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German Shepherd Guard Dog Training

Here Are Some Of My Favorite German Shepherd Supplies

How to start protection training with a German Shepherd puppy

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Find The Right Incentive For Your Dog

Until guarding becomes a habit for your German shepherd, youll need to teach her whats expected. Effective training, whether it be guarding or basic obedience, will include some kind of reward for your pup, whether it be a treat, toy, or some love. No worries if it takes some trial and error to discover just what motivates your dog itll be so worth it!

Watch A German Shepherd Being Trained To Attack

In this impressive YouTube video clip, you can watch a professional protection dog training team putting a 16-month-old German Shepherd dog through his paces.

The dog shows incredible drive, obedience, agility, and power. The most important thing to note when watching the video is that the German Shepherd does not display aggression.

Aggression is not the same as the instinct to protect, guard, or even attack. Aggression in dogs is typically a symptom of insecurity or fearfulness rather than confidence and clarity.

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What Is Schutzhund Canine Training

Schutzhund is a german word that means protection dog, so it refers to a sport that focuses on evaluating and developing three main traits: obedience, tracking, and protection.

Schutzhund Canine Training is specially designed for German Shepherds. Even though the training is designed for German Shepherds, other dog protection dog breeds like Doberman pinscher, rottweiler, and boxer can also take part.

And these days, Schutzhund Canine Training is considered as a dog sport that has three distinct phases.

  • Obedience

Dogs can enter their competitions after they learn Schutzhund skills.

Personality And Temperament Traits Of A Trained Protection Gsd

Will My German Shepherd Protect Me Without Training?

As the German Shepherd Elite Rescue charity explains, German Shepherds were originally developed in 1889 by a German military captain by the name of Captain Max von Stephanitz.

The Captain wanted to create an ideal working dog. However, he chose herding dogs as his original parent dogs.

There is also some evidence that the original dog von Stephanitz bred from was a wolf-dog hybrid.

This means that, from the start, the German Shepherd breed line has been developed to have heightened protective instincts.

So these dogs do not need to be trained to protect they do that instinctively towards a person they are bonded with.

What your GSD needs is to learn the difference between a friend and a threat and to learn how to obey you while also protecting you.

This process starts early in puppyhood and ideally the very day you bring your new German Shepherd puppy home to stay.

You will need to continually socialize your puppy by introducing new people and new animals and teaching your dog which are threats and which are friendlies .

Otherwise, your dog can end up becoming a danger to you and to others because your dog wont know that when your child play-wrestles with his best friend from down the street, there is no need to defend your child from his friend.

German Shepherds also have intense focus, high pain tolerance, a high-stress tolerance, and tremendous prey drive and physical strength.

They do not do well when left outside, even if they have other dogs for company.

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Teaching Your German Shepherd To Protect You

Steps to train your GSD to protect you

Get some assistance to help you in this training. First off, the helper should wear a dog bite suit for his safety and tell him to act as an attacker or an intruder whos trying to break into your property. Inform the helper to act as hes afraid and run away as the dog starts to bark. This can spark some confidence in the Dog.

As the intruder approaches the property, command your dog to bark, and after he flees, rule out the barking by commanding quiet, enough, or any other similar words that you feel is right.

If your German shepherd responds to your commands correctly, make sure to praise them with treats.

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Male Vs Female German Shepherds

Unlike many other breeds, adult German Shepherds exhibit secondary sex characteristics, meaning males and females differ in physical appearance. Males can reach up to 25 inches in height at the shoulder and weigh between 65 and 90 pounds.

Interesting Fact! Male German Shepherds are two feet tall at the shouldersand that’s not counting their head!

Interesting Fact! Male German Shepherds are two feet tall at the shouldersand that’s not counting their head!

Females are generally smaller and more feminine looking, growing 22 to 24 inches tall and weighing 50 to 70 pounds. Like most large dogs, adult German Shepherds usually reach their full size between two and a half and three years of age. The German Shepherd has a life expectancy of 12 to 14 years.

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What Are The Costs For Trained Gsd Protection

The mere cost of buying a GSD puppy can run you at least US$300, with puppies from reputable breeders selling for as much as $900. If you factor in the average annual costs of caring for your trained GSD and their life span vet checkups, specialized protection training classes, maintenance medication, food, toys and licensing/processing fees for 7-10 years, you should expect to invest at least several thousands of dollar to keep your trained GSD.

However, with this hefty investment comes peace of mind, more responsibility, an added sense of security and a loyal, lovable addition to your family.

How much can I expect to pay for GSD protection training?

Though the prices vary widely depending on your expectations and which part of the world you live in, you can expect to pay as low as US$30 per training session for your GSD. However, if you are in the market for a committed and certified dog trainer to properly discipline and school your GSD in specialized protection or other social services, expect to pay as much as US$120 per session.

German Shepherds Guard Dogs For Sale At Prestige Protection Dogs

How to Train your German Shepherd Dog to be a Guard Dog

Well provide you a German Shepherd guard dog with high-caliber training in every area of personal protection. It isnt enough for a German Shepherd to excel at security alone. They must be an excellent fit for a family environment too.

Not every German Shepherd is suited for regular home life. So, we get to know each dogs distinct personality to assess which dog is perfect for your family. All fully-trained German Shepherds for sale are tested in a home environment, ensuring you get a dog thats the perfect fit for you, your kids, and any of your other pets.

You can expect your German Shepherd protection dogs to be properly-trained and take cues from all appropriate owners. They wont see visiting friends or family members as threats and will behave like any other friendly family dog. However, if danger should show up on your porch, theyll be there to protect you and yours.

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Master Obedience Training And Socialization

Before you can get to the nitty-gritty of guarding, you and your dog need to master the basics of obedience. If your pup wont listen to sit and stay, how can she learn something more complicated?

A group class will help your dog practice obedience while gaining experience around other people and pets. Its important to socialize German shepherds, especially ones who will be guard dogs, so they have a baseline idea of what counts as appropriate behavior whether theyre guarding or not.

The Develop Defense Skills Method

Most Recommended

Develop socialization and obedience

Develop a strong personal bond with your dog, take him with you places, exercise and play together, train him to have a strong response to obedience commands.

Pair verbal ‘attack’ command

Put on thick dog attack gloves, tap your German shepherd on the face until he grabs the mit, provide the attack command attack or another word used for that purpose. Trainers often use a word from a foreign language that someone else is not likely to use either accidentally or on purpose. For example you can teach your dog to attack by saying the word in Russian or Japanese. Reward your dog for responding to the command.

Pair verbal command to stop

Teach your German Shepherd to break off the attack by providing a word to ‘release’ or ‘stop’. Again, these words can be in a different language, as they should be unique and not something someone else would use. Reinforce your German Shepherd for ceasing attack on command. Practice with a mitt and then a large padded doll or object.

Have a protected assistant approach

Have an assistant with safety gear, a padded dog attack suit, approach you and your dog in a controlled environment. Your assistant should be an experienced dog handler that knows how to use safety equipment and keep himself and the dog safe from injury. Have the assistant enter and act aggressively.

Provide ‘attack’ and ‘stop’ commands

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What Type Of Training Should A Gsd Have To Become A Good Guard Dog

Ideally, a German Shepherd that is going to be used as guard dog would be trained for this work from a very young age. They need to be exposed to different environments and get used to meeting different people and animals. Through exposure and socialization, they are able to build the confidence they need to be vigilant but not fearful of strange occurrences.

Additionally, GSDs meant for guarding ideally grow up with the person or family they are expected to protect. They are trained in obedience not just for the sake of following commands but also as a means of forming a strong bond with their humans. This bond is what allows them to communicate effectively and develop a strong sense of loyalty.

Part of the training German Shepherds to become effective guard dogs is also to be excellent companions. They need to know exactly the difference between home and work , as well as to quickly switch between the two when necessary.

At home, a properly trained guard dog should show no signs of aggressive behavior. They are affectionate with their family and are always eager to please. Additionally, they are civilized to guests. All this time, however, they are quietly alert to potential threats and will be ready to unleash their guarding abilities when needed.

What Does It Mean To Train A Gsd To Attack

How to Train Your German Shepherd to be a Guard Dog

So often, owners who choose a German Shepherd in order to have a family protection dog misunderstand what it means to train their GSD to attack.

Here, the word attack doesnt necessarily mean to bite, to chew, or to hurt. It simply means to hold or immobilize the object of their attention.

To truly understand what this means, it is important to once again remember that the GSD was originally a herding and livestock guarding dog.

Not only did this require the German Shepherd to ward off large, dangerous predator animals, but it also required the GSD to retrieve stray or lost livestock and herd them back into the group for safety.

So a dog would need to know how to maintain a firm grip without necessarily causing any harm or injury.

When a German Shepherd learns to attack this means they learn how to maintain a firm grip that is immobilizing so that their human handler can take appropriate action against any threat.

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German Shepherd Family Protection Dogs For Sale

Are German Shepherds fit to be family protection dogs?

Yes. The German Shepherd is a loyal, protective, and loving dog. They bond quite strongly with their human companions and love nothing more than to be with their people. As long as theyre properly conditioned from a young age, they get along well with other household members.

Interesting Fact! German Shepherds can make for great family protection dogs. They have a gentle and friendly temperament toward their ownersbut they’ll be aggressive toward anyone who threatens your family!

If you are looking for an energetic and intelligent working dog who will be devoted to your family, look no further than the German Shepherd. Their loving and gentle spirit makes them great with kids and the rest of the family.

Want to get matched with the perfect protection dog trained just for you, your family, and your protection needs?

Important Note! The opportunity to create a rewarding and safety-filled relationship with your perfect protection dog could be a once-in-a-lifetime event. Dont miss out. Your dog is waiting for you, right now

Teach Your Dog To Back Off

This is really one of the most important parts of training a personal protection dog. He must be willing to protect you but he must always be willing to leave the person alone.

For example, if you choose to train your dog to attack , as soon as your dog puts his teeth on the “stranger” in the scenario above, he should be told leave it and given praise.

Important note: If your dog does not respond to the leave it command at this time, he can become vicious later and you will not be able to control him. If this happens, you must stop considering him for any personal protection training.

Personal protection dog training.

Training personal protection dog (Slovakia)

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What Does A Guard Dog Do

Unfortunately, theres a lot of confusion around what a guard dog does, as many people associate them with attacking or aggression. This, however, is not necessarily the case. Although a guard dog is trained to watch for danger and alert their owners, they are not necessarily trained as an attack dog they may be only a watchdog. Either way, the goal of the guard dog is to keep their family and property safe, either by barking or by physical action.

This article will focus on training your German shepherd to guard by barking, not attacking. Training any dog to do physical protection work should be managed by professionals who have firsthand experience handling and training protection dogs.

From 9 Months To 24 Months

Family Uses Their German Shepherd Protection Dog, Aspen, in Training

Dogs of different breeds and sizes mature at different ages, and while one year of age is commonly considered the end of puppyhood in general, a German Shepherd Dog may not reach an adult level of maturity before the age of two or three . So continuing to work on impulse control, improve obedience skills, and advance to training in more focused activities like tracking, scent work, protection work, agility, and herdingall of which are capabilities of this breedmust continue throughout this period and then be reinforced as your GSD reaches adulthood. This is also a good time to transition from puppy food to a large breed dog food.

Keep in mind that this is a breed that thrives on constant and consistent work and training, and loves to have a jobor many jobs!to do. If you can provide your GSD with outlets for their intelligence and versatility, both you and your dog will reap the rewards.

Yasmine S. Ali, MD, is a cardiologist and writer based in Tennessee, where she lives with three Canine Good Citizens, including an AKC-registered German Shepherd Dog.

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Schutzhund Dogs In The Home

Since Schutzhund is the demonstration of the German Shepherd dogs most desirable characteristics, dogs well trained in Schutzhund are usually excellent companions in the home. The German Shepherd Dog like any other working dog that possesses mental stability-has trust and confidence in itself, allowing it to be at peace with its surroundings.

In addition to sound structural efficiencies for long, arduous work, the standard for the German Shepherd Dog calls for mental stability and a willingness to work. The dog should be approachable, quietly standing its ground, showing confidence and a willingness to meet overtures without itself necessarily making them. It should be generally calm, but eager and alert when the situation warrants. It should be fearless, but also good with children.

The German Shepherd Dog should not be timid or react nervously to unusual sounds or sights. A dog that is overly aggressive because of its overall fears of people and events can be extremely dangerous. The Schutzhund sport is designed to identify and eliminate such dogs from breeding stock. Because Schutzhund training gives the owner a great deal of control over the dog, the owner is able to let the dog have more fun. Not only is Schutzhund training itself enjoyable for the dog, but the Schutzhund trained dog knows how to please its owners, creating a stronger bond between dog and owners.

Teaching Your German Shepherd The Leave It Command

This is the most important one to take care of in german shepherd protection training, your dog might be ready to protect you no matter what goes down, but you should remember if anything goes down, its upon you. So make sure he does not harm any people.

Suppose if anything goes wrong, and as he starts to lunge towards the person and put his teeth out, make sure to command Leave It as soon he obeys the command, praise him.

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