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How To Speak German To A German Shepherd

What Are The 7 Dog Training Commands For A Dog

My German Shepherd Tries to Speak!

The seven most essential dog training commands are:

  • Your Dogs Name
    • Chinese Shar-Peis
    • Afghan Hounds

    If you have one of these dog breeds, you may want to decide if teaching your dog German commands is worth the effort if they have already learned them in english. If your dog is still a puppy, then go for it. They need to learn the basics anyway.

    Are Ddr German Shepherds Rare

    Yes, as we have said, DDR German Shepherds are very rare. At least true DDR German Shepherds are. This is because this bloodline only spanned roughly 40 years of breeding between 1949-1990.

    So, the eligible dogs to breed from are very limited.

    Due to this, this bloodline of German Shepherds is often viewed as the elite.

    Traditionally, German Shepherds are working dogs, and this is what DDR German Shepherds were designed for.

    They were first bred to be guards of the East/West Germany border and this led to them being able to endure harsh weather conditions, which makes them perfect working dogs now.

    True DDR German Shepherds are also incredibly athletic, much more than regular German Shepherds or mixed breeds.

    It is a combination of all of these different factors and qualities that makes this variation of the breed so popular. Despite the fact that they are very rare.

    When Does A German Shepherd Puppy Start To Bark

    Being such a vocal breed, the German Shepherd puppy starts the first signs of barking at the early age of two to four weeks.

    These signs are usually just some grunting or whining. The yipping occurs at the age of two months and progresses into real barking when they turn four months.

    Some puppies begin to bark before the four-month-mark, some later. This is all because of the difference in temperament.

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    How To Teach A German Shepherd To Stop:

  • To teach the stop, place some distance between you and your dog. Have them on a long lead to start for safety.
  • Walk away to a distance of approximately 20 to 30 feet . Then, turn and face your dog without making eye contact. If you make eye contact, they may run to you thinking you want them to come.
  • When you are ready, call your dog to you. As soon as they move, take a few steps towards them saying stop in a stern voice with your hand up with a flat palm facing them.
  • This command works best when taught with both verbal and hand signals. The simple fact you are coming towards them makes them hesitate, which is a normal reaction.
  • Always reward them with a tasty treat when they stop by going to them. If you call them to you too quickly after teaching the stop they may learn that its more of a wait command and rush off to see you right after stopping.
  • Once they learn to stop on command, start extending the distance until they stop and stand, sit, or get into the down position at any distance on your verbal command.
  • You will eventually train what command you want after the stop, such as a down or stay. But the most important thing to remember is that your dog stops.
  • Practice the stop frequently so that your dog understands they arent in trouble and nothing bad happens after the stop.

    You always want to have a reliable stop in case of an emergency .

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    Skeletal Health And Supplementation

    How to Train a German Shepherd Recall

    Musculoskeletal disorders are debilitating conditions that are often associated with genetic makeup, malnutrition, and stress-related events. Some breeds like the German shepherd, are predisposed to a variety of different skeletal disorders, including but not limited to: canine hip dysplasia, Cauda equina syndrome, and osteoarthritis. These conditions can be a result of poor breeding or induced by intense exercise and poor diet.

    Canine hip dysplasia is an orthopedic condition resulting from abnormal development of the hip joint and surrounding tissue causing the instability and partial dislocation of the hip joint, resulting in pain, inflammation, lameness, and potentially osteoarthritis of the joint. German shepherds are genetically predisposed to CHD and the University of Veterinary Medicine in Germany found its prevalence estimated to be approximately 35% of veterinary cases associated with the disorder.

    Osteoarthritis is one of the main contributors of musculoskeletal pain and disabilities that commonly affect German shepherds. Mechanical stress, oxidative damage and inflammatory mediators combine to induce the gradual degeneration of the articular cartilage in the joint, resulting in reduced muscle mass, pain, and locomotion.

    Vitamins such as A and D also have crucial roles in bone development and maintenance by regulating bone and calcium metabolism. Adequate levels should be incorporated into a German shepherd diet to promote a healthy musculoskeletal system.

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    If Your German Shepherd Is Afraid:

    • His hair stands on end on his back
    • His pupils are dilated
    • His tail is between his legs
    • He wrinkles his muzzle
    • He tucks the corners of his mouth back
    • His lips are slightly open, and he sometimes bares his teeth
    • His ears are flattened towards the back of his head
    • His body is lowered slightly to the ground as if trying to take up as little space as possible

    Do German Shepherds Jump On You

    The most probable reason for the jumping is that it is excited. When German Shepherds get excited its common for them to express their excitement by jumping up. They do it because they want to greet you at the face and because their mother would feed them from the face as puppies and they would jump up.

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    Training A German Shepherd With Professional Help

    Many people seek the help of professionals when training their dogs. Most of the time, it is because its their first time raising a dog. Some of them might also think doubt that German shepherds are easy to train.

    While a person can learn about training a German shepherd with this blog post, theres a difference between having experience in such a task.

    But there are other benefits besides the large gap in experience. The following are just a few of these benefits:

    • Youre saving time by assigning the task to a person that can be trusted.
    • In the case of training centers, your puppy may also meet other dogs while theyre being trained by professionals.
    • Youre avoiding the stress of handling your dog, especially when youve got work to do.

    The bad news is that your German shepherd puppy might become more fond of the trainer than it is to you. Regardless, it is still a viable option for those that lack the time and energy to do it themselves.

    What A Breeder Might Ask You

    Teach Your Dog How To Speak| German Shepherd

    Matching the right puppy with the right buyer is precisely what an ethical breeder is concerned with, too.

    Dont be alarmed if it suddenly feels like the breeder is interviewing you: thats a good sign!

    Just be sure to come prepared to answer questions, which might include:

    • Do you own or rent? The breeder isnt being nosey if they ask this: some landlords dont allow pets on the premises. The best breeders want to get a feel for your ethics just as much as you do theirs. If youre a renter, dont be surprised if the breeder asks for your landlords contact info so they can confirm that a puppy would be allowed to live with you.
    • Have you ever had a German Shepherd? The temperaments and needs of different dog breeds can be as distinct as their appearances. But it shouldnt be a mark against you if youve never owned a German Shepherd before. Be honest and open to what the breeder has to advise.
    • How do you plan to exercise the dog? Theyll likely talk about exercise! A German Shepherd needs plenty of it. Knowing beforehand how you plan to exercise your pup will help you and the breeder both.
    • Have you ever trained a dog before? Because theyre so intelligent, German Shepherds are an easily trainable breed. However, their training needs to begin right away, so they dont grow up stubborn and unmanageable. But if youve never trained a dog before, dont worry. It might be helpful to come prepared with the name of an obedience school that you plan to bring the pup to instead.

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    Why Do Dogs Speak German Bilingualism In Dog Training

    You are strolling down a quiet road in your hometown when, suddenly, you hear a man shout Bleib! Achtung! and Sitz! He is clad in a security forces uniform, and next to him stands a sharp looking German Shepherd.

    Dont worry, though you have not accidentally crossed into the Twilight Zone. There is a perfectly good explanation for this.

    All over the world, service dogs trained in Europe are employed by police and other organizations to assist their agents in performing their duties. Naturally, these dogs will have learned commands given in a variety of languages, so its common for handlers in the US to use these commands, especially when their furry assistants are FOB. Eventually, service dogs can learn the commands in a new language and become essentially bilingual.

    Schutzhund, literally protection dog, is a series of dogsport trials developed in Germany for the purpose of training working dogs. Eventually, it became one of the most widespread disciplines of its kind and developed into an international organization that certifies dogs who comply with its standards: the IPO.

    In America, nowadays, the best performing working dogs still come from The Continent, most notably from Germany, The Netherlands and the Czech Republic, and when they do come to our shores, their handlers have the choice either to teach or to learn a new language. Luckily, the vocabulary list is limited to about 15 words.

    The Best Way To Phase Out Treats

    Its unwise and also unhealthy for your German Shepherd to expect a treat after every successful performance.

    This means you its better to phase rewards out from your training exercises once they have a specific command down.

    A positive way to phase out rewards once your dog has mastered a distinct command is to present the reward as part of the training of a new command.

    Once your dog has mastered down, instead of providing a treat after giving them the down, offer them a lesser treat, verbal praise, or petting instead of their usual expected reward.

    Your GSD will probably notice the reduction of the normal treat and let you know theyve noticed.

    This is a good time to move on to your next command where theyll receive a tastier reward for performing a new skill.

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    Quick Ways To Stop A German Shepherd From Barking At Strangers

    Theres nothing worse than not knowing how to stop my German Shepherd from barking at strangers!

    Its frustrating, annoying to others, and prevents me from enjoying my dog.

    If you have the same problem with your German Shepherd, then you need these easy solutions to help you feel confident controlling your dogs behavior.

    Teaching A German Shepherd Whos The Alpha

    German Shepherd Tips: How To Have A Harmonious Life With ...

    German shepherds are bred to be family dogs. They are intelligent and loyal, but sometimes they can be too dominant.

    Its important to do this with German shepherd puppy training. If not, they may be like this throughout their lifetime.

    Having a mindset of a leader will push German shepherds to display poor behavior. Thats why its important to prevent such mindset from developing.

    There are many ways to establish whos the real alpha between you and the dog, and here are some of best German shepherd training tips:

    Even when training an older German shepherd, you must show that youre superior. If youre able to establish whos the alpha, you can easily do the same when you bring a new dog to the pack.

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    Top 10 Claims For German Shepherds

    Like all dogs, German Shepherds can get sick or injured unexpectedly. The top 10 accident and illness claims received by ASPCA Pet Health Insurance^ for this breed are:

    • Allergies*
    • Lamenesswhich could indicate hip or elbow dysplasia
    • Arthritis

    *Pre-existing conditions are not covered. Waiting periods, annual deductible, co-insurance, benefit limits and exclusions may apply. For all terms and conditions visit Preventive and Wellness Care reimbursements are based on a schedule. Complete Coverage reimbursements are based on the invoice. Levels 1-4 reimbursements are based on usual and customary eligible costs. Products, schedules, and rates may vary and are subject to change. Discounts may vary and are subject to change. More information available at checkout.

    The ASPCA® is not an insurer and is not engaged in the business of insurance. Products are underwritten by United States Fire Insurance Company , produced and administered by C& F Insurance Agency, Inc. , a Crum & Forster company. Through a licensing agreement, the ASPCA receives a royalty fee that is in exchange for use of the ASPCAs marks and is not a charitable contribution. C& F and Crum & Forster are registered trademarks of United States Fire Insurance Company. Crum & Forster Pet Insurance Group is a trademark of United States Fire Insurance Company. The Crum & Forster group of companies is rated A by AM Best Company 2020.

    German Commands For German Shepherds

    If you hear people say Deutscher Schäferhund, it means theyre referring to the German Shepherd using the German language.

    Using a different language can make it easier for your German Shepherd to know you are specifically addressing him- not other animals or other people.

    Here are common German commands with corresponding pronunciation.

    • Bring, Fetch, or Get it- Bring
    • Come or Here- Hier
    • Down- Platz
    • Up or Jump- Hopp

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    What Work Are These Dogs Suited To Besides Security

    A DDR German Shepherds tracking skills also make these dogs ideal for search and rescue work.

    Their ability to traverse all kinds of terrain can help them locate people who are trapped under rubble after all types of disaster situations.

    According to The Daily Shep, individual dogs can vary in personality. Some dogs are more protection-minded than others, for example.

    German Shepherds have been used as service dogs for decades, and East German Shepherds also have traits that are perfect for work as service dogs.

    These dogs are very alert to anything going on near their owners, making reliable guides.

    The dogs sturdy build helps them guide the blind effortlessly, as well as assist people with mobility issues.

    Because these dogs are both tall and strong, they can quickly assist either a child or adult facing problems with mobility.

    Using The German Shepherd Training Commands The Right Way

    At What Age Will Your German Shepherd First Get Aggressive

    The cornerstone for good training is consistency, positive rewards, timing, a favorable attitude, and patience.

    Use this German Shepherd commands list to improve the relationship between you and your dog.

    Begin with the easiest commands on the list for your German Shepherd and work your way through to the more difficult commands. Your GSD wants to please and is one of the smartest dogs.

    But dont push them too hard as too much training can be a stressor to them.

    Having and using a list of German Shepherd training commands takes the stress off confusing the basic commands and gives you a goal to aim for.

    Understanding how to use the list to create a well-behaved dog truly makes you a boss level trainer!

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    Vary Your Dogs Training Setting

    Once your dog masters a command in a quiet environment, try training them in a more distracting environment.

    This could mean that you turn on the TV or radio, have your family in the room, or move near a window they like to look out.

    They must learn that the place they initially learned the commandyour quiet, comfortable home isnt the only spot where you require them to follow your commands.

    Ultimately, your dog learns that you still expect them to obey you, no matter the location or environment.

    Recognize they wont learn as swiftly in challenging environments.

    Sometimes it will take time to adjust to the idea that a local park is a place for learning too. Keep working with them and stay positive.

    As you practice, your dog learns to tune out the distractions and pay more attention to your training and you. Remember to practice having your dog perform the command from different distances from you so they learn the command is the same, no matter your distance or location from them.

    Keep working through the command list for your German Shepherd to ensure youve worked all the commands in a variety of environments.

    And always, always, always

    Make sure your dog is safe!

    Keep them on a short or long leash when outdoors! And stay aware of your surroundings, including busy roads, bicyclists, children playing, and other obstacles to avoid.

    German Shepherd Bloodlines And Breeding: Expert Advice And Tips

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    Josh Billings is credited with the quote

    A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than himself.

    That saying never rings more true than it does with German Shepherd Dogs.

    Since this canine is specifically bred to meet the specialized needs their owners require, having one is a responsibility that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

    If you are considering making a GSD part of your life, keep in mind that a German Shepherd is one of the most powerful dogs on the planet!

    I’m Cindy Kelly, and at Regis Regal German Shepherds, we know how important it is for you to adopt a German Shepherd that is a good fit for your personality and lifestyle.

    To make sure that happens, it’s best to get you familiarized with the different German Shepherd bloodlines and breeding practices.

    For starters, if you want to purchase one of these lovely fellows or ladies, it’s vital to understand the main differences between the attributes and traits each bloodline offers.

    To that end, I’ve put together the following history and background on this world-famous dog’s bloodlines.

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