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How Rare Are White German Shepherds

Are White German Shepherds Albino

White German shepherd gives birth to rare lime green puppy

Many myths exist about white-coated German Shepherds and the gene that determines their coat color. When some people see them, they think they are an albino. But are they?

White German Shepherds are not albino. Albinos lack all pigment, whereas white German Shepherds have black noses, black pigment around their mouth, black paw pads, and brown eyes. Their eye rims and nails also have dark skin. The white gene is recessive and is only responsible for coat color.

Although the albino can exist in German Shepherds, it is extremely rare. This genetic mutation causes a complete absence of pigmentation. Most albino dogs will have skin that appears pink around their eyes, giving the appearance of pink eyes when their eyes will usually be blue in color. You will also be able to spot the pink nose easily.

Recessive Gene Isnt Connected To Health

The recessive gene is limited to the color only. So theres no connection to the white shepherds temperament or health, whatsoever.

With that said, different mixes of white GSDs will also have the same state of health as that of their counterparts in the breed line of German shepherds.

For example, white shepherd-lab mixes share the samehealth issues with normal German shepherd-lab mixes.

This also applies to white German shepherd husky mix or the white long-haired German shepherd.

About White German Shepherds

German Shepherds with blue eyes come from this recessive gene which causes their blue eyes and white coat. But where did that begin? The first recording of a white German Shepherd carrying that recessive gene came from a show in Germany back in 1882.

But as the Nazis became more dominant, they started controlling the German Shepherds breeding. They discouraged all efforts to begin breeding the white German Shepherd, as they believed it would have hereditary defects.

Because of this, such genes from the all-white German Shepherd with blue eyes became rare. BUT, the unique color became more popular as the years passed, to the point that its now becoming fought for to maintain and protect the breed across the United States.

While its still rare, the White Shepherd Club of Canada hopes for the white German Shepherd with blue eyes to be accepted as a separate breed or to be recognized in shows. But for now, they fall under German Shepherds with the same looks and personality, just having different coat and eye colors!

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Dog Vaccinations And Your White German Shepherd

One of the critical factors in maintaining your White Shepherd puppys health is making sure he gets his shots. Canine vaccinations are essential in protecting your puppy from lethal and contagious diseases.

When taking your puppy to a vet for the first time, it is best to have an idea of the vaccination schedule that your dog must follow.

Here is a list of the standard vaccinations a White Shepherd puppy should undergo:

  • 6 to 8 weeks DHLPPC
  • 11 to 12 weeks Second puppy shot for DHLPPC
  • 15 to 16 weeks Third puppy shot for DHLPPC
  • Over four months Rabies
  • 7 to 9 months first test for heartworm
  • Dogs over one year of age Annual dose of DHLPPC, Rabies , Bordatella and heartworm test.

Consulting your vet for advice will help you in making the right decision for your pet, especially if you feel overwhelmed with the information youre getting.

How Big Do Black German Shepherds Get

German Shepherd rare white dog(SOLD)

They are a large-sized dog that grows up to the same size or even bigger than regular German Shepherds.

The adult male Black German Shepherd has a height between 24 to 26 inches . The females are smaller with a size ranging from 22 to 24 inches .

The male ones have an average weight between 65 to 90 pounds while the female is on the lighter side, weighing 50 to 75 pounds .

Young Black German Shepherds mature and reach their full-grown size between 18 months to 2 years of age.

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How Cute Are They

In earlier times, most Germans used to dislike white shepherds because of their white coat color. However, now their popularity as precious pet dogs has increased all over the world. Most people find their snowy white body color to be very attractive. Their incredible socialization skill and high in energy yet friendly temperament make them extremely desirable and cute.

The White German Shepherd Is Considered As A Separate Breed Than The German Shepherd Dog

As Max von Stephanitz, the father of the German Shepherd Dog, wrote in 1908 in one of his countless theses, where he claimed that the color of the German Shepherd had no influence on the dogs ability to work.

That said, apart from the aesthetic features, theres no significant difference between the White German Shepherds and colored German Shepherds.

Unfortunately, the White German Shepherd is not recognized by the AKC. And therefore, the White German Shepherd is not allowed in competitions. However, there is very little difference between the white and tan German Shepherds, apart from their coats.

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Where Panda Gsd Originated

On October 4, 2000, Cindy Whitaker of the United States unknowingly became the breeder of the first panda shepherd.

She bred the sire and dam purebred German shepherds.

Franka or Frankie was the only pup to have symmetrical white spots. However, she couldnt get the same results when she tried to breed the dogs again.

White German Shepherd Why Are They So Special

Rare Full White Long Coat German Shepherd Puppies || BoskysKennel

German Shepherds are one of the most loyal and caring dog breeds you will ever meet. German Shepherds typically come in several shades and it is very rare that you find one all in the same shade. That is why white German Shepherds are very rare to find. White German Shepherds are not a separate, distinct breed, they are still grouped with German Shepherds. They simply stand out a lot because of their color. That is why we have created an article highlighting the importance of white German Shepherds and why they are so special.

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Is A White German Shepherd Rare

Recessive sounds rare, right?

And to a degree, that is correct.

In the wild, recessive traits are frequently rare.

Only two white German Shepherds are certain to have a litter of all white German Shepherd puppies.

But its also possible that two non-white GSDs can produce a small proportion of white puppies is a litter, if they both carry the white gene.

And of course, GSDs are not wild dogs.

A careful breeder who understands German Shepherd coat color genetics can reliably produce a litter of white German Shepherd puppies by mating two white German Shepherd dogs.

So in reality, the availability of white German Shepherd Dogs is a matter of supply and demand, fashion, and the GSD-owning communitys preference.

Black And Red German Shepherd

Unlike most of the colors in the list, this color is most suited to show bloodlines, as opposed to working GSD bloodlines.

The black and red German Shepherd strongly resembles the black and tan variation.

One difference is that the tan-colored areas are replaced with reddish-brown areas. This red pigment is much stronger than the tan pigment.

These red areas sometimes appear to be lighter in color .

The black color on their fur is still the same as the other variations with a black saddle-like marking and a black mask marking.

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Steel Blue German Shepherd

The blue German Shepherd is an astonishing color variation that is extremely rare.

However, like the German Shepherds liver color, this color variation is unable to compete in shows as it is declared a serious fault.

Whilst being classified as a serious fault, this color is still recognized by the American Kennel Club.

The blue pigment of this coat variation is purely an aesthetic difference and is attributed to recessive blue genes.

Breeding blue German Shepherd puppies requires both parents carry this recessive gene.

Finding a blue breed is extremely rare, as they are not bred for working or show lines, and are a fashion choice only.

A significant appearance difference of the blue German Shepherd is their gray nose in place of a black one.

When Do White German Shepherds Stop Growing

Pets Pakistan

We spoke about German Shepherd puppy and adult growth rates at DailyShep.com in How Big Will My German Shepherd Get.

A GSD puppy will usually double its birth weight in the first week.

When you get a GSD puppy at the standard age of 8 weeks or 2 months old, your puppy will be around 16-19 lb .

A GSD will increase in size 5-10% monthly up until the age of about 1 year or 12 months. At this age, your GSDs growth rate will slow rapidly until the age of about 18 to 24 months old when they reach physical maturity.

Eastern German Shepherd lines reach maturity later.

Adult or full grown White German Shepherd dogs will end up around 70 times the size of its original birth height and weight.

Males average 60-65 cms , and 30-40 kg . Females average 55-60 cms , and 22-32 kg .

You can check out a German Shepherd Growth Chart .

The American Kennel Clubs breed standard in regards to color reads:

Color: The German Shepherd Dog varies in color, and most colors are permissible. Strong rich colors are preferred. Pale, washed-out colors and blues or livers are serious faults. A white dog must be disqualified

So, White German Shepherds can enter American shows, but it is the breed standard written by the club that disqualifies them immediately.

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White German Shepherd Grooming

In terms of coat care, the short haired white German Shepherd has the same basic grooming and coat maintenance needs as any short haired German Shepherd.

The Happy Cat Handbook – A unique guide to understanding and enjoying your cat!

All German Shepherds shed a lot, but white hair has a special talent for showing up against floors and furniture.

They also shed out their short undercoat during the warm season.

Frequent brushing and grooming can help keep shedding localized and manageable.

The long haired white German Shepherd will need more detailed and frequent grooming.

You will need to pay special attention to cleaning and grooming their ears.

Bathing should always be done sparingly to avoid removing necessary coat oils.

Excessive washing can cause skin dryness that could lead to irritation or illness, so invest in a gentle shampoo.

Are Panda Dogs Purebred Or Mixbred

The breeder, Cindy took the female panda shepherd for D.N.A. testing to the veterinarian genetics laboratory, and the tests came out positive as yes, it was surely a purebred and a complete offspring of the two German shepherds.

No, they are not mix-bred as both the dogs used in the breeding had no white markings.

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White German Shepherd Dogs Cant Give Birth To Non

There are many misconceptions with how white German shepherds are bred.

Some say that the white gene can make the coat color of a puppy lighter. Others say the product of two white GSDs will always be white German shepherd puppies.

There are many other issues with white German shepherd dogs in terms of breeding.

Where Does A White German Shepherd Live

Rare AKC Snow White Male German Shepherd

The German shepherd dog breed was first bred by a German cavalry officer named Max von Stephanitz. At the time, they didn’t much care about the color of the dog’s coat and mainly focused on if they had the ability to work hard as guard dogs. The white German shepherd was one of the standard German shepherd dogs that became undesirable among the owners within a few years as they were not really looking for colored dogs. But there were still some breeders who liked these dogs and continued breeding them. They are now a separate breed according to the United Kingdom Kennel Club. They have been seen in the United States too.

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Black And Cream German Shepherd

The black and cream German Shepherd is simply a lighter variation of the stereotypical black and tan variation.

Their back is covered in a black saddle-like pattern and they will also have a mask of black fur covering their face.

The difference is this coat has a lighter shade as opposed to tan.

The black coloration against their cream fur can really accentuate their gorgeous black markings.

Black German Shepherds Are Equally Rare

If you are interested in a rare colored German Shepherd, Black Shepherds are an option you could choose too. Black German Shepherds are rarer because, in order for a Black German Shepherd puppy to be born, both parents must have the recessive gene associated with solid black fur.

The price is slightly lessened by the fact that two Black German Shepherds can be mated together to produce a solid litter of Black German Shepherds. If you are in the market for a Black German Shepherd, be prepared to pay more than you would for a White Shepherd or standard German Shepherd. Black German Shepherds range from $700 to $2000 on average.

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Do White German Shepherds Experience Any Health Issues

Like most medium- to large-sized dogs, all-white German Shepherds are more susceptible to health issues like hip and elbow dysplasia. However, this doesnt usually become apparent until later on in the white GSDs life.

While hip and elbow dysplasia are the most common health concerns for a German Shepherd, you should keep an eye out for:

  • Skin problems
  • Urinary tract infections
  • Epilepsy

Whether you have a colored or white German Shepherd, ensure youre taking your dog to the vet for regular checkups. Seeing a veterinarian regularly will help you catch any issues early on and treat them before becoming an uncomfortable problem for your German Shepherd. You can learn more about their health concerns in this article: The Common Health Issues With White German Shepherds.

How Much Will It Cost To Own A White German Shepherd

Meira, our White German Shepherd puppy 14 weeks

Breeders may charge anywhere from $700 to $1500 for each White Shepherd puppy. Of course, the expense doesnt stop there.

Initial costs for accessories and neutering would be around $400 to $500. Annual medical expenses are may reach up to $600, while yearly non-medical costs like training, food, professional grooming can be as high as $1000.

Here are a few reputable White German Shepherd breeders to consider:

Rescuing or adopting a white GSD is a more affordable option, with adoption fees ranging from $175 to $200.

If you want to adopt a White German Shepherd puppy instead, check out rescues and shelters in your area. Echo Dogs White Shepherd Rescue , Bay Area German Shepherd Rescue , and White Paws German Shepherd Rescue are great places to start your search for an adult White GSD to take home.

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How Many White Shepherds Are There In The World

Since white German shepherds are a pet dog breed, getting an estimate of the approximate number of such dogs is difficult. Also, these dogs are rare and hard to breed as not all white shepherds give birth to shepherd white puppies. Only a few owners know the exact herding process to produce white German shepherds. They breed them only when the demand to pet these dogs increases. All over the world, they are bred for the sole purpose of selling them as pet dogs, so keeping a track of their exact numbers is not possible.

White German Shepherd: Ultimate Guide With Fun Facts And Pictures


Have you ever seen a white German Shepherd? White German Shepherds are not as common as other German Shepherds but they arent exactly rare either. They make good family dogs, they herd and protect, and they are loyal and intelligent, just like other German Shepherds. With their white coat color they are highly distinctive.

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Most people are not very familiar with the white German Shepherds which occasionally appear in AKC litters. And most people dont know that White Shepherds, registered with the United Kennel Club , come from white German Shepherds that are barred from being shown at dog shows by AKC. AKC registers white German Shepherds and they are allowed to participate in performance events but their white color is considered a disqualifying fault in the show ring. This doesnt stop the white dogs from being very popular with everyone who sees them!

If youre interested in a white German Shepherd or a White Shepherd, there are some things you should know before you make the decision to get one.

Here you will find what we think is the best white German Shepherd guide around. Well look at the history of these dogs, answer some common questions, and provide you with six facts you should know before you even think about getting a white German Shepherd.

Lets get started.

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What Will It Cost To Own A White German Shepherd

Owning a dog is not cheap. Purchasing a White German Shepherd puppy is far from cheap. Breeders may charge between $750 and $1,500. The initial cost of supplies could be around $500. Yearly medical costs could be about $500 while yearly non-medical costs could reach $1,000.

If youre lucky enough to find a White German Shepherd in a rescue shelter or adoption organization, you could spend as little as $150 to $250 in adoption fees.

Owning A White German Shepherd

Rare Snow White German Shepherd celebrating 37 YRS

Suppose you are interested in owning a white German Shepherd. In that case, you should know that these dogs are not considered a part of any breed or accepted as a separate breed in any major cynology associations. The USs governing cynology body, the American Kennel Club, doesnt allow white German Shepherds to participate in any dog shows. The Fédération Cynologique Internationale, a cynology union with over 90 member countries , does not allow white GSDs as a part of the breed or to be included in dog shows.

There are cynology associations that accepted the white German Shepherds as a separate breed, but those associations do not have the influence or reputation like the associations mentioned above.

That means that having a white German Shepherd will mean you will never become a participant in national or international dog shows, but if you are looking for a loyal pet, this could be the right choice. Owning a white GSD is different from owning a black German Shepherd or a black and tan one. They are still incredibly intelligent, great workers, loyal, gentle, affectionate to their families, and rather energetic.

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