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How Much Is It To Train A German Shepherd

Grooming A German Shepherd Next Steps

How to Understand and Train your Crazy German Shepherd Dogs 101!

Youve made a great start on grooming now were going to move on to more touchy areas. Pun intended.

How to do it

  • Start brushing your puppy as you did before rewarding with lots of treats.
  • As youre gently brushing, run your hands over your puppys tummy and their paws these areas tend to be quite sensitive for puppies not great fans of being touched there.
  • Be aware of particularly sensitive areas particularly legs and paws
  • TIPS

    · If your puppy is over excited, choose a different time for this exercise youll end up overworked and unsuccessful yourself.

    · We want our puppy to love being groomed, so use plenty of treats!

    Best Method To Train An Older Gsd Positive Reinforcement

    If you adopted your German Shepherd at a later stage in his life, you might not know what sort of training or obedience experience he has previously had, if any. Some dogs have had little or no training, while others might have endured more abusive homes and be frightened and unsure of how to behave in a new environment.

    Whether you have owned the dog since a puppy and are just getting in late on the training game, or you rescued an older dog, positive reinforcement is the best method for training a German Shepherd.

    Positive reinforcement is when you repeatedly reward your dog when he responds to something you want him to do. That way,he will likely repeat the behavior as he knows he will get something that he likes, such as a tasty treat.

    Find out what sort of treats your dog enjoys, as long as they are healthy, and use them as rewards when he obeys a command or performs the desired action. You can check out my favorite healthy treats here.

    If your GSD is less interested in treats or struggles with weight issues, you can try small pieces of lean meat or even some fruits or vegetables.

    Other rewards for obedience can include giving your dog his treasured toy, a short spell of his favorite play, or even periods of affection if your dog just loves to cuddle! Positive reinforcement serves to build a better relationship between you and your German Shepherd.


    Week 4 Training Your German Shepherd Puppy

    Socialisation exercises to do this week Training to do this week Husbandry Tasks to do this week
    Meet another dog
  • Pop the mat on the floor, next to your sofa or favourite chair.
  • Attach the lead to the harness.
  • Sit down and switch your TV on, attaching the lead to the leg of your chair or pop it under your foot.
  • Youll need your puppy to stand up, lie down, and shuffle comfortably, so make sure that the lead isnt too tight. At the same time, dont let it stretch too long so that your puppy wanders about looking for trouble. Especially if youre watching something juicy like Love Island, you wont be able to get your eyes off the screen to catch him sneaking off on time.
  • Pop the Kong on the mat so that your puppy has something to do while you enjoy your show.
  • Watch TV for 10/15 minutes more after your puppy empties the Kong. At this point, they might carry on chewing the toy, be awake or asleep.
  • Here, the goal is to have your puppy lie down and relax, but they might as well move around or stand up. But what this exercise will teach them eventually, is that sometimes theyll just have to settle next to you.

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    Week 3 Training Your German Shepherd Puppy

    Socialisation exercises to do this week Training Exercises to do this week Husbandry Tasks to do this week
    Scent Trails
  • Pick a quiet spot in your garden.
  • Start off easy just say your puppys name and come.
  • Say your marker word good when they come to you, and then throw the treat
  • Now lets make it fun! As your puppy comes towards you, run back a few steps. Careful, dont run into a wall.
  • When they reach you, give them the marker word good and then give them a treat.
  • Repeat this about 5 times and start to increase the distance you run backwards, so that your puppy is coming further each time.
  • PRO TIP: Were going to be honest. Outside, its soooo difficult for puppies to focus on their owners, so dont be surprised if they find it tricky at first. Be patient and give them lots of praise and be happy when they come back when you call them!

    Are German Shepherd Puppies Easy To Train

    How to Train A German Shepherd

    Yes, training your German Shepherd is considered easy compared to many other dogs. They may look intimidating, but GSDs are very obedient dogs that are eager to please their humans. They are one of the breeds that have worked side-by-side among mankind for centuries. In fact, its due to their obedient, loyal, and brave nature that they are the top choice for police dogs and service dogs.

    Of course, we cant forget their strong bite force and keen sense of smell, and intuition for danger, but dont discount a GSDs love for their humans. Its for all these reasons that training your German Shepherd is easier than you would think.

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    Community Coverage Vs Insurance

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    Read our article titled a veterinarian explains medical costs for a dog to learn more and get tips to save on vet expenses.

    How Do Puppy Pads Work For German Shepherds

    Many trainers advise not to use pee pads in training if you want your dog to use the bathroom outside. You certainly want to train your Shepherd completely in eliminating outside before training on paper to avoid confusion.

    However, puppy pads can be useful in several special circumstances.

    • Incontinent older dog Illnesses like degenerative myelopathy whereby your dog becomes debilitated and cannot control his bladder.
    • Excessive urination Your dog is PU/PD, and you cannot let her outside often enough.
    • You have a very young puppy or a senior dog who cannot get outside much.

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    How Do I Socialise A German Shepherd Puppy And Why Is It Important

    All puppies have a socialisation window. This is a sensitive period where theyre the most eager to learn about the world and make connections which affect how they view things, often for the rest of their lives.

    Within this is period of time, theres another one called the Fear Period. This is where puppies learn to interpret hazards for example children, loud noises, or unfamiliar surfaces. In German Shepherds, the time they have to interpret these hazards is shorter than other breeds so its quite important that you socialise them early so you dont run into any trouble later.

    Actually, studies say that German Shepherd puppies are actually quite afraid of new objects and sounds than other breeds. Ironic isnt it, that theyre often in charge of saving us from danger.

    Here are easy ways to socialise your German Shepherd puppy:

    • Find out what your breeder is doing to socialise your puppy before they leave them good puppy socialisation programmes to send them are Puppy Culture and Avidog.
    • Follow the exercises in this training article .
    • Read our full article on socialisation here.
    • Dont be afraid to take your puppy out before they are vaccinated, but do it safely! German Shepherd puppies get quite big and hefty, so why not be like Yogi Bear here and invest in a carriage for your puppy to keep them safe? Save your arms from working extra hard.

    How Long To Potty Train German Shepherd

    German Shepherd Puppy Training Questions

    Training sessions should be kept short but stimulating to keep your White Shepherd motivated. Being consistent with your training and using positive reinforcement like giving praise and rewards for good behavior will always yield the best results when training your White German Shepherd puppy.

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    Your Dog Has One Basic Need Understand This And Training Will Be A Breeze

    See that cute puppy snuggled up on your sofa? See that old dog that needs to learn new tricks?

    They look to you for guidance

    And Heres the trick:

    The most valuable thing you can do for your dog is to show him that you are a good leader.

    If you’re thinking good leadership is establishing yourself as an alpha’ you’re wrong.

    Your dog knows you’re not a dog and so will never see you as a dog or an alpha.

    Being a good leader means your GSD can and will always look to you for guidance.

    Think about it

    If your pooch is looking to you for guidance they feel comfortable and safe and that creates an environment of trust.

    Being a good leader is about using brains over brawn to teach your German Shepherd.

    Summing It All Up: The Total German Shepherd Ownership Cost

    With my main costs accounted for, I can now make my comprehensive cost for owning a German Shepherd.

    Cost item
    Grand Total $12,230

    From my calculations, owning a German Shepherd will cost you approximately $12,230 for its entire lifespan, which is closer to Brightstar German Shepherd Dog Rescues $12,000 $15,000 estimate, PDSAs $16,050, and Smithsa1200s $16,200.

    Instead, my calculations are way below Mary Shellys $66,000 and WVGSDs $58,800. Also, it is extremely below the Forbes $83,000 estimate! However, you might want to keep in mind that some German Shepherds are involved in competitions, and their training will mean high additional costs.

    Costs will also be inflated if your dog gets sick with serious conditions, as in the case of the earlier mentioned hip dysplasia or if you spend on daily dog walking services.

    However, in all cases, keeping costs at the minimum is everyones wish, which is why some tips for reducing the cost of owning a GSD are essential.

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    When Should The Training Process Begin

    The training process should start as soon as your puppy comes home. This is because the first 16 weeks are the critical socialization period of their life, where they are less fearful and more open to new things.

    If you leave their socialization or training too late, it drastically increases their chances of developing behavioral problems in adulthood.

    Opt For Dog Health Insurance

    Can I train my German Shepherd to protect me?

    I indicated earlier that you would need up to $4,500 to treat your GSD if he developed hip dysplasia. This, together with all other vet costs of the year, could cause you a financial nightmare.

    Opting for comprehensive dog health insurance can cost you a monthly amount that caters to everything. Besides, pet insurance has a vet reimbursement option, and you can choose a package that suits your needs.

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    Socializing Your German Shepherd Puppy

    Part of training your German Shepherd is making sure they are properly socialized. Socialization involves getting your dog used to all sorts of real-world scenarios so they can grow up fearless and full of confidence.

    Fear-based aggression is a serious problem among GSDs. In such cases, unfamiliar or scary situations trigger aggressive behaviors.

    The goal of socialization is to make your dog comfortable in all sorts of environments. So, as early as possible, give your puppy plenty of opportunities to interact with different people and animals.

    Show them many different places and make sure they get used to all sorts of sights, sounds, and smells.

    Socialization also involves being open to handling. For example, you should be able to fuss over their paws and ears without drama. They should also get used to being handled by other people.

    This is useful when you need to have them groomed, walked, or boarded. Having a properly socialized dog will also allow you to train them in real-world settings.

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    How To Train German Shepherd At Home

    German Shepherd Training Guide

  • Work on different commands, but not all at once. Dogs get bored, especially with repetitive commands that you practice all day …
  • Keep sessions short. While puppies are intelligent, they are also easily distracted
  • Practice in a variety of places
  • Use rewards to increase their participation
  • End on a positive note!
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    Why Is German Shepherd Training Important

    It is critical to train a German Shepherd because their sheer size and strength can result in disastrous situations if they dont know how to behave properly. However, avoiding hospitalization or lawsuits isnt the only benefit of training a GSD.

    Here are some of the most crucial reasons why you need to take the time and make the effort to train your German Shepherd:

    Gradually Add In Distance And Distractions

    Reactive German Shepherd- How to train reactive German Shepherd

    After many repetitions, your German Shepherd should understand the meaning of the leave it cue.

    At least they should while indoors!

    But, you havent worked with your dog using more distance and distractions yet. So, youll want to test your dogs knowledge and make sure theyre fully trained on the command.

    Have you heard of the 3 Ds of dog training?

    Heres a quick look at what you need to know about how this helps ensure your German Shepherd understands the leave it command.

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    Go To The Pub You Deserve It

    Ah, the highlight of the week.

    Going for a walk on a Sunday with a special stop at the pub for lunch is definitely one of the favourite things dog owners like to practice during these first weeks with their new puppy. Wonder why.

    We know you might be a little worried for how things are going to work out, but theres no need to. Heres how were going to make sure these visits are relaxing for everyone involved:

    How to do it

  • Go to the pub as part of your walk your puppy will likely be tired and be more inclined to relax when you arrive.
  • Take your puppys settle mat and a stuffed Kong in your treat bag with you.
  • Find a dog friendly pub or café where you can sit outside with your puppy.
  • Do the settle exercise, and enjoy a glass of wine!
  • TIPS

    Your settle mat is your puppys safe space so let them relax and be undisturbed. Might be difficult with all the cooing pub visitors, so try to sit in a quiet area and aim to go at a non-peak hour for now. Either way, dont be afraid to ask people to let him be! As long as youre nice about it, you wont get dirty looks.

    Training And Exercising German Shepherds

    Owning a German Shepherd means ongoing training and socialising. These are dogs with energy to burn and a sharp mind and will need playtime every day. As such, experienced dog owners and active families are best suited to this breed. Notably, training does pay off, as these clever dogs can easily learn commands and tricks.

    Its important to be patient, calm and firm when training your German Shepherd. Puppy preschool is a great place to teach your dog good manners and habits. Starting early and being consistent will set your pup up for life.

    An adult German Shepherd will need daily walks and playtime. However, puppies should take it a little slower and need to be eased into more energetic activities. Train your dog on soft surfaces such as grass, at least until their joints have fully grown.

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    Differences Between Training A Puppy Versus An Older Gsd

    You can successfully train a German Shepherd no matter how old they are. However, youll need to adjust your expectations based on their age.

    Its generally easier to train puppies because youre starting from a clean slate. Theyre not yet set in their ways and will be more open to looking to you for guidance and leadership.

    Nevertheless, you shouldnt worry if youre getting your GSD as an adult. Your training might have to involve reversing some bad habits.

    Additionally, it might take longer for them to respect your leadership. However, if try your best to understand them and give them a reason to trust and follow you, training a German Shepherd as an adult is definitely possible.

    How Long Does It Usually Take To Potty Train A German Shepherd Puppy

    Pin by Amy Clayton

    How long does it take to train a German Shepherd puppy will depend on y our puppy and your method of training. In general, after just a few days of consistent house training during crucial times, your GSD will understand the basics of what to do. However, that doesnt mean you have an officially potty trained pup on your hands.

    There will still be accidents, but your German Shepherd will be able to get the hang of things within a few weeks. The time between potty breaks will gradually lengthen over time as your puppy gets older.

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