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How To Know If German Shepherd Is Pure

Asking About The Breed

How to Check Pure German Shepherd Dog Breed | Dogmal
  • 1Ask the owner. If you see a dog that you think might be a German Shepherd and are curious about the breed, approach the owner and ask. For example, you could say something like Is that a German Shepherd? It is such a cute dog. Alternatively, you could say What kind of dog do you have? I am considering getting one.
  • Most dog owners will be happy to tell you about their dog and the breed.
  • 2Talk with your veterinarian. If you are unsure of your dogs breed or lineage, ask your veterinarian to help you identify the breed. Veterinarians will be familiar with the breed standard of most dog breeds. They will be able to easily examine the physical characteristics of the dog to help with identifying the breed.
  • 3Ask the breeder. If you are purchasing a German Shepherd from a breeder, you should talk with the breeder about the puppys parentage and lineage to make sure that you are getting a purebred dog. A licensed breeder will be able to provide you with paperwork that proves both parents are recognized as German Shepherds by the American Kennel Club.
  • Make sure that you always use a breeder that is licensed by the American Kennel Club. This will also help to ensure that you are purchasing a purebred dog.
  • 4 There are a number of applications available that can help to identify different dog breeds. In order to use the app, simply upload a photo of a dog and the app will identify the breed.XResearch source
  • For example, try using the Microsoft app called Fetch!
  • The Modern White Shepherd

    Even today, GSD purists prefer rich, dark coat colors over pale tones.

    A white coat disqualifies a German Shepherd from American Kennel Club shows.

    In the UK the Kennel Club breed standard recognises that coat color is of secondary importance, having no effect on character or fitness for work.

    However, your white German Shepherds coat color will still be counted against them in shows.

    Next lets find out more about what causes pure white German Shepherd dogs, and if their differences really are only fur-deep.

    White German Shepherd Genetics

    At the time of writing, in 2019, the most widely accepted theory is that German Shepherds all have one spot in their genetic code which acts like a switch for white and non-white.

    If a puppy inherits the non-white gene in this location from either mom or dad, then theyll be one of the other possible German Shepherd colors, depending on the other genes they have.

    But if they inherit the white gene for from both mom and dad, then all else in their genetic code is forgotten, and they are white.

    Because they need to inherit the white gene from both parents, it is described as a recessive trait.

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    The White German Shepherd Dog

    The white German Shepherd Dog has endured a long and difficult battle to earn its place as a purebred dog breed worldwide.

    It takes a deliberate and consistent breeding strategy to reliably produce all white German Shepherd puppies.

    Historically, white puppies would sometimes pop up amongst a litter of puppies bearing the more common black and earth tones.

    Breeders often didnt know what to make of these white puppies, and some assumed the white coloration denoted a weaker dog.

    During World War II Hitler himself decided white was not a proper German Shepherd coloration.

    Efforts began to erase all traces of white coat genes, but thankfully this didnt catch on in many places outside of Germany.

    Grooming: Do German Shepherds Shed A Lot Are They Easy To Groom

    Does my German Shepherd Look Purebred?

    About shedding….

    I have good news and bad news.

    The good news is that German Shepherds have only one shedding period a year.

    The bad news is…. their shedding period lasts for 365 days. In other words, German Shepherds shed constantly.

    How is this different from most breeds?

    Most breeds shed a few hairs here and there throughout the year. But the vast bulk of their shedding occurs only twice a year for three weeks in the spring as their thicker winter coat switches over to a cooler summer coat, and for three weeks in the fall as the summer coat switches over to a winter coat.

    Not German Shepherds. They shed a TON during those spring and fall coat-switching seasons. Plus they shed moderately the rest of the year.

    So year-round, you’ll find hair on your clothing, on your carpets, and under your refrigerator. Frequent vaccuming will become a way of life.

    You might be wondering, “How can a shorthaired dog shed so much?” The answer is that German Shepherds have a double coat. They have a short outer coat , plus a woolly undercoat . Breeds with a double coat always shed more than breeds who simply have an outer coat but no undercoat.

    German Shepherds come in a long coat, as well as a short coat. Both coats shed heavily.

    Now, about grooming….

    How much grooming is required depends on whether a German Shepherd is shorthaired or longhaired.

    Longhaired dogs need trimming

    Along with brushing and combing, longhaired German Shepherds need trimming every few months.

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    Are The Parents Working Or Show Dogs

    The GSD is a working dog first and foremost. Whether it’s showing or Shutzhund, they thrive when they have a job.

    Ask the breeder about any sport or showing they do with their dogs.

    Whatever it is, a reputable breeder will be proud to share this with you and show off their dog’s abilities.

    And proceed cautiously if they only keep their dogs for breeding purposes.

    Pros And Cons Of German Shepherds

    The Good

    • Thrives on challenging activities and exercise
    • Loyal to his own family
    • Looks imposing and has a reputation that bad guys don’t want to fool with, so makes an effective deterrent
    • Highly intelligent and versatile can learn almost anything

    The Bad

    • Can be hard to find one with a family-oriented temperament and a decent chance of staying healthy
    • Needs plenty of exercise and interesting things to do
    • Needs careful socialization
    • Destructiveness when bored or not exercised enough
    • Potential aggression toward other animals
    • Constant shedding 365 days a year
    • Legal liabilities
    • High risk of serious health problems

    Keep in mind that the inheritance of temperament is less predictable than the inheritance of physical traits such as size or shedding. Temperament and behavior are also shaped by raising and training.

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    What Is The Size Of A Full

    An adult male German Shepherd is typically 24 to 26 inches tall, while adult female German Shepherds are 22 to 24 inches tall, according to the American Kennel Club German Shepherd Standard.

    The estimated full-size varies significantly between sexes. In terms of weight, an adult male German Shepherd weighs anywhere from 75 to 90 pounds. A female German Shepherd weighs notably less at 55 to 70 pounds.

    Please keep in mind that these numbers are only estimates to give you an idea of how much bigger a German Shepherd puppy may get. Some dogs will be both smaller and larger than these weight ranges when fully grown due to a variety of genetic and environmental factors.

    Why Are Black German Shepherds Rare

    How to identify pure breed German shepherd

    Black German Shepherds are much rarer in Germany because all black animals are banned by the popular view of blood purity. Because of this, cross breeding results in more blondes due to what would seem like better odds when breeding two starkly different colors.Heres a video on it:

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    How Much Exercise Do German Shepherds Need

    German Shepherd puppies and adolescents should have moderate exercise only multiple walks, fetch games, or playing with another dog.

    But the growing bones and ligaments in a young dog can be irreparably damaged by too much exercise or the wrong kind of exercise. At this age, there should be no forced running . Restrict jumping as much as possible.

    Once the dog is mature, the amount of exercise needed will vary according to the dog’s energy level. But all German Shepherds, to maintain fitness, need brisk walking every day and all-out running in a safe, enclosed area as often as possible.

    Dogs from working lines typically want a lot more exercise.

    Mental exercise is even more important for German Shepherds. Mental exercise means the dog gets to participate in interesting activities that keep his intelligent mind stimulated.

    This might be a dog sport such as agility, rally obedience, musical freestyle, tracking, flyball, herding, or schutzhund. It might be interactive dog toys, or a homemade obstacle course, or learning tricks, or playing games such as Hide ‘n Seek.

    Some of these activities are included in my training book, Teach Your Dog 100 English Words.

    Handsome black German Shepherd, attentively awaiting your next words.

    How To Identify A Pure Breed German Shepherd: 4 Ways You Can Check

    The good news is that identifying a pure breed German Shepherd is not difficult. There are a few things you can do and look for, which we have listed for you in this guide.

    Weve also mentioned how you might be able to tell if your German Shepherd is mixed if that is of interest to you.

    Lets get into it

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    Inspect Their Strong Build

    Generally, German Shepherds have a muscular build and even distribution of features. Purebred GSDs are longer than they are tall, with a tight chest, muscular shoulders, and a long stride. It is these characteristics that indicate why they are historically working dogs.

    The height-weight ranges of a GSD are:

    • 3 to 5kg, or 7 to 11lbs in their first month.
    • Between 21 to 26kg, or 46 to 57lbs, from six months through the first year of life.
    • And finally, they achieve 22 to 25kg, or 48 to 55lbs, in females, and 35-40kg, or 77 to 88lbs, in males when fully grown.
    • They can range from 50 to 64cm tall and 22-25cm in proportion.

    The AKC also recognizes German Shepherds by their great personality traits due to distinctive intelligence, enthusiastic attitude, excellent energy levels, continued alertness, loyalty, protective instincts, and remarkable obedience.

    German Shepherd Hip Dysplasia Signs And Treatments

    Does my German Shepherd Look Purebred?

    Muscular, intelligent, and loyal, German shepherds are steadfast guardians and all-purpose workers. Highly trainable and obedient, German shepherds provide a range of servicesexcelling as show dogs and household companions, as well as military and search and rescue animals. Exuding confidence, this breed is royalty of the dog family. They are susceptible, however, to challenging hip and joint issues like hip dysplasia any time from puppyhood all the way through maturation.

    As with many large breed dogs, German shepherds are prone to canine hip dysplasia , a dog skeletal condition that can be inherited or caused by a traumatic fracture or other environmental factors. CHD occurs from malformation of the ball and joint socket of one or both hips .

    Veterinarians will diagnose canine hip dysplasia after X-rays of the hips and pelvis reveal that the ball and hip socket dont fit perfectly together. Instead of sliding smoothly and creating fluid motion, this loose hip rubs on the socket resulting in painful bone spurs that can cause pain in the hip joint, lameness, or even degenerative joint disease. After exploring the signs of canine hip dysplasia in German shepherds, lets look at treatment options and other hip and joint problems.

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    How To Tell If Your German Shepherd Is Purebred

    If youre thinking of owning a German Shepherd, one of the most important questions is, How to tell if your German Shepherd is purebred? This isnt an easy question to answer because there are so many mixed breed dogs out there. These mixed breed dogs can have just as much in the way of temperament and history as purebred German Shepherd dogs. The only way to really know if your German Shepherd is purebred is to do an exhaustive search and to check breeders against dogs.

    German Shepherds come in a variety of colors. There are even more rare all-white spotting German Shepherds. Some dogs are even referred to as white spotting German Shepards.

    So, do purebred German Shepards have white on them as well? Its probably not safe to assume that purebred German Shepards will have white spotting unless they have been bred with another dog who has white on their body and youve been able to eliminate other possible mixed breeders.

    If you cant find other purebred German Shepherd owners who may have their dogs checked, then its probably safe to assume that their dogs dont have white marking on their bodies at all.

    Concluding Remarks On Costs Of Purebred German Shepherds

    Potential owners of purebred German Shepherds may expect to pay anywhere from free to good home to over $5,000.

    Adding a German Shepherd Puppy to your family is exciting they are so cute! Watch this YouTube video.

    While they make wonderful additions to families with or without children, German Shepherds are an active and intelligent breed of dogs, making owning them a significant responsibility.

    They need a family who enjoys playing with them, exercising them, and training them.

    Before adding a German Shepherd to your family, be sure that you can afford a dog, that you can fulfill their exercise needs, and that you can provide the dog with a good home.

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    Your German Shepherd Dog’s Health

    We know that because you care so much about your dog, you want to take good care of her. That is why we have summarized the health concerns we will be discussing with you over the life of your Shepherd. By knowing about health concerns specific to German Shepherd Dogs, we can tailor a preventive health plan to watch for and hopefully prevent some predictable risks.

    Many diseases and health conditions are genetic, meaning they are related to your pets breed. There is a general consensus among canine genetic researchers and veterinary practitioners that the conditions weve described herein have a significant rate of incidence and/or impact in this breed. That does not mean your dog will have these problems it just means that she is more at risk than other dogs. We will describe the most common issues seen in German Shepherd Dogs to give you an idea of what may come up in her future. Of course, we cant cover every possibility here, so always check with us if you notice any unusual signs or symptoms.

    How Much Does Owning A German Shepherd Puppy Cost

    How to identify whether the german shephard is pure or impure

    Its not just the initial cost of purchasing the puppy. You have to think about the actual cost of owning a puppy, and how much you can expect to pay per year to maintain one.

    Most German Shepherds are rather expensive to care for as they are large dogs that need a lot of food, attention and exercise.

    However, for the most part, the average cost of owning a German Shepherd is about $1500 per year.

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    How To Get Your German Shepherd To Love You More

    Below, I will mention a number of things that you can do in order to get your GSD to love you more.

    Give it exercise

    German Shepherds are a breed that are meant to get a lot of exercise on a daily basis. When they do not get much exercise it can cause them to develop behavioral issues.

    Generally, it is recommended for them to get at least an hour of exercise per day. If yours is not getting that much then it would help to make sure that it does. You can do so by walking it, training it to play fetch or by getting a dog walker to do it for you.

    Feed it right

    It is also important to make sure that you feed your German Shepherd correctly. Normally, it is recommended for them to get between 1,272 and 1,540 calories per day unless your vet says otherwise. You can also look here to see what you should and should not be feeding your GSD.

    Take it for yearly checkups

    It would also help to make sure to take your GSD for yearly checkups. This will help you to keep your GSD healthy and to deal with any medical issues before they become problematic.

    Give it training

    German Shepherds were bred to be working dogs and they would work alongside their owners for many hours on a daily basis. As a result of this, they will naturally look to their owners for direction. This is why it is important to give your German Shepherd lots of training so that it is properly stimulated and so that it has jobs to do.

    Avoid punishing it

    How Long Do White German Shepherds Live

    The average German Shepherd Dog lives to 11 years old.

    There is no evidence that this would be any longer or shorter for a white GSD.

    Overall, ensuring your White German Shepherd puppy enjoys a lifetime of good health rests on choosing a breeder who invests in health screening for their sire and dam.

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    What Is The Best German Shepherd Breed

    The West German Show Line German Shepherds are widely considered as the most beautiful GSD breed. They are very gracious in movement. They are very intelligent can be trained very easily.The West Show Line German Shepherds also have a sloped body, but it is not as sloping as American Show Line German Shepherds.

    Do You Need A License To Breed Dogs

    Is My Dog a Pure Bred German Shepherd?

    We do not require any specific type of license to breed dogs.We do, however, require all breeders be truthful about the health of their breeding stock and certify that both parents are tested for genetic problems or soundness by either AKC or Vanderbilt University Canine Genetics Lab before theyre bred. Even with this basic standard enforced by law, many peoplefrom backyard breeders to otherwise reputable trainerswill still try to sell you a pup without bothering with these basic requirements. Before buying a puppy or dog, make sure its healthy and getting all its vaccinations!.

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