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What Is The Best German Shepherd Breed

Are German Shepherds Smart

Best of Breed Minute: The German Shepherd Dog

According to the author of The Intelligence of Dogs,, Stanley Coren, Ph.D., ranks the German Shepherd as the third smartest dog breed. This study took a look at more than 100 dog breeds as they were judged by 200 dog obedience judges while learning new commands. Dogs were ranked based on their ability to perform commands 95% of the time or better based on less than five command repetitions.

The incredible level of intelligence in the German Shepherd, a level only bested by the Border Collie and the Poodle, makes this breed incredibly versatile. An ability to quickly pick up new commands and an intense desire to please its master means that this breed is the perfect candidate for any number of professional positions available to canines. This trait is perhaps why this is the breed of choice for both military and police work worldwide.

When theyre serving professionally, the German Shepherd can take part in police work, guard dog work, sheepdog work, service dog work, military work, and search and rescue work. German Shepherds also frequently participate in dog sports, including obedience, tracking, flyball, ring sport, and agility.

Can Dwarfism In German Shepherds Be Treated

Dogs born with pituitary dwarfism suffer from malfunctioning pituitary glands. As a result, dwarf dogs do not produce enough hormones that are needed for their growth.

A well-known solution to this is by supplementing a dwarf dog with hormones from external sources. However, the result of such treatment is not guaranteed. It will oftentimes lessen the severe symptoms, but it will rarely cure the root of the problem.

According to a study from Utrecht University, supplementing a dwarf German Shepherd with synthetic thyroid hormones yielded positive results. The process was able to lessen symptoms. Moreover, dwarf GSDs in the experiment were able to grow their adult teeth and coat.

That said, this kind of treatment is not perfect. The most common side effects of synthetic hormone provision are skin conditions such as cysts and hot spots.

How Many Types Of German Shepherd Dogs Are There

These cute yet ferocious little bodyguards are categorized into two breeding types, the working line and Show Line. You would be surprised to know that there are 5 different types of show line German Shepherd dogs that you can find. The most popular distinction that separates them among their different types is the color of their coats.

German Shepherd is also sometimes differentiated by the length of their hair and coat, but that is generally done only for purebred German Shepherds. Apart from being characterized based on their looks, they are also differentiated based on their personality and health, which is known as working lines.

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Shar Pei German Shepherd Mix

The Shar Pei is a breed that suffers from a number of health issues.

Some of these, such as the skin problems caused by excessive wrinkling, may be reduced in the German Shepherd Shar Pei mix

This is another mix where two guarding breeds are brought together and plenty of care needs to be taken with socialization if you are buying a puppy.

Your hybrid will likely be quite a large dog that will need plenty of exercise and obedience training.

One To Four Years Old

11 Facts about German shepherd dogs that prove they are ...

From one year old onwards, the physical differences that set dwarf GSDs apart from regular GSDs become more obvious. Some of the major changes begin with issues in their spine. Spinal issues in dwarf GSDs typically target the first two vertebrae in their cervical spine. Unfortunately, these issues cause excruciating pain for the dog and can sometimes lead to paralysis.

Moreover, due to their dwarfism, the so-called growth plate at the top of their leg bones will take longer than usual to fully close. As a result, despite their limited full-grown size, dwarf GSDs will continue growing at a slow and steady rate.

Around this age, most dwarf German Shepherds also experience severe alopecia. This causes the majority of their coat to fall off, leaving a big portion of their skin exposed.

It is also worth noting that the proportions of a dwarf German Shepherd, for the most part, are on par with normal. This means they will appear as a scaled-down version of a regular GSD rather than a dog with disproportionate body parts.

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German Shepherd Dog Care

German Shepherds can be a handle to care for. They have large grooming needs, a hungry appetite and need a lot of exercise to keep them entertained. However, its always worth it!

You should ensure that you are exercising your German Shepherd for 60 to 90 minutes a day. This includes walks, playing and mental games. Your doggie will want a big back yard to run around in too, so they will not be getting the exercise they need if you live in a small apartment. Without adequate exercise, they can develop unwanted and destructive behaviors due to frustration and boredom.

The German Shepherd is a very intelligent dog and is therefore very easy to train. Their ease of training means that they make a great family dog as well as a dog for couples or individuals. However, they can be a little stubborn, so you should never punish them or scold them.

If youre lucky and have a medium coated German Shepherd dog, you may be able to get away with brushing them twice a week. However, if your dog has long hair, then youre going to need to brush them daily to prevent knots and tangles forming. They can shed a lot too, so their grooming needs can be difficult.

Because the Shepherd is a large dog, their diet should also be large. It is recommended that you feed them a diet specially formulated for large dog breeds and you should always check the back of the dog food packet to see how much of a certain food you should be feeding your dog based on their weight.

Shug German Shepherd Pug Mix

The Pug suffers from serious health problems associated mainly with its flattened face.

Most Pug mixes are an improvement healthwise on the Pug parent, because they have longer skulls. The same can not always be said for the other side of the family.

The German Shepherd Pug mix or Shug, is likely to be a small dog weighing under 30lbs with a short coat.

If the nose is fairly short, the Shug may be prone to overheating in warm weather, as well as other issues.

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West Working Line Vs Czech Working Line

Czech working line German shepherd dogs were started to bred separately in Czechoslovakia. They were used on borderlines of the Czechoslovakian army for security purposes. Primarily this dog breed was bred from the east working line German shepherd dogs bloodline. So, this breed has almost similar characteristics to an east working line German shepherd. They were all used for similar tasks since Czechoslovakia and East Germany both are worked for the Soviet bloc. So, when comparing with the west working line, Czech working line German shepherd dogs are aggressive and they have a heavy and dense look. Since they are mostly bred for military purposes, Czech working line German shepherd dogs are more active than west working line German shepherd dogs.

Best Dog Foods For German Shepherds In 2021

German Shepherd VS Siberian Husky- Which Breed is Best For You

Our Favorite: Dr. Garys Best Breed Breed German Dog Diet

Why We Choose It:

  • Promotes healthy skin and coat.

Technical Specifications:

  • Meets the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO formula.
  • EU-approved natural ingredients .
  • Dense kibbles.

Your furry pal enriches your life, so you certainly want to choose the best dog food for Fido! It is important to choose a food that is fitting for both the age of your German Shepherd as well as a food that is nutritionally sound and overall healthy. There are many dog foods on the market today, but not all of them may fit your German Shepherds particular needs. Unfortunately, not all dog foods are equally made. However, if you study up on what your dogs nutritional needs are, you can successfully choose the best food for your German Shepherds requirements.;

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Can Small Dogs Live With German Shepherds

German Shepherds Owner urges owners to use caution when keeping a German Shepherd and a small dog together.

The presence of small dogs is a situation that can easily trigger a Shepherds prey drive. For the best results, a German Shepherd needs to have been raised around small dogs from the time they are puppies. Otherwise, it is hard to adjust.

Many German Shepherd Dogs have dominant natures, which can easily manifest around small breeds like terriers or Dachshunds that also have strong alpha dog tendencies. Dominance is a problem because it signals that the dog doesnt respect you.

Another problem is that some smaller breeds display fear of aggression and also have no awareness of their size. A little dog acting out against a large dog in its space could face painful or even tragic consequences.

This video shows a German Shepherd and Chihuahua playing together. With these dogs being of such drastically different sizes, its easy to see why supervision is essential. Here is a YouTube video for German Shepherd vs. Chihuahua and how they playing together.

Your GSDs age will play a role in whether they have a good chance of living with a smaller breed. As much training as possible when the dog is younger will help make a difference.

Older dogs can become acclimated to a small dog, but consistent training is essential for the best results. Taking some measures like separating the dogs, as needed, may still be necessary to help ensure peace.

Whats The Difference In Temperament

Both seem to have similar temperaments in many respects, however, the German Shepherd can become a bit nippy and bark at you when hes left alone too long or doesnt get enough attention or stimulation.

But other than that the German Shepherd is loyal, obedient, alert and watchful. Well cover the King Shepherds temperament a little later.

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Types Of Shepherd Dogs

Shepherd or sheepdogs come in all shapes in sizes, with around 30 different types of shepherd dogs altogether. Some, like the Corgi, look unsuited for the role but perform surprisingly well. Others, like the Bouvier des Flandres, are more versatile farm dogs, undertaking a variety of roles, from guarding and herding livestock to pulling carts.

The following 16 types of shepherd dogs make great pets for energetic owners who are willing to put in the time necessary to keep them mentally stimulated and physically challenged.;

Each type has its own physical traits and characteristics which can present problems in the wrong environment.;

Find out what makes each of these shepherd dogs special and which would be the best dog for you and your family.

German Shepherd Rottweiler Mix

German Shepherd: Best Guard Dog Breeds for Protection in ...

A mix with a variety of different names from Shottie to Shepweiler, Rottie Shepherd and more. This is a big dog, weighing upwards of 50lbs, with a big heart.

This is another mix between two guarding breeds. So, if you buy German Shepherd mix puppies with one Rottweiler parent youll need to be diligent about socialization.

Obedience training is also a must.

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Top 10 Compatible Breeds For A German Shepherd

Lets cover the top 10 breeds that get along well with German Shepherds. The following breeds match most of the behavioral traits and characteristics that German Shepherds have. For each of the breeds on the list, Im going to include a short explanation of why they are a good fit for a German Shepherd.

The Basic German Shepherd Temperament

Your dog can be characterized by different sets of temperament. However, there are some that cannot be changed.

The following are the most basic German shepherd temperament that we can say are always present to the breed.

  • Courageous and Fearless: German shepherdsare courageous, which can be seen from the heroic deeds of dogs during the World War I.They are also fearless, except of course when it comes to their trauma. Thats why they are suited to extreme tasks. This is also the reason why they were the perfect dogs for soldiers.
  • Strong and Energetic: German shepherds, are and will always be energetic dogs. However, its already given that their stamina might deteriorate as they age.Regardless, they are still stronger and more energetic than most breeds. This makes these dogs perfect for fitness-oriented people. After all, both the owner and dog will be energetic and eager to exercise.
  • Protective and Loyal: German shepherds are protective and loyal. In fact, there were eight German shepherds that reportedly performed heroic deeds in America along with their owners.However, they can be dominant sometimes. So a strict trainer is suitable for them so they wont develop a poor behavior due to their alpha tendencies.

These German shepherd traits are pretty basic, even a kid knows about them.

However, as previously said, the advanced breeding method for dogs brought change in the German shepherds personalities. This led to several types of temperament.

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German Shepherd + Pug Dog = Shug

The Shug is not a pure breed; it is a designer breed made up of two distinctive pure species. Its a cross between the German Shepherd Dog and the Pug.

They are marvelous mutts, showing a warm and agreeable state of mind while being very dynamic and lively. They cordial with different pets, particularly with mutts, and can run well with youngsters. The Shug is canny and simple to prepare. They are incredible allies and family canines.

  • Life Expectancy: ;12 to 15 years.
  • Weight:;13 pounds 17 pounds
  • Height:;Medium

Saddle Coat German Shepherd

Best Companion Dog for German Shepherd: Which Breeds Top the List?

The German Shepherd dogs of this type are also called Saddle Back Shepherds. They are the most recognized German Shepherds of all time. There are two colors present on their coat, as with all other German shepherd types apart from the solid black shepherd. It is their distinct pattern and markings that set them apart from the other types.

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Our 2021 German Shepherds Feeding Guide


Average Weight ; Approximately 10lb to 30lb

Recommended Daily Food Intake 1-2 cups a day

Adult Dog

Average Weight Approximately 60lb to 90lb

Recommended Daily Food Intake 3-5 cups a day

Senior Dog

Average Weight Approximately 60lb to 90lb

Recommended Daily Food Intake When it comes to feeding your senior German Shepherd , you must consult your vet as to the suggested amount and type of food. There are a range of factors that can affect feeding, so ensure you have spoken to a professional.

Is The Gsd Too Dangerous To Be Around Children

The short answer to this is NO. The GSD is one of the most popular family dogs around. The American Pit Bull Terrier and the Kangal are other dogs that suffer from the same misconception but are actually excellent companions for children.

The dangerous stigma comes from dogs that have been either mistreated or trained improperly. Honestly, this can be applied to any breed!

When an animal is not given guidance or shown who the alpha of the pack is, its only natural for it to act out. A GSD wont take any chances if her family is threatened.

My family has always had German Shepherds, so I grew up with a protector turned momma dog. I only have the fondest childhood memories with this canine in the house.

Whats cute about the GSD is that they know when its time to be serious and when its time to be silly. And man can they be silly!

When children are around the working dog persona melts away, the inner puppy comes out and shell run to find her favorite toy, ready to romp and roll around!

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What About German Shepherds And Border Collies Being Together

Steve Charnock has highlighted the strong herding instincts that Border Collies possess, making them worthy companions for German Shepherds in your household.

Border Collies athleticism and intelligence are two traits that they have in common with German Shepherds. These dogs have retained a strong herding instinct. One of the things that come naturally with their strong herding instinct is high energy.

Activities like going on long walks or hikes, and playing Frisbee, are examples of pursuits perfect for both types of dogs. The boundless energy of a Border Collie will provide the ideal stimulation for a GSD, especially a younger dog.

The Border Collies instinct to herd even other dogs can provide plenty of amusement. However, you want to make sure that the herding attempts dont get out of control. Otherwise, the dogs playtime might get a little tense!

Tips For Playing With Your German Shepherd

The most popular dog breed in the US for the 24th straight ...

Toys can give dogs a way to enjoy playtime, either by themselves or with you. With a variety of toys available, theres likely always to be a way to entertain your pup and catch their attention. When playing, though, its important to think so that youre doing whats best for your dog. Here are some tips:

  • Dont let your pup get too aggressive when playing. If you dont stop your dog early, they can develop dangerous habits that may injure you or other dogs. German shepherds have strong jaws, which can cause a lot of damage!
  • Use playtime as an opportunity to give your dog some exercise! Games like fetch, tug of war, and hide and seek mix fun with healthy habits.
  • Try out different toys and games. Dogs have their individual preferences, just like people do. They also like variety, so dont be afraid to mix things up.
  • Try only bringing out toys during playtime. Limiting how long your pup has access to something will make them more excited when you bring it out.
  • Dont let your dog play with toys unsupervised. You want to be able to take away the toy if it breaks.
  • Use treats to teach good habits while playing. This approach can be helpful when teaching rules to games.
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