hate each other. ;None of us are sure why though!

    So, a few weeks ago Charley was at her weekly hydrotherapy session when Apollo strolled past her massage mat.

    The moment I saw him I tensed up. ;And within a split second Charley, who has just had hip surgery, jumped up on all fours and started barking madly.

    She’s never had a problem with any of;the other dogs around there. ;Even the owners 2 Jack Russell’s hang around her with no problems.

    Both myself and the therapist never saw it coming. ;But looking back now, I should have known

    Charley was reacting to her instincts.


    My emotions played a big role in her final reaction. ;Charley was responding to me, but the results were not positive. Because I was tense and worried.

    You may be wondering what you can do to encourage your GSD to respond to you in a positive way.

    This brings us to the next golden rule

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    Use Treats In Your German Shepherd Training Commands For Faster Results

    Dont forget to purchase some tasty treats of your choice.

    Its better to pick a strong-smelling treat that is easy to give during training, such as these chewy and healthy training bite-sized treats.

    But, you can also use pea-sized amounts of fresh-cooked chicken or small bits of cheese.

    Treats serve as positive reinforcement during your training, and they help speed up your dogs progress.

    It is vital to use your dogs favorite training treats to get the best results.

    Pay attention to your dog during training, and you can tell which treats are their favorite by their willingness to perform the training.

    Try a higher value reward a few times to see if your dog performs better for you if theyre struggling with a command. Buy a treat that is healthy and low in calories, preferably pick one from this list of the Best Healthy Treats for Your German Shepherd.

    Treats are how you pay your dog for their work. They also help build a positive bond between training and you, so that your dog is happy to engage in their training sessions.

    These are some of the same tools I used to train my own GSD, so theyre tested in real-world situations with a hyper and powerful German Shepherd.

    How To Use Your Dog’s Sit Cue In Real Life

    How to teach your German Shepherd puppy to sit or lay down ...

    Sit is a great alternative behavior to teach your dog, as it’s impossible to do unwanted behaviors at the same time as sitting. Your dog can’t be jumping on you or other people if their rear is on the floor! They can’t be pulling on the leash if they’re sitting next to you. Or dashing through an open door if they’re in a well-trained sit-stay.

    It’s also a wonderful way for your dog to communicate that they want something. Many dogs who have learned to sit in a positive training system begin to use it as a way to say please.

    • “Please give me some pets.”
    • “Please give me that piece of chicken.”
    • “Please let me outside into the backyard.”
    • “Please grab this toy and play with me.”

    Having a polite way for your dog to get your attention and otherwise interact with you means they won’t be demand barking or otherwise nudging or pawing at you.

    Here are just a few ideas of when your dog’s sit behavior will be useful:
    • Greetings when you arrive home
    • Waiting patiently at the door to go on a walk while you put on their harness and leash
    • Getting to greet other people while on walks
    • When you stop to chat with a friend or neighbor while on a walk
    • When your dog is getting weighed on the scale at the vet’s office
    • Entering doorways so your dog doesn’t drag you through

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