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Toys For German Shepherd Puppies

Best Chew For Your Dogs Dental Health

Golden Retriever Steals Toy From German Shepherd Puppy

You can feel good about purchasing Benebone since your purchase helps support the welfare of dogs through community involvement and product donations.

Benebone products are also proudly made in the U.S.A. This includes all packaging, ingredients, tooling and all materials.

Plus, its a more natural option and is flavored with real bacon to keep your busy German Shepherd interested and occupied chewing.

Additional Ways To Keep Your Canine Cool

Frozen dog toys can be a great way to keep your furball comfortable throughout the summer months. Check out these additional strategies to keep your canine cool:

  • Treat your pooch to frozen treats. Frozen treats like pupsicles or ice block treats can be a great way to cool off your canine while serving up some scrumptious DIY delicacies.
  • Make sure your dog stays cool in the car. Cars can heat up quickly, so youll want to take precautions to keep your dog cool in the car. Some dogs might need a cooling vest or other aid to stay comfortable. Your dog should have access to plenty of water while on road trips and should not be left alone in the vehicle.
  • When in doubt, stay inside. Try to take your dog outside only during the coolest parts of the day, especially if you have a breed that struggles in the heat.
  • Give your pooch a cool hub to retreat to. Your dog should have a nice, cool area in the house to relax and recharge. Some pups have special dog beds for summer or specialized cooling dog beds for additional relief.

Frozen dog toys can be the answer to keeping your dog occupied and cool. They can also be an excellent option for puppies who are teething, since the cold and gum massage may reduce their discomfort.

While these toys are usually pretty safe, you should still follow appropriate safety guidelines to prevent choking.

Why are you looking for a frozen dog toy? Is there a favorite toy we missed? Let us know in the comments below!

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Nylabone Durachew Axis Dog Chew Bone

The Nylabone DuraChew Axis Dog Chew Bone is made for bored dogs!

Its unique design allows your dog to chew from any angle and helps them hold the chew bone for easier handling.

Its great for keeping your energetic dog busy and entertained. As they turn the chew, there are different surfaces they will enjoy sinking their teeth into.


  • The clever design allows your dog to chew from any angle and get the perfect grip from many different angles.
  • Tasty bacon flavor to enhance enjoyment.
  • Satisfies the natural urge to chew.
  • Vet-recommended.
  • The massaging ridges and nubs help clean teeth.

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Outward Hound Invincibles Blue Snake Plush Large Dog Toy

Outward Hounds Invincibles soft toy line was made specifically for heavy and aggressive chewers, making them a great choice for German Shepherds. They are very tough, with double the seams and linings for ultra durability. Theyre also stuffing-free for extra safety.

The Invincibles line comes in several shapes and sizes, but this blue stripey snake is made with larger dogs in mind. Its 24.5 inches long and contains three squeakers. There is also an extra-large snake that contains 6 squeakers, and an XXL snake that contains 12. Reviews love the toy, and several say its their dogs favorite.

Pomeranian Vs German Shepherd Vs Toy Poodle Size Comparison

CollectA Farm Time German Shepherd Puppy Toy Figure
SizeWhich is bigger, Pomeranian or German Shepherd or Toy Poodle? Which is the smallest dog, Pomeranian or German Shepherd or Toy Poodle? Small
WeightWhich is heavier, Pomeranian or German Shepherd or German Shepherd? Pomeranian vs German Shepherd vs Toy Poodle weight comparison: 3-7 pounds Male: 66-88 pounds , Female: 49-71 pounds Male: 6-9 pounds
Average WeightWhich dog has a smaller / higher average weight? 5 pounds Male: 77 pounds , Female: 60 pounds Male: 7.5 pounds
HeightWhich is taller, Pomeranian or German Shepherd or Toy Poodle? Pomeranian vs German Shepherd vs Toy Poodle height comparison: 7-12 inches Male: 24-26 inches , Female: 22-24 inches Up to 10 inches
Average HeightWhich dog has a smaller / higher average height? 9.5 inches Male: 25 inches , Female: 23 inches Up to 10 inches

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Best Toys For German Shepherd Adults

Playtime doesnt end when your puppy grows into an adult. Infact, adult German Shepherds need plenty of playtime and exciting toys to keepthem busy, happy, and healthy. From active toys to comfort toys to toys thatwill make your dog smarter, weve got a complete list of the best toys foradult German Shepherds.

Dog Toys Specifically For Training

This isnt just any ball on a rope!

The Nero ball* is a hollow rubber ball attached to a nylon throw rope, which makes it easier for you to throw it farther!

However, the tough rope also allows you to hold onto it more easily when teaching a GSD to clamp its jaws .

This tennis ball-sized toy isnt meant to be chewed. But you can remove the rope and let your dog safely chew on the ball.

As its name suggests, this toy is made for tugging*!

You can use the 11-inch, linen-covered toy to help teach a Shepherd how to tug and let go safely, for training and sporting activities.

If youre not satisfied with the quality of the toy, the manufacturer will replace or refund it at no cost to you.

The Kong Training Dummy* is used for retrieval training!

The bright orange dummy or bumper can be easily spotted from a distance, and its lightweight foam body keeps it light enough to float.

This toy would be an excellent option for water training and teaching your dog to soft-mouth carry.

Remember to put your retriever dummy away after training it isnt suitable for unsupervised play.

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Toys For German Shepherd Puppies

During the puppy stage, German Shepherds need a different set of dog toys than they do as adults. Youll likely want to focus on toys that will help satisfy their urge to chew, as well as potentially provide them with a little relief during crate training .

Durability is also important for dogs in the 6-9 month range that have a stronger bite force, so keep that in mind. The toys below are great for German Shepherds up to around 9-12 months of age. At that point, youll want to step into the right dog toys that are made specifically for adult dogs.

German Shepherd Puzzle Toys

How To Choose The Best German Shepherd Dog Toys for Playtime

GSDs are very driven dogs whose inquisitive minds may get them into trouble when theyre not exercised both physically and mentally.

Fortunately, there are a number of lovely puzzle dog toys that are designed to keep your dogs noggin stimulated for hours.

This is especially nice for days when your pet is stuck indoors for any amount of time.

Puzzle toys are designed to create enrichment for your pet by making them search the toy for hidden treats or bits of food, thereby making them also great for use as training aids.

For example, puzzle toys might be useful as an early training aid for a German Shepherd puppy who is destined to become a search and rescue dog some day!

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Are There Really Indestructible Dog Toys For Bored Dogs

Sadly, no, theres no such thing as a truly indestructible dog toy.

Toys wear out and begin to fall apart, even those built for your strong German Shepherd who loves to chew. No toy is indestructible.


The toys you see below are pretty close and ideal for your large-breed dog!

Plus, they can withstand your strong German Shepherds chewing for longer than other toys and help reduce boredom by keeping your dog engaged for longer, as well as giving them a new toy to enjoy.

Outward Hound Hide A Squirrel Plush Dog Toy Puzzle Xl

Outward Hound is known for its fantastically fun and challenging puzzle games for dogs. This plush puzzle game provides your dog with a solo game of hide and seek. Or, as the brand likes to call it, hide and squeak. The plush log comes with 7 squeaky squirrels that fit perfectly inside it. To play, simply hide the squirrels in the log and ask your dog to find them. The game challenges your dogs problem-solving skills, engages their hunting instincts, and is lots of fun.

The XL log option is 13 x 8 inches and comes with 7 plush squirrels, however, replacement squirrels are also available to buy separately should your dog lose or break one. Its an Amazons Choice product and reviews love it, with several owners of German Shepherds saying how well it entertains their dog.

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The Best German Shepherd Toys Of The Year

Finding toys for German shepherds can be a real challenge. Not only do you have to make sure that the toy is big and strong enough to withstand a dog that is as powerful as a German shepherd, but you also have to make sure that it is interesting and engaging enough to keep their attention.

If you are the owner of a German shepherd, then you know how true this is. Fortunately, there are a few German shepherd toys on the market that are sure to please even the most discerning dog.

Here are my favorite picks for the best German shepherd toys of the year:

1. KONG Extreme Dog Toy

One of the most important factors in finding the right toy for your German shepherd is making sure that it is strong enough to withstand their powerful jaws.

The KONG Extreme Dog Toy is specifically designed for the toughest of chewers, with a durable natural rubber formula that can withstand even the most powerful bites.

Another great feature of the KONG Extreme Dog Toy is that it can be stuffed with bits and kibbles, making it a fun and interesting toy to play with. German shepherds are known for their intelligence, and this toy is sure to engage their minds as they figure out how to get the treats inside.

You can fill it with your dog’s favorite treats such as peanut butter or cheese, or you can even freeze it to keep them entertained for even longer.

2. Harry Barker Cotton Rope Tug and Toss

Plus, the Harry Barker Cotton Rope Tug and Toss is a great way to bond with your German shepherd.

Benebone Bacon Flavored Wishbone Tough Dog Chew Toy

Schleich German Shepherd Puppy Toy Dog

Benebones Wishbone Chew isnt your GSDs ordinary chew toy.

Infused with real bacon and made with durable, safe nylon the ergonomic wishbone keeps your companion busily chewing.

Benebone brand supports animal welfare nationwide and a portion of all their sales are donated to animal support organizations!


  • Composed of food-grade bacon and super-strong nylon for a tasty enticement for your pet.
  • Deep grooves are saturated with bacon flavor to keep your pet chewing.
  • Ergonomic bowed sides give your dog a good bite and increase the surface area your dog chews.
  • Made in the U.S.A. of U.S.A. materials and packaging.
  • No artificial flavors!
  • Safe, non-toxic toy!

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Tuffy Junior Dog Toys

For puppies that love plush toys but tend to pull apart normal plush toys like German Shepherd puppies tend to, The Tuffy Junior range is ideal. They are more durable than other plush toys and are machine washable. These are for puppies mainly as an adult dog would be more than likely to be able to destroy them. They are available in a range of sizes to suit your puppy.

Nylabone Durachew Chicken Monster Bone

Another name you can rely on when youre looking for the best chew toys for German Shepherds is Nylabone.

This large size chew bone* is flavored like chicken and is marketed as long-lasting.

Its made of durable nylon, and its textured for extra enjoyment.

This bone will keep your German Shepherd busy, satisfy their urge to chew, and helps clean teeth while they chew.

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About German Shepherd Puppies

The German Shepherd is known for being very quick-witted, loyal, and eager to please. Once trained, theyre perfect working companions for all types of different dog jobs like security, herding, and so much more.

German Shepherd puppies are very active and will need a lot of exercise time to burn out all of their energy. For every month of your pups age, you should add 5 minutes to their exercise regime.

Hdp 18 Ft Dog Training Tunnel

Adorable toddler shares her toys with German shepherd guard dog

Price: $$$$

  • Made from intertwine wove oxford Dacron & steel spring
  • Can be used outdoors

Our Overview

This professional training tunnel is perfect for your big backyard and to challenge your smarty pants German Shepherd. Its the perfect addition for an obstacle course.

The quality of the tunnel is top notch and holds up well against quick-moving dogs. It comes with 8 stakes to keep it tethered to the ground. The stakes dont seem to be very strong though, as they pulled out after a few rounds of use. You might need to invest in stronger camping stakes.

Overall, if you want to get your German Shepherd thinking on her feet and moving her body through different types of space, this is the perfect training tool .

For pricing and availability .

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What To Look For In A Good Toy For German Shepherds

Although it may be easy to tell what makes a bad toy, identifying a good toy can be trickier. Generally, there are a few key elements to look for: high-quality materials, durability, and activity needs.

Some toys are specifically designed to meet the activity needs of large breeds like the German Shepherd. A good toy is one that can provide your pup with plenty of stimulation while also helping them burn off excess energy too. Keep in mind, however, that while puppies will need the most stimulation, a less active senior German Shepherd might not need much at all.

Finding a durable toy is crucial. While many brands might promise durability, you can usually spot a long-lasting toy by the materials its made of. If the toy uses sturdy rubber or tear-resistant fabric, you can usually count on it lasting longer than a week. Some toys may even specifically indicate whether or not theyre for aggressive chewers.

Theres another reason to find toys with high-quality materials. Besides durability, a toy thats designed with high-quality fabric or material is less likely to cause an allergic reaction or irritate your dogs skin.

Frisco Plush Squeaking Fox Dog Toy

Best Squeaky Toy

While many dogs go wild over squeaky toys, finding one that can last the test of time can feel almost impossible. Fortunately, the Frisco Plush Squeaking Fox Dog Toy may be exactly what you need this toy uses nylon lining for extra durability.

Theres also a texture thats soft to the touch and will provide your Shepherd with the perfect snuggle buddy during naptime. When they arent cuddling up to it, the plush toy also works great for a quick game of fetch or toss.

Depending on the age of your German Shepherd, there are multiple sizes to pick from.

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Bones & Chews Elk Antler

Many pet owners like to stay as natural as possible, and it doesnt get much more natural than the Bones & Chews Elk Antlers. These chew toys are very popular because they come straight from nature itself, delivering born and bred strength that holds up against the heaviest chewers.

These elk antlers are of the highest quality and are perfect for large dogs between 45 and 70 pounds. They serve to keep your pup interested and away from boredom that can lead to harmful chewing habits.

Bones & Chews provides a product that is odor-free, non-synthetic, clean, and a great source of nutrients. Additionally, they refuse to source from elk farms and get their products from wild sourcing. To make things even better, this company features rescue sponsors every month using a percentage of their sales.

We love that this chew toy is all natural, and delivers both strength and appeal without odors, splintering or synthetic materials. Its available in five different size options for your pup, and also has nutrients it delivers during chew sessions.

Tips For Playing With Your German Shepherd

German Shepherd Pup plush animal toy by Aurora

Toys can give dogs a way to enjoy playtime, either by themselves or with you. With a variety of toys available, theres likely always to be a way to entertain your pup and catch their attention. When playing, though, its important to think so that youre doing whats best for your dog. Here are some tips:

  • Dont let your pup get too aggressive when playing. If you dont stop your dog early, they can develop dangerous habits that may injure you or other dogs. German shepherds have strong jaws, which can cause a lot of damage!
  • Use playtime as an opportunity to give your dog some exercise! Games like fetch, tug of war, and hide and seek mix fun with healthy habits.
  • Try out different toys and games. Dogs have their individual preferences, just like people do. They also like variety, so dont be afraid to mix things up.
  • Try only bringing out toys during playtime. Limiting how long your pup has access to something will make them more excited when you bring it out.
  • Dont let your dog play with toys unsupervised. You want to be able to take away the toy if it breaks.
  • Use treats to teach good habits while playing. This approach can be helpful when teaching rules to games.
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