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How To Cut Dog Nails German Shepherd

Ear Cleaning And Grooming The Gsd

Trimming the Nails of a German Shepherd Dog

Your GSD’s ears should be checked at least weekly and cleaned as necessary. You can buy products from your vet that will help to dissolve excess wax in the German Shepherd’s ear canal. It is very important to keep a check on the health of the German Shepherds ears – to clean excess wax and/or dirt, simply deposit a few drops of the solution into each of the ears.

While grooming the GSD is an excellent time to do this. Afterward, massage the base of the dogs ear for a few seconds, and then wipe out the ear with a soft cloth. The German Shepherd will probably shake out the remaining ear drops.

Prevention is easily the key to maintaining healthy ears in your German Shepherd. While there are several “home remedies” that can be bought over the counter, I heartily suggest that you let your veterinarian treat any ear problems that your GSD may have right away. Painful ear infections may also occur as a result of water being trapped inside the ear canal. This is an ideal breeding ground for bacteria and fungus, often leading to painful sensitivity, redness, swelling and infection.

Never use Q-Tips or alcohol when cleaning your German Shepherd’s ears. If you are uncertain as to how to proceed in the ear cleaning process while grooming your GSD, then just don’t do it. Seek professional veterinary care to learn the right way.

Common GSD ear problems to watch for:

Ears that are sensitive to touch.

Swelling and/or skin redness.

Head shaking and/or ear scratching.

Melanomas .

The Downside Of Long Nails

How long is too long? To put it simply,;if you can hear your dogs nails click on the floor when he walks by, then his nails are definitely too long! It does not have to even be a continuous click, although this clicking certainly indicates exceptionally long nails. If your dog walks on a hard surface and you hear several ticks or drags of the nails in a short period of time , then the nails are in need of a trim.

What does it matter if the dogs nails are long or short? ;As it turns out, it matters greatly! Long nails are not just annoying for anyone who has to sit and listen to the dog scrabble by on the floor, or who gets jumped on, scratched, or pawed by a dog with daggers for nails. Long nails are also detrimental to the dogs overall health and well-being. ;Below are some of the top;reasons why long nails are risky:

  • Long nails have a greater risk of catching and tearing, which is a big concern with very active dogs. Not only can;torn nails bleed a lot, but they can also be exceptionally painful and take a long time to heal.
  • Dogs with long nails are more apt to slip on slick surfaces, because of the way they must alter their weight-bearing to accommodate the long nails. This increases the risk of a strain or sprain, and makes the dog more unstable on linoleum, wood, or laminate floors. This is especially a concern with elderly dogs, who often grow;more tottery as they age and are more prone to slipping and falling.

How Can A Raw Diet Help German Shepherds With All Of This

There several reasons feeding raw food to GSD is beneficial.

  • Raw food for German Shepherd ensures that your pup always eats;fresh, wholesome, and allergen-free;foods as;no chemicals, additives,;or fillers are used in raw diets, hence;preventing allergies.
  • You control the;ingredients that go into your dogs body, so you pick ingredients that wont cause an allergic reaction in your pet. If you dont know the foods that trigger allergies in your GSD, we suggest doing an At-Home Food Dog Allergy Test before picking the ingredients for your pups next meal.
  • Raw dog food is easier to digest than kibble; more easily digestible food means more efficient absorption of nutrients and faster inflammatory response. This may help prevent or relieve symptoms of allergies, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, and/or a potential case of Perianal Fistula.
  • Raw diets remove a lot of unnecessary carbohydrates. Its a great way of helping a dog to lose weight or maintain weight. A raw diet allows you to control the fat level in each meal, promoting a healthy weight even further. Preventing obesity is key in avoiding or bring relief to skeletal or joint maladies in GSDs.

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Get Your Dog Accustomed To Having Her Feet Touched

You should prepare your puppy for her first nail trim way before you ever get the clippers out. When you have petting sessions, handle your dogs feet every day.

Start with very brief sessions and gradually increase the contact. Start when your puppy is very young and use plenty of rewards that can take the form of praise, treats, and playtime.

When you tackle trimming your Shepherds nails for the first time, slow and steady wins the race. Bring plenty of positive energy and reinforcement.

If you only cut one or two nails per session, consider that an accomplishment as long as you can keep your pet relaxed and cooperative.

With some German Shepherds, you can approach nail trimming as any other training exercise. A good idea from a few behaviorists who perform biting drills is to train an undesired behavior for a few minutes immediately followed by the desired activity.

For example, a trainer would put a Shepherd through a few obedience commands and then go to some bite work. You would cut a few nails, maybe even an entire paw, and then go for a walk or play ball.

Collect All Of Your Equipment

Nail Trimming at American Animal Hospital Neenah Wisconsin ...

You want your German Shepherd to view a nail trim as a necessary but efficient process. You will lose brownie points with your dog if you secure her and then have to run around fetching your tools. If the table is portable, set it up.

In addition to nail clippers, you need powder designed to stop any bleeding in case you catch a quick. You may require a leash and a muzzle.;

Tools You Need

  • Scissor-type Great for puppies, may not be strong enough for large adults
  • Plier-style Easy to grip
  • Guillotine Must be precise in your placement; not good for dogs who move a lot; may not work well for black nails
  • Grinder A Dremel tool shortens the nail gradually by filing the surface. These tools work on electricity or battery, and you can use them for primary nail care or after a nail trim with clippers. The handler must be proficient and have a steady hand.;

If you want to know more about nail clippers, Here is a list of 10 Best Nail Clippers For German Shepherd you can find on the market.

This video demonstrates several points. First, the dog is wearing a muzzle for the owners safety and to give the dog the signal that he is not in control.

Ideally, this dog should also be restrained because as the handler indicates, the Shepherd can still bite. However, the handler is also gaining the dogs trust.

Some trainers advocate always using a muzzle during procedures like nail trims as a precaution and to provide a sensory distraction, much like a table would.

Powders to Stop Bleeding

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German Shepherd Nail Care

The frequency of nail trimming for your GSD will depend greatly on the kinds of surfaces on which your dog runs or walks. For those dogs who routinely walk on pavement, their nails will often wear down to a normal length naturally. Walsh finds that she never has to trim the nails of her dogs who walk on pavement, but those on other surfaces need a trimming at least monthly.

Wilson recommends trimming nails whenever needed, and agrees that it will depend on environment. She has observed, for instance, that her dogs who spend time on carpet and grass need a nail trimming every two to three weeks.

Walsh says the conformation of GSDs feet is wide-ranging, with some dogs having very thick, wide nails that are more difficult to cut and others having thinner, claw-like nails that are much easier to clip. For some dogsparticularly those with thick nailsshe has to use a Dremel tool for nail grinding in addition to clippers.

Regardless of conformation or growth rate of your dogs nails, it is important to expose them to nail clippers and the process of nail trimming early in puppyhood. Walsh begins handling her puppies feet as early as three days of age. Both breeders say that nail trimming, like coat care, can be done at home, and Walsh advises not to overdo it with the clippers: If you never cut their nails too short, they wont get funny about their nails.

When You Look At Free German Shepherd Puppies For Adoption You Should Also Think About The Temperament Of The Puppies

These dogs have a very strong and vibrant temper, especially if they have been raised in small cramped quarters for their entire lives. Make sure that you carefully consider whether or not your puppy has any behavioral issues such as extreme energy or self-destructive behavior. Some of these behaviors can lead to future health problems. Dogs who are adopted from free facilities may also come from abusive circumstances. Before adopting a puppy from any facility, you should ask to see the portfolio of past pets that were cared for there.

Finally, make sure that the pet adoption center you are looking to take good care of the German Shepherd puppy you are buying. Check out the facilitys records and read up on the history. You can also find out if the center has received any awards for its good work. If you choose a facility that has been a long-standing facility for adopting and caring for dogs then it probably knows what it is doing. Otherwise, it is a good idea to go with somewhere that is less established or has no reviews online.

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To Get A Clearer Picture Keep On Reading

If raised and trained properly, they can make. * if nail trimming is completely new to you, donât be afraid to ask your veterinarian or a when trimming your german shepherds nails, other products to use in place of the styptic powder are: When using the rounded fingernail clippers, you still need to cut the nails at an angle, since. German shepherd commands in german.

ârounding them off is likely to cause âthe only people allowed to cut them in a curve are ballet dancers because they have to stand up on their points.

What To Know About German Shepherds And Their Nails

Aggressive German Shepherd Nail Trimming

German Shepherd Dogs are medium-large sized of the canine breed that belongs to the herding/ Guarding category of working dogs. They are more like security breeds, very intelligent, energetic and versatile. The German Shepherd breed was birthed in Germany to guard a shepherds flocks.

The shepherd dogs have a lot of agility, strength, elasticity and long, elegant strides due to their physical body built. They are long around the range of between 22 and 26 inches, proportional to its height.

Over the years the shepherd dogs have been used different capacities by humans, such as guard dog, police dog, war dog, guide dog, search-and-rescue breed, explosives- and narcotics-detecting breed and show dogs.

As part of the breeding process, you must enroll your shepherd pup on frequent exercise and training sessions to keep his physical, mental body fitness normal.

You should brush its coat once or twice a week to keep him clean and healthy. Clean and trim his nails regularly to avoid nailbed infection, cracks or splits, and other nail disorders.

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How To Trim Overgrown Dog Nails

Look, it happens, I know! You have every intention of trimming your dogs nails weekly, but other things pop up and proper dog grooming chores can get put off. And soon, you look down and notice long, curved daggers sticking out from your dogs paw. Well, its time to address your dogs long nails. Overgrown dog nails are extremely painful for your dog and it will only get worse if you dont trim them soon.

Dog nails become overgrown for two reasons: dogs hate having their nails trimmed or the pet owners havent trimmed them.

Final Tips For Clipping Gsd And Puppy Nails

Keeping your dogs nails trimmed is very important, but the task can be daunting to those who have never tried it.

If you have a puppy, just start with playfully putting them on their back and checking their paws. You’ll be happy that your dog already knows part of the drill when they get a little older, then you’ll only have to add the cutting process. Normally cutting puppy nails will be fairly easy, just don’t overdo it.

Hopefully, this article has helped you to better understand your dogs nails and how you can properly trim them.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the authors knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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Clipping Your Dogs Nails

Be sure that you’re using sharp;Nail Trimmers when clipping your dogs nails. It is very important to choose a nail trimmer that is the right size for your dogs nails and one that fits your hand properly.

The style of dog nail clipper that you choose is a matter of personal preference. Two common types of nail trimmers include the;Guillotine Nail Trimmer;and the;plier style Clipper.

Make sure that you keep your nail trimmer sharp so that it makes a fast clean cut. A dull clipper will do nothing but hurt your dog and split the nail.;

A pet nail file is also a good thing to have on hand as well as some form of;styptic powder;. Dog treats are also a good way to distract a dog’s attention away from a bleeding nail in case of an accident.Plier nail clippers;work a lot like shrub pruning shears. The two blades cut through the nail as the handles are squeezed together.

This type of nail trimmer;works great on thick nails. These nail trimmers dont have blades that must be replaced but they do have to be sharpened when they become dull to maintain a nice clean cut.Guillotine nail trimmers;require that the dogs nail be inserted through a hole in the top of the trimmer. When you squeeze the handle the blade comes down and cuts through the nail. The blade that must be changed frequently to maintain a nice clean cut.

Brushing And Grooming The Gsd


The German Shepherd can be easily groomed from start to finish in 15 minutes or less, assuming that you brush it a few times per week. Overall, the time and frequency of grooming the GSD will vary according to the GSD’s length of coat and its condition. Some German Shepherds have a longer coat and may require more extensive grooming on a more frequent basis.

To help keep grooming the GSD in check, it is best to use a wire Slicker Brush which can be found at most pet stores. A grooming rake or brush are other good choices to use in general grooming – follow the grain of the coat when using these tools. Regular grooming sessions will teach your German Shepherd to stand quietly and even to enjoy these weekly grooming sessions.

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How To Clip Your German Shepherds Nail

Clipping your German Shepherd nail will be the same as clipping your own nails, you cannot clip half your nail unless you want it to bleed you have to just clip the tip. The same goes for your dogs nail when you are clipping it you should not try to clip big portions, just the tip.

A German Shepherd with tall and sharp nails can cause damage even when they dont want to and that will be bad for you and even worst if you live in a big family house with kids. Keeping your GSD nails trimmed and groomed is just something you should practice doing on a regular basis.

Depending on the age you start to clip your dogs nail they will be a bit pulled back from the whole situation because they arent used to their nails been cut. I personally start cutting my GSDs nails from a young age so she is used to it and doesnt try to pull away wham I cut them.

I started cutting them from around eight months old, some will say thats waiting too long or some maybe say its too early but I usually start clipping them around that time.

Clipping your German Shepherd nail will be pretty easy, you just need to have them in a comfortable position of their choice, hold their paw gently, and clip the nail. Remember, do not cut the nail too low because that will hurt your dog.

You should at all times avoid your dog growing its nail to be long because the more the nail grows the quick thats located in the nails will grow as well.

Looking For The Right Clippers

Finding your own set of dog nail clippers will save you the time and money of going to the vet.

Clipping your own dogs nails can be a bit scary so thats why knowing what to look for in the best dog nail clippers for your German Shepherd is highly important.

The first thing you should look for is the security of the product. You want to choose a set of clippers that is going to fit snuggly and securely in your hands while you are clipping the nails.

This will give you confidence and a peace of mind until you become comfortable with clipping the nails.

Along with this, finding a light weight set of clippers is another plus so that you wont be frightened by the weight of a heavy product.

Lightweight products will make it easy to trim the nail and glide through the cut, which brings us to the next thing you should look for: the material.

You want the blade of the clippers to be sharp and made out of the strongest material.

The best blades to look for are those made out of stainless steel to give the nail that precise cut. These types of blades are going to last you a while which means you will not have to replace them fast.

Having sharp blades made out of the best material is going to do most of the work for you when you clip your German Shepherds nails, which is another benefit to choosing the best materials.

If your clippers are light weight and made out of durable materials, then you will not have to put in a lot of pressure into the clipping.

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