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Aussie German Shepherd Mix For Sale

Reasons Why You Shouldnt Get An Australian Shepherd German Shepherd Mix

Meet The German Shepherd Australian Shepherd Mix!
  • It is not suitable for small homes. People who are living in apartment units and other equally small spaces may encounter difficulties while raising this crossbreed.
  • It requires a high level of activities. It may be a disadvantage to people who leave the house often and people who prefer staying at home. This mix can become unruly and more mischievous when it is unstimulated and bored. This trait is not a disadvantage to all owners, particularly to active people.
  • It is recommended that you train the dog early and consistently. This crossbreed is not a low maintenance type of breed. You need to invest time to have a well-behaved German Shepherd crossed with Australian Shepherd dog.

The German Aussie Shepherd

So, what should we expect from the hybrid of these two?

Well, its likely to be a medium- to large-sized dog, athletic and muscular, and with bags of energy. Well come to its size later, but for now, well focus on its looks.

Guessing its coat color will be difficult, and youll have to wait a few months to find out its true color. Theres a good chance that it will have the multicolored coat of the Aussie Shepherd, but much will depend on the parents colors.

You might have a pup that looks very much like the GSD, but with a light coat and random splashes of black, or a mixture of silver, blue, white, and tan. Then again, your pup could look more like a Collie-type dog, but with the classic black and tan coat of the German Shepherd.

Alternatively, you might get a completely black dog, possibly with touches of gray or silver at the tips. The anticipation and uncertainty are all part of the fun! One thing is for certain: your pup will be unique.

Eye color is equally unpredictable, as the pup may inherit the heterochromia gene from the Aussie parent. However, you might believe that your German Shepherd Australian Shepherd mix pup has blue eyes when you first see him, but as all pups have blue eyes when they are born, you could be disappointed when they start to turn a darker shade a few weeks later.

Aussie Husky Puppy For Sale

If you desire to get Husky mixed with Australian Shepherd pups, you will need to conduct many studies. This exercise will assist you in determining whether breeders are trustworthy and skilled. These folks contribute to the creation of a pleasant environment conducive to appropriate health and growth. They eliminate the potential of inbreeding to ensure minor health concerns.

Reputable breeders will provide you with a duplicate of the parent dogs and offsprings medical histories. Australian shepherd husky mix for sale are available from

  • Australian Shepherd puppies of Oakhurst in Barnesville, MD
  • Categories Australian Shepherd in Galt, CA
  • Australian Shepherd Puppies with AKC Champion Bloodline in Hammond, LA

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Australian Shepherd German Shepherd Mix Lifespan And Health Issues

Depending on the size of your Aussie German Shepherd mix, we can estimate their life expectancy to be anywhere from 7 to 15 years. You can extend their life further by giving them proper care.

That being said, Australian German Shepherd mix dogs may also inherit some of the health problems of their parent dogs.

Here are some of the common health problems that they may be prone to:

If you want your dog to remain healthy, provide them with routine veterinary visits so they can be diagnosed early on.

When you bring a German Australian Shepherd mix into your life, you must be committed to its unique needs as a crossbreed.

This means feeding your dog an adequate diet, maintaining their coat and hygiene, and making sure they get the right exercise.

Let me guide you through the basics of caring for a German Shepherd Australian Shepherd mix.

Are German Australian Shepherds Aggressive

German Shepherd Australian Shepherd Mix Puppies For Sale

Photo from:

We need to look to the parent breeds again for the answer to this question.

The Aussie Shepherd is not typically an aggressive breed. It can be protective at times, and it has strong herding instincts, but they are generally good-natured and safe around children.

The German Shepherd can be trained to be aggressive when given a command, but it is typically a calm and obedient dog. It is also considered safe around children, but early socialization is always wise, and kids should never be left alone with dogs, just as a precaution.

So, what does this mean for the German Shepherd Australian Shepherd mix?

The truth is that its difficult to predict the exact nature of a crossbreed as it can inherit traits from one parent more than the other. All we can do is look at the examples available and try to draw some conclusions from them.

So far, it looks as if the German Shepherd Aussie mix is a guard dog and a nanny! It will watch out for you and your family, alerting you of any danger, and it will love and protect any young child.

Aggression does not seem to be a problem, especially not towards the owner and their family. Any sign of aggression will probably be directed at strange dogs that appear to present a threat.

Once again, socialization is the key to reducing this behavior and getting your dog used to being around other animals.

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How Much Does A German Australian Shepherd Mix Cost Puppy Prices & Expenses

German Australian Shepherd mix dogs are quite affordable. You can expect to pay around $500 to $1,000 for this mixed breed.

Of course, the final price will still depend on the breeder and the lineage of its parents. Some puppies might cost up to $2,000, depending on where you get them.

Nevertheless, their cost is cheaper than the price of a purebred German Shepherd and almost similar to that of an Australian Shepherd.

Aside from the puppy price, you also need to factor in the cost of your dogs basic necessities, like food, dog beds, and veterinary visits.

Heres a complete list of all the initial needs of your Australian German Shepherd mix puppy:

Type of Expense

Australian German Shepherd mix dogs are not quite as popular as other mixed breeds, so it may be challenging to find a reputable breeder for these dogs.

One way to get a lead on an Australian Shepherd German Shepherd mix puppy is to browse puppy advertising sites. Many breeders and dog owners across the country post their available litters on these websites.

Here are some places you might want to check out to get a German Shepherd Australian Shepherd mix:

Aside from these sources, you can also check out our list of top German Shepherd and Australian Shepherd breeders to see if they breed German Australian Shepherd puppies.

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What Our Client Say About Our Blue Merle Australia Shepherd Puppies For Sale

Our family was so fortunate to be introduced to our Blue Australian Shepherd Puppy Sheri and we felt comfortable from the start! Not only does Wrigley love her, but it is apparent how much she loves him and wants the best for him as well. Sheri our Cute Aussie Puppy always has wonderful advice and suggestions for us and is a wonderful resource for information! She is such a wonderful fit for us and we trust her with our previous baby without worry or concern! Once more thanks to Aussie puppies for sale.

We brought our blue merle Australian shepherd home just a couple days ago, and we couldnt be happier. He is the sweetest most cuddly Aussie pup, yet playful and energetic all at the same time. We really enjoyed meeting the Boyers, such a sweet couple and the mission work they are doing by breeding these beautiful Australian shepherd puppies for sale make us feel even more privileged to have Blue as the newest member of our family!

We bought one of our Aussie puppies from Aussie Puppies For Sale last week! Our blue merle Australian Shepherd has a great personality, is super soft, and checked out healthy at the vet this past week. We love her so much and highly recommend you get one of these adorable blue merle Australian Shepherd pups before theyre gone!

Australian Shepherd German Shepherd Mix Exercise Requirements

Mini Australian Shepherd Mix Puppies For Sale

The Australian Shepherd German Shepherd mix dogs want a high level of enjoyment and exercise. The crossbreed inherited the athletic nature of its parent breeds. The duration of vigorous physical activities should be at least one and a half hour. Different techniques to gain the attention and interest of the Australian Shepherd German Shepherd mix puppies are required to avoid irritability and aggressiveness from manifesting.

You can involve the dog in physical activities such as long walks, jogging, hiking, tug-of-war, and fetching. Tug-of-war may intimidate some new owners because it could lead to increased aggression. This has great benefits if done properly, such as teaching about rules and boundaries and bonding with your dog. West Paw Zogoflex Bumi Interactive Tug of War Durable Dog Play Toy is a sturdy toy that can stretch for about twice its length.

For fetching activities, the Legendog Flying Disc Rubber Catcher is a great toy that can fly higher than the average flying discs. It has edge bulges to let the dogs bite firmly.

The Nylabone Healthy Edibles Bison Flavored Dog Bone Chews are edible chew toys that will help with the dogs digestive system. It keeps the dog fairly occupied. It has no preservatives, salt, sugar, or plastic. It has a savory bison flavor to keep the dogs interest. You can give it to dogs of all ages.

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Australian German Shepherd Husky Mix

The Australian German Shepherd Husky mix is a cross between the service dog species Siberian Husky and Australian Shepherd. This cross between the fox-like Siberian Husky and the brave Australian German Shepherd husky mix is an Aussie Siberian or an Aussie Husky. This specific combination possesses a high level of intellect as well as a fantastic body and beauty. Based on the American Kennel Club, the Aussie, the Australian Shepherd progenitor, is increasing prominence as a dog breed and is presently ranked as the 15th best typical dog breed in the United States .

The Aussie german shepherd husky mix was developed as a herding dog, yet it is not from Australia! Let us know more about the Australian german shepherd husky mix.

Article Content

Intelligent, Independent, Protective, Affectionate

Whats The Price Of German Australian Shepherd Puppies

The price of a German Australian Shepherd varies quite a bit. Both parent breeds are expensive, especially if they have a pedigree. If one of the parent dogs used in the cross to produce a German Australian Shepherd has a good family background and high-quality breeding, your puppy is bound to be more expensive.

The average cost for a German Shepherd runs between $500 to $1,500. They are often bred to be show-quality dogs and great family pets. Since they are also quite popular, their price averages at $800.

The Australian Shepherd is also quite popular but is not as common in North America as the German Shepherd. They cost between $600 to $800, depending on the breeder you buy them from and their pedigree.

Hybrids are almost always less expensive than the average price for a purebred puppy. This fact stays true when you look into the price of a German Australian Shepherd. They are often between $300 and $800.

Since their parent dogs are relatively common in North America, there is a chance that you might find this mixed breed at a shelter. It is best to adopt an abandoned dog from a shelter instead of breeding more puppies.

There are many positive aspects to getting a pup from a breeder, though. If you decide to go this route, ensure that you support a breeder that treats their dogs well. Ask to get a tour of their facility before adopting to ensure that the dogs are kept in a proper living space.

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Australian Shepherd Crossed With German Shepherd Training

The German Shepherd crossed with Australian Shepherd dogs has a high possibility of being hailed as service dogs, involved in search and rescue, and therapy dogs. These dogs are highly trainable and willing to learn.

The owner has a role in supporting and keeping a level head during the training process. The emotions of the owners could confuse and distract the dogs.

  • Choose particular tasks: You can heighten the productivity of the dog if you choose to train it with specific tasks. These tasks may involve fetching the newspaper or loading the dishwasher.
  • Never hit your dog: This action will affect your bond with the dog. The dog could see you as a threat and attack you. It may develop antisocial personality traits.
  • Basic commands: The breeding instinct of the Australian Shepherd may manifest in their offspring. You should teach commands like recall or come to make the dogs return to you and stay by your side, instead of going around some area.
  • Invest in obedience classes: Your dog will benefit greatly with knowing the basic commands through formal classes. You can have fewer frustrations as well because another person is responsible for the training. It is important to allow time for the dog to process the commands and avoid unnecessary pressure.

Training will also contribute to better mental health for the dogs. If you are hesitant of the proper training techniques for your dog, you can refer to an experienced dog trainer.

Final Thoughts: Is A German Australian Shepherd The Right Dog For You

German Shepherd Australian Shepherd Mix Puppies For Sale

You might say that the German Australian Shepherd mix is the perfect blend of both its amazing parent breeds.

Combining the courage and intelligence of the German Shepherd and the work ethic of the Australian Shepherd, it will be difficult for you to find another mixed breed that will make a better working dog.

Ultimately, if youre looking for a guard dog that strikes a good balance of intelligence, affection, and confidence, youll find it in the German Shepherd Australian Shepherd mix.

Any other information we missed about the German Australian Shepherd mix? Comment it down below!

John Carter

My name is John Carter and I absolutely love pets, especially cats and dogs. I’ve got a Bachelor of Science degree in Animal Behaviour and Welfare and have several years experience working in animal shelters and rescues. My passion for animals started at a very young age as I grow up on a farm with several horses, cows, cats, chickens, and dogs on our property.

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Australian Shepherd Mix Puppies For Sale

An Australian Shepherd Mix can have multiple purebred or mixed breed lineages. Most Australian Shepherd Mixes are however medium sized Aussie dominant, energetic, family-friendly companions. Although there is an ongoing debate of where exactly the Australian Shepherd breed began, one thing that can be agreed upon are the breeds excellent work ethic and intelligence. Although there are upwards of 20 different Australian Shepherd Mixes today, you can learn more about your Australian Shepherds Mixs exact lineage with a DNA ancestry test.

  • Country of Origin:America
  • Color:The Australian Shepherd breed colors are liver/red, liver/red merle, blue merle and black.

Breed Rating

Reasons Why You Should Get A German Shepherd Crossed With Australian Shepherd

  • It is an easy-to-train and intelligent dog. Both of its parent breeds are intelligent breeds. The offspring will ultimately inherit this trait. Your pet will be eager to learn new techniques.
  • It is a wonderful family companion. It is pleasant to live with. An active family will be the best kind of family for this breed. Kids will love being around it, and it will help in watching over your kids.
  • It can be a great watchdog. This mixed dog has keen senses and innate loyalty. These traits would help make a valuable guard for your home.
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    Does This Breed Get Along With Other Pets

    The key to making sure that the German Australian Shepherd will get along with other dogs and animals throughout their life is socialization. Every dog of this breed should start meeting new dogs by the time they start taking walks. Unfortunately, these dogs instinctually go after what they consider to be prey whether its a cat, raccoon, or rat.

    So, this breed should be introduced to cats as soon as they are adopted if theyll be expected to live under the same roof with one. And these dogs shouldnt be left alone with cats for long periods unless they have proven themselves to respect the cats boundaries. If chasing begins, its a sign that your German Australian Shepherd may not get along with cats and other prey-type animals.


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