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What Is The Best Age To Breed A German Shepherds

Consequences Of Inbreeding Practiced Early In The Breed’s Life

Best of Breed Minute: The German Shepherd Dog

Captain von Stephanitz, in the early days of developing the breed, practiced a great deal of linebreeding in perfecting the original gene pool of the GSD. All of the puppies first registered at the newly created Society for German Shepherd had a direct connection to the progenitor, Horand von Grafrath. Von Stephanitz was committed to the long-term survival of the breed.

When health problems like heart defects and hip dysplasia began to crop in the bloodline, von Stephanitz carefully bred out these bad traits to keep the breed as close to the ideal as possible. However, just like always with inbreeding, line-breeding and grading up techniques, consequences may become real and obvious only decades later.

Breeding German Shepherds dogs may often require GSD breeders to use a pinch of line-breeding but this should only be done under the informed supervision of a breed specialist. Reducing the gene pool further could be detrimental to your entire bloodline in a few years time.

Taking Care Of Your German Shepherd Dog At Home

Much of what you can do to keep your dog happy and healthy is common sense, just like it is for people. Watch her diet, make sure she gets plenty of exercise, regularly brush her teeth and coat, and call us or a pet emergency hospital when something seems unusual . Be sure to adhere to the schedule of examinations and vaccinations that we recommend for her. This is when well give her the necessary check-ups and test for diseases and conditions that are common in Shepherds. Another very important step in caring for your pet is signing up for pet health insurance. There will certainly be medical tests and procedures she will need throughout her life and pet health insurance will help you cover those costs.

Can A 6 Month Old Dog Get Another Dog Pregnant

Well, that depends on their size and breed. Your dog can get pregnant during the very first heat, or estrus cycle. Though most dogs experience estrus around 6 months of age, some small breeds can go into heat at four months old, so it wont be long before your little princess is able to have pups of her own!

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Your German Shepherd Dog’s Health

We know that because you care so much about your dog, you want to take good care of her. That is why we have summarized the health concerns we will be discussing with you over the life of your Shepherd. By knowing about health concerns specific to German Shepherd Dogs, we can tailor a preventive health plan to watch for and hopefully prevent some predictable risks.

Many diseases and health conditions are genetic, meaning they are related to your pets breed. There is a general consensus among canine genetic researchers and veterinary practitioners that the conditions weve described herein have a significant rate of incidence and/or impact in this breed. That does not mean your dog will have these problems it just means that she is more at risk than other dogs. We will describe the most common issues seen in German Shepherd Dogs to give you an idea of what may come up in her future. Of course, we cant cover every possibility here, so always check with us if you notice any unusual signs or symptoms.

How Much Exercise Does A Blue Heeler German Shepherd Need

11 Facts about German shepherd dogs that prove they are ...

As mentioned, this hybrid mix needs an incredible amount of exercise. As such, it is unlikely that a walk a day will be enough for them. Rather, you need to ensure that they get enough physical activity.

In addition to a long walk, make sure to play fetch or some other activity with your pooch. Taking them to the dog park can also help to burn off some of their energy. This needs to be done every day.

Now, this mixed breed also enjoys tasks. Due to this, keeping them mentally active can help them stave off boredom and negative behaviors. If your dog has more GSD tendencies, then enrolling them in agility courses can help. If they take after their Blue Heeler parent, then engaging them in dog sports is a great idea.

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Does A Dog Know When He Is Dying

Sometimes.If the pet has been growing increasingly lethargic over a period of time, or suddenly becomes lethargic after an injury or other illness, then its possible that they may be dying. The animal may also exhibit neurological symptoms, such as seizures and muscle spasms before death which can be difficult to tell apart from seizure activity at other times. Despite our best efforts to provide treatment for animals, sometimes there are no apparent fixes. Loss of appetite can also indicate an impending death for some pets. It is important to know what kinds of things your pet would most enjoy throughout their remaining days so caretakers can try and make their day-to-day life more comfortable than the average final few days may include.

Appearance Size Of German Shepherd Chihuahua Mix:

Appearance wise, the German shepherd Chihuahua mix dog will have some traits from both of its parents. For example, it may have tufts of hair on its ears similar to a Chihuahua, or it may keep itself extremely clean like a German shepherd. Its coat might be long and soft or dense and wiry depending on what type of hair coat each of its parents has.

It is likely to become very loyal towards the people that it loves though can also bark at strangers until they are introduced properly which makes them useful for security purposes around the home. The lifespan for this mixed breed is usually between 14 16 years although their size means that they are likely to grow slower than other dogs so they may only reach their full size by the age of 5 or so.

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How To Know It Is The Right Time To Bring Your Gsd Puppy Home

The German Shepherd Dog Club of America highlights the importance of choosing a responsible, reputable GSD breeder to work with.

Sadly, the Puppy Mill Project states there are more than 10,000 puppy mills operating just in the United States alone.

Puppy mills keep breeding pairs of dogs in often horrific conditions and take the puppies away from their moms much too soon so they can breed another litter of puppies.

This not only deprives the puppy of all the benefits of the mothers milk but also of important socialization needs that can make your German Shepherd puppy grow up to be a much better pet dog.

The Humane Society states that there are some warning signs you can watch for to indicate you may be getting your puppy from an unethical breeder or even from a puppy mill:

How To Train A German Shepherd Chihuahua Mix:

Best German Shepherd Puppy Training Tips | Dog World

Chihuahuas are small dogs bred for their loyalty and intelligence, which makes them great family pets. They can be trained to follow commands very well. So when you get a German shepherd Chihuahua mix, it will inherit the intelligence of both breeds so training should not be much difficult.

However, you have to keep in mind that this hybrid breed is still a puppy so it may need some time to take everything in before being able to successfully respond to your commands. To ensure better bonding here are some tips on how to train this mixed dog correctly without any issues along the way.

Socialization is key

Socialize your puppy at an early age! Socialization refers primarily to exposure in order for your dog to be accustomed to a variety of different people, places, and situations. This will ensure that your German shepherd Chihuahua mix socialization skills are well on the way toward being solidified. As with any dog breed, it is important that its training starts from day one, this means that socializing the puppy with other dogs or puppies is an absolute must!

If you want your dog to grow up well-behaved, you have to provide it with all the necessary experiences during its formative months. These will allow your German shepherd Chihuahua mix to become well accustomed to various people, places, and situations so that it wont be overwhelmed when exposed to these things later on in life.

Your dog should sit before being fed

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When Do Female Dogs Reach Sexual Maturity

In general, female dogs reach puberty or sexual maturity around the age of six months. However, this can vary a lot, depending on the breed and dog.

Some dogs, usually the smaller breeds, can have their first heat cycle as early as four months of age. On the other hand, large and giant breeds can take up to two years before they reach sexual maturity.

Caring For Your Bitch After Whelping

Some bitches eat very little for the first day or two after whelping. Then their appetite and need for all nutrients rises sharply and peaks in about three weeks. During this entire period, adequate calcium, phosphorous, and vitamin D must be fed to avoid the onset of eclampsia. Optimal amounts of these nutrients are already present in a high-quality diet so further supplementation is unnecessary. Eclampsia causes nervousness, whimpering, unsteady gait, and spasms. Although very serious, it is readily cured by prompt veterinary treatment.

After whelping, the bitch ideally should be about the same weight as when she was bred, but not more than 5 to 10 percent heavier. For three weeks after whelping, she will need two or three times more food than her normal maintenance diet to help her provide nourishing milk to her puppies. This food should be divided into three or four meals. The composition of the food should be the same as it was during the last third of her pregnancy only the amount per day should change.

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Ideal Ages Male And Female

Breeding ages can be important for health reasons, but also for reasons of emotional development. A female can start heat cycles in the first year but this does not mean she is ready to rear puppies. Breeding too early can be detrimental to the dogs parenting ability.

In females, breeding GSDs should begin no earlier than 2 years old. Though some breeders suggest there being a benefit to waiting until females are 3 years old to help ensure healthy parenting skills.

Breeding isnt recommended past the age of 8. As your dog grows older the quality of her eggs will deteriorate and be more vulnerable to birth defects, and shell be less likely to carry to term.

Male German shepherds should not stud until they have reached sexual maturity and shown confirmation temperament standards. Just like females, as they age their sperm will deteriorate. With regular check-ups to ensure quality, a healthy male can stud into his 10th year.

Effects Of Breeding A Younger Than Recommended Gsd

This Is Why German Shepherd Dogs Are The Best ...

2 years is the right age of maturity for both male and female GSD. Apart from reaching the right maturity levels it also helps to conduct the OFA testing and x-rays testing to check for hip and elbow dysplasia.

This is the most prone disease for a German Shepherd. It is important to check for the genetic traits for both for below as well.

  • Arthritis
  • Degenerative myelopathy

Health testing helps in producing litters who are healthy.

If you breed a GSD female earlier than two years, she may not be physically ready and this may have negative effects like still births or serious issues during whelping as her muscles may not be large or strong enough.

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Thirteen Register Your Litter With The Akc Soon After Whelping

One of your most important tasks as a breeder is to ensure that your litter is registered with the AKC. Registering the puppies creates a record of their place in the history of your breeding program and in the development of the breed. It also opens the doors for the puppies new owners to the wide array of services, information, and events provided or sponsored by the AKC.

You should be able to provide the new owners with a registration application at the time the puppy is sold. Therefore, it is essential that you apply to register your litter promptly after the puppies are born.

There are two easy options for you to register your litter. You can register your litter online by going to Online Litter Registration. When you register your litter online, you can get your litter kit in as little as two to five business days. Or you can download an application, fill it out, and send to the AKC.

Registering your puppies with the AKC is another way to give your puppies a great start in life. Additionally, it confirms for your new puppy owners that you are a dedicated and responsible breeder.

Accustom Your Bitch To The Whelping Box

It is a good idea to build a whelping box well in advance so the bitch has time to become accustomed to it. Unless you have already accustomed her to a whelping box, she may choose your closet or another inappropriate place for a delivery room.

An ideal whelping environment is warm, dry, quiet, draft-free, and away from all other dogs when possible. Confinement and whelping location of your bitch is relative to her breed and size.

A good whelping box is roomy and has low sides so you can easily reach in. It should also have a small shelf or roll bars running halfway up along the sides so the pups have something to crawl under to avoid getting rolled on by the bitch. Many breeders prefer to line the box with newspapers until after delivery because paper can be changed quickly when it becomes soiled. After whelping, newspapers are typically replaced with non-skid bath mats, outdoor carpeting, or something else that provides better footing for the puppies.

Suggested Whelping Supplies:

After umbilical cord is cut , clean puppies abdomen

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Is Your Bitch Suitable For Breeding

This should go without mentioning, but the general rule is to breed only from dogs who are fit, helahty, and have gentle temperaments.

Its mandatory before breeding to check the bitch for any conditions she could pass on to her puppies.

Always check if the bitch and the stud are KC registered and meet relevant criteria.

Its common for The Kennel Club to refuse to register puppies where:

  • The bitch has already whelped four litters
  • The dam has over eight years
  • The dam is under one year old
  • The offspring was created by mating a father and daughter or any dog relative, such as son and mother, or brother and sister

Its desirable to provide proper nutrition all the time and to check with your vet about the health condition of your female dog.

It can help to keep track of her heat cycles. This can help you predict the due date of her litter.

If for any reason your female dog isnt suitable for breeding, you should have her spayed. This is a good decision because you will prevent unwanted pregnancies and will protect her from countless health issues in the future.

Fifteen Sending Your Pups To Their New Homes

Which is the best dog breed? German Shepherd or Labrador Retriever.

A responsible breeder makes sure that their puppies go to good homes. This means careful screening and evaluation of each person or family interested in getting a puppy. Knowing the right questions to ask prospective owners helps breeders get a feel for the type of home they will provide. Some of these questions can include:

  • Why does the person or family want a dog? Why has the person or family chosen this particular breed?
  • Who will be primarily responsible for the dogs care?
  • Do you have the time to meet the demanding needs of the puppy/dog? Time for feeding, training and exercise?
  • Are there any children? If so, how old are they? How would they be instructed in the care of the dog?
  • Does anyone in the household have allergies?
  • Are the new owners committed to the grooming and health maintenance?
  • What is the potential owners attitude toward training and obedience?
  • How often is someone at home?
  • Will they have time to walk and play with the dog?
  • Are the new owners prepared to register their new puppy with the AKC?
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    How Can I Keep My German Shepherd Busy

    Keeping your German Shepherd mentally active is as important as keeping them physically active. For those times when you need them to be calm in the home, there are lots of strategies you can use to keep them occupied.

    Take a look at our enrichment games and activities article for lots of great ideas on keeping them busy, or check out our top 10 indoor games for those days when you cant get out of the house for a walk.

    With the right exercise routine and plenty of mental stimulation, your German Shepherd will be happy and healthy. Keep track of how much activity they are doing every day with a PitPat dog activity monitor for just £39.

    Why Get Dog Insurancefrom Pumpkin

    German Shepherds are a generally healthy breed, but unexpected ruh-rohs can happen to any dog at any age. If your pup gets hurt or sick, pet insurance can help you say yes to the best care, even when its costly. When it comes to shopping for this breed, youll want to choose an insurance like Pumpkin that covers hereditary conditions German Shepherds are prone to developing, and that can be costly to treat. While a reputable breeder will conduct genetic testing on your pups parents to help minimize the chances of passing down hereditary conditions they cant always be avoided. Lets look at some common ones, and how Pumpkin Insurance could help cover the cost of care!

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