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How To Name A German Shepherd

Traditional Male German Shepherd Names

How to Teach Your German Shepherd Their Name

If youre looking for ideas based on popular names in Germany, check out this list. These options are a perfect fit for this breed and have a good mix of unique names for your pup.

Not only do these names pay homage to the breeds heritage, but they are also cultured and unique, making for interesting choices no one else will likely have.

  • Adler
  • Tankerbell

Where Do Black German Shepherds Originate

The Black German Shepherd or Black Shepherd is not a separate breed. They are purebred German Shepherds with a solid black color.

Even the American Kennel Club recognizes and includes them in the German Shepherd breed standard.

This breeds history started in Germany, hence the name. They come from a line of different herding canines such as Berger Picard, with the goal to make them better working dogs.

In the 1900s, the German Shepherd arrived in the United States. The breed was gaining popularity, but it was cut short by the First World War. The term German became a taboo, so they were renamed to American Alsatian or Shepherd dog.

Famous German Shepherd Names

There are a number of famous Germansboth canine and humanthat might inspire the perfect name for your dog. Some were famous for their real-life accomplishments, like Rin-Tin-Tin or Bullet and others were famous for on-screen antics, like Bullet of the Roy Rogers show. Germany also had many famous composers, musicians, and scientists that might make the perfect name for your German shepherd.

  • Rin-Tin-Tin

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German Shepherd Names: 300 Best Names For Gsds

By David WoodsDogs

Is your new canine companion a German Shepherd?

German Shepherd dogs are truly a loyal and strong breed, with the first-ever trained guide dog being a puppy GSD.

We have got 350 different ideas and German Shepherd names to help the naming process go smoothly, and to provide some inspiration to help you choose the right one!

From sweet and adorable to inspirational and powerful monikers, we believe we have the best ones in our list, just waiting for you to find them.

Make sure you get to know your dog inside and out before choosing a moniker, as their size, color, temperament, and personality will help inform your decision.

Enjoy exploring all of our suggestions below!

How To Choose Unique Names For German Shepherd Dogs

Boy German Shepherd Names

Undeniably, choosing unique names for GSD is a difficult task, but it is not impossible. There are multiple ways to give them the perfect cool name.

You can observe their personality that is powerful and unique. Also, consider their habits. Hence, after getting data about their uniqueness, give them names accordingly. It can be related to their bravery, beauty, activeness, or sweetness, etc.

Moreover, you can call them by the name of your favorite German celebrity. It can be an artist, actor, actress, politician, etc. The German peoples names for SGD can be Heidi, Peter, Nicole, Toni, and Boris.

Additionally, you can derive inspiration to name your puppy from various things, such as any food, their origin, and their heritage. In this way, you can select any type of name for them.

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Dog Names For Female German Shepherds

You just got yourself a female German shepherd Puppy. These are some of the names that you can give to him.

Ada that means noble.

Anja- This is a great name for a girl pup who is courageous, quiet, and laid back.




Cleopatra This is the name of an Egyptian and would be suited for a pup that is strong-willed and has a determined character.

Christa This name means the chosen one and would be appropriate for a puppy that you adopted from the dog shelter.



Erna This is a dog name for a German Shepherd that is confident in herself and completely fearless.



Frida for a peaceful and good girl

Fritzi is an appropriate name for GSD that is in a home of several other pets and he ensures that all the members of the family are safe.




Heidi This name means nobility and would be well suited for a fearless and stoic pup.


Leia- from the StarWars franchise



German Shepherds Will Explore Everything With Their Noses

Youll find evidence of their very thorough sniffing everywhere walls, doors, windows, and more. All dogs have a better sense of smell than humans 10,000 to 100,000 times better in fact thanks to having millions more scent receptors. But compared to other breeds, the GSD ranks near the top in scenting ability. Its no wonder they make such great police and detection dogs. Among many other jobs, GSDs are known for their bomb and drug sniffing work, tracking, and search and rescue.

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German Shepherd Dog Names Inspired By Famous Characters

The first alternative we have for you is Zorro. The name of the masked, sword-wielding vigilante from many famous productions, will be perfect for your German Shepherd since they both have amazing skills, and keep their beloved ones safe.

Elektra is the name of a Marvel superheroine. It will be perfect if your female dog is powerful, easy to train and athletic.

Next, we have Jackie, the dimnituve for one of the most beloved first ladies of the United States because of her intelligence, beauty, and grace. Therefore, since German Shepherds are also smart and charming , this is a good name to give it.

Another name idea for your female dog is Cleo, the diminutive for Cleopatra. This name can match perfectly the attractive qualities that German Shepherds have, along with their intelligence and strength.

Then, we have Thor, the name of the famous Marvel character. This one can fit very well the characteristics of your male German Shepherd because they are courageous and strong.

Then we have, Rocky. Who doesnt remember this iconic character? We all do, so it will be a good name to give it to your male dog since German Shepherds are being self-confident and fearless.

S To Teaching The Speak Command

Kraftwerk K9 German Shepherd How to teaching names at 4 weeks old!

I recommend teaching your dog the speak command first. Before teaching your dog a new command, you should always decide which word you are going to use without sounding too similar to other cues.

In this situation, words like talk, bark or speak are commonly used. So, if youve already decided on a word, lets get right to the steps.

Step 1: Get Your Furball Yapping

First, you should get your dog to bark. Create a situation in which your dog usually barks. Get your dog excited!

Step 2: Mark The Behavior

The moment your dog barks mark it with a treat and praise it. Remember not to praise excessive barking, and try to catch a single bark before giving a treat.

Step 3: Use Your Cue Word

Now, its time to add the cue word. Repeat the first steps, but this time say the word speak and give the treat. You can also add a visual signal to help your dog learn this command faster.

Step 4: Praise And Practice

When your dog is able to relate a word with barking, itstime to say the command by itself. Make sure that you say the command only onceand offer a reward as soon as your dog barks.

Repeat the same thing for a few days until your pup masters the command.

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What To Do If You Find A Lost German Shepherd

If you find a German Shepherd Dog or any other pet and it does not have an identification tag with a phone number, you can:2. Register the missing pet on the .3. Contact the Local Council to collect the lost animal.4. Take the pet to the local Animal Shelter assigned to your area.5. Take the pet to the local Vet who normally scan the animalâs microchip and contact the registered pet owner.

Why Should You Prefer The Cool German Shepherd Dog Names

A cool animal demands a cool name German Shepherd Dogs are fantastic creatures because of their characteristics. Interestingly, they are a versatile and unique breed of dogs. They perform multiple functions they can be your pet animal, police dog, guard dog, military dog, etc. It is pretty easy to train them. So, they are used for security purposes too.

Moreover, they are loyal and faithful. They form a strong bond with the family members. At the same time, their attractive colors, like black, blue, gray, liver, sable, white, silver, tan, etc., make them handsome and beautiful. Besides that, they are active and have limitless energy. Thus, we can say GSD is an excellent breed that needs cool German shepherd names.

In this article, we have brought for you creative GSD names. Moreover, if you are hunting for male German Shepherd names or female German Shepherd names, we will not disappoint you!

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Sweet Sounding Names For German Shepherds

There is nothing sweeter than the happy face of a German Shepherd.

Brains, beauty, and courage aside, the German Shepherd also has the power of being sweet.

When they are off duty, lounging in the backyard, playing fetch with the kiddos, or simply staring at you with those adoring eyes and big, floppy ears, all youll be thinking is is there anything sweeter than you?

And the answer is no. There is nothing sweeter than a sweet German Shepherd. And there is nothing sweeter than these 25 cavity-inducing names for just that kind of pooch.

Grab your toothbrushes ladies and gents. Its about to get sweet up in here!


Cool German Shepherd Names

German Shepherd Names TOP

Without a doubt, the coolest German Shepherd dog names are unique words that make people say wow! when they hear it.

Our list contains some of the coolest choices and words around, containing words not often associated with dogs, but they also have great meanings!

The best way to find a cool moniker for your dog is to think outside the box during the naming process.

Dont just to stick to classic dog names.

Take your time to think up some funky and quirky choices, as the best choices are generated after some trial and error.

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Should I Breed My Gsd

Breeding isnt recommended past the age of 8. As your dog grows older the quality of her eggs will deteriorate and be more vulnerable to birth defects, and shell be less likely to carry to term. Male German shepherds should not stud until they have reached sexual maturity and shown confirmation temperament standards.

Where Can I Get A Black German Shepherd

To help you locate your puppy, we made a list of Black German Shepherd breeders you could check out.

Whether youre getting a Black Shepherd from a breeder or a rescue center, you must always ask about the health of your puppy and the parents. A responsible breeder will be able to provide you the details and will ask questions about you to ensure the puppy will fit in your life.

Also, when getting an older dog, ask whether it had training or not to prepare yourself or have a professional to train them.

If you plan to take over their training, it will help build your relationship since you will spend more time with your new canine.

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Is It Time To Bring Home A Black German Shepherd

Before getting a dog, you have to make sure its the right breed for you and if youre ready to take on the responsibility.

The Black Shepherd is easy-to-train and a low-maintenance pet, great for first-time dog owners. If you decided on this beautiful and rare canine youd be getting a combination of courageous, intelligent, and loyal.

But this breed is not only all about the cunning looks they can take on different types of jobs. They can be a fearless police dog or a reliable service dog.

They will also be happy as a family pet. But youll need to make time for them since this breed doesnt like being alone and will require an hour of daily exercise.

Getting a German Shepherd with a rare black color may be pricey, but its worth it.

Do you already own a Black German Shepherd? We would love to hear about your experience with this amazing creature. Share them with everyone in the comment section below.

Black And White Panda


German Shepherds of the Panda coloration may be mistaken as another dog breed altogether, or a mixture of breeds.

This genetic mutation is considered quite rare and has been carried through a single bloodline. The mother features pure black fur, while the father displayed standard black and tan.

Up to 40% of a panda German Shepherds body is white. However, there havent been any white German Shepherds throughout their ancestry.

This appearance is simply due to a genetic anomaly, which causes white spotting. This purebred German Shepherd Dog closely resembles a pandas coloration and is sure to catch the eye of many.

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German Shepherd Breed Info & History

The German Shepherddespite the worldwide popularityactually originated in the late 19th century. A German cavalry captain had an aspiration to create the worlds best herding dog. Perhaps he didnt succeed in that specific aim , but he certainly created one of the best and most popular dogs in the world.

The captaina man named Von Stephanitzeventually sought to narrow out an alpha breed of the German herding dogs, and traveled throughout certain regions to assess the variety of different breeds. Eventually he found the variations he fancied, bred them, and later his breed was used by the Germans in WWI, making them a working class dog.

Despite the fact that many German Shepherds returned home with US soldiers, they were actually around the US before the war, they just had their rise to fame due to how well they serviced the soldiers. But some credit the popularity of German Shepherds to a famous Hollywood star. Youve probably heard of him. Rin Tin Tin, anyone?

But during the time, because of the hatred Americans had for Germany, the AKC actually named the breed the Shepherd Dog, rather than the German Shepherd. Later, the name was changed back, but funny enough the names almost separated the two breeds in a healthy way: Americans bred German Shepherds for showmanship, which inherently destroyed some of their most impressive traits, and Germans screened their breeds meticulously, wanting only ever to produce an alpha species among canines.

White Swiss Shepherd Dog

The White Swiss Shepherd Dog is a variety of the German Shepherd bred in Switzerland. It descends from the American White Shepherds the first stud dog of what became the breed was an American dog born in 1966 and imported to Switzerland. The variety was recognised by the Fédération Cynologique Internationale as a separate breed in 2003, and it is now recognised by a number of national kennel clubs.

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Tip : Make Crate Training A Priority

Crate training offers plenty of critical benefits, especially to puppies. Apart from providing a private space where they can feel safe, the right crate can be an excellent housebreaking tool.

Since dogs are naturally averse to soiling their own den, theyre likely to bark, wail, or give you other signals that they need to go out for potty. Just make sure you crate train properly and use it as a positive tool for your dogs physical and mental wellbeing.

Are There Rules To Picking A Good German Shepherd Name

169+ Greatest Strong German Shepherd Dog Names

When it comes to naming your German Shepherd, there really are no rules.

One of the things we love most about German Shepherds is that they are incredibly intelligent. This dog breed is a known working dog and is in fact still one of the most popular dog breeds around for military and police work.

And since they are so smart and popular, teaching them their name should be a breeze. Still, there are a few things you may want to consider before deciding on a name for your new popular furry family member.

While there are really no rules to naming your dog, , there are some guidelines experts recommend dog owners consider.

For starters, consider yourself. Keep in mind that you will be using your dogs name repeatedly over the span of his entire life. This means that while you may think that a funny name like Poopie Mc Pooper is hilarious in the moment, there is a very good chance you could outgrow this name or become tired of it or even embarrassed to use it in public.

I mean, think about it. Who wants to be at the local dog park or even just in your own backyard yelling, Hey Poopie Mc Pooper! Come, Poopie Mc Pooper!!

See what we mean? That could get old real quick.

Another thing to consider is your dog himself. The German Shepherd may be smart, but hes still a dog, and did you know that most dogs tend to latch onto names quicker when they are less than three syllables or longer than one syllable?

But what if your dream German Shepherd name is Alexander?


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Best Names For German Shepherds

Germans Shepherds are strong, confident guard dogs. They are extremely intelligent and highly protective of their family and loved ones. Because of this, they are commonly crossed with other breeds.

They are loyal, curious and obedient and so most owners want a name to reflect this.

Some dog parents have a name in mind long before they set eye on their first dog, whereas others prefer to get there German Shepherd home, spend a few days with him and then decide on a name based on their personality.

Most German Shepherds follow the standard breed temperament and require a very strong and noble name, whereas others turn out to be a little cheeky and perhaps need a more fun name.

Whatever name you do decide on, make sure its one youre happy to shout out across as playing field if you need to recall them quickly.

Whilst a fun name might be lots of fun at home it can quickly become embarrassing having to yell Justin Bieber across a busy park.

One last thing to keep in mind is if you plan on registering your pup with a certain club such as the Kennel Club, youll need to read their rules and guidance on choosing names.

They can be quite strict with the amount of characters youre allowed, and wont allow a repeat name if another registered dog already has that name.

There are some names which are unisex and suitable for either a male or a female, and others which are much more suited to one of the sexes.


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