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Long Haired German Shepherd Rescue

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Long haired german shepherd 10 week old puppy

MAGSR is a 501 non-profit charity, so your gifts are tax deductible.

If your employer matches charitable contributions please ask them for the form to send to MAGSR so you gift can be matched, effectively doubling your donation.Gov’t Donation Codes: Combined Federal Campaign: 99138, Maryland Charities Campaign: 52-2191320

Where Did The Long Haired German Shepherd Originate

Max von Stephanitz is the undisputed father of German Shepherds. He originally wanted to create a breed that would excel at herding and guarding.

When sheepdogs fell out of fashion in Germany, he repurposed his dogs to serve in the military.

The German Shepherd dog is meant to be a fully versatile breed, with their hard work ethic and loyalty leading their breed standard.

Max von Stephanitz wasnt too fussed about appearance, but he was determined that the breed should not have long hair.

It wasnt until recently did SV and FCI amend the standards of conformation to include these long coated beauties.

The American Kennel Club has stood firm in Max von Stephanitzs vision and considers them to be a fault.

This has helped curb the growth of these dogs, with only 10% of all German Shepherds bearing the recessive gene of having long hair.

Short coated GSDs have much denser fur whereas the long coated dogs had a fluffier, sparser appearance.

Due to the fact that there are long haired Alsatians that do not have an undercoat, a common belief is that they had to be kept indoors to protect them from harsh weather which led to their being kinder and sweeter than the short haired variety.

In spite of this, dont be surprised if you find a long coat German Shepherd in the police academy.

Police dogs are prized for their temperament and trainability, with their appearance being secondary if even considered at all.

Temperament: Are Long Haired German Shepherd Good Dogs

The German Shepherd temperament is renowned to be calm and determined. Coupled with their obedience and intelligence, GSDs of all hair lengths or colors make excellent service dogs.

With the right amount of exercise and stimulation, they can be extremely companionable family dogs, too.

They are exceptionally gentle with children and other animals, but proper socialization is imperative if youre hoping that your Alsatian will get along with your new kitten.

If youre hoping to bring home another dog, try to choose one thats almost the same size, such as a Husky, or a Pitbull. Golden Retrievers also pair well with the GSD.

Its not that small dogs dont do well with GSDs, but due to their size discrepancy, your Alsatian might hurt them unintentionally while playing.

Small children should never be left alone with a German Shepherd, no matter how well trained the dog is. Careful supervision is necessary until the child learns to behave around the Alsatian.

Training comes easily to the breed. Very rarely would you have problems with potty training or disobedience. The key is to be consistent.

If you dont want him up on the couch, make no exceptions. You will also need to be patient, especially when dealing with a new puppy.

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Shiraz Gsd Owner Reviews

“Thank you for giving us one of our greatest gifts in life!” – Shiraz GSD owner

“He’s so handsome that people have stopped their car on the street to admire him” – Shiraz GSD owner “I highly recommend anyone looking for for a genuinely top of the line German Shepherd to contact Shiraz” – Shiraz GSD Owner

“I receive compliments on my GS from Shiraz wherever we go! He is a quick learner and eager to learn anything I ask of him!” – Shiraz GSD Owner

Long Haired German Shepherd Breeders

Black Long Hair, German Shepherd Search and Rescue K9 Unit.

Any time youre looking to buy a dog, shop around for as long as you need. Instead of focusing on finding the perfect dog, think about finding your perfect breeder.

They should have the necessary records and papers to assure you that their dogs are of good quality.

Get to know potential sellers by visiting their kennels and talking to them. If they are reluctant to show you where their dogs live or show you their dogs at all, take it as a warning sign.

Respectable breeders will want to get to know you better and would be more than happy to show you around.

Long haired German Shepherds arent terribly common and not all reputable breeders are keen on producing them. However, they do sometimes crop up in a litter or two.

Here are a few breeders that sometimes do have long haired Alsatians in their litters:

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Woodys Place Senior German Shepherd Sanctuary

Woodys Place Senior German ShepherdSanctuary is a 501c3 non-profit organization. The shelter has been in operation since 2011. This Sheppard specifically caters to senior German Sheppards aged eight years and higher.

Please reach out to them to find out more about Woodys Place Senior German S Shepherd Sanctuary. This is an appointment-only shelter since this is a private residence.

What Is A Long Coat German Shepherd

For most people it’s probably fairly easy to determine what a long coat German Shepherd is – it simply refers to the length of their fur.

Whilst a “standard” German Shepherd will traditionally have short fur, long coats are the result of a recessive gene that any dog can carry.

It doesn’t mean long coats have any problems – far from it, and for many people they are an even more desirable dog than the standard breed German Shepherd.

Long haired German Shepherds look incredibly handsome, and if you’re happy with the additional effort required in grooming them and keeping their hair in good condition then they’re as loyal and obedient as any other German Shepherd.

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Dogs And Puppies Of Colorado

Home of AKC RegisteredPlush and Long CoatGerman Shepherd Dogs and PuppiesHello, I am Nancy Lieb Nothstein of TN. I began my breeding program in 1982. My dedication and continued efforts are to keep the long coat German Shepherds alive. I give breeding rights for the purpose of preserving the long coat bloodlines. I strive to maintain the quality of the German Shepherd Dogs as I improve my puppies making them the best working, security, service or therapy dogs along with being a fantastic family member. I breed for confirmation, straight backs not for angulation, fantastic temperaments and excellent health.
THE LONG-HAIRED SHEPHERD ANCESTOR TO THE SHORT-HAIR SHEPHERDThe German Shepherd is a dog whose original function was to herd and work. The German Shepherds are used as therapy, service dogs in search and rescue work, tracking, as a seeing eye dog, to herd sheep and cattle and horses , or as a guard dog, and in drug detection and other areas of the law enforcement. The basic instinct of the breed lends itself to these multiple uses. Because of its unique versatility they are used for just about anything. My puppies are great for all the above and for families with or with out children who would like the dog as a companion, pet or protection.

What Does A Long Haired German Shepherd Look Like

Free Dog Adoption *3 Long hair German Shepherd*

According to the AKC, the German Shepherd breed produces dogs that are well-built.

Their body is longer than it is tall, and it should be balanced and curvy instead of angular, aside from their ears, which should be erect and triangular.

The AKC says that the ideal coat is medium-length with a dense double coat. Long coats are considered a genetic fault and while they can be shown, they will be faulted in dog shows.

On the other hand, the FCI allows the long haired variety and goes on to describe how they should look.

With the long-coated Germans, their guard coat is soft instead of harsh like the short hair varieties. It shouldnt be as dense or close-fitting as short coated GSDs.

Long haired Germans will have bushy trousers and a bushy tail. They are even expected to have hair growing out of their ears.

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Long Haired German Shepherd Vs Short Haired Comparison

The long haired Alsatian is thought to be kinder and gentler as compared to their short-haired littermates. However, there is no hard evidence to support this, aside from the treatment that they get.

Long haired dogs are seldom trained for work as their coats dont offer them the same protection from harsh elements, therefore they are more often kept as companions and receive different training from their short haired counterparts.

They do share the same intelligence and working ethic, which makes both varieties equal to one another.

They should grow up to be around the same size and are as trainable as one another, with the key difference being their coats.

Take a look at our comparison table below for a quick overview between the two coats:

Hip dysplasia, bloat, skin and eye problems, stomach sensitivities Hip dysplasia, bloat, skin and eye problems, stomach sensitivities

Southeast German Shepherd Rescue

Southeast German Shepherd Rescue exists to rescue German Shepherds, including dogs in high-kill shelters and dogs that are suffering from abuse and abandonment.

This rescue has been rescuing German Shepherds since 2010.

It operates in North Carolina and Virginia, but they may rescue dogs throughout the southeast.

The Southeast German Shepherd Rescue primary volunteers have a combined 30 years of shared experience in rescue.

They are highly dedicated to their volunteers and foster homes and strive to give them everything they need to rescue and rehabilitate German Shepherds.

If you are not sure whether you are ready to own a German Shepherd, check out the Southeast German Shepherd Rescue Foster Program.

This rescue is foster-based, which means that dogs live in a foster home after they are rescued until they are adopted.

Every new foster family means that another German Shepherd can be rescued.

Fostering is an amazing opportunity to get to know dogs, save a life, and become acquainted with German Shepherd ownership without the commitment of adoption and with all expenses paid by the rescue.

Each dog needs to be fostered for at least two weeks, but many dogs require months of rehabilitation before they can be adopted out.

If you would like to adopt from Southeast German Shepherd Rescue, prepare yourself for a fairly rigorous adoption process.

This rescue wants to make sure that if you adopt one of their dogs, you will be their forever home.

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Grooming: Do Long Haired German Shepherd Shed

No German Shepherd is hypoallergenic. Regardless of their coat length, they all shed seasonally and long coated GSDs require more maintenance when it comes to their coat.

Some owners would trim their coats to make them more manageable, but it is not necessary.

Its important never to clip your Germans coat short. Theres no reason to deprive them of their natural protection. Their double coats act as insulation and protect them from the suns harmful rays.

What is necessary is brushing them daily, especially if your dog is active and often goes hiking with you. Burrs and dead leaves have a tendency to get caught in their coats.

You dont need to break out the shampoo and bathwater every time they get a bit of mud in their coats. A good brushing ought to dislodge it.

The brushes you should have in your arsenal for the German Shepherd should be a self-cleaning slicker brush, a metal comb, and a de-shedding tool.

You can source them from your local pet shop or get them off any online marketplace such as Amazon.

They should only be showered when they start to smell, which is fortunate, because these dogs seldom smell, neither do they drool.

Furthermore, they are active dogs that seldom need their nails trimmed because theyll wear them down naturally, but you should get your dog used to handling them, regardless.

Wrestling a big dog to clip his nails is an undertaking best left unexperienced.

Size: How Big Does A Long Haired German Shepherd Dog Get

Majestic Snow Beast

The long haired German Shepherd puppy will grow to match their short haired siblings.

Males will be around 24 to 26 inches tall and weigh approximately 65 to 90 lbs .

Females tend to be slightly smaller and will only grow up to 22 to 24 inches tall and weigh 50 to 70 lbs .

Being a working breed, they arent the most suited to apartment life. It might work if shes given a full time job like a seeing eye guide.

However, its recommended that they live in a house with landed property, regardless of whether they are a Miniature German Shepherd or a regular sized one, simply because they are high energy dogs.

If youre looking for a low energy apartment dog, you might want to take a look at the Frenchie or Shih Tzu instead.

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What Health Problems Do Long Haired German Shepherds Have

These working dogs are considered to be rather hardy dogs, with minimal health issues. As with most large breed dogs, they tend to develop hip dysplasia or elbow dysplasia.

This can be prevented by getting a puppy from a reputable breeder or adopting a dog thats more than two years old.

Other health conditions that the breed is prone to are epilepsy, heart disease, degenerative myelopathy, exocrine pancreatic insufficiency, osteochondrotis dissescans and Von Willebrands disease.

Skin, eyes, and digestive conditions are also quite common in the breed. They often require a diet suited to their sensitive stomachs, as well as gentle shampoos to keep their skin healthy.

They live as long as any other German Shepherds and their lifespan ranges around 10 to 12 years.

German Shepherds have been prized for their sloping backs and some breeders have taken this to the next level.

Excessively sloping backs have caused an outrage in recent years, and this deformity can cause spinal problems and chronic pain.

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Freedom German Shepherd Rescue

Freedom German Shepherd Rescue strives to treat their dogs, volunteers, other rescues, and the communities in which they work with integrity and operate with full transparency.

They take in German Shepherds from shelters and from the public.

All dogs are placed into a foster home, where they receive medical care and basic training before they are placed up for adoption.

While in foster homes, every aspect of their behavior and personality can be evaluated so that they can be carefully matched to the perfect adoptive home for them.

Freedom German Shepherd Rescue strives to educate the community about overpopulation, bad breeding, abandonment, and neglect as well as rescuing dogs.

If you are not sure whether you are ready to adopt a German Shepherd, fostering is a great idea.

Freedom German Shepherd Rescue relies on foster homes to house the dogs that they pull from shelters or accept from the public.

They do everything they can to support foster families.

While fostering, you will take your foster dog to veterinary appointments, training classes, and meet adopters or go to adoption events.

Freedom German Shepherd Rescue aims to match each dog with the perfect foster family for them so if you have certain restrictions regarding other pets in the household, children, etc, they will do their best to meet your needs.

Fosters can only be in North and South Carolina.

To adopt a dog from Freedom German Shepherd Rescue, you must be at least 18 years old.

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How Do I Pick A Good Rescue German Shepherd

You might ask yourself what kind of German Shepherd should you adopt and rehome. You can look for outgoing dogs. You can tell that by observing their body language when you first met.

If the dogs gesture is warm and inviting, you might want to choose that because they are confident and trusting. If you are also not down to unlimited patience, you can also avoid a shy German Shepherd.

These dogs can be a little bit of work because they are afraid and run away from you. If you are outgoing and a very hands-on person, you might not enjoy your German Shepherd in North Carolina because of its shyness.

However, this is only a guide, and if the personality of the dog is not that of a big deal for you, you can pick any dog you want. Dogs can be trained and can also be flexible like some people are. If you love a challenge, you can pick any dog you want.

German Shepherd Rescue & Adoption

Long Haired German Shepherd: What To Know Before Buying

German Shepherd Rescue & Adoption is based in Raleigh North Carolina, but they support the Carolinas and Virginia.

They have been rescuing German Shepherds since 1992.

They mostly take purebred German Shepherds, although they occasionally take mixed breed shepherds and other breeds.

The vast majority of the dogs that they rescue come from local shelters, but they will also take owner surrenders on certain occasions.

Every dog that comes into the rescue gets a full veterinary visit, vaccinations, and heartworm tests.

All dogs are spayed or neutered before they are put up for adoption.

Dogs get whatever veterinary care they need, including heartworm treatment if necessary.

All dogs are also microchipped.

German Shepherd Rescue & Adoption typically have a very wide range of dogs available for adoption.

Dogs of all ages, including young puppies and seniors, are usually available.

However, puppies are adopted much more quickly.

The website has a very thorough list of available dogs including their status and information.

You can also sort dogs by age and gender to help you find exactly the right dog for your household.

If you would like to rehome a dog but you dont necessarily need them out of your household at this time, consider listing your dog with their courtesy listings.

If you would like to adopt, you can also find many more dogs under the courtesy listings.

Courtesy listings are wonderful because dogs dont have to go through the stress of moving through multiple homes.

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