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No Kill German Shepherd Rescue

What Is The Lifespan Of A German Shepherd

Two sick German Shepherds thrown away like trash.But they find friendship after rescue-Takis Shelter

German Shepherds have a lifespan of 9-13 years. The German Shepherd has a few possible health concerns that need to be addressed early in life. This includes monitoring for the following:

  • Exocrine pancreatic insufficiency

Several factors will affect how long your German Shepherd lives. First, regular veterinary care with a high-quality diet and good exercise will allow optimal health, happiness, and longevity.

Echo Dogs White Shepherd Rescue

Echo Dogs White Shepherd Rescue operates east of the Mississippi.

They operate out of Indiana, but rescue, take owner surrenders, and adopt out to everywhere east of the Mississippi, including Michigan.

They primarily rescue white shepherds, although they will occasionally rescue other colors of German Shepherds and mixed breed dogs as well.

They will take just about any white shepherd in need, including dogs with serious medical conditions.

Their primary goal is to choose dogs that are behaviorally able to be placed into an adoptive home.

Echo Dogs White Shepherd Rescue is willing to put in the work to make sure each dog has the medical care it needs, regardless of how extensive, as long as the dog can then be placed into an adoptive home.

Most of the dogs at this rescue come from animal control facilities.

They also take owner surrenders from those who can no longer take care of their dog.

Echo Dogs White Shepherd Rescue can only take in dogs if they have a foster home in which to place it.

Since many dogs have extensive medical conditions that need to be taken care of before they can be adopted out.

They often spend a long time in foster homes, which makes having enough foster homes a challenge.

Volunteers transport dogs from state to state when necessary for it to find an appropriate foster home.

Echo Dogs White Shepherd Rescues primary goal is to place homeless dogs into loving families, but they also strive to:

Cincinnati Area German Shepherd Rescue

Our next spot on the list of the best German Shepherd Rescues in Ohio goes to Cincinnati Area German Shepherd Rescue, based in Hamilton, near Columbus, Ohio.

How do they function?

This is a small, independently-run shelter that functions primarily via Facebook, email, and Petfinder in order to provide a convenient and efficient adoption experience to people in Ohio who are looking for German Shepherd dogs for adoption.

This rescue organization keeps the well-being and health of its dogs at the forefront of its operation. They seek to nurture, rehabilitate, and rehome each and every German Shepherd and German Shepherd mix dog that is in their care.

This German Shepherd rescue organization functions without a primary facility for housing their dogs instead, the dogs in their care are kept in responsible foster homes.

What do they offer?

This rescue makes sure that each dog they take in is evaluated both medically and behaviorally, and they will accept most German Shepherd dogs into their care however, they wont accept dogs with aggression problems.

Cincinnati Area German Shepherd Rescue is most active on Facebook, where they share pictures and information about their available adoptable dogs and other underprivileged dogs in their area.

Before actually adopting one of their German Shepherds, potential new families will need to be screened and interviewed, as well as provide personal references in addition to a veterinarian reference.

Location: Hamilton, Ohio


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Dfw German Shepherd Rescue

DFW German Shepherd Rescue is a volunteer organization in North Texas rescuing and caring for homeless German Shepherds from Texas. Most of the German Shepherds in their care come from owner surrendered, area shelters, and strays. The rescue estimates over 40% of German Shepherds that come into their rescue program are severely malnourished and need several months of rehabilitation.

Rescues veterinarian tests the dogs and vets them before adoption placement. The application process is similar to GSDRCT and takes 15 to 30 minutes. German Shepherd purebred puppies under one year cost $400, 1 to 6-year-olds cost $350, and seniors about seven years cost $250. It mixes range between $250 and $300 depending on age.

Best German Shepherd Rescues In Texas

Available Dogs « Carolina German Shepherd Rescue

July 3, 2022 by Andy Lam

In this guide, youll find the best German Shepherd rescues in Texas. Dont proceed just yet heres what you need to know. Adopting a German Shepherd is not for the faint-hearted. Similar to purchased German Shepherds, these dogs need a lot of time and training. You will need to bond, train, and control this strong-willed breed, or it will do it for you.

When we say control, we mean calm, confident, and firm leadership, not abuse. Earning the German Shepherds respect, loyalty, and trust requires being a fair and confident leader. The dog will not yield or thrive in an unsupportive environment. This athletic breed will excel in obedience, agility, retrieving, herding, companionship, or service work. If youre ready to bring this breed into your home, here are the top 7 German Shepherd Rescues in Texas that you can reach out to.

Before scrolling down this list of German Shepherd rescues in Texas, you should check out these breeds:Best Corgi Rescues in TexasandBest French Bulldog Rescues in Texas.

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Mostly Mutts Animal Rescue And Adoption

Mostly Mutts Animal Rescue and Adoption isnt a breed specific rescue for German Shepherds. They rescue dogs that would otherwise be euthanized at local shelters in Atlanta.

Many German Shepherds end up in county shelters and often dont do well there, so this rescue is very likely to have a German Shepherd at any given time.

They often save dogs that are good candidates for adoption moments before they are euthanized. Many of these dogs require rehabilitation because they are injured or sick.

Mostly Mutts houses dogs, provides medical care and training, and provides everything dogs need until they can be placed in new homes.

If you would like to work with German Shepherds and other dogs, but you are not quite ready to adopt yet, volunteering with Mostly Mutts is a great idea. Volunteers entirely staff the shelter, working seven days a week to provide the care that the animals need. Volunteers also staff the front desk during business hours.

There are also plenty of more specific volunteering opportunities, like visits by shelter dogs to a nearby retirement home, a Read to Dogs program for children, seasonal hikes, and much more.

You can also foster with Mostly Mutts and provide a temporary home for a dog in need. Mostly Mutts will help match you with the exact dog you would like to foster, and help you find a German Shepherd that needs a temporary home.

You can view their available dogs for adoption here.

Austin German Shepherd Dog Rescue

Founded in 1998, Austin German Shepherd Dog Rescue draws its inspiration from an abandoned pup known as Mutt. Mutt, a German Shepherd dog, was left with his litters on a country road. The organizations founder rescued the Mutt and lived with him until the dog passed on. The rescue stresses match quality between the adopter and dog over placement quantities.

For this reason, you may find they place many German Shepherds in one month and very few in the next month. Occasionally, a German Shepherd will live out its days in a private foster home if its not adopted. The rescue provides veterinary care, heartworm treatment, training, grooming, and meets other individual dog needs. AGSDR directors approve all placement decisions.

Foster parents play a heavy role in these decisions. After being rescue-approved, they will assess your interaction with your chosen dog and interview you before adoption. If youre approved for placement, the foster parents will be at hand to assist you. The adoption fee for German Shepherd puppies under 12 months is $300, and GSDs above one year are $350+.

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Greater Houston German Shepherd Dog Rescue

Greater Houston German Shepherd Dog Rescue is a breed-specific volunteer organization. The rescue only accepts purebred German Shepherds from public shelters or surrenders by owners. The German Shepherd rescues receive health care inclusive of spaying/neutering and micro-chipping. The rescue places the German Shepherds in foster homes until adoption placement.

Throughout the dogs lifetime, the rescue offers a permanent sanctuary if things are wrong. The rescue only adopts families and individuals in the greater Houston area. If youre within this area, you can expect application processing to take up to 4 weeks after submission. Once youre approved, a coordinator will discuss and suggest available German Shepherds that would be the best fit.

The rescues foster families, similar to AGSDR, weigh heavily on whether you can adopt a particular GSD rescue. Depending on the German Shepherd, the rescue may require you to enroll the dog in additional obedience training. The adoption donation fees for puppies under six months are $375, adult dogs go for $350, and senior dogs above 6 go for $250.

Southwest German Shepherd Rescue

Rescue Crow Goes On Walks With His Favorite German Shepherd | The Dodo Wild Hearts

Southwest German Shepherd Rescue partners with White German Shepherd Rescue.

Both rescues strive to rescue German Shepherds in need.

If you are interested in adopting a white German Shepherd, a color that can often be hard to find, this is definitely the rescue for you, as they often have a number of white German Shepherds available.

Typically, they take dogs from shelter situations, breeders or puppy mills, and from the public.

However, at this time they are not able to take dogs from the public because they are at capacity.

For that reason, they state that they are desperately in need of foster homes.

If you are interested in getting to know what its like to have a German Shepherd, fostering from Southwest German Shepherd Rescue is a great way to do it.

You are welcome to foster as long as you can bring dogs to adoption events or to partner vets several weekends a month.

If you are willing to make the drive, you may be considered for fostering.

Its also important to have a secure fenced yard and plenty of time and patience to work with a dog who may need some extra help.

If you would like to adopt a German Shepherd from Southwest German Shepherd Rescue, they ask that you carefully read the information they provide about whether a German Shepherd is right for you as well as their policies.

They are very particular about where they place dogs.

Its necessary to have a securely fenced yard and a clean sleeping area.

You can view their German Shepherds available here.

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Adult German Shepherds For Adoption In Ohio

Before we get into the meat of the matter and see who the most reliable German Shepherd rescue organizations in Ohio are, its important to know what actually constitutes a good pet rescue shelter.

Its crucial to note the difference between ethical rescue groups and unethical kill shelters that keep their salvaged dogs in unsanitary conditions and end up euthanizing them if they are not adopted at a certain point in time.

Its also good to know the difference between animal rescues and animal shelters in general.

A German Shepherd rescue that focuses on adoption or rehoming is always a much safer bet for a German Shepherd than just any animal shelter you come across.

Responsible rescue organizations subject potential adopters to screening applications, home visits, and reference checks in order to ensure the safety of their German Shepherds.

This way, rescue organizations help dogs find a new home with a loving family, and largely prevent these dogs from ever ending up in a shelter again.

That said, all of the rescues that have been chosen for this list were chosen via a strict set of criteria. Well take a look at the years of service, the condition of the rescue facilities, the rescue standards, and their goals in order to give you a clear picture of how each of these rescues functions.

The following are all excellent non-profit organizations that strive to foster, rehabilitate, and then finally rehome their German Shepherds.

German Shepherd Rescues In Michigan

There are plenty of homeless German Shepherds in Michigan, so if you are interested in finding this breed, you are likely to be in luck.

However, there are not very many breed-specific rescues for German Shepherds in Michigan.

Here are the best rescues from which to adopt a German Shepherd in Michigan that we have found.

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Final Thoughts On German Shepherd Rescues In Michigan

Michigan doesnt have many breed specific German Shepherd rescues, but there are no shortages of German Shepherds who need your help in this state.

Keep in mind that you can often contact rescues even if they do not currently have German Shepherds available.

Many rescues pull from local shelters, and if they know that they have a potential adopter interested in adopting a German Shepherd, they can look specifically for this breed.

Be patient and committed, and you are sure to find a wonderful German Shepherd for you in Michigan.

Weeping Willow German Shepherd Dog Sanctuary

27 Best Pictures German Shepherd Puppies Rescue Nj : Ryker

Our first GSD rescue is the Weeping Willow German Shepherd Dog Sanctuary, which is a rescue organization thats based in Lordstown, Ohio.

How do they function?

Weeping Willow Sanctuary is a strict, no-kill shelter and a non-profit organization with the goal of saving as many German Shepherd dogs as they can from inhumane and unethical treatment.

This rescue is committed to locating and rehoming abandoned German Shepherds in all parts of the state of Ohio. The shelter rescues GSDs from kill shelters, GSDs that are homeless, GSDs that have been in abusive homes, and owner-surrenders that have been given up for various reasons.

They also function as a permanent home for senior dogs and dogs with extreme medical conditions that otherwise cannot find new homes.

What do they offer?

Their facilities boast a two-acre, fenced plot of land where their German Shepherd dogs are able to roam freely and enjoy socialization with other dogs as much as they want.

Weeping Willow Sanctuary hosts several different events every year from public education events to adoption events to public fundraisers specifically held for the older dogs in their care.

The rescue accepts financial donations, but they mostly urge those who want to help out and have the free time to do so to volunteer since they are always in need of an extra helping hand.

Weeping Willow German Shepherd Dog Sanctuary details

Location: 2469 Hewitt Gifford Rd, Lordstown, Ohio 44481

Contact: +1 330-898-0090

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Friends Of Michigan Animals Rescue

Friends of Michigan Animals Rescue is a unique rescue that has been in existence since 2003.

They offer a great combination of a foster home based organization and a shelter rescue.

They are housed on a 6 ½ acre farm with several barns to accommodate kennels for the dogs as well as rooms for cats.

They have a designated dog play area, a place for pets and families to get acquainted, and plenty of room to take dogs for walks and play with them in the open.

If you would like to meet multiple dogs at a time but you would rather avoid the stress of a shelter environment when meeting your potential new pet, Friends of Michigan Animals Rescue is a great option.

This is also a great place to get a German Shepherd or German Shepherd mix, since the dog may be spared from the stress of being housed in a traditional kennel environment.

This tends to be so hard on a sensitive breed like the German Shepherd.

If you would like to adopt a dog from Friends of Michigan Animals Rescue , just fill out the application online.

The rescue will then contact you to set up an appointment to meet the dog.

It may not be a bad idea to fill out an application and let Friends of Michigan Animals Rescue know that you are looking for a German Shepherd even if you dont see a dog you would like to adopt available at the time.

This rescue is constantly pulling dogs from shelters and if they know that you are looking for a German Shepherd they may keep their eyes out for one for you.

How Much Does It Cost To Adopt A Gsd

Now that you know which German Shepherd rescues in Ohio you can turn to in order to find a GSD for adoption, youre probably wondering just how much it actually costs to adopt a German Shepherd dog in Ohio.

Adoption fees for adult German Shepherd dogs range between $500 and $1000 on average, whereas purchasing a puppy from a reputable German Shepherd breeder in Ohio costs between $1000 and $4000 on average.

Of course, adopting a dog is always easier on the wallet, but there are certain risks involved with adopting a rescue dog that are not present when purchasing a young puppy from a breeder.

Some adult dogs might have been subjected to inhumane abuse, and these dogs usually take a long time to heal mentally from the said abuse.

Make sure to ask the right questions before you adopt an adult dog, especially if you have children in the household.

Apart from the initial adoption fee, you will need to be financially prepared to take care of your new German Shepherd.

The average cost of owning a German Shepherd dog is around $100 on a monthly basis.

If you happen to find a GSD puppy for adoption, and you decide to give it a new home, its important to be prepared for your pups inevitable growth spurt thats where a useful tool like the German Shepherd growth chart comes in handy.

If you decide to buy a German Shepherd puppy from a breeder instead of adopting one, check out our article about the 6 Best German Shepherd Breeders In Ohio.

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