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Can A German Shepherd Be A Family Dog

German Shepherds And Young Children

German shepherd as a family dog and service dog | Service dog training

Toddlers should always be supervised around any dog.

That goes double when youre talking about a large breed like the German Shepherd.

This study on dog bites found children aged five or younger were more likely to provoke animals prior to injury than were older children.

And even the friendliest, most docile animal can seriously hurt a tot unintentionally by knocking them over during an innocent encounter.

Owning A German Shepherd

If you decide to make a German Shepherd part of your family, you should think in advance about its housing arrangements, as well as grooming and nutrition. German Shepherds are primarily utility dogs and like to be needed as such within a family. Sufficient physical and mental stimulation is essential for living in harmony with your dog. As a German Shepherd owner, you should have time and inclination to go on long walks and cycling trips together, as well as providing species-appropriate activity in the form of dog sport or training for your exercise-loving dog that enjoys learning new things.

How Much Do German Shepherd Husky Puppies Cost

Mixed breed dogs tend to be sold for less than purebred dogs. However, the minimum price for a German Shepherd Husky mix is $500 $1,000.

Would I advise you to buy a mixed breed from a breeder? Definitely not. There are far too many mixed breeds sitting in shelters and waiting to be chosen.

If you do decide to go with a breeder nonetheless, make sure youre in for a behavioral surprise and only buy from breeders that test their dogs for health.

As long as there are no other breeds or disease in their ancestry, you should be fine.

Beware of breeders that charge a premium for the popular two-coloured eyes that come from the Husky.

Make sure to check out my breeder questions before you fall victim to scammers or backyard breeders.

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Exercising A German Shepherd

The German Shepherd is an active breed that once worked herding flocks of sheep.

So it should come as no surprise that they need plenty of daily exercise.

Dogs who are frustrated and bored can be more prone to aggression.

They can also turn to unwanted behaviors like chewing, digging, and barking.

An adult German Shepherd should get about two hours of daily activity to ensure their physical and mental well-being.

These exceptional dogs will shine at canine activities such as agility, herding, and tracking.

Adopting A Blue Heeler German Shepherd


Adopting a Blue Heeler German Shepherd is one of the best things you can do. Not only is this is the more humane option, but adopted dogs tend to be older. As a result, you will have a better idea of the traits this dog has inherited from its parents.

Of course, it may be difficult to find this breed in a shelter. Due to this, you may need to widen your search quite a bit. Using online resources may make it easier to locate a Blue Heeler German Shepherd that needs a family.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the more commonly asked questions regarding this hybrid breed:

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The German Shepherd With Kids That Arent In The Family

German Shepherds who are properly socialized tend to bond quickly with their family, and this includes children.

In fact, many German Shepherds will treat your children with as much love and care as they would their own puppies.

But how do they feel about your childrens friends and kids who live in the neighborhood?

Like other breeds who work as guard dogs, their protective instincts can make them wary of strangers.

Are German Shepherds Good House Dogs

German shepherds make great guard dogs, but are not house pets. It is not in their nature to live indoors, but rather outdoors with you. They are not good at being left alone for long periods of time or when they do not get enough exercise. Hopefully that helps!One mans personal opinion on this matter would be that German Shepherds would certainly be harmful in the wrong flock situation due to their natural instincts to protect what could potentially be in danger in a home setting- particularly in an area where children could immediately unleash themselves into the room without much knowledge about intruders or boundaries especially when said child may have playmates coming out at any given point to visit making the dog protective of its own backyard property even.

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Nutrition Requirements For Blue Heeler German Shepherd

This hybrid breed doesnt have any specific nutritive needs. As such, it is enough to feed them high-quality dog food. If you are planning on making them homemade food, check with your vet to ensure that you are giving your dog all the nutrients they require.

As long as your dog is getting the exercise he or she needs, it is unlikely that they will gain an excessive amount of weight. Nevertheless, it is important to follow the serving guidelines for the dog food you are using.

Theyre One Of The Uks Most Popular Breeds Of Dog But How Much Do You Know About The Strong And Intelligent German Shepherd

Are German Shepherds Good Family Dogs?

The last 18 months have seen many of us welcome a new four-legged friend into our homes, as the Kennel Club saw dog ownership rise by nearly eight per cent over 2020.

But with 221 different breeds of pedigree dog to choose from, theres plenty of thinking to do before you select your perfect pup.

Those with active lifestyles might want to consider a larger dog, while somebody with allergies will be looking for a hypoallergenic dog.

Theres even academic guidance to seek out, with Psychologist Stanley Corens book The Intelligence of Dogs ranking breeds by instincts, obedience, and the ability to adapt.

One dog that often appears at the top of peoples canine wishlists is the German Shepherd they were one of the UKs 10 most popular dog breeds in 2020 and have a range of positive attributes that make them a great family pet.

Here are 10 fun and interesting facts about the breed.

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They Are Intelligent And Quick To Learn

Your pooch deserves some bragging rights for being smart!

So smart, in fact, that German Shepherds are ranked 3rd among the smartest dog breeds.

You have a very intelligent dog in your care. And you know what the best part is? Theyre easily trainable!

Heres a proven fact:

Your German Shepherd can do a trick after just a few repetitions. This is why German Shepherds are the top choice as police dogs and service work dogs.

Another reason why they thrive in these professions is because of one simple trait:

They are eager to please their owners. These dogs love to cooperate with and work alongside humans. It makes them happy to be around people. Not only that.

One cool thing about German Shepherds is their ability to solve problems.

They can stand back, assess a situation, and determine whether there is a threat. Then they act accordingly.

But these are not the only ways that German Shepherds display their intelligence. They are so smart they can read your emotions and act accordingly. They can smell the chemical changes in your body and know when youre sad. Or happy.

And they react by giving you a nudge. Its as if they want to say, Everythings going to be okay.

In the domestic setting, these traits make a German Shepherd a good family dog.

They Are Great At Giving Affection

We love our GSDs, and its nice when they love us back. Who doesnt like a cuddle before bedtime or a little nudge of the hand every now and then?

I have experienced GSDs who love giving physical affection such as kisses on the face, or who want to put their head in your lap. They may also try to playfully climb on top of you .

You may also find yourself being stared at with those big eyes or deliberately bumped into as a sign of affection. They are quite fond of snuggling as well.

And, like humans, each GSD has its own special ways of showing affection. Those of you who already own one can surely think of a few one of a kind ways that your GSD shows its love for you and different members of your family.

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History Of The German Shepherd

The first German Shepherd was presented at Hanover, Germany, in 1882 after being bred in Karlsruhe. The objective was to produce a dog that was as handsome as it was responsive and obedient. Many different breeds combined to create the German Shepherd, including various local farm and herding dogs. The sheer variety in coat length and texture resulted in variation along the Shepherd lines. Originally, the Shepherd had longer hair, and in 1889 the first short-haired Shepherd was presented in Berlin.

The first dog recognized as a German Shepherd was registered in April of 1899 by Captain Max von Stephanitz. They continued to be shown as a wire-haired and a long-haired breed up until 1915. These days, only the short-haired German Shepherd is shown. In 1908, the German Shepherd became an American Kennel Club-recognized breed in the herding class.

Some German Shepherds Barka Lot

Is A German Shepherd A Good Family Dog?

If you live in close proximity to some neighbors, they may not appreciate a pup who can turn up the bark volume at every person, squirrel or leaf that blows by. In order to minimize barking, German shepherd owners can teach their pup the quiet cue and reinforce being quiet instead of barking. While this may help, if the dog is prone to having a desire to bark, it is important to understand you cant realistically expect 24/7 silence.

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Do German Shepherd Destroys House

The German Shepherd has a strong work ethic and does not like to sit around. This can extend to how it perceives its role in the household. If left alone for too long, it will become destructive both as an outlet for its boredom or frustration or as an act of revenge. The best thing that owners can do is find creative ways to keep their pets occupied, such as people who take care of animals by giving them something to hold on to . That way they can stay occupied during peoples day so they dont turn their frustration on the owners house..

Is A German Shepherd Child

Yes, a German Shepherd is child-friendly and enjoys children when properly socialized and trained. They are a highly intelligent breed that is specially selected throughout history for their loyal, watchful temperament with their families.

A properly trained GSD is a good addition to a home with children when thechildren are taught to respect the dog and the dog is taught to respect thechildren.

They bond quickly with kids in the home, tend to protect their families, but may become overly protective of family members if not properly socialized and trained.

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“Respect Training for Puppies” is a step by step guide to help you bring out the best in your pup so you can enjoy a calm and well-behaved dog, no matter what his age. Get your book today.

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They Are Able To Quickly Learn Some Cool And Fun Tricks

Are German Shepherds Good Family Dogs?

Ive personally taught one of my dogs how to stand up, wave, and salute, but GSDs are capable of learning much more. When youre ready you can move on to more complex tricks like how to army crawl, or even grab you something from the refrigerator. Yes, they can actually learn to do that!

Or for something that requires a little less agility, and when you are too worn out to play anymore, you can always go for the play dead trick!

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German Shepherd Dogs Are Known For Their Versatility

If you need any job done, just ask your dog. GSD owners understand their dogs were developed as working dogs. In fact, the ideal German Shepherd has a body and gait suited to the hard work that is considered its primary purpose. This means your dog can excel at almost anything. From dog sports like rally, agility, scent work, therapy work, to service dog work, German Shepherds can do it all. The only thing holding your dog back is the time and energy you can commit to training. Its no wonder people always think your dog is a service or police dog.

Do German Shepherd Ears Stand Up On Their Own Or Do They Have To Be Cut Or Taped To Make Them Stand Up

Ah, you’re thinking about cropping, a surgical procedure to make the ears stand up. That’s done with Doberman Pinschers, but not with German Shepherds. A Shepherd puppy’s ears prick up naturally they’re never cropped.

German Shepherd puppy with perfectly normal ears at this age. If the pup inherited normal genes, the other ear should come up shortly.

But German Shepherd puppies aren’t born with pricked ears. In some pups, the ears start to prick up at 6 or 8 weeks old, while others don’t start until 12 or 14 weeks old.

Often the ears don’t go up smoothly. In other words, they don’t suddenly pop straight up. Typically one ear will go up halfway, and stay like that for a few days. Then the other ear may start to prick while the first ear straightens all the way up. A few days later, just as the second ear straightens up, the first one suddenly flops back down.

This can be a trying time for new owners who worry that their pup’s ears will never stand properly. Rest assured, it’s normal for German Shepherd puppy ears to go up and down for a month or two, especially during the teething period.

Unfortunately, some puppies do inherit poor genes for ear strength and often those ears will never come all the way up. They’re called “soft ears.” Sometimes taping a weak ear can help it stand erect, but often not.

I had a German Shepherd with one soft ear. It flopped sideways on top of his head, while the other ear stood up beautifully. Of course I loved him dearly anyway!

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Are There Different Types Of German Shepherds

Officially there’s only the one breed. But I explained in the Temperament section that there are different lines of German Shepherds with different temperaments. Those lines can also LOOK very different from each other.

Show lines

Those of us who admired the strong, noble look of German Shepherds from decades ago are saddened at what has been done to the appearance of modern show dogs.

If you go to a German Shepherd specialty show in the United States or Canada, you’ll see tall narrow bodies, long narrow heads, and such excessive curvature of the rear legs that the dog’s back slopes downward from shoulders to tail. You could roll a ball down that back.

In my opinion, these are misshapen caricatures of a German Shepherd. To make matters worse, show lines produce more than their share of spooky and low-intelligence dogs, which is what happens when you over-focus on appearance rather than temperament and trainability.

In contrast, the West German show line has a more normal shape. Best of all, German Shepherds in West Germany cannot win show ring ribbons or be bred without passing a temperament/trainability test.

There are many West German bloodlines in the United States. So if you’re interested, you can look for show breeders who emphasize West German lines instead of American/Canadian.

Just be aware that these dogs aren’t couch potatoes: they do have plenty of energy and some working drives that will need to be exercised.

Working/protection lines

Pet lines?

Do Well In Almost Any Climate

Are German Shepherds Good With Kids? (Your Worries Solved ...

From warm weather too cooler temperatures, these dogs can live and work in any climate. Their double coat keeps them warm in the winter but also protects them from the sun and extreme heat in the summer. Like any other breed you still want to ensure they have access to shelter when needed as extreme temperatures can increase the risk of things like frostbite and hypothermia or heat stroke.

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When Eating Or Sleeping

Respecting your dog also means teaching your kids to allow him his own time away from them. If you notice your German Shepherd trying to separate himself from the kids and go lie down and rest, allow him his time without being disturbed.

Teach the family that when the dog wants to be alone, he can have that time. If the dog is already sleeping, dont allow your children to startle him awake or abruptly touch him when hes not aware of whats happening. When your dog is eating, allow him his time to eat in peace.

Teaching kids that their meal time is not to be interrupted by the dog and the dogs meal time is not to be interrupted by them is a way to keep everyones space respected and safe.


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