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How Much Is A Trained German Shepherd

Buying A Gsd Puppy From The Us Vs The Uk

How much does a German Shepherd cost?

You are likely to pay a little more for a German Shepherd in the US than you would in the UK. A search through some breeder sites in the UK revealed that GSDs would sell for a price between £1,000 and £3,500 , while prices on breeder sites in the US ranged between $1,500 and $4,500 but averaging around $2,000, .

This means a $250 difference between the lowest-priced GSD in the UK and the US and a $175 difference between the highest-priced German Shepherds in the two countries.

This difference can be explained by the fact that German Shepherds are more popular in the US. As such, prices can be lower because they are readily available, yet they can also be higher because the breed is highly valued.

Vet Cost For The First Year

When it comes to prices, Dr Brooks estimates that a dog owner will pay $65-$170 for each of the three recommended visits for a puppy, with the first one being scheduled at about 8 weeks of age. This will cover the exams, essential vaccines including rabies, the first doses of heartworm and flea prevention as well as a fecal examination.

Most of her clients also follow her advice to purchase heartworm and flea prevention medication for the rest of the year. They respectively cost $75-$120 and $85-$125.

Some German Shepherds may also need additional vaccines depending on activities and lifestyle:

  • Leptospirosis if the dog is exposed to wildlife, goes camping often, hikes, plays in puddles, lakes, or ponds .
  • Influenza if the dog goes to doggie daycare or is kenneled/boarded often and if the daycare or kennels require it due to intermittent influenza outbreaks .
  • Lyme, if exposed to ticks often, such as if the dog goes camping or hiking, or lives in a wooded area or on a farm .

Some owners will also decide to spay/neuter their dog. Vet clinics usually charge $150-$450 to perform this procedure on a German Shepherd. It is even possible to find low-cost sterilization clinics that will do it for as low as $50 to $100 depending on your location. Generally, the procedure is more expensive for female dogs .

The Cheapest And Easiest Way To Train A German Shepherd

According to the German Shepherd Dog Club of America, training your dog at home is essential to a life of success and happiness with a German Shepherd.

But, dont fret over the high prices and cost to train a German Shepherd when theres a fantastic option thats right at your fingertips

Use a scientifically proven dog training system that focuses on only positive training to get the behaviors and the German Shepherd youve always wanted. The cheapest training is the one that youll have fun with and practice almost every day.

You can read about this low-cost system that is cheaper than any option youve read about so far at my Brain Training for Dogs Review

The best part

You wont even have to leave your house to enjoy all the benefits!

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The Cost Of A German Shepherds Commodities

Welcoming home your new four-legged companion is a huge responsibility, for it becomes a life dependent on you. And therefore providing your fur-buddy with the basics becomes not only a priority but a responsibility.

In fact, it will be much easier to welcome your new German Shepherd into your home if you have the necessary materials.

After sifting through numerous goods on Amazon, Walmart, and PetSmarts bestseller lists, the initial cost of materials is expected to range between $215 and $855. For a large dog, like your newly acquired companion, your first-year costs should be around $450 on average.

The Ultimate Guide To German Shepherd Training

How much is a trained German Shepherd

German Shepherds are one of the most recognizable dog breeds in the world. Its not surprising, though, since theyve held the number 2 spot of most popular dog breeds for the last five years.

They can be found in every city in every state in the United States. They live in big cities, suburban homes, and rural areas. Their loyalty and devotion to their family make them excellent watchdogs, family companions, and service dogs.

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German Shepherd dogs are highly intelligent and trainable. In fact, they may be too smart for their own good, which is why early training and socialization are a must. Failing to socialize and properly train a German Shepherd puppy could make for a nervous, overprotective, and otherwise unbalanced adult dog.

For that reason, weve put this guide together on German Shepherd training, so you can start your puppy off right and continue to teach them throughout their life.

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  • Additional German Shepherd Training Tips and Tricks
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    Why Are German Shepherds Expensive

    German Shepherds are no more expensive than other dogs of their size. They can get extremely expensive if you purchase a trained GSD. Protection dogs alone can cost up to $55,000 and up to $62,520 over the course of their lifetime. An average GSD purebred thats untrained typically costs only about $8,000 over the course of their lifetime.

    GSDs often have hip and joint problems which can add thousands in vet care bills later in their life.

    How Much Does A German Shepherd Puppy Cost

    How much does a German Shepherd puppy cost?

    As of this writing, you can expect to pay between $1,000 and $2,000 US dollars for a quality-bred German Shepherd puppy.Why are German Shepherd puppies so expensive?The main reason German Shepherd puppies cost so much is that the cost of breeding German Shepherds and raising the puppies is not cheap.Add to this the intangible expense of the breeders time and expertise in whelping, raising and training the litter.Why do I need a dog from a fancy breeder?Once you start asking your $400-per-puppy breeder a few questions, the answer as to why anyone would want to pay more for a German Shepherd puppy will become obvious.Here are the questions to ask any breeder from whom you are considering buying a puppy:.Can I meet your dogs before I decide to buy a puppy?Do you sell your puppies on a contract?Are your puppies crate trained?Saving enough money to buy a German Shepherd puppy.Youll have time to build your savings, as most breeders of good pups only breed a few litters each year.Automatic withdrawals from your checking into a savings account will save you from remembering.Automatic withdrawals from your checking into a savings account will save you from remembering.See if theres a Facebook group that lists the stuff youre trying to sell, and join.A German Shepherd with a stable, friendly temperament, in good health and properly socialized by a knowledgable breeder is priceless. .

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    How Much Should I Pay For German Shepherd Puppies

    On average, acquiring a german shepherd can cost anywhere between $1500 to $4000, depending on various factors such as color, type, age, gender, provider, etc. However, we have sketched out the average cost of a few classes for you:German Shepherd Type or Breed Average CostRescue Dog from a Shelter or Social organizations $200 to $500German Shepherd Puppy from a breeder $1500 to $4000+Trained German Shepherd Work or Show Dog $6500Trained GSD Protection Dog $55,000

    Expenses You Will Incur While Living With Your German Shepherd Dog Food

    How to Housebreak and Potty Train your German Shepherd Puppy

    GSD is a high energy dog. Thus it needs lots of quality food to be energized.

    First, puppies at their young age eat more than adults. The reason being they are super active and require lots of energy to explore their world.

    On average, you may spend 45$ a month or $540 a year to feed your GSD. Also, remember you will be feeding your dog treats, which can cost 5-10 $ a month. However, for treats, ensure they dont exceed 10 % of recommended calorie levels.

    The above-stated price can either shoot up or go down.

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    Expenses For An Adult German Shepherd In A Year

    The following is a rough estimate of the annual cost of owning an adult German Shepherd:

    • General veterinary care and laboratory tests $430 $935
    • Immunizations $80 to $120

    An adult German Shepherd can cost anything from $1000 to $2250 per year to keep. Its vital to note that these figures exclude costs associated with dog illnesses, injuries, breeding, travel, professional training, competitions, and showings.

    For The Executive With Everything A $230000 Dog To Protect It

    MINNEAPOLIS Dont call her a guard dog.

    When she costs $230,000, as Julia did, the preferred title is executive protection dog. This 3-year-old German shepherd, who commutes by private jet between a Minnesota estate and a home in Arizona, belongs to a canine caste that combines exalted pedigree, child-friendly cuddliness and arm-lacerating ferocity.

    In fact, Julia was sold by a trainer, Harrison Prather, who used to supply dogs to Seal Team 6 and the British special forces. But then Mr. Prather switched to a more lucrative market.

    Either rich people discovered me or I discovered them I cant remember which happened first, said Mr. Prather, the president of Harrison K-9 Security Services in Aiken, S.C.

    He and others in the high-end dog training business say prices have shot up thanks to the growing number of wealthy people around the world who like the security and status provided by a dog with the right credentials. Moguls and celebrities now routinely pay $40,000 to $60,000 for a well-bred German shepherd that is certified as an expert in the sport of Schutzhund, which means protection dog. The price can go much higher if a dog does well at an international championship, as Julia did.

    Shes a top deal, Julias owner, John Johnson, said as she escorted him around the grounds of his 15-acre estate outside Minneapolis. Shes won awards. She looks at you, shes got the most beautiful face.

    But $230,000?

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    The Cost Of Supplies For A German Shepherd

    Having the right supplies can make welcoming your new German Shepherd into your home that much easier. After sorting through more than 250 items across the best seller lists on Amazon, Walmart and PetSmart, the initial cost of supplies is likely to fall anywhere between $215 and $855. On average, your first-year cost should be around the $450 mark for a large dog.

    Supplies Prices
    $95 $385 $215

    Other equipment, such as a muzzle, clothing, play pens and fences are not included here. Rather, it accounts for essential supplies. To help save on some of these items, second-hand stores, local pet shops and popular websites might be worth considering.

    Check our Dog Supplies Guide and get tips to choose the right items for you and your dog . Learn everything about costs, and find the best products available.If you are on a budget check our special selection and buy everything new for less than $200.

    For example, here are 5 of my favorite products, offering excellent value at a low price. You will find non-slip stainless-steel bowls, a lovely dog collar with different color and size options, a strong dog leash with a comfortable handle, a soft dog bed, and a great dog toy set supporting a non-profit dog rescue. Click on each image to check the price on Amazon.

    Leave your email at the top or bottom of this article to get our free supplies checklist with tips to select the right size for each product.

    German Shepherd Boot Camp Cost

    White German Shepherd: Traits, Temperament &  Cost

    Doggy boot camp, also known as kennel and train or board and train programs can cost $55$75 per day. Alternatively, your German Shepherd will stay at the dog-training facility for a few weeks or longer at prices from $500$1,300 per week.

    At boot camps, pricing is higher and costs more, but your GSD gets personalized training based specifically on his disobedience problems. These problems generally take longer to fix in group classes since group classes dont address each dogs unique issues.

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    Are German Shepherds Expensive To Own

    The financial burdens associated with German Shepherds do not end once you actually cough up the $300 to $900 required to buy one. You must also spend $200 on lab tests, $100 on immunization, and $150 on parasite treatment and control, not to mention the cost of toys, utensils, collars and the like.

    Once the dog is finally safe and sound in your home, you can still expect to spend $1500 or more a year on veterinary checkups, food, license fees, etc.

    What Factors Determine The Price Of A German Shepherd Dog

    The cost of a German Shepherd puppy does vary, depending upon her age, color, bloodline, litter size, location, as well as the amount the breeder has invested into health tests.

    German Shepherds obtained from animal shelters and rescue organizations are relatively inexpensive because they charge only enough to cover their costs.

    Here are the 5 most prominent factors that will affect the price of a German Shepherd:

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    Why Does The Cost Of German Shepherds Vary So Much

    The cost of a German Shepherd depends on a number of factors. Dogs from first-time breeders, for instance, are cheaper than dogs from a renowned breeder. The renowned breeder is more expensive because they have injected the resources required to ensure that the German Shepherd you are buying is not only healthy but also of the right temperament. Some breeders can demand tens of thousands of dollars for their German Shepherds.

    In that same vein, dogs from rescues and shelters can be acquired inexpensively. The type of German Shepherd also matters. Mix breeds, for instance, cost less than pure breeds. German Shepherds with rare bloodlines also tend to attract ridiculously high price tags.

    When Should A Dog Be Fully House Trained

    Things to know as a new German Shepherd owner | Mistakes made by new owners

    4-6 monthsIt typically takes 4-6 months for a puppy to be fully house trained, but some puppies may take up to a year. Size can be a predictor. For instance, smaller breeds have smaller bladders and higher metabolisms and require more frequent trips outside. Your puppys previous living conditions are another predictor.

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    Table: First Year Of German Shepherd Puppy Ownership Costs

    Now that we have gone over the basic essential expenses of GSD puppy ownership during the first year, we can get more specific as to the expenses that you may incur, depending on your own personal preferences.

    The table below provides a reasonable estimate of all costs associated with the first year of German Shepherd puppy ownership. Keep in mind that, while this is a reasonable estimate, it is still an estimate.

    How much an owner will spend on a GSD will vary in accordance to the owners preferences, lifestyle, and financial situation.

    There are certain services and items within the table below that are elective, such as boarding the puppy while on vacation or obedience classes. However, as discussed above, there are certain mandatory, nonnegotiable expenses such as food and veterinary care that you must take into consideration.

    Item / Service
    $2,050 $7,715

    As you can see from the above table, the costs associated with the first year of German Shepherd puppy ownership can be rather expensive. On the other hand, if expenses are responsibly planned for ahead of time, they can also be rather manageable.

    Remember that you will not be spending most of this money at one time. Items such as food, treats, and toys will be spread out through the year. On the other hand, keep in mind that your initial expenses may be relatively significant.

    How Much Does A Baby German Shepherd Cost

    If you are buying a puppy from a breeder you can expect to pay anywhere from $600-$1500. The average price of a German Shepherd puppy is $1000. As a general rule reputable breeders tend to charge higher prices because they put more time, effort, and money into caring for their breeding dogs and puppies.

    A German Shepherd puppy bought from a respected breeder will usually cost between $300 and $900 , depending on whether she is a normal German Shepherd, show-dog or a working dog.

    Adult German Shepherds who are proven show dogs or work dogs cost $6,000 to $7,000 or more.

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    Social Distancing And Isolation Wont Hamper Your Dogs Socialization

    I know it might be hard to believe, but social distancing and other kinds of isolation doesnt have to be the end of your dogs socialization training.

    For sound exposure, you can play recordings of a variety of things: crowds, the ocean, forest noises, city noises, household noises that may not be common in your house.

    You can go to Youtube and find just about anything and everything you could imagine. Simply play these sounds for your s and give lots of praise for calm behavior.

    Check out this video of habituation sounds for puppies. Videos such as these can be extremely helpful as a training aid to acclimate your GSD to some of the many sounds that she will for sure encounter in the real world:

    The same is true for sights and smells. This might be a bit trickier, but there are ways around social distancing and isolation practices. Plan trips to low-population areas during times when even fewer people might be around.

    The smells of the people from earlier in the day will still be strong, so your dog will get the benefit of sensing these. You can also order things online, finances allowing, and let your German Shepherd spend time exploring the items.

    Another option is taking your GSD for a ride in the car. Even though you wont be able to touch or physically interact with the world, youll still be showing your German Shepherd lots of new sights, sounds, and smells.


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