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Czechoslovakian German Shepherd Puppies For Sale

Breeder And Importer Of Working German Shepherds Since 1987

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Since its founding by visionary leader Wayne Curry, Kraftwerk K9 is Americas #1 German Shepherd Breeder of working line protection trained German Shepherds for sale. Mr. Curry has represented the United States in several international schutzhund competitions around the world including Czech Republic, Slovenia, Austria and Italy. He has also been the winner of numerous Regional and National Championships, recognized by the New York Times, other major newspapers, New Zealand Radio, and Q13 Fox News TV as an expert in the field of breeding and training German Shepherd dogs. Kraftwerk K9 working line German Shepherd puppies have been exported all over the world including: the Middle East, Argentina, Spain, Mexico, and Canada. Their signature appearance can be distinguished by the overall impression of strength and character they possess. Kraftwerk K9 is the only U.S. German Shepherd breeder in history to have three dogs compete at the BSP, Germanys most prestigious schutzhund event.

Breeding Is Over For 2017


All Litters are onLive Streaming Video Cam 1

Watch the puppies 24/7 from birth to 8 weeks old when I release them to their new owners.

You will see them open their eyes between 10 -14 days old, You will see them start to hear me, You will see them take their first walking/tumbling steps. You will see me teach them how to Lap their first meal as mother is weaning them, You will see me clip their nails and you will see me in there with them a lot playing and building their confidence and putting on a solid foundation.

I give everyone, a chance to see how a puppy grows and develops and what changes a puppy goes through before you take your new puppy home,

Fill out a Puppy Reservation Application Fillible Blank Form

to be put on my waiting list.Paid deposits have preference.


Choosing Good Breeders Of Czech German Shepherd Puppies

Czech shepherd puppies may cost around $500 to $1500 each. This will be the standard rate for this breed although other prices may differ, but not that much. Regardless, they have the same price as standard German shepherds.

Also, I recommend finding one that is not bred in puppy mills. After all, those who belong in puppy mills tend to have a higher susceptibility to diseases, injuries, and a few of them are even at the risk of death in their early days with you.

We also looking for Czech shepherd puppies for sale overseas as it may lead to injuries, death. They may even get lost and become unreported and youll end up wasting your money.

You can also opt for those found in rescue shelters. They tend to cost significantly less ranging from $50 to $500 just to cover the adoption fees. There is, however, a chance that they were sickly or injured when adopted by the rescue center.

However, if you insist, you can always prepare a place for them to rest in the meantime and prepare the necessary medications in advance.

Its a pet owners natural reaction to adopt puppies of a new breed. They bring a certain kind of freshness to your feelings.

Thats probably why you had your eyes on Czech German shepherds. But since theyre new, you need to gather information about them.

Fortunately, you learned everything there is to know about Czech dog breeds in this blog post.

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Is A Ddr/czech Or West German Working Line Dog Right For You

The joy of owning a working line bred German Shepherd is immeasurable but a companion and workmate that gives itself over to you so completely requires a significant reciprocal commitment. If youre considering a Vom Banach K9, a DDR/Czech or West German working dog, or any other working line breed, we ask that you consider these questions as part of your deliberation.

  • Do you have a fenced yard?
  • Are you able to devote at least 30 minutes per day to exercising your dog?
  • Will your puppy be raised inside of your home as a part of your family?
  • Do you have small children, infants or other animals in your home currently and if not do you plan to in the future?
  • Do you plan to crate train your puppy in addition to housebreaking?
  • Are you prepared to feed a high quality food to your dog such as a grain-free or holistic food as a regular diet throughout its lifetime?
  • Do you know the difference between the temperaments and character of a Working Line German Shepherd Dog over a show line or an American bred German Shepherd?
  • Have you already consulted with a private trainer or know of obedience classes that are offered in your area that may be more specific to working dogs over an average Pet Store style all breed pet training class?
  • Do you understand the commitment required to adequately socialize your puppy so that he/she will grow up to be a well mannered well trained dog?
  • Do you plan to spay or neuter your puppy when he or she is old enough?
  • Currently Available And Upcoming Working Lines German Shepherd Puppy Litters

    Czech German Shepherd puppies ***

    Contact Us for litters and reservations for litters.

    The success of Vom Banach K9 dogs out in the world, and the happiness of Vom Banach K9 owners, is due in part to the effort we make to ensure that you have the absolute right puppy for your situation, whatever it is. We literally spend hundreds of hours with our puppies from the moment they are born in our home until the time they are ready to leave for their new home with you. Whether you seek a devoted family pet, or a prospect for SAR, detection, Shutzhund, Police K9, competitive obedience and agility, or nose work, we will help select the right puppy for you.

    An important part of the process is speaking to you to learn about you and the dog that will best meet your needs and expectations. In advance of that conversation, please fill out the form below and click on Submit when completed. Thanks very much.

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    Teufel Hunden German Shepherds

    Teufel Hunden German Shepherds in Texas is owned and operated by a Retired Marine Veteran. We have been breeding and training German Shepherds for over 12 years. Our passion is Czech and Slovak bloodlines.

    Teufel Hunden German Shepherds in Texas is owned and operated by a Retired Marine Veteran. We have been breeding and training German Shepherds since 2008. Our passion is Czech and Slovak bloodlines. We have dogs in family homes with children to working the streets putting the bad guys behind bars. There is no limit to what they can do with proper training. If your wanting to add a family companion to protect your loved ones or just compete in sports we can provide the dog to meet your needs. Be sure to browse our facebook page as this is where we provide reviews, pictures, and information on our available puppies. Shipping to your airport can be arranged for an additional $600 to most states via American Airlines.

    We Accept

    The History Of The Czech Lines

    Here is some background history on the Czech lines .

    Bloodline History

    A Brief History of the Czech Border Patrol German Shepherd and its current day status…..

    Prior to 1956

    1925 SiegerCh. Klodo von BoxbergBreeder: O. Dienemann GothaBorn August 20th, 1921

    This dog was dramatically different from the type of dog that had gone before him. He was of lower station, deeper and longer in body, short in loin and with a far-reaching gait. As it turned out Klodo proved to be a potent sire, successfully heralding a “new” type of shepherd. That same year Klodo was imported to America by A. Gilbert of Maraldene Kennels in Hamden, Connecticut. Klodo, through a number of important sons and daughters, is largely responsible for the faults and virtues of modern North American lines.

    SCHH3 PH
    1909SZ 10149

    In 1955: The Z Pohranicni Straze

    The kennel Z Pohranicni straze was founded in the year 1955 for the single purpose of production and training of dogs that would be solely used for the protection of the Czechoslovakian People’s Republic’s, and since 1968 Czechoslovakian Socialist Republic’s borders. Most of the dogs were acquired from the territory of former East Germany and also there were dogs from Czechoslovakia used for breeding the ones that excelled in their character qualities.

    The dogs were trained at the kennels for about 12 months and afterwards relocated to Border Patrol training facilities in their quarters.

    Obtaining a z Pohranicni Straze German Shepherd Dog

    I. Studs Fees:

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    Here Are A Couple Of My Clients Testimonials About Their Experiences With Me

    283-3229 .

    • vomhaus1

      Hi Larry, give me a call, and I can tell you about my program for 2020. I am breeding another female in June, Malley with Cody again. Its to much to type lol, Right now I have a litter that was just born on the 25th of April, but there arent any available. My litters are reserved before they are born and this upcoming litter has 3 paid reservations in already. I have waiting liste, but paid reservations have preference. Most often, my litters are all sold and none available. Give me a call, and get in early if you would like to reserve a puppy from me.Call me so you get to know me, and I can find out what you are looking for in your new puppy, to see if my dogs fit your lifestyle. Thank you for looking at my dogs. Mary

    German Shepherd Puppies Shipped Throughout The Us And Canada

    German Shepherd Puppies for Sale (

    Vom Banach K9 is a leading breeder of health and hip guaranteed German Shepherd puppies from imported DDR/Czech and West German working lines. Vom Banach K9 German Shepherd puppies are happy, healthy, well-socialized and confident. Our German Shepherd puppies are known for their loyalty, affection, eagerness to please, work ethic, and rich dark black sable, sable, and solid black coats.

    Shipping by air is fast, safe, convenient, and cost-effective. We use only airlines that have demonstrated a solemn commitment to animal travel over the last 17 years. Vom Banach K9 uses only certified airline-approved crates.

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    Czech German Shepherd Weight And Height

    The Czech dog breeds are characterized by typical German shepherd traits. They have strong jaws, thick skulls, pointed ears, and such.

    Their weight is also similar, with males ranging from 30 to 40 kg and with females from 22 to 32 kg. Theres also not much difference with their height. A male Czech GSD can be as short as 60 cm or can be as tall as 65 cm. Females, however, are shorter heights from 55 to 60 cm.

    Czech GSDs are police dogs and therefore have a powerful-looking structure. Unlike standard GSDs, they have thick paws and a deep chest.

    They often have a sable coat with mostly the Agouti pattern. This gives them a black appearance like that of a wolf.

    So they have unique AND similar physical traits. What about their personality?

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    Main Pets & Animals Dogs – For Sale by Breeder White German Shepherd Puppies $750 Listing No. 85742 posted on 14 Jul Classified Views: 196 Tweet Save Share Summary Details Contact WGS puppies born May 16, 2022 2 females and 3 males. Vetted, 2nd shots & perfect health! Sweet, snuggly, smart, family pets!. Mother is a Glamour coat whiteShepherd and Father is a short coat whiteShepherd. All Vaccinated, Vet checked, wormed and microchipped. Located in Yeppoon. More photos available. Available now. This item was listed more than six months ago and may no longer be available, contact details are no longer available.. A fully-grown Miniature GermanShepherd usually stands 15-20 inches tall and weighs about 50 pounds. There can be some variation depending on the other parent breed in the cross, but meeting the mother dog in-person can give you a better idea of what size to expect in a Mini GSD. A Miniature GermanShepherd generally lives for 9-13 years..

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    How Big Do Czech German Shepherds Get

    Czech german shepherds are bigger than a standard shepherd, You can expect an average male to get up to 60 80 lbs. And females get 50 70 lbs on average. Females are usually smaller.

    The average height for males is 22-24 inches, females 20-22 inches. Males tend to be taller and heavier than females. Even though they are bigger you can still expect them to be friendly. They are still prone to hip problems and elbow dysplasia, but not as much as the standard shepherd.

    Being bigger is why they make good guard dogs because size does matter when it comes to how intimidating they are. However, their easy-going personality tends to be a downside because it makes them more approachable and less intimidating.

    Czech German Shepherds are generally more affectionate than other shepherds, but still very trainable and intelligent. They dont bark as much as other shepherds either which is a plus to those who dislike excessive barking. They can make good family dogs because they like to be around people. Though they can be great with children, its still a good idea to train them not to jump up on small children because jumping is a bad habit that should be broken before it becomes a problem.

    Vom Banach K9 Working Line German Shepherds Do It All

    DDR/Czech German Shepherd Puppies for Sale in Tallahassee, Florida ...

    Vom Banach K9âs beautiful German Shepherd dogs are truly doing it all! We are a successful working line German Shepherd breeder with dogs in the field excelling in all facets of work. Our dogs are working in law enforcement, Schutzhund, ring sport, search and rescue, agility, herding, detection, competitive obedience, nose work, Canine Good Citizens and many other fields of interest.

    The German Shepherd dog is a truly versatile breed and it shows in the progeny produced in the Vom Banach K9 working line German Shepherd breeding program. Our puppies are personally selected for the type of work and homes they are placed in. If you are looking for an exceptional dog that can work, as well as be a loyal companion and trusted friend, we would be happy to talk to you and see if one of our dogs would be suitable for your needs.


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    Ddr Vs Czech German Shepherd

    The DDR vs. Czech German shepherd issue became well known due to their many similarities.

    For one, both breeds are of the same bloodline, technically speaking. As previously said, they are also of the same origins.

    There are, however, notable differences between the two and this is what serves as the line that separates DDR vs. Czech German shepherds.

    Here are three of the most significant differences between the two:

    • DDR German shepherds can mature faster than Czech GSDs.
    • Czech GSDs have more drive and can be a bit too loyal to the point that they become obsessive.
    • The bone structure of DDR German shepherds is thicker than that of a Czech GSD.

    As you have seen, they have differences in their temperament , physical appearance , and even growth and development .

    Keep in mind, however, that the aforementioned differences are a generalization.

    This means some characteristics may be seen in some dogs, while others dont display the characteristics at all. Either way, a Czech German shepherd will at least have similar characteristics to the standard German shepherd.

    My Best Friends Are German Shepherds

    I breed the Working European German Shepherd dogs, that excel in many fields. I am a small breeder with a personal touch with ALL my dogs and puppies.

    My dogs trace back to thePohranicni StrazeKennels of the Czech Republic.

    If you go to my Adult pages, you will find each dogs pedigree links.

    My dogs all live together, and are social with my guests and clients . They are social in their play time.

    I have intact males and neutered males, intact females and spayed females that all live together.

    My litters are socialized with my pack from 4 weeks old.

    All my dogs have great Alert drives and will protect me in any situation.

    My dogs are NOT fenced in on my property, they stay close to me at ALL times , they will protect my farm and alert me when anyone comes here. Once I allow you to meet my dogs, they will not bother you unless you are a threat. I can turn my dogs ON and OFF like a light switch.

    My breeding dogs put all these qualities in their puppies.

    If you are interested in a well bred, intelligent, loyal German Shepherd puppy, watch for my litter announcements and give me a call.

    I have a Puppy Reservation on my site and a Contract available for viewing on the menu bar.

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    This June 23 2017 Litter Is Sold

    Visit the Live Puppy Cam Page to view the puppys Live Streaming Video!

    Puppy #9, Black Female.

    This puppy above I am keeping to carry on her great progeny!

    Look for her puppies in late 2019 and early 2020..

    Happy Clients Picking Up Their New Puppies..

    IMG 1604IMG 1604

    Zenas 10 puppies

    5 Black Males, 2 Bi Color Males and 3 Black Females.

    Zena had a pregnancy conformation check on May 18th Pregnant and Due Date June 26th with another big litter!

    Live Puppy Whelping Pen Cam 1

    Zena Cody

    Zenas palpation and ultrasound exam showed positive for pregnancy on the 18th of May. Palpation pressure showed puppys and ultrasound showed many fetus. I will be taking Zena in for ex-rays on her 59th day for a head count. Her expected due date will be the 26th of June.

    I will know more after the litter is born on the count, sex and colors of the puppies.

    I am dedicated to breed quality, healthy German Shepherd dogs and answer any questions you may have.

    In the above video, I am teaching all the dogs and young puppies to sit and take their treat, in a group, ONLY when I call THEIR name.


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