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How To Train German Shepherd Husky Mix

German Shepherd Husky Mix Puppy Information

Dog Training | Husky German Shepherd Puppy Mix

As with any new dog, your German Shepherd Husky mix puppy will likely be stubborn at first. Fortunately, this breed is remarkably easy to train and responds well to positive reinforcement and redirection. Training your puppy at a young age will ensure that he develops into a well-rounded family member, and you can enjoy your new furry friends company for years to come.

Your Shepherd-Husky puppy needs at least two hours of exercise each day, and this should be done in conjunction with supervised play sessions.

This can include a walk in the neighborhood, playing tug-of-war, or even catching a ball. However, be careful not to push your puppy too far in his activity routine.

Is A German Shepherd Husky Mix A Good Dog

The German Shepherd Husky mix, also known as the Gerberian Shepsky, is a sweet natured, intelligent and playful cross breed. Even though they can grow large, it wont stop them from wanting to be a lap dog! Attention and love is what they thrive on. This cross breed is a great family dog, companion and best friend.

Tame The Hunter In Your Shepsky Puppy With A Leash

We mentioned earlier that both the German Shepherd and the Siberian Husky have a breed-related prey drive. Additionally, the Husky is known for its tendency to dig and escape.

To tame the hunter instinct in your Gerberian Shepsky puppy, teach your pup to walk on a leash. Letting your Shepsky puppy off-leash in parks is not advised, especially if complete obedience training has not been done.

I advocate you stick with the positive reward-based training and follow these two steps to train your Shepsky puppy to walk on a leash:

Step 1. Start Indoors

Start by letting your Gerberian Shepsky puppy wear a leash or harness inside the house before going outdoors.

Using the leash during play or training time when you give treats will make the pup associate the leash with positive outcomes.

Alternatively, use the leash for short periods during the day and reward the puppy every time he walks around for a while with the leash or comes to you when you call. Accompany the treat with a clicker sound or a verbal reward like yes! or good boy!

If you use a harness, reward your puppys patience while putting it over his body and working the straps. Ensure to get the most comfortable harness for your young puppy because being comfortable will work in favor of your Shepsky training.

I recommend the Walk Your Dog With Love No-PullHarness for these reasons:

You can check out my review here, Walk Your Dog With Love Harness: An Owners Review.

Step 2. Proceed to the Outdoors

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A Mixed Breed: German Shepherd And Husky Mix

The German Shepherd Husky Mix is an intelligent dog that can learn commands and tricks very quickly. Though it is an intelligent dog, motivated to learn it will require a firm owner. This is because a German Shepherd is instinctively an alpha dog.

He is a natural born pack leader that can be demanding, stubborn and bossy if given the chance. This dog is a powerful hybrid not suited to the faint of heart. If it is not trained properly, owners may find it quite hard to handle him as it gets older.

As a versatile dog, the German Shepherd Husky Mix can serve many purposes. Because it is so mindful of its surroundings, it can be used as a guard dog as well as a watchdog.

The German Shepherd is also quite a protective, courageous companion. As such it often will bond closely to a single owner and can be quite clingy.

When around strangers or new pets, your German Shepherd will be quite careful. This is perfectly normal! It simply means that it is keeping a watchful eye on any new face.

What Are The Steps In The Three Potty

How To Train A German Shepherd Husky Mix Puppy

The three different methods share many steps in common because the basic principals of potty training are the same.

1. Create a schedule of preset times to take your puppy outside. Your schedule should correlate with 20 minutes after mealtimes and times in between that are appropriate for your pups age demands.

2. Connect your puppys leash to help you control where she goes.

3. When you take your puppy to do her business, pick her up, and carry her outside to her designated area.

Dogs learn where to toilet through sensors in their paws. You can train your dog to prefer grass, gravel, or shavings.

4. Keep your pup in her designated toilet area with the help of her leash until she has at least urinated. Give her 15 to 20 minutes.

5. Bowel movements will likely occur 10 to 30 minutes after a meal. Look for signs your puppy has to poop with additional and more focused sniffing.

When you see the additional sniffing, carry your puppy to her designated patch or corner.

6. Formulate a cue to encourage your pup to use the bathroom on command.

7. When your puppy finishes her business, reward, or praise her. Rewards can take the form of a treat, a show of affection, or access to a toy.

If you do not want your dog to become too food-oriented, vary your reward system.

8. When your puppy has used the toilet, allow her to frolic and play.

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Tips For Gerberian Shepsky Puppy Training

To have your Gerberian shepsky obey you doesnt mean yelling or punishing, it just means being consistent and firm with rules. Some ways to assert your leadership are:

  • You and your family should always eat meals before your pup.
  • When walking, always be in control. Never allow your shepsky to lead you.
  • Do not allow your pup to jump on you. This is never good especially when guests are visiting.
  • It is never good to let your shepsky sleep in your bed. This shows that you and your pup are equals. You should always be above them. The pack leader is always the highest.

Siberian Husky German Shepherd Mix Price

The price of a Siberian Husky German Shepherd puppy is one of the defining factors for many owners who need a large breed. Getting a dog with a Siberian Husky or a German Shepherd descent can break the bank for many first-time owners.

Lucky for them, the Siberian Husky German Shepherd is a relatively affordable dog. You can get one from a trustworthy breeder for $400 to $500. This is much cheaper than the $1000 or more price tag of Siberian Huskies and German Shepherds.

Be warned, though. Dont get a Siberian Husky German Shepherd puppy with price that is too good to be true. Proper breeding costs a lot of money when it comes to veterinary care, health screening, vaccinations, flea treatments, deworming, and many other procedures to ensure that the puppy is healthy.

Not Sure You Want A German Shepherd? You Need To Check Out Alpha Paw Veterinarians Tell-All Breed Guides:

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    Places To Find German Shepherd Husky Mix Puppies For Sale And Adoption

    Crossbreed dogs such as the Husky German Shepherd mixes can be quite elusive to aspiring owners. That said, with the right timing and a bit of luck, you can hopefully find one to add to your family pack.

    I have listed below some resources to help you with your hunt. Remember to stay away from puppy mills and backyard breeders.

    Below are some places you can check out in order to find a German Shepherd Husky mix:

    • Lancaster Puppies Lancaster Puppies is an online pet advertising site that allows breeders and puppy sellers to reach potential buyers by listing their available puppies like the Gerberian Shepsky puppies on the site. You can refine your search by choosing the breed, location, and gender of the puppy.
    • PuppyFinder This is a pet marketplace for puppies like the German Shepherd Husky mix. Dog breeders, private sellers, and rescue organizations are able to advertise their available dogs on the site. And as a way to protect both buyers and sellers, they require identity verification.
    • Keystone Puppies Keystone Puppies is another online advertising site for reputable breeders of puppies like the German Shepherd Husky mix. As a way to advocate responsible breeding, they provide incentives for breeders who adhere to exemplary practices in raising their pups.

    In addition, you can also refer to our German Shepherd and Siberian Husky breeders directories to get more options.

    Nonetheless, remember to take the necessary precautions when purchasing your puppy online.

    German Shepherd Husky Mix The Aggression Of Gerberian Shepsky:

    Best Dog Training Toledo, Ohio! 1 Year Old German Shepherd/Husky Mix, Apollo!

    Siberian Huskies are very friendly, they will even greet strangers as a family member, there might be some breeds that are not very friendly, but these dogs are naturally very loving. However, German Shepherds are more reserved when it comes to strangers. Your hybrid dog needs to socialize more to shed the aggression of the Shepherd and the quiet behavior of the Husky. Like all dogs, Gerberian Shepsky also needs the right training.

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    How To Groom And Take Care Of The Shepherd Husky

    The mix has a thick coat that requires regular grooming. You should brush it two or three times a week to remove the shedding fur and dander. That will minimize the amount of fur falling on the carpet and around the house.

    Grooming your pet often will keep its skin healthy and fleas away. Consider bathing your dog regularly and whenever necessary. That will strip away the accumulated oil on the skin and fur.

    Another essential grooming aspect for the Husky crossbreed is teeth brushing. We recommend doing it at least twice a week. You can use your fingers with a piece of cloth or a dog toothbrush. Oral care helps prevent periodontal disease.

    Check your pets ears often, especially if you have a full-grown German Shepherd Husky mix. Theyre prone to pests, excessive wax, and debris. Also, remember to clip their nails once or twice a month.

    Must Know About Potty Times

    This point relates to having a feeding and diet schedule for your dog or puppy and knowing its bladder limitations. When do you see them going to the toilet during the day or night or walking towards the door and giving you the look that they need to go outside?

    Most commonly, the first thing in the morning, the middle of the day, and just before bed is when your GSD needs to release.

    Know power potty times and proactively lead and encourage your GSD outside. At these times, congratulate them immediately after you see them go potty outside.

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    German Shepherd Mix Temperament & Trainability

    Just as all Gerberian Shepsky puppies may look different, the may also have different personalities based on the traits inherited from their parents. In general, the German Shepherd Husky Mix has an ideal temperament.

    They get their friendly, silly, and gentle qualities from the Husky side, while they receive loyalty and bravery from their Shepherd side. While Huskies never meet a stranger, shepherds are standoffish. The combination leads to a perfect balance. Once grown, your Gerberian Shepky will protect you, and guard your family from anything- all while providing love, cuddles and plenty of adorable moments to last a lifetime!

    They are great around children, and when socialized from a young age, can live well with other animals. The German Shepherd Husky mixed breed is incredibly intelligent will learn quickly when trained appropriately.

    Huskies can be stubborn and become bored easily, while the German Shepherd loves to learn new things and have a job to do. If your puppy is more Husky, he may prefer hours of running, rather than mental stimulation. If hes more German Shepherd, he may prefer advanced activities like scent work. For example, hold out a toy or treat and let your pup catch a whiff. Then, hide the object and let your pup sniff it out. Get creative with your training and bond with your puppy to find what works for you! Either way, hell need plenty of activity approximately 2 hours a day as an adult.

    Gerberian Shepskies Are Susceptible To A Few Different Illnesses And Health Problems

    10 Important German Shepherd Husky Mix Facts You Need to Know

    Gerberian Shepskies are usually pretty healthy dogs , but they are susceptible to a number of common health problems that affect both parent breeds.

    Some of the most noteworthy health problems include:

    • Digestive problems

    Hip and Elbow Dysplasia. This is a genetic disease that is commonly associated with the German Shepherd breed. The disease causes the dogs joints to form incorrectly and when this happens, the dog may experience pain and lose some function in their elbows or hips.

    Cataracts. This is a health condition that is common with the Husky. It is also something that can be passed down to a German Shepherd Husky mix puppy. Cataracts are defined as imperfections in the lenses of the eyes and can seriously affect your dogs vision and can cause them to become disoriented.

    Ear Infections. This is a problem that many German Shepherds face, but it is also a problem that is quite common in dogs to begin with. Some suffer from allergies and other problems with their immune system and these problems can cause a painful ear infection. Seeing a veterinarian to help narrow down the problem with their ears and even possibly switching up their diet can go a long way in helping and preventing chronic ear infections.

    Retinal Atrophy. Progressive retinal atrophy and juvenile cataracts can be found in most German Shepherd Husky mixes. Each of these ailments can occur at a different time in your dogs life, however, and each is also diagnosed differently.

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    Managing A High Energy Level With Proper Training

    The German Shepherd is considered a true large breed dog. These dogs can easily weigh anywhere from 50 to 90 pounds in adulthood, according to VetStreet.

    And as VetStreet explains, the Siberian Husky falls into the medium to large dog breed category, with an average weight of between 35 and 60 pounds at maturity.

    For large breed dogs, in particular, it is vitally important not to over-exercise them too early in life before the growth plates in the bones have closed and fused permanently.

    Dogs that are given too much intense exercise, like long runs or hikes, too early in life may have irreversible bone, muscle, or ligament damage.

    This can really be a problem when you are dealing with a naturally high-energy German Shepherd Husky puppy!

    Your puppy will also be facing several difficult periods of growth, including teething, growing pains, and coat transition from puppyhood to adulthood.

    The more activity you can provide, the less likely your puppy will be to burn off steam by chewing your household furniture or digging up your yard.

    The key to helping your naturally energetic, active, and playful puppy safely burn off steam is to break training sessions up into several shorter interactive training sessions.

    Try to use playtime as much as possible as a training reward for your dog to keep them moving but in short, safe spurts.

    German Shepherd Husky Mix What You Need To Know About Shepsky

    Born to be the leader of the pack, the German Shepherd Husky mix is a new designer hybrid with a striking appearance. Highly independent, loyal, and smart, this breed is the perfect blend of the German Shepherd and a Husky.

    What is a Shepsky? The German Shepherd Husky mix, also known as Shepsky, is a crossbreed between a German Shepherd and a Siberian Husky. Medium to large in size, the Shepsky is a working dog with high exercise needs. Smart and fairly easy to train, this mix needs an experienced owner who will work with him every day.

    However, there is more to this mix than it meets the eye! Stay with us till the end of this article and find out if the Shepsky is the right dog for you.

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    Training A German Shepherd Siberian Husky Mix

    Both the Siberian Husky and German Shepherd are motivated learners. The same goes for the German Shepherd!

    These hybrids are often easy to train and in fact, consistent training will mentally stimulate your dog. So, this means its less likely to get bored and get into trouble.

    The German Shepherd is a hard-working dog that will enjoy activities that cater to its natural instincts. Its going to enjoy activities such as obedience training, herding or fieldwork.

    On occasion, it may be too lazy or stubborn to listen to its owners. Dont fret! This is just its Husky nature shining through.

    Husky Mixed With German Shepherd Exercise Requirements

    German Shepherd Husky Mix | Ice | Off Leash K9 Training London

    Do Husky and German Shepherd mix dogs need lots of training and exercise? The answer is a YES, YES, YES! Their parents are working dogs, so they have unparalleled energy and can engage in physical activities without getting tired. What they need is a regular exercise to maintain and improve their strength and endurance. Youll need to spend a great deal of time with your dog outdoors every day at the very least.

    Your dog needs some off-leash time. Dog parks and fenced yards are great places for this. A Husky mixed with German Shepherd that is free to play stays happy. Playing also mentally stimulates the dog. They get bored when they dont get enough exercise, and they tend to display undesirable behaviors. They will increasingly become frustrated and use their intelligence to do naughty things around your house: digging up, chewing on furniture and other things, non-stop howling, and trying to escape.

    Even when youre tired, you have to find time to exercise the dog. What stimulation or exercise your dogs need depends upon their motivation and temperament. If theyre more Siberian Husky than German Shepherd, they might prefer running for hours daily over learning commands. But if theyre more German Shepherd, theyre more happy with doing advanced work activities they tend to enjoy things that give them a s sense of purpose.

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