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Why Is My German Shepherd Scratching So Much

Why Your German Shepherd Wont Stop Scratching Itself

Why Is My German Shepherd Scratching So Much: Skin Issues That Plague GSDs

Each of the different reasons why your GSD wont stop scratching itself will likely come with some clues.

Below, are a number of possible causes and what would make them more likely.


The cause of your GSD scratching itself could be that it has fleas.

This would be more likely if it has been scratching itself in multiple areas of its body and the scratching isnt just confined to one area.

If fleas are causing your German Shepherd to scratch itself, it would help to talk to your vet about what you should do to get rid of the flees.

It would also help to eradicate fleas from your home by doing things such as:

  • Washing the bedding with hot soapy water
  • Vacuuming the carpets and throwing the bad
  • Applying an environmental flee control
  • Applying a spray, pellet or non-toxic treatment for the yard
  • Treating your German Shepherd with a monthly preventative


Allergies or a rash could also be causing your German Shepherd to scratch itself. Allergies can be caused by things such as shampoo, other dogs, pollen or household chemicals .

It would help to consider what else happened at around the same time that your German Shepherd started to scratch itself. For example, if it started doing it when you started using a new shampoo on it then it would likely have something to do with it.



If it does seem like injury might be the cause then the best thing to do would be to take it to a vet.

Something stuck in its fur


Compulsive behavior

Combination Allergies And Their Secondary Effects

All dogs affected by allergies, irrespective of breed and including the German Shepherd, can be affected by more than one allergen.

In fact, having allergies to more than one allergen is more common than being allergic to just one thing. Being allergic to a range of things makes allergy in pets a complicated condition.

This may mean an allergy to multiple grasses, tree pollen, foods, insects, etc. in the same dog. Some pets may be affected by a large range of food allergens without having additional allergy triggers.

In dogs affected by multiple allergies, identification of the most important allergen is always the key. Ideally, most or all of the offending allergens need to be identified to help ensure good patient comfort. This in turn, will help limit secondary skin infections in a breed like German Shepherds, that is quite prone to skin infections as we will find in the next blog discussing skin infection related conditions of German Shepherds.

Early and definitive identification of allergy signs is always helpful in stopping progression of allergies and their impact in any dog, but is especially true for German Shepherds. If your German Shepherd shows allergic symptoms of itchiness, redness of skin, hair loss, or changes in skin quality, it may be time to consult with a vet dermatology clinic so that your pet dermatologist can help identify the true problem.

Its In Your German Shepherds Genes

German Shepherds are known for being brave, loyal, and protective and make an ideal good first dog, as long as you have the time to devote to them. Theyre also extremely intelligent and easy to train, which is why theyre often used both as family pets and as working dogs!

Since being a working dog is in their genes, theyre used to developing a strong attachment to one person. Remember, German Shepherds were originally bred to herd sheep and other livestock and to work alongside one person.

If you have ever wondered why your GSD nudges your ankles or the back of your leg with his nose, he is herding you, usually because he wants you to carry on playing!

Its therefore in your German Shepherds genes to be extremely loyal to one person whom they depend on, and that one person may also depend on them to do their job especially if they are used as a working dog.

Even though your German Shepherd may just be a family pet, hes still prone to developing this type of relationship and he loves to please his owner immensely.

German Shepherds are so clingy because its a characteristic of his breed he is not an independent dog by nature.

You also only have to think about how loyal and protective German Shepherds can be. Your German Shepherd considers you to be family, which is why he wants to be around you so much.

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Other Treatment Options For German Shepherds

Most environment-related allergies are treated with over the counter treatments. Buying hypoallergenic or sulfate-free shampoo would be best for your German Shepherd. You can also choose a shampoo with either aloe vera or tree tea oil as the ingredients. These will provide a calming and soothing effect on their skin. Coconut oil can also soothe your dogs dry and itchy skin. Its a good option for moisturizing their skin.

Consult your veterinarian for antihistamine prescriptions for your dog. You may also visit a nutritionist so they could devise a good diet plan for your canine. Learn about our healthy protein food excellent for your German Shepherd.

Common Causes Of Canine Skin Disease

Why is my German Shepherd so dumb?

Flea allergy dermatitis, environmental and food allergies are the leading causes of to dog skin lesions and rashes. Even if you dont find any fleas on your dog, they are skilled at hiding, with even a few able to cause a problem in allergic dogs. Symptoms are usually in the form of raised red bumps known as hives. They are itchy and will cause your dog to scratch. Excessive scratching may break the skin, leading to infection.

If no infection occurs, hives will usually go away on their own once exposure to the allergen is removed. If infection develops, however, medical treatment will be needed. See your vet if your dog has sores that dont go away in a few days, or sores that ooze anything yellowish in color. He may need antibiotics.

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Is Chicken Bad For German Shepherds

Your German Shepherd can eat chicken. This high-protein food provides your dog with lots of energy. Make sure the chicken is plain and avoid the skin as this is high in fat. Don t feed raw chicken due to the risk of salmonella unless your dog is used to a raw diet and you buy specially prepared raw food for him.

Why Wont My German Shepherd Stop Scratching Itself

This post will show you a number of reasons why your German Shepherd might keep scratching itself and what you can do about it.

So, why wont my German Shepherd stop scratching itself? Possible reasons are that it has fleas or allergies, its bored or injured, it has something stuck in its fur, its anxious or that it is compulsive behavior.

There are a number of nuances that you can consider when trying to figure out why your GSD does it. Once you have a good idea of the cause, it will become a lot easier to get it to stop.

German Shepherds are mostly known for their intelligence, courage, and agility. However, most GSD parents will attest to the fact that theyre incredibly affectionate.

If they could speak, theyd probably tell you they love you and appreciate you a thousand times a day. But since they cant verbalize their feelings, they show their affection in multiple non-verbal ways.

Of course, different dogs will show their love in different ways. Here are some of the most common German Shepherd signs of affection:

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What Can I Add To My Dogs Food To Help With Itching

Here are a few common supplements recommended by veterinarians.

  • Fish Oil. The Omega-3 fats found in fish oil help reduce inflammation, which can lessen the intensity of many allergies.
  • Coconut Oil. Coconut oil can improve many skin conditions including itchiness and dryness.
  • Digestive Enzymes.
  • Yucca.

Chamomile And Green Tea Soaks

Why Is My German Shepherd Scratching So Much? 9 Crazy Quick Solutions!

Chamomile and green teas are well-known for their soothing, anti-inflammatory effects in humansbut they work just as well for dogs, too. If your dog is dealing with hot, itchy patches of skin, try giving it a soothing soak in a chamomile or green tea bath.

Here’s how to do it: Fill your bathtub or sink with lukewarm water and let several tea bags steep for three to five minutes. Then, remove the tea bags and let your dog soak in the mixture for at least five minutes. If you want to spot treat your dog’s skin, steep a tea bag and let it cool completely before applying the tea directly to affected areas.

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Treating Your German Shepherds Itchy Skin For Good

Its heartbreaking to watch your German Shepherd itching constantly, uncomfortable, and even in pain. Your GSD might just need a change of diet or a quick spray of anti-itch solution.

There are simple ways to help your German Shepherd from itching and scratching like crazy. Most of the treatments you can order from home and apply right away.

A solid skincare routine can help alleviate your German Shepherds itchy skin for good and doesnt cost a fortune.

Dont let your itchy dog lie around uncomfortable when therere steps you can take right now to help them!

Want more help with your German Shepherds skin and fur?

Try Out A German Shepherd Shedding Suit

Finally, if your German Shepherd can handle the potential embarrassment of wearing what amounts to long underwear, consider an .

They come in a variety of sizes and snazzy colors, so theres a onesie for every dog. Justtry not to laugh too hard when you put this thing on or your German Shepherds pride will be forever injured.

Jokes aside, the onesies are a good way to contain shedding for a short period of time, such as riding in the car or if someone with a pet allergy is visiting. The tight fit can also help alleviate anxiety, so its a double-whammy of benefits.

Still, its important to remember that the dog onesie should only be a temporary solution to short-term problems. The use of a onesie over a long period of time may be harmful as it could restrict healthy airflow to the skin and fur.

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Do German Shepherds Cause Allergies

German shepherds are one of the most enduringly popular breeds. Theyre smart, eager to please, devoted, and brave. Unfortunately, this dog has been known to trigger bag allergic reactions. Theyre one of the most excessive shedders no matter if you get a long- or a short-haired one.

Get A Tool Designed For German Shepherds

Why Is My German Shepherd Panting So Much? Top FAQs  The ...

The best way to groom your German Shepherd is with a de-shedding tool designed specifically for German Shepherds. These tools take your German Shepherds thick undercoat into account and dig out any loose hairs that otherwise would find themselves scattered across the floor in your home.

You need to pick a comb or brush tool that will reach all the way through your German Shepherds fur and be able to latch onto any hair that might just be sitting there. They are ideal to use when your dog is blowing his coat.

I use the FURminator undercoat de-shedding tool from Amazon. It really does a good job by removing all the dead and loose hair as it reaches through your GSDs topcoat without cutting his skin or damaging the outer coat. You can get this tool from any good pet store, and there are a ton of 5-star reviews that you can read on Amazon if you prefer online shopping.

Check out this video below showing an elderly German Shepherd being de-shedded, also with the FURminator tool. This dog hadnt been de-shedded or brushed for around 6 months! Theres enough fur to make a woolly sweater!

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Why Would My Dog Need An Oatmeal Bath

Dermatological issues among dogs are fairly common – itchy, dry skin or other skin issues can be uncomfortable for your pup, and frustrating for you. These can be caused by anything from allergies or irritants to seasonal changes.

An oatmeal bath is one at-home remedy that can help calm minor itches. Though more serious issues will need a vets attention, you may be able to alleviate your poochs discomfort and save yourself some time and money with this method.

Why Is My Pet Scratching

There are many reasons why pets become itchy. Sometimes the cause can be fleas, even if you cant see them on your pet. Some pets experience seasonal allergies, just like people, but instead of having a runny nose and other symptoms we associate with hay fever, they actually get itchy skin. Food allergies may also be the source of constant scratching, licking and chewing. Skin infections can also be itchy or painful and require treatment. Diagnosing and choosing the right treatment for your pets itch will be easier if it is addressed early, as a simple parasite problem can develop into a complicated infection, which may require not only a longer treatment course, but multiple different medications.

Constant itching and scratching can affect your pets quality of life, so it is essential that they get relief from their discomfort. We often see dogs and cats who have scratched themselves to the point that the skin has been broken. This can lead to bleeding and infection which in turn leads to further self-trauma.

This level of skin damage requires a visit to your local Greencross Vets to ensure a diagnosis and correct treatment are commenced.

We are here to help!

Skin disorders can be difficult to diagnose. The expertise of a professional veterinarian is needed to ensure safe and effective treatment is started to get your dog back to full health. Some common causes include:

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Why Is My Dog Itching


With warmer weather creeping in, you might find your dog itching more often. There are many causes of a dog’s itchy skin, but each one should require that you rule out other conditions before starting a particular treatment.

Nothing makes you more frustrated than seeing your pet uncomfortable, so soothing your dog’s itchy skin takes priority. The two main things that give a dog itchy skin are pests and allergies, both of which can be seasonal. Need help diagnosing him? Schedule an exam with your veterinarian. Even if your dog’s itching seems minor, you’ll want to make sure you’re on the right track and using safe products to curb his discomfort.

How Are Moles Different In Dogs And Humans

Why Does My German Shepherd Stretch So Much? 5 Different Types of GSD Stretches and Their Meanings

Although in some respects moles may appear similar, there are several vital differences that the condition will display between species that will affect both the diagnosis and the treatment of the condition.

  • While humans can often dislike moles for cosmetic reasons, dogs have no such compunctions regarding the growths presence on their bodies, meaning that treatment of benign moles is absolutely unnecessary.

  • Some moles in humans may end up producing hair follicles, which results in long hair growing out of patches of otherwise regular skin, which makes the growths much easier to detect. In dogs, it is very hard to tell if the follicles are abnormal due to the usual density of the animals coat. That said, differences in hair color can sometimes be of help in revealing the mole.

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Avoid Using Room Or Fragrance Sprays

Some German Shepherd allergies are brought on or worsened by unnatural, chemical-laden room and fragrance or perfume sprays.

Avoid using these items, including the plug-in room fragrance models, if you suspect your German Shepherd has allergies or is itching constantly.

Remove any fragrance plug-ins and dont burn any candles or incense.

Your dogs nose is much more sensitive than your own and they can smell even the lightest of fragrance which can trigger allergies. Try forgoing your perfume and fragranced body sprays and deodorants to see if this makes a difference in your GSDs allergies and scratching.

Do German Shepherds Shed Constantly

Unfortunately yes German Shepherds shed constantly, year around. While their shedding is especially intense during the spring and fall, they can and will lose their undercoat during the remainder of the year as well.

Managing your dogs shedding will be an everyday task just like feeding and walking your dog. By making it a routine, it will be easy for you and your dog to keep up with it.

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Removing Moles & Problem Growths From Your German Shepherd

The moles on your German Shepherds face arent a problem. In fact, you should leave them alone since theyre a vital sensory organ. Never shave or try to remove vibrissae patches.

Messing with your dogs ability to sense their surroundings can frighten or damage your dog. Personality changes, like anger or excessive meekness, may occur. You dont want to harm your pooch accidentally, so its always best to leave vibrissae alone.

Alternatively, if your German Shepherd has a skin growth that is a problem, your vet can help you diagnose and treat the issue. They can identify the problem and rule out things you dont have the equipment for at home.

You should never try to self-diagnose or treat growths on your dog. For example, ticks can cause Lyme disease. Sadly, even if you remove the tick, you may not be able to identify Lyme disease, and early treatment can help your dog live a long life.


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