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How To House Train A German Shepherd Pup

Keep A Positive Attitude When Bathroom Accidents Occur

How to Potty Train a German Shepherd Puppy!

If your German Shepherdhas an accident, it is important that you keep a positive attitude. Do not yellat the dog after the fact. It will only serve to stress the dog needlessly.They are unable to connect your anger or yelling with the accident after it hashappened.

If you catch your GermanShepherd in the act of soiling the floor, have an established loud signal inplace. This could be a loud hand clap or yelling, stop! Use thatwhen you catch the dog in the act.

The loud noise will getthe dog to stop. You then must immediately take the dog gently to thedesignated bathroom area.

If your German Shepherddoes suffer a few accidents indoors, clean them up with an enzyme-activatedcleaner, such as Rocco and Roxie Professional Stain and Odor Eliminator. The enzymes in these types of cleaners not only removethe odor, but also help to prevent the dog from coming back later andassociating that spot as a bathroom zone.

Be Consistent In Your Expectations And Actions

If your puppy barks for a meal one day and you say no and withhold it till he is quiet, but you give it to them while barking on a different day, youll never achieve any good results with your training.

Let your no always be no, and your soft voice always so. Otherwise, your poor puppy will be confused about what you expect and will not know how you want them to behave.

Avoid Temporary Solutions Such As Pee Pads Newspaper Etc

Placingpee pads ornewspaper on the floor is not recommended when house training a GermanShepherd.

While such items maymake cleaning up accidents easier, they can also contribute to a regression ofthe house training process. Your German Shepherd will begin to associate theseitems as an alternative to the designated bathroom spot in your backyard.

Remember, consistency isessential in house training a German Shepherd. If you want him to learn to onlygo to the bathroom outside, dont provide him with temporary alternatives. Dogsdont grasp the concept of temporary.

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German Shepherd Training: The 7 Golden Rules & Basic

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What all this means is that when you bring your German Shepherd puppy home at eight weeks , the dog has most likely interacted with few realities and; How to Train an 8 Week Old German Shepherd Puppy

Choose A Trigger Word

10 Tips for House Training a German Shepherd Puppy

You can train a Puppy to potty on Command. First, you need to choose a word Like Potty or Release .

You can bring your puppy to the spot where you want him to do his business and Say potty.

If your German Shepherd Puppy does not eliminate after 3 5 minutes, then take him back to the crate.

Take him back to the potty spot again after 30 minutes and repeat the process. Keep doing it until your puppy relieves.

When he relieves on your command, give him a reward that he likes the most.

Rewarding your puppy is very important to encourage him to follow your commands.

Do not be in rush to get your puppy inside after he eliminates. Letting him stay out for a while can be a reward itself for some puppies.

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Teach Them To Love Their Crate

This training starts with teaching your pup to not just like their crate, but to LOVE it!

Housebreaking with the use of a crate speeds up your success rate incredibly!

Puppies dont like to use the bathroom where they sleep or eat, and the use of the crate takes advantage of this instinct. But you want to use the crate positively so they learn to love their little den.

Make their crate an enjoyable and inviting place to go. Keep the crate in a warm, draft-free area and place their favorite toys inside .

Leash Training Your German Shepherd

Anyone who has enjoyed walking an unruly German Shepherd on the leash will know how hard they can pull.;

So its important to start leash training quite early.;

These are receptive dogs who grow fast, so between 14-16 weeks is an ideal time to start.;

Now, before performing any leash training, it is sensible to have already begun with basic command training.;

This will be necessary to control an adult and ought to be done anyway. The other advantage is that it will make leash work easier.;

These are smart dogs who like to learn. But like any dog, they will sometimes foul up or seem stupid.

So just remember to keep cool, calm, and consistent at this stage.


Once they start to grasp the basics , theres no need to delay the leash.

Heres where the fun begins!;

As working dogs, German Shepherds thrive on being exercised and active.;

The best way to control their manners during walks is to make them excited and curious, basically distracting them from getting bored and pulling at their tie.;

A good tip is to make the walking have an objective and lay it out over various stages. Make the goal a tasty treat at the end, but try to also use different routes and terrain.

Where possible, you should already have implemented a socialization plan that will expose them to other people, dogs, and environments.;

Just remember that the more, the merrier.;

When walking your German Shepherd, try and maintain a steady pace.;

Instead, instruct them to sit and stand still until they do so.;

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Choosing A Potty Place

Staying with the understanding that your puppy makes connections to form its behavior patterns, you need to choose a designated outside area for your puppy to relieve itself.

Here are a few rules to follow with this:

  • Make sure that it is a convenient place. And also take the weather into account. You want to make sure that if it is raining or snowing that the spot is still quickly and easily accessible.
  • Make sure that you are consistently taking your puppy to the same area every time. This will build the association within your puppy, and its pattern will be to use the same place to go potty each time.
  • Praise your puppy for going potty in this place. Use the same word and the same tone each time.

Sleep Training The First Week

How to Housebreak and Potty Train your German Shepherd Puppy

Eventually, wherever you want them to. But for now, beside your bed is the best place for your puppy to sleep it will help them feel safe.

If you were a teeny baby, youd probably want to sleep next to someone too. Having them sleep beside you will also be of great help with toilet training youll be able to rush them to the toilet as soon as you hear them squeak.

Theres something else you should know. You probably wont be sleeping incredibly well for the next few weeks puppies take a while to have full control of their bladder, so you can prepare to sleep with one eye open for now. Dont worry! Youll be back to sleeping with both eyes closed soon enough.;;

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Feeding A Complimentary Diet

Keep your German Shepherd puppys body healthy and regular by feeding a good diet. We recommend avoiding foods like dog loaf, which are high in fat and can cause stomach upsets in young puppies.

Instead, choose an optimum diet formulated specially for puppies. Puppy foods are higher in protein, calcium and good fatty acids. These are essential for their bone health and brain development as they grow.

Choose a puppy food that has extra ingredients to support their gut, such as beetroot pulp.

Dont forget: always take your puppy out to the potty following a meal!

Manage His Eating Drinking And Exercising Time

You can Manipulate your German Shepherd puppys eating, drinking, and exercising time to control and anticipate his need to relieve himself.

A puppys Digestive System is Very Sensible. When a puppy drinks, the water goes Through his digestive system within an hour.

Same with the food, When a puppy eats something he will need to relieve after 30 minutes.

Exercising Stimulates the Digestive system. So expect your puppy or dog to relieve after an exercise or play session.

When your puppy or dog is sleeping, then his Digestive system slows Down, and this reduces the production of poop and urine.

But if you let your German Shepherd Dog drink Right before sleeping, then he might need to go to pee again during the night.

Make sure that you do not allow your puppy to drink at least 2 hours before he goes to sleep.

Take your puppy to eliminate right before he goes in his crate to sleep.

In this way, you will avoid that your Dog wakes you up in the night because he needs to go to the toilet.

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Using The Crate As A Training Tool

Crate can be used also as a great house training tool. A Dog loves to have a proper space that he does not have to share with no one else and the crate can be an ideal place for it.

Your dog will let you know when he needs to go out of the crate or he is bored in it and needs a walk or to exercise.

A crate can be very helpful also for people who are not often at their houses. You can teach your dog to wait for you in the crate until you come back.

But do not expect that your dog will stay in a crate for 10 12 hours this is too much time.

I have a good article also for busy people :

A crate should be of the size of your dog. If you have a puppy, you should not put him in an adult dogs crate.

What You Need To Prepare Before Potty Training Your German Shepherd Puppy

German Shepherd Puppy Training Guide

Its important to make sure that you have everything you need before you begin house training your GSD pup. Here are some things you may want to be sure and have on hand for the potty training process:

  • Collar or harness
  • Plenty of wipes and toilet tissue
  • Lots of patience, a positive attitude, and lots of love!

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Week 2 Training Your German Shepherd Puppy

Socialisation exercises to do this week Training to do this week Husbandry Tasks to do this week
  • Load up your hand with treats, and pop them close to your puppys nose.
  • Starting with easy areas like their backs and sides, lightly brush through their coat.;
  • As youre brushing away, feed them their treats through your fingers.
  • TIPS

    If your puppy is very nibbly when youre feeding them treats ,; stuff up a Kong and use that instead.

    Limit Their Access To The Home

    Giving your pup free reign over the house is not a good idea. For one, they’re unfamiliar with your home. They don’t have a good understanding of what’s off-limits and what’s not.

    So, they may end up thinking that it’s perfectly fine to do their business on that plush carpet in the living room.

    You can show your puppy around the home, but you need to supervise them at all times. If they aren’t having accidents in the home and are doing well with house training, you can slowly open up the areas they can access.

    Don’t do too much at one time. Take things slow and keep a watchful eye.

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    End On A Positive Note

    Always end every training session on a positive note, even if your German Shepherd puppy did not succeed in learning the command for the day. That might mean a few minutes of play or a quick walk in the neighborhood.

    These five steps can be applied to all the basic and advanced commands listed earlier. Lets concretize the five steps using the examples of the come! and let go! commands.

    Teaching your German Shepherd puppy the command come!

    Youll use the command come! to call your dog to you when you want to feed him, go for a walk, redirect him towards you in a park, among other situations. Follow these steps to teach your German Shepherd puppy the come! command:

  • Find a quiet place in your home for the training session. It is better to start in a location without distraction for the basic commands, like the living room or the yard. Bring your dog and squat so both can look at each other in the eyes.;
  • Hide some tasty treats in your hand and make your puppy smell them.;
  • Put out your hand to show the treats without letting your puppy eat them yet.;
  • Say the command come! and repeat it a second time.
  • Move a little away from your German Shepherd puppy so that you have some distance between you.
  • Say the command come! again, this time with your arms put out towards your puppy.
  • When your GSD puppy comes to you, reward him with the treat or praise him with a good boy!
  • Repeat 5 to 6 times and reward every time the command is obeyed.;
  • How Do You Potty Train A German Shepherd Puppy The

    How to Train a German Shepherd Puppy – A Detailed Video on GS Training Tips

    So, how do you potty train a German Shepherd puppy? The most effective way to potty train a German Shepherd puppy is by crate training it. Crate training uses; How Do You Potty Train >>

    How Long To Potty Train A German Shepherd Puppy · Put him on a leash and lead him to the toilet space after 20 to 30 minutes of a meal. · You will not be able to; How To Potty Train A German Shepherd Puppy | TrainYourGSD

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    Crate Training And Why You Should Do It

    Dogs are denning animals. This means that they actually seek out places where they feel safe and enclosed. This is why your GSD may often go under tables or covers. Its an instinctual behavior.

    So training with a crate is actually comforting to your dog. My GSD loves his crate. Its not a place of punishment for him. Instead, its a comfortable, safe, and cozy environment in his eyes.

    Your puppy has a few natural instincts. These include:

    • not use the bathroom in its own bed
    • to pee and poop after eating

    You are using your puppys instincts to train it, rather than trying to teach it a new set of unfamiliar rules.

    Some people speak out against crate training, often suggesting that its a cruel practice. This could not be further from the truth. Crate training beneficial for both you and your dog.

    So really, ignore the naysayers. Crate training your puppy is efficient and effective.

    Things That Can Cause It To Pee Inside

    There are a number of reasons why your German Shepherd might pee inside and Ill mention a number of them below. You should make sure to take the time to consider why your German Shepherd might be peeing inside since it can make it easier to get it to stop.


    It could be that there is something that is causing your German Shepherd to become nervous that is causing it to pee. It could be that there is an abusive member of the family causing it or, if its still young, then it might just be frightened of noises going on around you.


    Excitement can cause young dogs to pee. When they get excited they can lose control of their bladder which causes them to pee a little bit when this happens. If this is whats happening with yours then dont get frustrated as this is something that commonly happens and they learn to control their bladder when they excited as they get older.

    A lack of training

    If you havent trained your German Shepherd to pee or poop outside then it wont necessarily know that its what you want it to do. That is why it is important to take the time to make sure that it gets trained to do so.

    German Shepherds are not a breed that is suited to being left alone often. They were bred to work with humans and because of this, they can become anxious when you are not around which is known as . One of the things that can come with it is that it can cause it to pee when youre not around.


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    Shouting At Your German Shepherd Puppy Is An Absolute No

    How To Potty Train a German Shepherd Puppy The Fastest Way ...

    Unless he is born with a hearing defect that is detected by a vet, your German Shepherd puppy has a perfect hearing ability. You, therefore, dont need to shout the commands.

    If you do, you will train him to be anxious or eventually create the idea that shouting is the norm. You certainly dont want that, so be calm and patient. Heres how to discipline your German Shepherd, and more importantly, what not to do!

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