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Which Furminator For A German Shepherd

To Bathe Or Not To Bathe

Does the Furminator Work on German Shepherd Dogs?

Bathing your German shepherd can be a mammoth task, especially if you dont have a suitable dog bath tub!

German shepherd coats are typically thick and will take a very long time to dry properly.

Although bathing your shepherd might loosen some of his undercoat, you wont be able to groom him until the coat is completely dry.

Unless your dog has rolled in something disgusting or has a skin condition that necessitates regular bathing, its best to groom him instead.

Furminator Firm Grooming Slicker Brush

The Slicker Brush is a double-sided brush that will remove tangles and clean fur by removing debris. One side has bent bristles which are meant to brush the undercoat and work out mats. Meanwhile, the other side has straight bristles that are made to finish cleaning the coat, removing any excess fur that was left behind by the other side of the brush.

This brush is meant to be used a couple times a week to keep your dogs coat clean and prevent tangles and mats. It is designed to remove knots without damaging your dogs fur or hurting them.

Though it is recommended that you check your dog for any cuts or scrapes before using this brush because it could make any existing cuts worse. This brush also features an ergonomic handle that is meant to fit comfortably in your hand.

It is also recommended that you use this brush before bathing your dog as it will help remove any dirt that they may have collected in their fur, which will help you achieve a deeper clean when bathing them.

This brush can also be used in combination with a comb as it is meant to detangle, but it may not remove all excess fur by itself. So, using a comb along with this brush will maximize results.

Furminator Deshedding Shampoo And Conditioner

The 4th stage to successfully grooming your German Shepherd is completed by bathing with a de-shedding shampoo and conditioner. Bathing promotes a healthy coat and skin, but its also important not to over-bathe as this strips the coat from natural oils and leaves the skin dry.

Generally, German Shepherds only need to be bathed 3-4 times per year but always bathe during the heavy molting period when he is changing his coat as this helps to loosen and remove the undercoat. If you have a white German Shepherd or if your dog likes to roll in fox poop or mud, then you will need to wash him more often.

I use the FURminator Ultra Premium Shampoo as its engineered to reduce excessive shedding and contains healthy Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids, which are good for your GSDs skin, coat, and joints.

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You can also get the conditioner to use in conjunction with the shampoo if you need to bathe your dog more often. Conditioner restores hydration, preventing dry skin, and nourishes and repairs the coat.

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Hertzko Double Sided Pin And Bristle Brush

See the Hertzko Double Sided Pin & Bristle Brush on Amazon.

Dual-sided brush, with densely pack soft bristles on one side to knock off loose hair and dirt from the topcoat, and a pin comb on the other side to detangle and loosen dead undercoat.

The pins have rounded ends to avoid scratching your dogs skin. And for your comfort, the brush has a comfort-grip anti-slip handle to prevent wrist strain.

I’m not convinced by this brush. To me, it seems cheaply made. I’d rather go for a different double-sided brush that falls in the same price range but has a better reputation.

Best Brush For German Shepherd: Slicker

Best Furminator For German Shepherd

A useful addition to your German shepherd grooming kit is a slicker brush. Rather than using the deshedding tool every time you groom your dog, use the slicker brush instead.

The Pet Portal Pro Quality Self Cleaning Slicker Brush* is a professional-grade slicker brush thats great for removing smaller mats and tangles.

The brush has a handy self-cleaning button, so you wont be struggling to remove loose hair from the brush each time you use it.

The Pet Neat Self Cleaning Slicker Brush* is slightly cheaper than the Pet Portal Pro, but its a good option.

The brush has a self-cleaning feature and is surprisingly well-made and sturdy for the price.

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Two Brushes Two Passes

You need a minimum of two brushes to get the job done properly. Firstly, you should go over your dog with a dedicated rake brush that has been specifically designed to remove long hair on high shedding breeds. This is the toughest part of the job and will untangle any matting or knotting and remove most of the detached hair on your pooch. You need to be reasonably firm when doing this, but be careful not to scratch or scrape your dogs skin. After youve used the rake brush, give your pooch a quick once over with a standard dog hair brush and youre all done!

Dakpets Pet Grooming Brush Effectively Reduces Shedding By Up To 95% Professional Deshedding Tool For Dogs And Cats

$ as of September 8, 2021 12:52 am


as of September 8, 2021 12:52 am


  • COMPATIBLE VACUUM CLEANER HOSE SIZES: Attachment fits vacuum cleaner hoses with INTERNAL diameters of 1-3/8″ to 1-7/16″ and NOT COMPATIBLE WITH CERTAIN OUTDOOR VACUUM BRANDS
  • INCLUDES TWO ATTACHMENTS: Use with your vacuum fits most vacuum brands. Assembly of the tool to the vacuum tool nest is very tight and a perfect fit to the correct brush handle.
  • VACUUM POWER: Attach to FURminator deShedding Tools for fast and easy pet hair cleanup
  • FAST AND EASY: After the deShedding Tool has accumulated some loose hair, press the FURejector button and watch the hair disappear

as of September 8, 2021 12:52 am


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Furminator Dog Grooming Rake

This dog grooming rake is perfect for removing mats in their undercoat and any breeches.

This all purpose tool has long teeth that will separate and untangle the fur in long thick coats like that of the German Shepherd.

This tool is a little safer than the other two deshedding tools. It wont hurt your dog if they have tender skin. The metal bristles rotate so they dont irritate the skin.


  • All purpose tool that will separate and untangle dogs long thick coat.
  • Comfortable handle with black rubber that fits the contour of your hand.
  • Dislodges mats from the undercoat and any breeches.
  • Plastic is made from anti-microbial elements to minimize bacteria and germs.
  • Round stainless steel pins completely spin to reduce irritation of the skin and decrease tugging.
  • Note: Remember you should still use a deshedding tool to remove the loose hair underneath.


    How Often Should You Groom Your German Shepherd

    The Best Undercoat Removal – Furminator DeShedding – German Shepherd

    Ideally, you should brush your dog at least three times each week.

    Its better to fit in several short grooming sessions than to try to do the whole job in one go, which would be stressful for the dog and tiring for you!

    Regular brushing will prevent excessive hair-drop onto your floors and clothes, and it will also help to keep your German shepherds skin and coat in good condition.

    Using a German shepherd brush helps to distribute the natural oils produced by the skin, leaving your dogs fur looking shiny and glossy.

    Grooming with the best brush for German shepherd also acts as a massage for your pet.

    Massaging the skin through grooming helps to promote healthy circulation.

    The Happy Cat Handbook – A unique guide to understanding and enjoying your cat!

    Also, grooming helps to build a stronger bond between dog and owner.

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    Gopets Dematting Comb With 2 Sided Professional Grooming Rake

    The GoPets Dematting Comb with 2-sided Professional Grooming Rake can be used as a rake on both sides. It has a different number of teeth on each side. You can use the side with fewer teeth as a dematting rake for mats and tangles. Or, use the side with more teeth as a detangler, deshedding tool, or undercoat rake. The rounded ends on the teeth help it to be safer so it wont cut or scratch your dogs skin. The non-slip silicone gel-filled handle conforms to your hand.

    Put A Towel Down In The Bath

    German Shepherds are known for being a brave and stoic breed its one of the main reasons that they are as popular with dog owners as they are. However, this also means theyre reluctant to let you know when something is uncomfortable or stressful .

    The bottom of a bathtub is a smooth ceramic or plastic that is unlike anything a dog would find in nature, and as such, their paws are not adapted to stand on it. When this super smooth artificial material is coated in a layer of soap and water it becomes very slippery and difficult for your pooch to stand on.

    Making bath time as pleasurable as possible for your pooch is all about reducing stress levels, and while theyre not going to whimper like some other more anxious breeds its still not fun for them to try and keep their balance on the bottom of a super slippery and smooth bathtub.

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    Andis Large Pin Brush

    • Budget-friendly pin brush.

    This pin brush is a must for short-haired German Shepherds whose grooming routine is less involved than the other coat types. Simply run it through his coat from head to paw to keep him looking neat and tidy, as well as shiny and healthy. It stimulates the hair follicles and growth, which is great for the regeneration of a healthy coat.

    Not only does it have a rubber handle that provides a comfortable grip for you, but the pins also have a rounded tip to ensure his comfort. If budget is a factor, then this Pin Brush is a great pick as it wont break the bank. Its a good all-around solution for German Shepherds with shorter to medium-length coats.

    We love that this pin brush is super easy to use for everyday grooming. It also helps to spread his natural skin oils across his coat. Its budget-friendly, making it a no brainer if you have multiple dogs in your house and need a grooming tool for the whole pet family.

    Pawspamper Extra Wide Undercoat Rake

    Why is My German Shepherd Shedding in the Fall? Survival ...

    This brush is built with larger dogs in mind*. The blades are made from stainless steel and have rounded edges to prevent skin irritation.

    The tool is extremely well-made with a full-tang wooden handle that wont come loose. The PawsPamper is designed for use on dogs with very heavy or double coats, making it perfect for German shepherds.

    If youre not completely satisfied with the product, the company promises to give you a full refund.

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    Should You Shave Your German Shepherd

    You might think that shaving your German Shepherd is a great way to keep them cool in the summer.

    It’s not!

    Shaving works great for a single coated dog. Their coat will grow back just like human hair does.


    For your double-coated GSD shaving them will ruin their coat for many years to come.

    Or worse


    Remember your GSD’s double-coated has 2 distinct coats, with 2 distinct purposes.

    They work together to keep your dog comfortable and healthy. Cool in summer and warm in winter.

    The outer guard hairs, and fends off water, dirt, and insect bites. The undercoat is soft and fuzzy and works to insulate your dog from heat and cold.

    And the outer coat takes much longer to grow than does the undercoat.

    In this heat map, the yellow area is shaved and the purple area still has fur. Shaving your dog will not help them cool down. In fact, it has the opposite effect.

    This heat map clearly shows that shaving your dog increases their body temp. It doesn’t cool them down. Courtesy of

    Shave these off, and your GSD has a serious problem

    What you’re doing is removing both the protective layer and the insulating layer. If your dog has no fur you’re putting them at risk.

    The undercoat, also known as a false coat will grow back fast, but the guard hairs take much longer or won’t at all.

    Without both these coats, your dog will be hotter in the summer and cold in the winter.

    It can also irritate their skin, cause infection, and make them uncomfortable.

    Self Clean Slicker Pin And Bristle Brush Comb

    See the Self Clean Slicker Pin & Bristle Brush on Amazon.

    This brush is designed to work like any other double-sided brush. It’s got soft yet firm nylon bristles. And the rounded pins are designed to penetrate deep into your dogs coat.

    It’s got a soft silicone handle which makes it pretty comfortable. Even if you’re working with it for an extended period of time.

    And the entire brush is made from eco-friendly materials which are great if your eco-conscious.

    Like the other brushes it works well for all coat types and it’s safe to use every day. The rounded pins protect your dogs skin from scratches.

    And because the bristles and pins are one you won’t run the risk of grating your dog’s skin.

    From my research, there has not been one complaint about poor performance from other dog owners. But take into consideration that it’s a fairly new product on the market.

    There are only 2 features that set double-sided brushes apart. Firstly, how well is the brush made?

    Is it going to last or is it going to snap at the handle? And how strong is the pin pad? Is it going to start cracking after a few uses?

    And secondly, how comfortable is it for you to hold and work with? A comfortable handle is super important.

    I mean, what’s the point of home-grooming your pooch if you’re not enjoying it?

    In my opinion, all the brushes I’ve reviewed are on par when it comes to how well they are made. I haven’t come across complaints about these brushes breaking or falling apart.

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    How Often Should You Brush A German Shepherd

    Some guidelines suggest brushing your German Shepherd up to 4 times a week. German Shepherd owners, however, value brushing their German Shedders daily.

    You bond more with your pet with daily brushing, and its coat looks like it has been to a professional groomer. It has other benefits too brushing your GSD regularly can also improve their blood circulation.

    However, if you use a Furminator brush for German Shepherds, you can definitely cut back grooming to 4 or 5 days a week.

    The Furminator gets into the underlying soft coat to extract loose hairs and catches the loose hairs in the topcoat-halving grooming time.

    Brush your pet for a minimum of 10 minutes at a time-15 if you discover that they are shedding excessively.

    If your German Shepherd is losing more hair than seems normal and it isnt time to blow its coat, consider giving your pet supplements to improve its coat and skin condition.

    Use the best brush for German Shepherd shedding, which is the Furminator.

    Always run your fingers through your pets coat and try to access its skin. Your touch will help determine whether any bumps, rashes, or clumps are present and need attention.

    Focus on de-shedding main problem areas such as your pets belly, the hind legs, tail, and along the neck ridge behind the ears. These areas are prone to matting and need gentle removal of tangled hair.

    If your dog is especially active and spends a lot of time outdoors, careful attention to grooming is even more essential.

    Dakpets Furblaster Deshedding Light Brush

    Furminator for German Shepherd Dogs a DeShedding Tool for Super Shedders
    • The Dakpets FURblaster Deshedding & Light Trimming Tool for large dogs and German Shepherds is another one of our favorites. A few minutes a day of light trimming will reduce shedding by 80%-90% and trim the non-loose undercoat while removing the loose, dead hairs from undercoat.
    • The versatility of the Dakpets Furblaster deshedding brush makes it suitable for dogs with single or double coats, and it’s perfect for short- and long-haired dogs. It’s gentle on your pet’s skin yet firm enough to stimulate the natural oils in the fur resulting in a shinier topcoat and a healthy skin.
    • Cleverly designed by pet grooming experts with a fast-release button for comb removal it also has a safety cover for the strong stainless steel blade. The handle is lightweight and well designed with a grip that is non-slip and comfortable to hold. Click on the link for more info and a full dakpets deshedding tool review.

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    Do German Shepherds Shed

    German shepherds are also known as German shedders! This should give you a big clue about their grooming requirements!

    Youll need to brush your German shepherd at least three times every week, even daily during twice-yearly seasonal shedding periods in the spring and fall.

    German shepherds typically shed heavily twice a year.

    In the spring, shedding happens so that the dog can get rid of his thick winter undercoat so that he wont overheat when the weather warms up.

    The Pat Your Pet Grooming Tool 2 Sided Undercoat Rake For Cats & Dogs

    This brush has a 2-in-1 head*. One side has 9 teeth that can remove stubborn mats and tangles and the other has 17 teeth for thinning the coat and starting the deshedding process.

    The Pat Your Pet is a robust, well-made grooming tool that is a good value for the money and does what it promises. One drawback to this tool is that it only comes in one small size. That could make it a long job if you have a very large German shepherd.

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