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How Much Does A German Shepherd Puppy Need To Eat

How Does Diet Affect The Health Of Growing Shepherds

How Much do German Shepherds Eat?

Recently it has come to light that a proper diet for puppies does more than prevent malnutrition.

Orthopedic Problems

Many orthopedic problems such as hip and elbow dysplasia have a strong hereditary component. However, people often discount the role of diet in bone developmental issues.

Theres a clear link between obesity in puppies and the resulting exacerbation of hip, elbow, and back problems.

However, your German Shepherd pup doesnt have to be overweight to suffer a myriad of health challenges. Merely creating an oversized puppy, as is often the case for show animals and people fixated on large dogs, can lead to several painful disorders:

  • Hip dysplasia
  • Elbow dysplasia
  • Panosteitis Generalized inflammation of the long bones in puppies common in German Shepherds.
  • Wobblers More common in Great Danes and Dobermans, Wobblers is a condition whereby the spinal canal is too narrow, causing neurologic instability.

Overnutrition and over-supplementation of certain vitamins and minerals lead to paradoxical malnutrition of the bone, and subsequently improper development.

Nutritional experts have modified their recommendations regarding the diets of large-breed dogs.

Many nutritionists and veterinarians advocate feeding German Shepherds and other large-breed puppies an adult or professionally-formulated homemade diet to limit the occurrence and severity of developmental problems.

The When: How Often Should You Feed Your German Shepherd

If you have the added challenge of acquiring your Shepherd pup when theyre under six weeks of age, it may be worth preparing a mash of kibbles that can be given every few hours.

Once your puppy reaches six weeks old, you may still have to feed it a mash but can decrease meals to four per day.

German Shepherd puppies between the ages of 12 and 16 weeks can eat three to four times daily, while most dogs over four months of age decrease to a frequency of two to three times daily.

Although many owners are eager to decrease their pups mealtimes to one or two times daily for convenience, there are a couple of important reasons not to do this.

Bathroom Schedule

Itll require a few months to completely housetrain your puppy. Young puppies need to go to the potty pretty frequently. Centering a few potty breaks around meals that stimulate their intestinal tracts helps develop consistent habits.


Your German Shepherd puppy will begin to develop a deeper chest combined with significant size by four to six months of age. Both physical characteristics put your puppy at additional risk of gastric dilatation and volvulus compared to smaller breeds.

Four months is the age at which most pups will see a significant increase in their meal sizes. Studies have linked large meals with GDV, or bloat, life-threatening distension, and rotation of the stomach.

German Shepherd Stomach Problems

Theres nothing quite as upsetting to you as a German Shepherd with an upset stomach. German Shepherds are prone to stomach and digestive tract sensitivity, and they can suffer from diarrhea and other stomach discomforts.

It is important to keep a watchful eye on both input AND output and note changes in both, making sure you communicate these to your vet if anything is abnormal.

Have a conversation with your vet about the best supplements and dog food options for your dog that will promote optimal health and wellness. In cases of severe sensitivity, you may even want to have your GSD tested for food sensitivities and food allergies so that you can begin to eliminate things that are not healthy from his diet.

Allie has a sensitive stomach. Her stomach issues were much worse when she was younger, and I spent a lot of time finding the right food that agreed with her stomach.

When her stomach was really upset, her vet suggested incorporating chicken breast and white rice into her diet to help it settle. I think she liked the chicken and rice better than her normal dog food:)

Finding a dog food that incorporates the nutritional requirements for a healthy GSD, includes some of your German Shepherds favorite foods and agrees with their sensitive stomachs will keep them healthy and happy for years to come.

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Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein Grain Free Natural Puppy Large Breed Dry Dog Food

No doubt, giving your pup what it loves brings you joy. But, it is your job to check that you are also providing your fluffball with the essential nutrients it needs to grow into a beautiful and fit canine.

Blue Buffalocontains clinically proven DHA levels for optimal brain development and the right fat and carbohydrate levels to certify muscle and bone growth. And, the fiber and prebiotics warrant smooth digestion. All in all, your puppy will become a gorgeous and healthy beast with Blue Buffalo Wilderness.

And, even if your GSD puppy has a sensitive stomach, you need not worry. The grain-less formula is the ideal food for german shepherd puppies with allergies.

German Shepherd Not Eating 12 Reasons + Ways To Fix

What Do German Shepherds Like To Eat?

Is your german shepherd not eating? If so, you may begin to worry, but you dont need to worry just yet! This article is going to explain the different reasons your german shepherd may not be eating, and more importantly, how to get them started again!

So keep reading everything you need to know!

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    How Much Exercise Does My German Shepherd Puppy Need

    German Shepherds are very athletically inclined, they require a lot of exercises to be physically and mentally well. When you dont exercise your dog they could become frustrated and begin destroying things around the house, they could begin having accidents and in some cases even become aggressive.

    The best place to begin with a puppy or younger dog is to start with short daily walks. Walking your puppy provides not only physical exercise but also mental stimulation. This is a chance to socialize and bond with your new dog.

    Limit walks to about 10 minutes at first and alternate walking with other activities such as playing fetch within a safely fenced play area or maybe tap into your dogs herding instincts by taking him to the dog park to run with other dogs. Puppies have a lot of energy to burn so they should have a total of between 3 and 4 hours of physical and mental exercise a day.

    Best Diet For German Shepherds

    German Shepherds grow to a large size dog breed between 60 to 90 pounds that is well muscled, slightly tapered, angular and longer than deep chested when fed a breed appropriate diet. Adult German Shepherds require 1,300 to 1,600 calories per day of high quality dog food for senior or less active dogs, and from 1,700 to 2,400 calories daily for active or working dogs.

    If choosing a dry kibble diet, select a a quality formula like these Recommended Dog Food Brands with protein level around 24% and fat levels around 14%. Shepherds require quality protein which should come from a named meat source. Most premium kibble formulas work and Raw Dog Food is even better. Grain free kibble is another option but is very calorie dense and high in protein. We mention this with caution as some German shepherds seem to have difficulty tolerating grain free kibble and end up with soft and runny stool. For excellent insight on choosing a quality kibble to feed your German Shepherd, take a look at our Feeding Dry Dog Food section.

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    Dont Over Exercise Your German Shepherd

    You German will love to play without stopping. But you must remember that exercising your dog could lead to problems. Here are some symptoms of an over-exercise dog

    • Mobility issues
    • Anxiety
    • Exhaustion

    In hot temperatures, your German shepherd is likely to experience heatstroke. So be on the lookout if for the following symptoms:

    • Drooling excessively
    • Dizziness

    How Many Cups Of Food Should You Feed A Large Dog

    Right amount to feed a German Shepherd puppy with GSM & Big Don

    Assuming your dog has a typical activity level, toy breeds should have about ? cups to 1 cup, small breeds should have about 1 cup to 1 2/5 cup, medium breeds should have about 2 cups to 2 2/3 cups, and large breeds should have about 2 4/5 cups to 3 cups. -Senior dogs should be fed a little less than adult dogs.

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    Dog Food For German Shepherds With Hip & Joint Issues Or Hip Dysplasia

    See your dogs vet for recommendations.

    They may suggest foods with calcium, Omega 3 and Vitamin E.

    These nutrients possess natural anti-inflammatories and support bone and joint health by helping in the production of joint health compounds like glucosamine, chondroitin sulfate and MSM.

    They may also suggest joint supplements.

    A food allergy is different to food intolerance.

    Allergies are genetic problems whereby there is a reaction in your dogs body triggered by exposure to an allergen in the dog food is eating.

    An intolerance doesnt create an allergic response, but a response more along the lines of diarrhoea or a gassy stomach.

    If you suspect your German Shepherd is allergic or intolerant to the foods you are feeding him or her, you need to take them to the vet.

    They may suggest options such as hypoallergenic foods, or ingredient elimination diets.

    A sensitive stomach to food can be for a number of reasons.

    Take your dog to the vet and get advice on what to do next.

    How Often Should I Feed My German Shepherd Puppy

    It is equally critical that you know how many times a day your German shepherd puppy should eat. Most breeders recommend feeding a puppy three or four times a day.

    These two factorsfrequency and amountsgo hand in hand to ensure that your shepherd puppy has enough food. A well-fed puppy is happier and healthier and wont develop behavioral issues such as aggression and eating feces.

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    Eukanuba Puppy Mixed Grill Chicken & Beef Dinner And Canned Dog Food

    This brand is well-known for quality dog food at an affordable price. The Eukanuba Puppy Mixed Grill Chicken & Beef Dinner and Canned Dog Food are exceptional for its beneficial properties and fulfillment rate. It promotes the healthy development of the digestive tract that in turn boosting their immune system. Your pup is going to be active and happy just like he should.

    How Much To Feed A German Shepherd

    Hungry German Shepherd Puppy Eating Food &  Drinking Water ...

    There is no definite answer to how many cups of dog food should I feed my German shepherd? as it would depend on many factors. Nonetheless, here are some simple guidelines to help you get started.

    • A 60-pound German shepherd should eat 3 cups of kibble per day.
    • A 70-pound German shepherd should eat 3 1/2 cups of kibble per day.
    • An 80-pound German shepherd should eat 3 3/4 cups of kibble per day.
    • A 90-pound German shepherd should eat 4 1/4 cups of kibble per day.

    Even though these numbers serve as a good starting point, you might still need to make an adjustment based on how active and how obese your dog is. Please also note that these are generic recommendations only make sure to check the food bag for specific feeding instructions.

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    How Long Does It Take A German Shepherd To Finish A Meal

    German shepherds normally take anywhere from 10 minutes to 15 minutes to finish the meal, given that you followed the proper feeding guidelines properly. If your dog shows signs of slow eating, we recommend sending them to your vet. If you think your dog is already full before finishing his portion, there is no problem.

    A German Shepherd is full grown after the age of two, so if any of these symptoms show up after that time, your dog is considered an adult. This is mostly important for determining treatment options.

    How Much Do You Feed A German Shepherd

    German Shepherds areknown for their size and energy. They are excellent guarddogs and need a nutritious and wholesomediet to keep them healthy throughout the day. There are a lot of factors thatneed to be considered when deciding how much dogs are supposed to eat everyday, as not feeding your dog the right quantity can cause obesity or malnutrition.

    An adult German Shepherd must be fed at least twice aday, preferably in the morning and evening. They require about 2.5 to 3.5 cupsof food per day, depending on their size, weight, age, gender, and physicalactivity.

    It is important toremember that every German Shepherd is unique as it lives in differentenvironments. Hence, you will need to consider quite a few factors to avoidover or under-feeding your dog. These factors vary between dogs, so you need tolook into each category carefully before deciding upon a meal plan. Lets diveinto the details!

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    Year Old German Shepherd

    At 1 year old, youll begin to notice that your dog is actually eating less food than they did when they were younger. This is because their metabolism is beginning to slow down.

    You can begin to limit the amount of times you feed them to once a day. If they leave food in their bowl, you can cut back on the amount youre actually giving them. We recommend Royal Canin Nutrition GIANT formula for large breed dogs.

    What To Be Given To My Puppy After 4 Months

    How much exercise does a German Shepherd need

    The food should be reduced to thrice a day, after 4-6 months of age.

    The packaging of quality commercial dog food will detail the appropriate suggested amount of food for the puppy, depending on its age and weight.

    Fresh food, such as meat, fish, or vegetables, can be mixed with the commercial dry feed. Beware of forbidden foods for dogs.

    Some people ask about a raw diet for a German shepherd puppy, but we recommend these such foods should always be cooked and never given to a dog raw.

    Avoid chicken, rabbit, and fish bones, as they can shatter and harm a dogs teeth.

    Human food contains salt, sugar, and seasoning contents which are very harmful to a dogs health. Besides, if you do offer your dog your food, it will pester you during meals.

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    Is German Shepherd Lab Mix Rather Stubborn Or Easy To Handle And Train

    A German Shepherd lab mix can be quite stubborn when you are training him. It is very crucial to behave strictly with them. Sometimes else, your love is going to make them lazy and stubborn.

    But once you make him realize who the boss is, it will become pretty easy to handle a lab mix, German Shepherd. Because of their less aggressive nature and quick grasping capabilities, it is pretty easy to train them according to your need.

    Blue Freedom Puppy Grain Free Chicken Wet Dog Food

    Also from Blue Buffalo is the Freedom formula. Itâs a grain-free formula that can do wonders for your puppyâs overall health. Real chicken is used as the primary protein source.

    Itâs accompanied by chicken liver and chicken broth. When you open the can, youâll notice the visible vegetables. The food has carrots and peas, which provide plenty of vitamins and minerals.

    Thereâs also sweet potato. It acts as the source of carbs to keep your dogâs energy levels consistent throughout the day. The potatoes also provide a dose of fiber for better digestive health.

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    How Do I Know If Im Feeding My Puppy Enough

    From the side, his ribs should be slightly visible and his belly should tuck up. An overweight puppy will have a rounded stomach and no waist, and an underweight puppy will have visible ribs that jut out when viewed from above. Dogs are strongly motivated by food, which makes treats a great way to train your new puppy.

    Taste Of The Wild High Prairie Canine Grain

    5 First Things to Teach your German Shepherd Puppy ...

    If you want your puppy delighted with its meal and for him to grow into a big boy, then Taste Of The Wild High Prairie is the healthiest pick of the day. Its a superior quality formula that is suitable for German Shepherd with delicate tummies.

    The blend contains no grain, so there is no question of gluten-related problems. There are no fillers in the meal. And, it has only 100% natural ingredients to guarantee the absolute healthful development of your puppy. Even the smaller-sized kibble is to make chewing and digestion easier for your little fluff ball.

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    German Shepherd Puppy Diet: Newborn

    For a German Shepherd puppy to develop and grow properly, it is imperative that they first nurse on their mother’s milk. The first milk they receive is a protein and antibody-rich type of milk known as colostrum. This gives the puppy’s immune and central nervous systems a boost. They then progress on to regular breast milk.

    Puppies will nurse for at least 6 to 8 weeks, gradually being weaned on to solid food at about 4 weeks. We cannot overemphasize the importance of a puppys first milk, as it provides them with 90% of its natural defenses. In addition, a puppys first feeding contributes to proper blood flow and helps oxygenate the puppy’s organs.

    If, for any reason, the puppy cannot suckle its mother, don’t give them cow or goat milk. These milks are very poor quality in comparison to a puppy’s mother’s milk. If your German shepherd puppy has to be prematurely weaned, a veterinarian will be able to prescribe specific infant formula and establish the appropriate dosage for your puppy.

    A dogs breed type does however influence this feed. For example, a Chihuahua and a German Shepherd should not be fed the same food. This is because hese breeds have different nutritional needs. Take a look here to find out more about the diet for a prematurely weaned puppy.


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