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Working Line German Shepherd Breeders In Germany

Reputable Vs Non Reputable Red Flags And Catch Phrases

Working Line German Shepherd Puppies – Shield K9

Our puppies can be purchased, starting at $2800 and can be reserved with a $500 deposit. It is highly recommended that you reserve your puppy early, as we have a very large ongoing waiting list and the puppies are usually sold prior to birth, often before the breeding even happens. We also offer a basic puppy training program, includes crate training, teaching the puppy their name, to walk on a leash, sit and lay down for an addition fee.

Resources Used: www.gsdca.org www.akc.org

Conscientious/Ethical Breeders

Unethical or what can be referred to as Back Yard Breeders, some Red Flags or catch phrases to watch for

The “breeder” lacks knowledge about the breed and the Breed Standard, unable to spell German Shepherd. Refers the the German Shepherd as a straight back or a sloped back.

The “breeder” shows ignorance or denial of genetic defects in the breed. Hips and Elbows, Spondylosis, DM, Pituitary Dwarfism, Allergies.

The “breeder” has no involvement in dog sports.

The breeder is quick to speak poorly of Conscientious Breeders or Reputable breeders. This is not a selling point, this is a red flag.If you have to put down a breeder to make yourself look better, there is an issue.

The breeder calls genetic faults, unique, special, or rare, using them as selling points.

How to read those ads. A few more things to look out for.

Being a responsible breeder is no easy task. But it is so important to the future of the German Shepherd, it should not be taken lightly.

Tracking / Search And Rescue

While German Shepherds have an acute sense of smell and the capacity to process different scents, working line GSDs also have the ability to track for long distances. They are also experts in search and rescue and can work for long hours in difficult conditions.

They are used in law enforcement as detection dogs, whether controlled drugs, explosives or bodies. They are also used in the military, as guide dogs, service and therapy dogs.

In a search and rescue scenario, the working line GSD will track the person to be rescued based on scent then even drag or carry them to safety . In rare instances, the dog might have to ward off an attacker who intends to harm the individual being rescued, which brings us to the next way to use a working line GSD.

As someone from a police background, Ive seen countless times, detection dogs indicate a find and its incredible to watch.

World of Dogz

Are They Good Pets

If you want to go for a working line German Shepherd as a pet, prepare yourself to keep it active.

If not, youll probably end up replacing furniture regularly, getting landscaping services every other month, and spending your savings on these replacements.

However, if you train your working line German Shepherd, youll have an excellent guard dog that is willing to sacrifice its life for you and your family.

Ensure you stimulate this animal with frequent exercise and games to challenge its intelligence.

Take it on long family hikes, runs, or cycling, as it must have a constructive outlet for its intelligence and energy.

If you wish to purchase a working line German Shepherd, ensure you buy one from a breeder who deals in raising these dogs as pets.

Youll want to ensure that the animal comes from a heritage with an even temperament that makes it suitable as a family pet.

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Working Line German Shepherd Traits

  • Alert The German Shepherd is naturally alert and has a keen sense of awareness. Its extremely good at detecting potential threats, and it uses its sensitive hearing to detect people and animals at great distances.
  • Confident One of the reasons German Shepherds excel at dangerous tasks like search and rescue is that they are confident dogs that dont lose their temper in stressful situations. They do not scare easily and can remain focused in highly distracting environments.
  • Friendly German Shepherds make excellent companion dogs because they are quite friendly toward their family members. They are gentle with children and the elderly and are attentive to their needs.
  • Intelligent German Shepherds are one of the smartest dogs you can purchase, only beaten out by the Border Collie and the Poodle. These dogs can learn complex multi-step tasks and will continue to amaze you with their problem-solving abilities.
  • Loyal German Shepherds are extremely loyal and will stay by their owners side regardless of the danger to themselves.

Difference Between Show Line And Working Line German Shepherds

SOLD: Young SV Female: Asta vom Stieglerhof (Germany Kennel)  German ...

The working line German shepherd has a thicker and straight body structure relative to the show lines.

The German shepherd working lines have distinct characteristics that differentiate them from their counterparts, the show lines.

First, working line German shepherds are bred and trained specifically for work, which involves having the mindset to perform under pressure and the desire to work at all.

The working line German shepherd also has a thicker and straight body structure relative to the show lines, who have thinner and have slanted backs due to their hind legs being shorter than their front legs.

The hind legs of working line German shepherds are longer than those of show lines, and they also have a medium-length double coat for higher tolerance in adverse climatic conditions.

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What Is A Ddr German Shepherd

DDR German Shepherds are a class of working line GSDs. They are also called the East German Working line because it was in East Germany where this line was developed. There, they were also maintained at high standards by the local government.

Today, breeders of DDR German Shepherds can be found across the globe. Some bloodlines have been subjected to selective breeding to develop work drives that are more easily managed.

Nevertheless, the fact remains that DDR Geerman Shepherds are among the best canine workers.

Jagermeister German Shepherds New Jersey

This German Shepherd breeder has also been producing quality puppies for quite some time. German Shepherd pups are trained to attain superb temperament to be family companions or protectors.

This breeder is also involved in training shepherds for k9 sports, law enforcement, and therapeutic services.

Another great thing about this breeder is that they have dedicated facilities where the dogs could freely play and train. Their 12-acre property is solely structured to provide the dogs the space they need to enjoy and train.

Training obstacles are also present in the vicinity. Different training programs were established to address the needs that vary from simple tasks to advanced training.

As early as five months old, puppies can already be enrolled and trained in a special program in this breeding facility.

If you are interested in purchasing a German Shepherd puppy in Jagermeister, it is highly suggested that you should make a reservation as early as possible.

In addition, although their open field is spacious, they only have limited space for boarding and training programs so you should make an appointment earlier.

Jagermeister German Shepherds Breeder Information and Details:

  • Email: jagermeister408@aol.com

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Types Of Work Suited To Working Line German Shepherds

When it comes to being good family dogs, all a German Shepherd has to do is love and protect. But lets look at the actual working potential of working line German Shepherds.

After all, what separates them from other German Shepherds is their ability to work better. They also bond extremely well with their owner or handler, are strong, loyal, versatile, obedient, and intelligent.

Their physical attributes of stamina, strength, athleticism, and agility set them apart from their show line counterparts. These are some of the many roles that working line GSD perform:

  • Police patrol
  • Herding

Vom Ragnar German Shepherds

THE GERMAN SHEPHERD DOG – Working line or Show?

Phone: | Location: Harvard, IL

Located in Harvard, Illinois, Vom Ragnar is owned and operated by a licensed veterinarian, Natalya Babenko.

Breeding Process: All Vom Ragnar puppies are bred to the SV standard, and all dogs are raised in a home environment and socialized with children and other dogs.

Dogs bred by this breeder have won many prizes at various shows, including but not limited to the GSDCA Sieger Show, Zion, IL 2018 the USCA Sieger Show 2019 and the OG Edgerton Conformation Show 2019.

Health Guarantee:None, as far as the website is concerned, but the breeders fed high-quality meals to the puppies to ensure good health.

Facility: This German Shepherd breeder has a small kennel and only offers a couple of high-quality litters a year.

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Austerlitz German Shepherd Dogs Oklahoma

Austerlitz German Shepherd Dogs was founded in 1993 by Susanne Shelton and Larry Pinkston. They started with only four young German Shepherd pups which over time have grown into more than 50 litters.

One of the edges that Austerlitz has been upholding to is the dedication of each member in studying and improving their breeding process.

All of the breeders and trainers in their facility have at least 20 years of breeding experience with some even granted with AKC Breeder of Merit.

They see puppy raising as a delicate task that must involve rigorous planning to accomplish. They even have their own puppy raising protocol which they call puppy culture!

A vast amount of effort and attention is given to puppy training, health examination, emotional stability exercises, and behavioral training.

From an early age, the trainers in the facility are already teaching the German Shepherd puppies basic polite communication and early toilet training.

Producing excellent companion dogs with the ability to become outstanding working companions is the specialization of Austerlitz. They only breed shepherds with exclusive German bloodlines to hone their intelligence and obedience further.

Some of the GSDs in their facility have proven their value by winning regional and national competitions.

Austerlitz German Shepherd Dogs Breeder Information and Details:

  • Email: susanne@austerlitzshepherds.com

Which German Shepherd Line Is Right For You

At the end of the day, both working line and show line German Shepherds can make wonderful pets. Consider your specific needs before making a decision to buy one of these dogs. Do you have small children? Do you lack a lot of extra yard space for your dog to run around in? A show line German Shepherd may make more sense for your family. Do you have a lot of land? Do you keep your own farm animals such as sheep? The working line German Shepherd could be an excellent addition to your family. All German Shepherds are very intelligent and active animals, so no matter which line you choose, its important to make sure your dog gets plenty of exercise and mental stimulation. If you have a busy schedule or arent willing to take your dog out to exercise for up to 2 hours per day, this breed may not be for you.

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The Working Line German Shepherd: Origins History And Traits

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The German shepherd is a versatile utility dog whose breed comes in several types, all with unique origins, histories, and traits.

It is one of the most sought after breeds of dogs globally, with its popularity stemming from the general traits of high intelligence, devotion, and dependability.

They also possess an unmatched work rate that cuts across all the types of German shepherds.

Loyalty, a strong guardian instinct, easy-going nature, and sound nerves also compose some of the other characteristics common across the breed that has endeared it to humans.

While the types of German shepherds may exhibit some dissimilarities, the differences in traits between the breed types make the individual types of German shepherds valuable in distinct ways that all contribute positively to the benefits of the German shepherd breed.

The most common German shepherd types include

  • American show line
  • And today we’ll be delving into all things related to the working line German shepherd types.

    What To Look For In A German Shepherd Dog The Right Breeder For You

    Working line german shepherd breeders in germany

    There are several different lines of german shepherds. The type of german shepherd depends on whether you want one with high drive better know as the working line or if you want one with a calm temperament that is good in the house and with children, then you would be looking for a show line. The next important thing to figure out is whether you want a German line or a American line. To learn the difference between several types of german shepherds click on the following link German, American, Working and Show Lines.

    When looking for a breeder. Do your research before buying a german shepherd dog. Before you buy make sure you have looked for any good or negative reviews on the internet. Make sure the kennel name does not have any complaints with ripoff report and the better business bureau. If you are located close to the breeder go to the kennel where the dogs and puppies have been raised. Never meet a breeder at a different location to pick up your puppy. If you are from out of town contact references and make sure the person is still happy with the dog and check google reviews, yahoo, yelp.

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    Types Of German Shepherd Dog

    German Shepherd Dog breed is a relatively modern breed its origin is dating to 1899. Being a herding breed, German Shepherd Dog is a working dog developed originally for herding sheep and protecting the shepherd. If you’d like to learn more on how it started, please visit this page on our website: HISTORY OF THE BREED.

    As everything man-made, the German Shepherd Dog breed has changed, improved and transitioned during the past hundred years. We now have a very clear BREED STANDARD and breeders around the world following “PROTECT THE BREED” and “IMPROVE THE BREED” practices.

    There are several different “types” of German Shepherd Dog and each has their own origin, history, size, strengths and weaknesses. Breeders around the globe are working on these different types of German Shepherd Dog, bettering each line for a specific goal. If you speak to any breeder concentrating on one specific line, you will learn that they each find their line to be superior over the other.

    All of these types of German Shepherd dogs are unique for a variety of reasons, but they all are a GSD.

    North American Show Lines

    The North American Show Line German Shepherd should be considered a breed unto itself: the American German Shepherd. Although these dogs share a common ancestry with their German Shepherd cousins, lax breeding standards in North America have resulted bloodlines that have strayed so far from the original standard, both physically and tempermentally, that the American German Shepherd no longer bears much resemblance to the original German Shepherd. There are no standards to be met prior to breeding a German Shepherd in North America other than registration with the AKC or CKC. Breeding purely to win in the show ring has resulted in a complete loss of the breeds working ability, and the lack of any kind of temperament testing prior to breeding has resulted in dogs with incredible variance in temperament, with no guarantees of the courage or soundness of mind that make GSDs the dog they are meant to be. These dogs tend to carry a black and tan colouration with the traditional black saddle, however breeding for show has resulted in unfortunate changes to the dogs appearance such as extreme angulation of the hindquarters, thinner, daintier bone structure and less physical differentiation between the sexes.

  • West German Show Line GSD

  • Dutch Shepherd

  • Were not too sure what that thing is either

  • Working Line GSD

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    Places To Find German Shepherd Puppies For Sale

    The following German Shepherd breeders are the best in the market which were handpicked through a set of criteria and considerations.

    I can affirm that the breeders on this list are accredited and recognized by kennel organizations in the United States to ensure that puppies are bred according to the prescribed standards.

    In this list, the professional background of the breeders and trainers, their facilities, and the credibility of the breeders are taken into consideration in recommending German Shepherd breeders to ensure that you will only meet puppies that are healthy and stable.

    How To Identify A Working Line German Shepherd

    German Shepherd Types – 5 Types of German Shepherds

    To identify a working line German Shepherd, the dogs topline will be straighter than a show line dog, with an arched structure and extremely angled hindquarters. Working lines will have less broad heads and less bulky bodies, and show lines will have longer and thicker coats.

    Certain traits show up on a spectrum among working line German Shepherds. By looking for their presence, youll be able to tell that your GSD is a working line dog, and by noticing how prominent said features are, youll know how well-adjusted your German Shepherd is for work.

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    West German Working Line German Shepherds

    The West German working line has been referred to as the most balanced in terms of appearance, temperament, and working ability.

    Like its show line counterpart, it traces its origins back to West Germany, which existed when Germany was split into the East and West.

    It is considered the closest representation of the types of dogs bred initially by Stephanitz.

    In their breeding, greater focus is given to the correct working structure, a stable temperament, a strong working drive, and great ability.

    The West German working line can be considered in contrast to the West German Show line, bred purposefully to work real jobs in service positions, but it also excels in many different sports.

    Therefore, their bodies have been bred to take on a more defined working structure relative to the show line types.

    Unlike the West German show lines, which were bred to conform to specific show standards, the West German working line was bred to excel in jobs such as protection and law enforcement particularly.

    Nonetheless, the West German working line can also make for a great family pet with an active family.

    Nevertheless, they require great attention in terms of exercise and mental stimulation due to the breed’s high working drive characteristic.

    They have a lot of energy, and hence they need to be continuously occupied with high-intensity activities, lest they grow restless.

    Subsequently, this build allows them to have a relatively balanced body, bred for speed, agility, and bite power.


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